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The Magic The Memories and THOSE people! An Aug PTR **GOING EARLY!!!**

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by beebeeryan, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. beebeeryan

    beebeeryan New Member

    Welcome to my very first PTR!!!:goodvibes

    We’ll be heading back to WDW August 26th for a 6 night stay. It’s a return trip that we were not expecting to be taking actually. You see, we planned, actually, I planned is more like it, a trip last August. I spent months and months on these boards researching everything and the trip went off without a hitch. It was amazing! I had been 3 times before that, once as a child, once with a friend, and DH and I went on our honeymoon. DH had been as a child and our honeymoon. It was our first time taking the kids who were 7 and 4 at the time. We had a blast and now we come to this year...

    The PTR Title....explained.

    While researching last year I told DH about seeing how people go every year or several times a year and both of us started wondering how on earth they could afford it or even want to always go to the same place. Then we went. Before we even came home, DH said, we can’t wait 4-5 years to come back, which had been our plan because of the cost. So we tentatively said, we’ll be back in 2012. We’ll do every other year. Then Christmas rolled around and I got an email one day the week before Christmas. A marketing agency working for Disney told me that a video I had submitted to Disney new Memories website had made Disney “short list” of potential home videos they might use in commercials for their new “Let the Memories Begin” campaign. I had to sign several pages of release forms just incase. No problem, how exciting right? We were sent 5 beautiful Lithographs for our trouble. Then in January I saw a blog post about the new The Magic, The Memories, and You castle projection show and a Youtube link to a video of the show. I watched it. I was in tears half way through. I cry at Disney commercials, especially those new ones lately with the real home movies surprising the kids and stuff...But then I screamed, because right near the end I saw my little guy’s big smiling face on the screen. OMGosh! My video clip was in the show. It’s a split second, but still, it was exciting. Now I was freaking out, I mean, how can we not go and see it in person, I mean how many times is your kids face gonna be up there on Cinderella’s Castle???? Exactly...never again. I joked about it with DH, just to test the waters...It wasn’t until February and a lovely little 40% off Pin code that arrived by mail that DH said, we should go again, but we have to go cheaper. Less nights and no 1 bedroom villa as much as it pained him to not have the space. I was on it. Then I said to him...”hey check us out, we’re THOSE people, who go every year now!”

    Attempting Chapter Links for fun:

    Resort Choice
    Itinerary Plans
    The Inspiration
    How Did We Miss That AK MK EP DHS
    Movie Night - Lady and the Tramp
    Epcot Passports
    To DO List
    Aug 2010 iPhone Photo Mini TR
    Random Photo of the Week FOOD Frontierland
    Random Update 6/30

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  3. beebeeryan

    beebeeryan New Member

    So who is we?

    Me: Barbara The Disney addicted Mom. I’m 37 still, for another 2 months or so anyways. I’m a stay-at-home-mom at the moment but worked in the travel industry for a tour operator for many years. Now I have a small home business doing digital design, like photo collages and designing digital scrapbooking products. I’ve become a little obsessed with perusing the DIS lately. It’s a sickness. I’m in week 8 of the Couch to 5K program and signed up for my first 5k in June.

    DH: Mike is 40, like WDW!!! DH just says, “ok, let’s go and I’d like to stay here if we can.” Then really wants nothing more to do with anything till we get there. Other than to know the costs of things. Problem is, once we’re on vacation, he forgets we’re on a budget, he likes to be comfortable and eat well and buy things he wants.

    DS 8: Matthew My big guy. Just turned 8 and is in 2nd grade. He loves the 3 Magic Mountains, and RnR. He went on Mission Space the bad side with Daddy and loved it, while Daddy came out a little green. He’s kinda shy, but starting to come out of his shell a little lately and a wonderful artist. He wants to be an Imagineer when he grows up and design rides at Disney.

