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The McSparklesons are BACK and they are CRUISIN! COMPLETE 10/4

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by karajeboo, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    Isn't it crazy???? I just love it though!

    I will not be smashing fingers.... but wait til you hear what Ally did the last day...... :scared1:

    That's how I felt. I was really anxious leading up to it..... but the nice thing is being so busy unpacking and stuff, and then it got dark so I didn't think about it. Then to wake up and HELLO SEA!!!!

    I cannot remember what beach it was. But I would see the Carnival ship from Dames Pt Bridge...... As scary as that bridge was for me, if I could look over and see the ship it made it okay......

    We talked so many times about taking that cruise (btw, I just read that the ship went through major renovation so aside from it being a small ship, I have a feeling it's in really good shape now!) just to see if we liked cruising. At one point a last minute deal was $119 per person for a 3 night!!!! SEriously, can you LIVE that cheaply at home????? :rotfl2:

    I will laugh at you. Jus sayin......:rolleyes1

    Greatest Trip EVAH!!!!!! It's worth skipping a year or two at WDW in my opinion......
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  3. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    As I was finishing up the unpacking, Jeff and Ally were getting cleaned up. AFter all, it's about 6pm by now, and we need to grab showers and get ready for dinner. After all, that Cha Cha sliding and sweating in the Florida sun really gave the McSparklesons a new aroma.... just saying.....:rolleyes1 Plus, the Oceaneer's Club open house is at 7:15.

    So once they are ready, they head to the Open House while I get ready. I head out to meet them at the Lab about 7:30 and get stuck in a VERY long line of overly excited parents who are just minutes away from being childless. Not wanting to wait since I"m not dropping off a child, I go in the out door, and ask to be let in to find my family.

    I quickly learn that this is way to do it. Wait in line to drop off kids, cut to pick up. :thumbsup2

    This is when I find they are over in the Club instead of the Lab. Once we realize that Miss Maturity wants nothing to do with the Club, we head out and begin roaming the ship. And then it hits us.....

    We missed the "All Aboard" show!!!! We have been at sea less than 2 hours and already we can't keep up with the Navigator!!!!! Apparently it IS rocket science for the McSparklesons.......

    So we head to the Promenade Lounge to grab a drink before dinner. The PL is right outside the first restaurant in our rotation, Parrot Cay, so what better way to relax and start the vacation than with one of these.....




    Wow, the PL sure seems empty... oh wait, that's because everyone is either eating in the first dining rotation or watching the show!!!!! :headache:

    I had requested a specific dining rotation and second seating, which were both given to me. So we would begin with Parrot Cay, which would also put us here for Pirate Night and it's the most appropriately themed for that night. And we would have Lumiere's, the most formal restaurant, for formal night! So reading the DIS really paid off!

    It was about this time that I started watching the level of my wine starting moving right.... then left.... then right.... then left......

    I wasn't digging it. There's movin, and groovin. And white boys playing that funky music. And then there's moving, and swaying in a most unnatural way (well, that's kinda the white boys dancing too, but that's another story......).

    I didn't feel "sick." I was just freaked out.



    But there was no way I was going to admit it. After all, I was the one who pushed for this trip. I was the one who had been talking about it and planning it for the past 4 months. I was the one who was sooooo excited!

    So I sucked it up and tried to act like all was well in the world of Kara.......

    Until Ally said, "I'm nervous."
    Kara: "About what?"
    Ally: "I've never been on a ship in the middle of the ocean before."
    Yeah, like I have? I'm scared to death right now and don't have time to coddle your wimpy behind! Suck it up kid, there's no whining on the Magic!
    .... is what I wanted to say. What I actually said was.....
    Kara: "There is absolutely nothing to worry about! This is so exciting, right?"
    Ally, as tear begin to well up: "Yeah, but I'm just nervous....."
    I hug her as Jeff rolls his eyes, no doubt thinking, I spent how much for this?

    Before long we notice a line forming outside Parrot Cay, so we get up and get in line.

    Soon we are met and taken to our table.....

    Oh, c'mon! That's funny! Yes, this was our table# in all three restaurants all week long. And we didn't even notice it until Wednesday!

    Soon our super servers showed up and introduced themselves as Dobo from Bulgaria and Willy from Phillipines. I don't think I understand a darn thing they said all week....... :rotfl2:

    As much as I enjoyed them, and I did....... they were some odd birds..... Dobo was a dark conspiracy theorist who was basically burnt out from the crazy hours they work and he was looking forward to his 2 months off, coming up soon. And Willy was just the happiest guy who seemed to have so much fun that he started stammering like a little kid! Loved them both though.....

