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The New *Official 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon Thread*

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by TinyDancer, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. princessmorgan

    princessmorgan Mouseketeer

    Thank you both! I'll have to continue with training and see what my time would realistically be. My longest run has been 6 miles, but it didn't feel too good. I need to start thinking about water, fuel, etc. I've just kind of been winging it.
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  3. princessmorgan

    princessmorgan Mouseketeer

    Wow! Do you run with your kids? My 5 year old always wants to run with me, but I didn't think she could hack it. Maybe I should give her the benefit of the doubt...
  4. stasijane

    stasijane Crazed one

    Try not to let the TOT race get to you. I think alot of us had bad runs during that race. I was very prepaired but that heat really set my time down. How does the saying go. Running is 10% physical and 90% mental?
  5. poohbear8

    poohbear8 Mouseketeer

    Thank you for the link. I missed the Rotary race. Years ago I walked the 4k short run. IF I can get back into training, I might try it, just to get back in. I am intimidated though because there are serious runners out here! I did a 10K in July and there were only 24 behind me at the end! My time was 1:20, which was a PR for me, but there were SO many in front of me, many of them running the whole thing!

    I do not think the non-WDW resorts have transportation. You would need to drive yourself (leave EARLY) or take a taxi (again, leave EARLY)

    I agree with another princess. Don't beat yourself up over the TOT. It was hot and humid. My 5k time was a PR (which I knew at that time), the 10K part had dropped severely due to a pottie break, and my final was way off where I had hopped to be due to foot pain. It doesn't bother me though. I finished a 10 mile race, which I had never done before. I also have a really COOL medal to show for it!!

    As for those worrying about the "hills" in the race: be sure to add some hill work to your practice runs and you should be fine. When I am running, I run on a bike trail which has a slight incline heading out, plus my street is a hill. The ramp and the incline aren't "that" bad. If you prepare for them, you should be fine. It is those who don't know about them and train only on flat land that are shocked at them.
  6. Gryhndmom

    Gryhndmom Coast to Coast 2013....PHM and DL Half

    I've read a lot of people who are walking and many of us will probably be doing a combo. My DH is having big time calf muscle issues so he may be walking all of it. On my really lazy workout days...I walk but I can walk a 13:38 min mile now...so if push came to shove and I couldn't run I will be walking
  7. Tiger Lily 03

    Tiger Lily 03 <font color=green>Famous for my Potato Salad<br><f Moderator

    Help me out if you will. I was asked about the Princess Half and since I have not done this event I was not certain how to properly answer.The question posed to me basically is:
    I would assume (you know what happens with that) the bibs are all the same color and have the Princess name and your first name on the bib. Is this correct? I did a Google image search and found some bibs with no name, princess name only and both first name and princess name. As far as color coordinating I am thinking that is not a huge issue, but this is all just me. I have never done a Disney event in anything but my WISH shirt.

    Can anyone give some help here so the person who asked me can get some help?

    (P.S. I may be participating in my first Princess Half, I know I've only got moments to decide.) :crazy2:
  8. Disneygirl03

    Disneygirl03 Earning My Ears

    I am hoping maybe some people around Orlando who are walking it solo might want to form a group or train together. Message me if anyone is game!
  9. princessmeghan

    princessmeghan Earning My Ears

    No idea how that sent to you instead of the forum! :confused3
  10. rosermama

    rosermama Mouseketeer

    All it says is you must have your bib number on at the end cause they will tear a piece of the bib off. I will call them

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  11. Cripey

    Cripey Mouseketeer

    The princess you choose at registration determines the color of the bib and the name of the princess also appears on the bib...at least it did in 2011. So if you really want to color coordinate with your bib, it will be important to pick the right princess! :)
  12. Swmr359

    Swmr359 Princess in training

    Rosermama posted the link for the 2013 Rotary, it you need it. My link has 2012, I kinda forgot about the year change!!

    I agree it's hard to not be intimidated by the "serious" runners. I try to just start behind everyone, pass who I need to, and then hold steady for the race-that way I don't even see the fast ones! Actually though the worst part for me is getting pasted by the little kids! haha

  13. longhorns2

    longhorns2 Mouseketeer

    We do a little. I do not take them on training runs, but will take them on smaller runs. We go a lot slower, do 1:1 intervals, and I make sure it's not too hot or too cold when we go.