    DS 5: Eric My Little Guy, very shy but very funny once you get to know him. He quotes movie lines....randomly out of nowhere he’ll turn to someone and say, “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too.” In a perfect Wicked Witch of the West voice. He was just barely 40 inches last summer and went on everything he could, which was almost everything. The favs...Haunted Mansion, Splash and Thunder Mountains and Star Wars.
  4. PixieMama

    PixieMama New Member

    Came over from my PTR... can't wait to hear more about your plans!

    How cool is that?! I would DEFINITELY tell my DH we would be going to WDW to see our child on the Castle, no matter what! I hadn't heard of this before and just checked it out on YouTube... soooo cool. How long will they be showing this? And is it every night?

    I've been to WDW twice as a kid and twice as an adult. DH and I took our two DDs on their 1st trip in 2007, then we went again in 2010. I'd go every year if I could... DH is good with every 3 or so, LOL! I'm hoping to have another family trip in 2013 once the Fantasyland expansion is complete.
  5. beebeeryan

    beebeeryan New Member

    :welcome: thanks for coming over, I'm enjoying your PTR!!!

    The castle show is for this year's Memories theme, so it should be showing nightly through the end of the year, but I've also heard it may go on longer than that. From what I've heard it shows about 15 minutes before Wishes and during busier times also shows 30 minutes after Wishes. I'm just praying they don't change the video portion before August, so far they haven't, they do change the pictures nightly taking Photopass photos from that day to project into the show each night, but so far the video portion has remained the same.

    We're thinking of doing a cruise next summer instead, but they are so expensive, the Disney ones. Who knows. We may or may not be back at Disney. I used to work in the travel business so got really good deals on cruises especially, it's very hard for me now to look at those rates without the deal. Makes me want to cry.
  6. beebeeryan

    beebeeryan New Member

    So now the WHERE:

    We chose the Contemporary Resort for this stay.
    Booked Garden Wing - Garden View, requested ground floor.


    The BIG thing for this trip was being close to MK with the easiest access because I plan on seeing the Magic Memories and You show as many times as possible on this trip of course. Our boys are early risers and early to bed, they are in bed by 8pm most nights, a little later in the summer obviously, but still. So last year we only saw Wishes 1 night and stayed for the MSEP 1 night and that was it for late nights. Luckily we had the boat to WL instead of buses to contend with, but we still had to duck out a few minutes early both times to get to the boat dock before the hoards of people. On that boat ride DH said, next time we should stay there as we went by the CR. So when he said, ok, let's go again, he asked if the CR was possible at a decent rate. We wanted to spend about half what we did last year. With the 40% off pin code and booking their cheapest category, a Garden Wing, it was half the cost of the 1 bedroom villa of last summer. :yay: It will be nice to not have to worry about getting back to the hotel each night from the MK, just being able to walk!!!:cloud9: I will miss the washer/dryer and separate bedroom though. :sad2: We requested ground floor hoping for a patio so we have a place to go while the kids fall asleep. I know the 2nd and 3rd floors don't have balconies so I REALLY hope we get a ground floor. We also spend afternoons at the pool so getting back from MK and Epcot will be easy enough and the pool slide looks a little bigger and better than the WL slide, which my older DS LOVED! I don't mind the lack of theme really, the rooms look really nice, the pool is a pool and looks big and the slide looks good. And it appears they serve food at the pool bar, which the WL didn't so that's cool too. Since we plan to spend a lot of time at the pool, I actually think the Garden Wing is perfect for us, easier access to it. My only concern is getting the patio. Why oh why didn't they put balconies on the other floors of a deluxe hotel???
  7. PixieMama

    PixieMama New Member

    Yay! Thanks for letting me know... I'll have to tell my mom, sister, and Helen about it and show them the YouTube clip I found. I guarantee all 4 of us will be teary-eyed watching it!
  8. PixieMama

    PixieMama New Member

    I have only been inside the CR to go to Chef Mickey's, but the pictures I've seen of the rooms look nice! Fingers crossed you get the room you've requested!

