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The next 24 hr. party at MK

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by Lorelei528, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Lorelei528

    Lorelei528 Mouseketeer

    Has anyone else heard it will take place on Memorial Day weekend again (the Friday into Saturday)? And be linked to the release of Malicifent?

    I went ahead and booked DVC already based on the rumor...so hoping it's true! :rotfl:

    I only saw it one place on-line so far though....and nothing since.
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  3. rteetz

    rteetz Mouseketeer

    I did hear they are doing it again for sure but I don't remember if they said it will be the same weekend or not.
  4. Lorelei528

    Lorelei528 Mouseketeer

    Yep, this was the first thing I had heard a couple of months ago...but now there seem to be more specifics that were released.

    Supposedly it happened at the TA conference that happened recently.....
  5. rteetz

    rteetz Mouseketeer

    It was at that conference and John from the dis was at the conference but I don't remember when it was exactly.
  6. Lorelei528

    Lorelei528 Mouseketeer


    Any TA's out there perhaps heard anything yet?
  7. Lorelei528

    Lorelei528 Mouseketeer

  8. MinnieKitty

    MinnieKitty Member

    I'd also really like to know about this! I've been looking and looking for info to come out about this, because I cannot wait for it!! We went to the one this past May and it was the best 24 hours ever! :goodvibes
  9. Pixie Princess

    Pixie Princess Mouseketeer

    I believe what was said on the podcast was that it would be another summer kickoff, but there wasn't a specific date yet. Whether that means Memorial Day weekend or some other time is anyone's guess.

    That said, I did what you did Lorelei528 and started making my plans for Memorial Day weekend b/c it makes a lot of sense to have this event line up with the release of Malificent. Our plan is to visit MK, DL and DCA all in the 24 hours. Wanted to do that for the last one, but thought of it too late in the game to make the flights work.
  10. Lorelei528

    Lorelei528 Mouseketeer

    I have not booked flights yet..am waiting until we return from our Dec. trip to do so...I figure if I book with JetBlue I can always use the credit for another flight if I need to cancel..

    Didn't they announce the last one on New Year's Eve? I wonder when they will be announcing the dates!

    Ack! LOL
  11. safetymom

    safetymom <font color=deeppink>Have <img src=http://photopos

    You beat me to the punch on this one. I was going to suggest this on the next Podcast. :)
  12. aws22

    aws22 Earning My Ears

    actually they announced the first one on nye NOT the second one. the second one wasn't annoucned until about a month in advance.

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