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The **New** Swan and Dolphin Resort thread ~ April 2012 ~ Please read post #1

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by MOM POPPINS, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. ahutton

    ahutton WDW Bride Dec 6, 1996

    Wonderful, thanks! I am fine with going into Picabu, I love that place!
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  3. amberpi

    amberpi Member

    There are suites at the very top of the pyramid. We got upgraded there in 2010. The view of the shell fountain was freaking amazing.

    Yes, they have milk and the fridge will definitely keep it cold.

  4. NancyIL

    NancyIL New Member

    Both the Swan and Dolphin decorate for Christmas. The Dolphin has a beautiful tree in the lobby, and the Swan has a lovely scene with Santa filling the stockings by the fireplace - done in chocolate! I'm sure Dan Murphy can pull up some of those photos for you. :)

    There are holiday activities for kids, but I don't recall when in December they begin. They may be only on the weekends.
  5. Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy We are family.

    Nice to see you ahutton. :wave2:

    You can order just about anything from the S/D. They do have a wonderful in-house bake shop. You can use this once registered, or phone.




    If you wanted to sort through some picture threads, I know I have a lot in here......

  6. jnfr2424

    jnfr2424 I'm Tink I got my Peter Pan and together we love t

    I have to add that they scent both hotels with scent of Gingerbread!
  7. onlyafigment

    onlyafigment New Member

    Supposed to? Does it not always work out that way?

    And do you miss getting a voucher for the every 4th day housekeeping is automatic?

    I've seen people mention you have to call reception to opt in/out - the Starwood website implies you get a door hanger for this, is this not the case at the Swolphin?

    Apologies for all the questions, just trying to get my head round it!
  8. bas71873

    bas71873 New Member

    Thanks you guys. You've just pushed me over the fence. I'm booking our December 2013 stay at the Dolphin when we return next week. We are headed to FL today for our Sea World/Discovery Cove trip, but I'm planning to spend an evening at the Boardwalk one night to check things out. THANKS!!!
  9. NancyIL

    NancyIL New Member

    You used to have to call every evening when you didn't want housekeeping the next day. Now one phone call takes care of the whole thing (3 days no housekeeping/1 day housekeeping). It isn't a perfect system, and occasionally I didn't get a card when I should've, or housekeeping came on a day I wasn't expecting. (You won't get a card on the days housekeeping cleans your room.)

    The last time I made the "green choice" at the Swan was in April, and there was no door hanger. I stayed at the Swan 3 weeks ago with 2 of my kids, and I did want housekeeping every day. I didn't see a door hanger in the room, but maybe one would've been put on the door if I had chosen to skip housekeeping.
  10. robinbutterfly

    robinbutterfly New Member

    So if we get 5 dollars for not having housekeeping,can we redeem it at the end of the week and they credit our account ?
  11. NancyIL

    NancyIL New Member

    You can ask at the front desk, but the $5/day is intended to be used towards the cost of food and beverage at the resort. I prefer 500 Starwood points per day.
  12. ahutton

    ahutton WDW Bride Dec 6, 1996

    Great to see you too Dan! I'm hoping we'll get to cross paths there. Milo and Mrs. Milo will be with the kids. DH and I are excited about this trip. It is our first ever solo venture down there!
  13. diskids2

    diskids2 <font color=CC66CC>Not above grovelling for a tag

    Does anyone know if rooms become available once a convention has them tied up?

    We are going 3-21 - 3-29 and the Dolphin is sold out on 3-25-26 because of two large conventions. We are booked at the Swan and I am very happy with that, but would really love an Alcove room. Swan alcove's won't work because they are a king bed with sleeper sofa and I have four in the room and don't want anyone on the sleeper sofa. Dolphin has 2Q Deluxe Alcoves, but as mentioned, they are sold out for my stay. My dates aren't flexible as it is Spring Break for my DS, 17.

    Just curious if anyone has experienced or knows of a timeframe when "held rooms" might or might not be released. Are they ever?
  14. rh3772

    rh3772 New Member

    Does anyone know if the Swan and Dolphin does anything for Halloween?
  15. Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy We are family.

  16. vbarry

    vbarry New Member

    Hi everyone! Well we decided to head back to WDW during Xmas this year. We are DVC members and have a few points for our first few nights. I was racking my brain on where to stand that is affordable. Then...the Swan Dolphin occurred to me! We would check in on December 24 and spend Christmas there! So..... it looks like the Dolphin is more for families and we have two girls. There are a lot of room options so I need your opinion. Is the Epcot room a view of Boardwalk/Epcot? Can you see the fireworks?? Worth the extra cost? My only problem is the Dolphin has smaller beds YIKES..... Where is the Swan in location to the Boardwalk?

    Thanks for any assistance!
  17. TaraPA

    TaraPA <font color=navy>I will think of that animatronic

    DH attends a lot of conferences at S/D (actually he will be at one while you are there!) Check every day because yes they will release any rooms not needed closer to your dates. I'm not positive but I think last year for that same convention, he had to have his room booked by March 1st...so you may have to wait til much closer for something to open up.

    From an Epcot View room you will see out over the top of Epcot (with Boardwalk to your right), and you will be able to see the high fireworks. Keep in mind though that Illuminations takes place on the water inside Epcot, therefore you will not be able to see most of the show from your room.

    I personally don't think the view is worth the extra cost but that's just my opinion. We're not in the room a whole lot to worry about what we see out the window, and once you stpe outside of The Dolphin you're immersed in Disney!

    The Swan is right aside of The Boardwalk, with a canal in between separating them. Distance-wise The Swan is a few hundred yards closer to The Boardwalk than The Dolphin, but it's nothing I'd choose The Swan over The Dolphin for. It's really just a few steps between Swan & Dolphin, taking less than a minute to go between the two.
  18. J'aime Paris

    J'aime Paris Living happily ever after

    I know we cannot use mugs from previous trips at the WDW resorts. Does that same policy apply at the Dolphin?
  19. Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy We are family.

    Relationship of S/D to BW.


    As far as I know, they are reusable.
  20. J'aime Paris

    J'aime Paris Living happily ever after

    Thank you for the quick reply!!
  21. My3Princez

    My3Princez New Member

    Are the mugs at Swan/Dolphin different than the other Disney Resorts? We've never been to S/D so trying to learn what I can before our trip.
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