    When my family goes back (hopefully) in 2013, I think I want to convince my DH to go for a Deluxe resort. On our 2 previous trips, we stayed at All-Star Movies. It was fine for our 1st trip, but the last time it just seemed the room was too cramped. I think it was on the last day of our vacation DH even said to me "We're done staying at a Value resort".

    As of now, I'm pushing for a Deluxe (either AKL or WL) mainly because of the beds, LOL! I don't want to sleep on a full-sized bed, and the only Moderate that has Queens is Coronado Springs, which I'm not crazy about. However... I did hear a rumor that ALL the Moderate rooms are going to be refurbished to include Queen beds! So if that's the case, and it's completed by the time we go, then maybe we'll do a Moderate (probably POR or POFQ).
  9. beebeeryan

    beebeeryan New Member

    We were spoiled last year by staying at the WL in the Villas, a 1 bedroom, but POFQ did just get all queen beds in the refurb and POR is getting them next starting this month I believe, at least the mansions are, not sure about Alligator Bayou. We stayed at POFQ on our honeymoon, many moons ago, and loved it. Small quiet resort and the boat to DTD is great. The deluxes are great with the kids for the convenience though and space and with the 40% pin code it wasn't much more than the MODs. We use the resort a lot, we're not park commandos so we like a resort we can enjoy spending time at. As the kids can handle staying up later we'll probably start saving money by stepping down to moderates, especially if it means we can keep going every year. Another thing, we've only spent 1 night in a hotel the 4 of us in one room, ever! We had the villa last year so we are a little concerned about how this is gonna go. That's why we really want the patio for letting the kids fall asleep.
  10. Kari-B

    Kari-B New Member

    Oh Wow, how exciting for your family to have a picture of one of you on the castle!!! :cool1:

    Loving your photo collage on the bottom of your posts!!! :lovestruc
  11. beebeeryan

    beebeeryan New Member

    It is exciting. I have to be careful though, my older son gets jealous when we mention it and the little one is embarrassed. They don't get it!!!

    Thanks, collages are my thing, I made a mini version for my siggy, but here is the full one I had printed on a plaque.

  12. beebeeryan

    beebeeryan New Member

    So as far as itinerary goes, I've planned out the days as far as which parks to go to and some ADR's, but other than that, we kinda wing it. It's not a busy time, last year waits that week were mostly 5-10 minutes. We are early risers so we always make Rope Drop, morning EMH work well for us. We don't ever see the late ones with the kids so avoid those days.

    Arrive Orlando about 10am. Hoping to be at the hotel by 11am, last year we were. I will be booking Happy Limo for the transfer again. DH refuses to deal with buses and waiting and multiple hotel stops with ME. "But it's free" I say!!!

    We'll check in and then grab a bit to eat and head over to MK. MK has to be the first thing we see and we can walk right over!!! DS5 has already informed us Haunted Mansion is the 1st ride we're going on. That afternoon it will be whatever we feel like doing depending on wait times.

    ADR: Dinner at Tony's 5:40

    Early night since we'll have been up since before 5am to catch our flight.
    (I will say, if at all possible, when the rest of the fam goes to bed, I may just have to sneak out and head to MK to see the Memories show, not sure I can wait!!!! But it won't be on till almost 10pm that night since Wishes are at 10pm!!!)



    Rope Drop EMH DHS 8am - bee line for TSM for FP and possible ride right away, maybe we'll get 2 rides this year. Must do's at DHS are ToT, Star Wars, RnR for DS8 and Daddy, Phineus & Ferb meet & Greet.

    ADR SciFI Diner at 11:35 Hoping to make it to the Lights Motor Stunt show at 1:20 unless times change. Haven't seen this and think the boys will like it. Also, DS8 loves drawing so we'd like to make it to the Animation Studio class.

    Late afternoon at the pool.
    No dinner plans
    MK MSEP at 9pm then head back to hotel for bed, maybe see Wishes from CR if kids are not passing out.