    They have to run every Thursday at school for PE- they have 20 min to run as many laps as they can. The coaches count the laps and are trying to get the kids to a marathon by the end of the year.

    My 5 year old did 9 laps (just shy of 2 miles!) last Thursday when I went up and ran with them. My 7 year old did 10 laps and my oldest (9) did 12. When they run with their friends they are just--- running! Being kids! It's fun. So I try to keep that idea when we run too.

    We listen to music, we talk, I bribe (hey, if we make it to 2 miles we will get a Popsicle!) :thumbsup2

    I say take her around the block and see if she likes it. My DD is ONLY running because I told her if she can do a 5K I will take her one year with me to Princess so she can run with me there. She's just like her mommy- will only run for Disney trips. :rotfl: She isn't going this year, but she might be ready for it next year!
  14. Princess on the Run

    Princess on the Run Sprinkling Pixie Dust!!!

    Definitely do it! It's great to get kids started with healthy habits early. DS7 just ran his first 5K last weekend and runs with me about every other week. All 3 of mine are running the kids races at the PHM and my plan (because I am always planning 9 steps ahead) is that we will all do the 5K at the Tink Half in 2014. My 5 year old only does a mile or so with me because he gets whiney after that, but if yours is expressing an interest, take advantage and pounce now! :thumbsup2
  15. sissy_ib

    sissy_ib DIS Veteran

    What if I forgot which I picked....lol I don't really have one favorite so I may have clicked a random one.

    LOL, I found it on my registration. I picked Rapunzel....
  16. longhorns2

    longhorns2 Mouseketeer

    My 5 yr old whines from the start- we are doing a 5K turkey trot on Thursday and I am considering leaving him at home with the Grands. It's not that he CAN'T do it, just that it will NOT be pleasant to take him. LOL I'm really thinking the excitement of being at a REAL race and with the other kids will make him suck it up and deal. He runs everywhere- except when I want him to. Dudes! :lmao:
  17. princessallegra

    princessallegra They call me Mrs. Disney

    I found the Princess course to be super duper flat. I did find the dip under the water bridge by Contemporary to be steep. Legit steep. But totally doable, and I had trained for that hill. I did not find the clovers bad or the overpass back to epcot bad, where others did find those bad. I guess everyone is different!
  18. princessmorgan

    princessmorgan Mouseketeer

    You all are putting me to shame :rotfl2: Thanks for the ideas though! I'll give it a shot this week as long as the temps cooperate with me. I don't know about whiny boys, but I do know about whiny girls! :rotfl:
  19. Princess on the Run

    Princess on the Run Sprinkling Pixie Dust!!!

    It's got to be something in the age (or gender? :p ) because I feel like mine are constantly whining about something. If they wanted to be outside and I want them inside, they whine but if I suggested they go out, they whine. If I don't take them with me, they whine but if I do take them, they whine...can't win!!!!
  20. annmarieda

    annmarieda DIS Veteran

    I too feel a tad behind since I haven't been on dis much this last week.

    I was actually wondering how your running has been going now that we are getting some rain here in WWA. I managed only about 5 miles yesterday..I was sooo wet by the time I was done and it was getting dark I figured I best not push it. A couple days before that it was seriously foggy here (although from what I hear it was actually blue skies all day in Seattle) I went out that afternoon definitely too late and learned that was not the best idea.

    As for your question... it is too bad you didn't catch me a couple weeks ago. Now it looks like I have a room. You are going from Friday to Tuesday? That flight about kills me... I have to have a bit of time to recover. Maybe I am just old. ;) Looks like we will be headed down on Wednesday or Thursday.
  21. IMGONNABE40!

    IMGONNABE40! <font color=green>Okay, I already am 40, but if I

    Since we are more than 45 days out, can't you just modify the number of guests in your room? That way you don't have the extra tix and dining. You may also be able to scale back on the resort if the mod. Is more than the remaining 2 want to pay for.
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