    Willy came to get our drink orders and I stuck with water. Jeff knew something was up then.

    Ally ordered a smoothie, but for the life of me I couldn't tell you what it was. Mango I think????


    What I absolutely loved about every dining experience was that they brought out the kids' food first. If your kids are like mine, you know that one dinner could easily outlast Gone With The Wind..... WITH the intermission!!!! So having them bring Ally's food so she could begin eating before we were even finished with our soup or salad was wonderful!

    Now another way that Jeff knew I wasn't doing so well is that I didn't take many photos at dinner......:scared1:

    But I do know that Ally was loving her menu. Every meal she would say, "For my appetizer I'll have....... and for dinner I'll have....... and for dessert I'll have....... And the smoothie I'd like tonight is......"

    Practically verbatim every night.

    Her first night was cheese pizza and she deemed it, "Awesome!"

    I started with the Baked Crab Martinique, Jumbo Lump Crab in a Creamy Cheese Sauce, follwed by the Cold Cream of Mango and Papaya Soup. I ate the crab and barely tasted the soup. Not even sure what it all tasted like....

    Jeff had the Jamaican Marinated Chicken Tenderloins in a Sizzling Spicy Jerk Sauce with a Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing, and and the Cream of Green Asparagus Soup with Crabmeat and Asparagus (but not really sure).

    I was just so busy focusing on watching the water levels sway on all the tables. Then I'd watch other guests to get their reaction. Were we listing awfully far to the left? To the right? Were the crew members getting nervous? No? Well why the heck not???????

    At this point, I'm dreading the rest of the trip. How long until we get to St Maarten???? No way am I getting out of bed tomorrow....... no way, no how! Just wake me when we get to land.

    But until then, I need to eat, so I order the Mixed Grill, Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Lamb Chop, Bacon Wrapped Sausage, and Jumbo Shrimp with a Cabernet Mushroom Sauce. I think it was good. I ate a couple bites of tenderloin and shrimp........ :confused3

    As served.....

    AFTER Willy came and peeled the shrimp for me.....

    Willy cutting up Ally's cheese pizza. She got soooo spoiled with this treatment for breakfast and dinner each day, that she's impossible to live with now!!!!


    For dessert Jeff had the Creme Brulee Cheesecake

    I had the French Toast Banana Bread Pudding with Coconut Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce.

    And that's all I ate..... :sad2:

    I mean, who can eat when it's quite obvious that the ship is about to tip over!!!!! And our muster station is inside so there goes my saving flotsam!

    After dinner, Jeff wanted to check out Beat Street or one of the clubs, but Ally and I were ready for bed. I know Jeff was not very happy with us, but I was happy that he didn't express himself.

    To everyone who told me, "you can't even tell you're on a ship," um, SO NOT TRUE!!!! It's not like walking through the halls of a hotel. And I knew darn well I was on a ship, in the middle of the ocean.

    But once I got back to the cabin about 9:30, and crawled into bed, the most amazing thing happened. A feeling of total peace and calm seemed to envelope me. I watched the drapery pull swing ever so slowly back and forth, and I could hear the soft hum of the ship's engines, and I drifted off even before Jeff and Ally had gotten into bed. And I slept through the night - not a dream, not a single waking moment until 7am.

    Up Next...... Our first Day At Sea.....

  4. KristiMc

    KristiMc New Member

    That French Toast Bread Pudding looks great - I wish I had gotten it.

    Glad that you and Ally got over your fears. I really noticed the rocking that night too.
  5. wilma-bride

    wilma-bride <font color=990099>Would love a diet on Cadbury Fl Moderator

    This is the subject of one of my many recurring vacation pre-nightmares - from what I've heard, though, the 'All Aboard' is not the best of the shows (if that's any consolation ;))

    We have requested the exact same rotation and we have late seating - hope it worked out well for you.

    Nope, I don't get what's funny :confused3 :rolleyes1

    You mean, you didn't stay up for hours with different coloured highlighter pens, going through the next day's navigator with a fine tooth comb and planning what you would do down to the very last second. No wonder you're missing shows left, right and centre ;)

    Seriously, great update - I'm sorry if the movement of the ship spoiled your enjoyment of your first night. I'm hoping you got used to it pretty quickly. I'll admit it's quite weird - and combined with a couple of cocktails - well, let's just say I've had nights on DCL where I'm not sure whether it's me swaying or the ship :rotfl: More please.
  6. JaxJags08

    JaxJags08 New Member

    I'm glad you and Ally felt better after that 1st night. On our last cruise, we had VERY choppy seas the 1st night. I tried walking in stilettos to the dining room :rolleyes: and they came over the speakers and I'm pretty sure advised against wearing heels that night because of all the rocking! I never made it into the MDR because I got seasick and crawled into bed crying :sick: That cruise was my idea and I felt horrible that I got seasick right away! But I took some bonine and slept and was fine the next morning and for the rest of the cruise!

