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The NEW NEW Official Shades of Green Information (YouTube Video Info in 1st Post)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by jusero, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. JudyAL

    JudyAL New Member

    Sorry if this has been discussed, I can't seem to be able to find the info on my own.

    I know there is a new side (Palm) and the old side (Magnolia). We have stayed on the Magnolia side with mixed reviews. Are the rooms on both sides the same size? My husband is under the impression the ones in Magnolia may be bigger. I think it's an optical illusion because of the little divider wall.
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  3. jdcthree

    jdcthree New Member

    I apologize if this has already been asked, but are rooms also being refurbed this year?
  4. lost*in*cyberspace

    lost*in*cyberspace New Member

    No, veterans are not eligible. You must be active duty or retired:

  5. lost*in*cyberspace

    lost*in*cyberspace New Member

    I would hope they change the pillowcases!
  6. bdcp

    bdcp New Member

    I'm pretty sure square footage is the same. The bathrooms are a little different.
  7. bdcp

    bdcp New Member

    I don't think so. I think all the refurbs are to public areas-pools, lobby.
  8. WendyWuWu

    WendyWuWu New Member

    Hi guys! I'm new to Shades of Green, but we will be staying there in 43 days (but who's counting? haha) with our son who is in the Air Force. DH has knee problems, so we know we'd like to be close to the bus stop, and would prefer not to be climbing more than one flight of stairs. Also, we want to be in a room that has the toilet separate from the sink area, with preferably two sinks. We will NOT have a car, so being near the parking garage is not an issue. Can anyone tell me what part of the resort I should request? Specific rooms would be great too.
  9. jdcthree

    jdcthree New Member

    That's a bummer, but thanks for the info!
  10. robin19871

    robin19871 New Member

  11. Pooh2

    Pooh2 New Member

  12. jusero

    jusero New Member

    We are in the 60s! Can we all say WOO-HOOOOO!!!! :cool1: YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banana: And HOO-AH!!!!!!!! :yay:
  13. WDW 3

    WDW 3 New Member

    I was pretty excited to see the new "Made in the Shade" store with SOG merchandise:)
  14. Hootch

    Hootch New Member

    who's daughter is a military spouse. Her husband is currently stationed in Korea. If I read the elegibility requirements correctly, her daughter should be able to book up to three rooms. Is this correct?
  15. kirrrby

    kirrrby We're all mad here....

    Yes, spouses can sponsor up to three rooms. She would have to bring a copy of the current LES (the month you check in LES) and her military i.d. too.

    Here is the link to the specifics of sponsoring rooms. http://www.shadesofgreen.org/sponsor.htm

    MAGGIED New Member

    You will love the SOG!!!! The bus stop is on the lower level of the hotel. There are elevators so you don't have to worry about your husband having to do stairs. If you want a room that has the described bathroom you will need to ask to be in the newer section of the hotel. The Magnolia section bathrooms are not set up that way. I would suggest you ask for a lobby level room and tell them why. Have fun!
  17. household6

    household6 New Member

    We have stayed in the Magnolia section twice and our bathroom WAS set up that way. It is my understanding that not all of them are, but ours was. We were on the lobby level almost directly across from the laundry room.
  18. Dragontears

    Dragontears New Member

    We were in the Magnolia wing and our bath was exactly as you discribed. We had a standard room. Many of the rooms on our floor were identical.

    Have a great trip!
  19. smhogar

    smhogar New Member

    Tomorrow night I will be sleeping at SOG! So excited!
  20. Momof6

    Momof6 New Member

    I just read that SOG now has refillable mugs! I apologize if this has been discussed - there are so many pages here - it's hard to read through it all!

    My question is - where do you refill your mug at SOG and what can you refill it with? Is coffee an option?

  21. BabyFu18

    BabyFu18 New Member

    Just a heads up SOG refillable mugs are a little different than disney refillable mugs. I believe the SOG ones are around $5 for the mug and $1 for each subsequent refill. Not sure what beverages are available... But the value really depends on how often you plan to refill the mug (and what beverages are available).

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