The **New** Swan and Dolphin Resort thread ~ April 2012 ~ Please read post #1

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by MOM POPPINS, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Yank

    Yank New Member

    Thank You
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  3. mickey2minnie1

    mickey2minnie1 New Member

    I am booked at CSR for 178 a night for everything in June 7 nights before switching to Poly CL for 4. I just joined AAA and can get a basic room at S/D for 225 or 235 everything. I was trying to save because I am splurging on the Poly, but it will be my three kids 16, 13, and 10 and myself.

    First WWYD?

    Second, aside from bed size and the extra 20 square feet between rooms, how do you decide between S/D? Is there really a difference? I really prefer queens, but will need to do laundry at some point.

  4. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Hi all! I am subbing to this thread. I'm not sure when my next Disney vacation will be. :( I need to lose some weight first, but I'm being optimistic and hoping to be able to go one of the first 2 weeks in December. :goodvibes

    Originally we were just going to do a value unless there was a really good deal (like free dining) and we may upgrade to a mod, but then i decided to check out the Dolphin and Swan. I just love their location and their pricing is similar to a rack rate mod, but double the price of a mod for the quotes I am getting now. I don't know. I explored the site and signed up to be an SPG member. I can also get a discounted AAA membership through my insurance. I haven't done it since we rarely travel but if I can save more money than it costs to get a membership that might be an option as well. I want to be on the lookout for a good deal and thought subscribing to this thread may give me a heads up to discounts. I am trying to be open to all options.

    Also I have an odd question. DH loves the monorail but there is no way we can afford to stay in a resort on the monorail. However with Dolphin/Swan being so close to Epcot, how easy/difficult would it be to take a boat to Epcot then hop on the monorail to the MK? Just an idea. He has to be in an ECV for WDW and while buses were very convenient last time they were also a hassle. I just think the boat then monorail may be more 'fun' even if it takes a bit longer but if it takes A LOT longer maybe not. Thoughts?

    Then a more mundane question...
    When getting quotes I noticed there are 3 'standard' options:
    Standard Room
    Resort Room
    Epcot Room
    At first I thought Resort room meant resort view but then there was an Epcot room so I got confused. I am guessing resort room is a view of DHS? Also they only mention the mini-fridge on the Resort room. Do standard rooms have a mini-fridge? We usually only keep waters in the mini fridge. Hopefully we won't have to take DH's medicine on the trip but if we do we will need a fridge for that too so i just want to make sure. I don't think we want to use their pantry service.

    Thanks in advance I hope to learn alot. :goodvibes
  5. SingingMom

    SingingMom New Member

    The boat to the monorail is doable (we do it at least once a trip ) but it is a long walk from the International Gateway to the front of Epcot, where the monorail is located. It isn't something to do if you have a time constraint, but it is enjoyable. :-). We usually book afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian our first day, so we check into the Dolphin, drop our bags, then take a leisurely trip to the GF via Epcot and the monorail.

    All rooms have a mini-fridge. :-)

    "SingingMom" ....Sent from my iPad using DISBoards
  6. TaraPA

    TaraPA <font color=navy>I will think of that animatronic

    That's a tough one. While I'm a HUGE S/D fan, I really do love CSR too. The newly renovated rooms at CSR are gorgeous. So you're looking at CSR being about $329 cheaper overall than S/D. Do you need ME? If so, I'd stick with CSR, airport transportation to S/D will really eat into that $329. The advantage for kids your ages would be the location of S/D. Walking distance to Epcot & DHS, as well as all the Boardwalk activities. I also like the Grotto pool area at S/D better than the mail pool at CSR. Hmmm....I'm not helping, am I??

    I never notice a difference in size at all between Swan & Dolphin rooms. I honestly don't notice the difference in bed size either (and I'm used to a king at home). Those darn beds are so scrumptiously amazing you lay down & don't care how big the bed is! I sink in & don't move til morning!

    If you have laundry to do then definitely Dolphin. You don't want to be schlepping your dirty (or clean) clothing outside from resort to resort. There is only laundry at Dolphin. The nice thing is that the laundry room is right by Picabu and the pool, so you can throw a load in & hang at one of those places while you wait.

    Good luck whatever you choose!
  7. mickey2minnie1

    mickey2minnie1 New Member

    Thanks! I do not need ME. Concerned about double beds though.:rolleyes1
  8. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Thanks SingingMom! I know we should really stay somewhere more economical but I am really falling in love with the idea of being so close to Epcot and DHS and theoretically only having to take the bus to AK and DD. :cloud9:
  9. SingingMom

    SingingMom New Member

    Keep checking your rates - even after you book. Swan and Dolphin are really surprisingly reasonable especially when you think of the beautiful resort. Good luck!

    "SingingMom" ....Sent from my iPad using DISBoards
  10. patty57

    patty57 New Member

    Absolutely..I've had two AAA rate drops for my May trip since I booked in November.
  11. lmminghe

    lmminghe New Member

    I just went to the S&D wesite and clicked on special offers as advised above and they do not list any teacher or nurse discounts. Is there anywhere else I can look online? I like to do some online checking before I call the 888 number. TIA!
  12. LexiC123

    LexiC123 <font color=royalblue>on this, our spaceship earth

    The teacher and nurse discounts are along the right side of the page, but here are the links:


  13. Yank

    Yank New Member

    Introducing SPG Kids Pass!

    An all-inclusive dining program for kids and one less thing to worry about for parents. When kids are happy, parents are happy. That’s why we now offer the SPG® Kids Pass. For a flat daily rate of $25, children (ages 12 and younger) of Starwood Preferred Guest® members can enjoy all-inclusive access to a variety of dining options, including children’s menus, buffets (where available) and beverages at Cabana Bar & Beach Club, Todd English’s bluezoo, The Fountain, Picabu buffet, and Fresh Mediterranean Market

    Anyone use it? Do you have to buy it for the whole trip or can you pick days?
  14. RachelTori

    RachelTori <font color=red>AKL Jambo Wildbunch<br><img src=ht

    Thanks, Lexi! :goodvibes

    Imminghe, the links are on that page, but they are boxes - maybe don't look like something you would click on! ;) But Lexi gave you the direct link so you should be good! :thumbsup2
  15. lovingthemouse

    lovingthemouse <font color=CC66CC>You must believe......and then

    Right now, the SPG lowest standard rate is $60. less than our teacher rate for mid April. It was $219 plus taxes back in Nov., now it is at $159 plus taxes. I always check all the rates on the SPGdotcom site before calling.
  16. RachelTori

    RachelTori <font color=red>AKL Jambo Wildbunch<br><img src=ht

    .....and it never hurts to try the discount sites - expedia, travelocity, etc. In the event they have a discounted rate, the CM at the 888# will match it (they will verify it via the web first). Twice in the past couple years I have gotten awesome rates because I found a sale on one of the discount sites! :thumbsup2
  17. Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy We are family.

    I don;t know of anyone here using it. You would have to buy all your meals there to make it worthwhile, not a likely happening. And it is whole trip. If on a daily basis, might work.
  18. Yank

    Yank New Member

    That's what i was wondering about. If you could do it for a couple days of a trip I thought it mite save some money. Use it for breakfast, Go to Epcot for the day and use it again for dinner.
  19. visual

    visual New Member

    Hi. Just out of curiosity - where do you see the $60 SPG rate you cited?

  20. RachelTori

    RachelTori <font color=red>AKL Jambo Wildbunch<br><img src=ht

    I think it reads "$60 less than our teacher rate". ;)
  21. lmminghe

    lmminghe New Member

    Thank you! Duh - I didn't even look at the side of the page - I was focused on what they featured in the middle!!
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