    Of course YOU would get that table number! It's like DCL knew you were writing this fabulous TR and it would get laughs. Too funny!

    All of that food looked really yummy! Off to raid the fridge to see if there's anything in there that can compare to those desserts!
  7. SoonerGirl

    SoonerGirl New Member

    Aggggg, you made me nervous with this update! I'm not at all afraid of the 'being in the middle of the ocean' thing, but I am afraid of getting sick from the swaying of the ship.......
  8. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    I'm glad it wasn't just me. And I couldn't even tell you what that dessert tasted like......

    It got better, trust me..... ;)

    I still don't know what it was. I'm an anxious person by nature so I really think it was more me than anything. The seas were EXTREMELY smooth the whole trip.....

    Jeff and I sat and giggled at that table# when we finally realized it (after a couple glasses of wine at Palo and then down to Lumiere's for dinner with Ally).......

    OK, I need to set the record straight here. I don't want anyone to fear a cruise, but I have to be honest. I am a very anxious person. When I fly I look at every passenger that gets on and do my own profiling, wondering who could be a terrorist. Every time the captain adjusts the engines and the noise changes, I immediately think something is wrong. Seriously. I was honestly worried about PIRATES (and I don't mean Capt Jack!) on this cruise! I am a MAJOR worry wart. So for me to feel a little movement and not having ever cruised before I had no idea if it was normal or not.

    I will never tell someone "you can't even feel it" because you can. But it's nothing to fear, it turned out to be very soothing and I LOVED it!!!! Especially falling asleep at night. In fact, I ENJOYED being AFT because we felt a bit more of the seas. Although, like I said, our seas were VERY smooth, so we didn't get much bow to stern motion, it was mostly side to side. And very gentle.

    But every night at dinner until about Wednesday, I still got a little anxious watching the water glasses...... But it wasn't anything I could really feel if I was sitting down.

    So for me it was never sea"sickness" it was more sea"anxiety" if there is such a thing. Maybe that should go with the hangar straps and whoop aft and become a part of the nautical dictionary!
  9. nenner1

    nenner1 <font color=darkorchid>I must've been distracted b

    Well how much do I suck by not finding this until now?!?!? :rotfl2:

    The upside: I now have some great reading tonight! woo-hoo! :banana:
  10. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    Maybe you were distracted by the Cafe Press Logo Thong talk???? :rotfl2: BTW is that from Alan Renfroe's dismeet shirts from a couple years ago???? Or was it a Seinfeld episode? Because everything seems to go back to Seinfeld...... not that there's anything wrong with that..... ;)
  11. nenner1

    nenner1 <font color=darkorchid>I must've been distracted b

    LMAO, yes easily distracted. ;) It was actually from Disapalooza '09. No I did not purchase a thong, much to Ron's dismay! (and the rest of the world's delight!)

    OK so I am totally STEALING your sailaway countdown because I am the silly sap that thought I had pushed record but was way too excited and slightly too drunk to notice I had not. And my video sorely needs one. But I can;t watch it right now- I assume Youtube is down or something. I'll try back and get it my pretty.. with my trusty downloader too!;)

    And see that, I'm already caught up. Good stuffff! :lmao:
  12. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    What video program do you use? I just upgraded my Roxio program (which I have used for years and LOVE for photos) before the cruise, and while it's very user friendly for making movies - I've added videos, photos, and my own songs - I cannot get it to burn!!! That is the only process that is NOT user friendly at all!!! AARRGGHH!!!! And because I use my work laptop for everything, I really want to get these photos and videos OFF here because it's slowed it down quite a bit and I don't think my customer enjoy me taking this long to help them.......
  13. Wicket's Mom

    Wicket's Mom New Member

    My first cruise I too felt the movement, but it didn't worry me. I did notice that the ship that we were on was the same size as the Titanic!! That did creep me out just a little. I did start out wearing the patch for seasickness, but I had to remove it because it made me sick. Once I removed it, I felt a whole lot better.:eek:
  14. podsnel

    podsnel <font color=blue>just skippin' around, amusing mys

    What I want to know is....

    How many shots of tequila do I need to have lined up for you at the Ditch 3 weeks from Friday, after you have landed in Orlando?? HMMMM????

    It will be fine. Take deep breaths. Count from 100 backwards. You will be fine. Just like the ship did not capsize, the plane will be fine. ANd so will you. :)
  15. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    Just keep in mind how many of you it will take to carry me back is DIRECTLY related to the number of shots I do....... ;)
  16. LadyOfNawlins

    LadyOfNawlins New Member

    I'm really enjoying your trip report. We are doing the Eastern next May, and I am looking forward to your reviews of the ports.

    We sailed at the beginning of March and also had Table 69 with Dobo and Willy. The funniest part is that our table # came up missing after about 2 days and never reappeared. My husband thought that some prankster must have stolen it.
  17. Ayeegit

    Ayeegit New Member

    OK, that was your best "aft" joke yet, Kara!

    Great trip report - feels like I'm back on board just reading it...
  18. CRdisMom

    CRdisMom New Member

    the ditch? im thinking when we land at MCO Kara and I are supposed to be landing within 10 min of each other. we just have to stumble to the ME.:cool1::rotfl2: BTW Ellen what time are you guys landing?
  19. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    Speaking of Titanic, Ally was sick this weekend so we snuggled up on the couch to watch it, and as soon as it hit the iceberg and she saw the water flooding in, she yells, "Turn it off! Turn it off!" When I asked her why she said, "I'm not in the mood to watch death."

    Huh. I guess there may be a time when she DOES enjoy watching death? :confused3

    Note: Make therapy appointment soon......
    :rotfl2: That is hysterical! Actually, the table# sign looked a little beat up, so maybe it's made the rounds......

    Wait, what do you mean YOU had Dobo and Willy? I thought they only served us???? I KNOW we were their favorite family EVER! How can you even suggest that they served other families too????:scared1:

    One thing I learned on this cruise was to "never doubt the Dobo." About the 3rd day, instead of ordering from the menu, I just asked Dobo what I would be having. The one time I didn't go with his recommendation I regretted it. So from then on, he just brought me whatever he felt was best!

    But he was a little "dark," or was it just me? He noticed me texting one day (in St Thomas where is was local service) and started in on the whole conspiracy theory about how "they" can find you anyhwere with a cell phone.....

    Super great guy, but I really think he was burnt out. He was just counting the weeks until he got to go home to Bulgaria.

    Thank you. Thank you very much. I'll be here all week. Or all month....or three. Or however long it takes me to finish this thing!!!!!

    So Saturday we bought our first Mac. Just because of how much I love making movies with photos and video, and I've never had a program that really allows me to do what I want. My company laptop just didn't have the juice to make a 40 minute video with over 500 photos and video clips, plus about 15 songs synced. And despite loving Roxio photo and video program, it wouldn't burn or save or anything. Part of it is my laptop. And our family laptop is a few years old and just not cutting it anyway.

    So after preparing our taxes and realizing that there will be a nice little refund, Jeff suggest getting a Mac.

    In only 6 hours yesterday I created and burned a 35 minute video of the cruise. Youtube will only allow me to post up to 15 minutes, and I think facebook will allow 30. So I'm thinking of paring it down so I can post on facebook. Even though I went ahead and burned to disc, it's still my "rough" draft. I forgot a couple things that I had on my laptop version, so I need to fixe it up. But SOOOOOO easy and fun to use this new computer!

    And Jeff got the 27" screen so we put it in our keeping room and will use it for an extra TV, too! He's such a sucker for electronics - an average salesperson can upsell him with no problem.....:lmao:

    And Kristi, I curse you for putting Jimmy Buffet's "Lovely Cruise" on that cd you gave out as an FE gift!!!! I can't watch that segment without crying!!!! :sad2: After using songs like "Boat Drinks" for all the DOTD shots, and "St Maarten is Nice" for , well, if I have to explain what photos went with this son........ Then using "You've Got a Friend in Me" for shots with characters and friends made on the cruise..... plus many others, I go and use "Lovely Cruise" for a recap at the end. What was I thinking?????? It's quite painful to watch. And Jeff and Ally just laugh at me.

    Note: Make therapy appointment for ME!!!!!
  20. podsnel

    podsnel <font color=blue>just skippin' around, amusing mys

    I see an ECV in your future....do they have remote control so we can steer you?

    We land at 10:27. :dance3: 3 1/2 weeks from today!!! :banana::banana::banana:
  21. KristiMc

    KristiMc New Member

    You will have to curse Steve - he picked that song :). Glad the cd was helpful in making your movie. I will have to become a friend on Facebook so I watch it - it sounds great.

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