    MK day (all I know is I'll be getting wet on Splash Mountain at least 4 times), afternoon pool, MK for Memories Show and Wishes at 9pm
    No dinner plans, probably head back to MK and hit Columbia Harbour House.


    Rope Drop AK early EMH - must do: EE and Flights of Wonder DS8 is big into birds and I had no idea about this last summer.
    Maybe hit Rainforest Cafe for lunch before leaving.
    Hopefully a little pool time
    ADR dinner Rose & Crown UK - 6:30pm
    Illuminations 9pm ( we didn't see this at all last summer, didn't even set foot in WS) Planning to view from Canada'ish to be closer to exit.

    Rope Drop EP EMH 8am
    Afternoon pool
    ADR dinner - Whispering Canyon 5:20
    MK for Memories and Wishes again

    Choose park, I leave the last day open for kids to decide what rides they want to go on again.
    I have tentatively booked dinner a the Wave for 5:30, but this will most likely change, kids want to dine at TREX (and it's cheaper!) so maybe we'll do a late afternoon dinner at DTD and come back early to make it to:

    MK last evening - Memories and Wishes at 9pm

    11am flight...boohoo.

    Tony's and Sci Fi are new for us. We did eat at Whispering Canyon last summer since we stayed at WL, the kids are not into the nonsense they do though and already said they are not doing the horsey stick thing again if we go there, DS4 followed his brother but was crying when he got back to the table. I might switch that to TREX instead. DH and I liked the food though. I thought SciFi looked cool, the whole convertible car theme, the boys will like it and I heart milkshakes.:)
  13. Kari-B

    Kari-B New Member

    Fabulous collage!!! :lovestruc

    Love the castle pic with the reflection, amazing! :thumbsup2

    We are considering Sci-Fi for one of our TS meals, too. Can't decide if I think I'd find something to eat there (gluten-free and yummy) or if we should just make an ADR and have shakes and fries instead.
  14. DisMomAmy

    DisMomAmy New Member

    Joining in!!

    I love all of your beautiful collages!! How exciting that your DS is in the Disney commercial... I hope you find him on the castle.

    Your DH sounds a lot like mine - he acts concerned about how much money our trips cost, but when it comes down to preferences - he always chooses the more expensive options! I don't think I could ever get him to stay in a regular sized hotel room at Disney again - he loves the extra space... whether it's our off-site timeshare or this year we get to try a DVC villa!! He also loves to eat what he wants on vacation & doesn't worry about the money while we're there.
  15. PixieMama

    PixieMama New Member

    I think your plans look great!

    L!M!A! was a great show... we didn't catch this on our 1st trip, so we made a point to see it last year (mainly to appease DH) and I was pleasantly surprised at how much we all enjoyed the show.

    Birds freak me out so I skipped the Flights of Wonder show while the rest of the family watched. I've heard good things about that show but I can't give you my personal opinion, LOL!

    We ate at Tony's and Sci-Fi on our 1st trip. Tony's was... meh. The food wasn't bad, but was just ok but the restaurant is nice. We loved Sci-Fi and would have gone there again last year, but wanted to try something different and went to 50s PTC instead. Both have great food, but you can't beat the atmosphere of Sci-Fi! This is one place my kids will want to go back to anytime we return to WDW.

    Oh, and I love the pic of the castle!
  16. beebeeryan

    beebeeryan New Member

    Fries and a milkshake is a great meal!!!:thumbsup2

    :welcome: and thank you! Yup that's my guy, we can't afford it is what he says but we get there and suddenly he's mister money bags. You'll love a DVC Villa...I know we'll be missing the 1 bedroom this summer.

    I hear good and bad about Tony's. My kids are spaghetti and meatballs fanatics, making it right now actually and I love Lady and the Tramp so thought we'd give it a try. I thought The Plaza was so so last year. There really aren't a lot of choices at MK for TS. Good to hear about LMA...I have heard it's not great on these boards a lot, but boys and cars and fire, what's not to love???:confused3
  17. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

    Jumping in to follow along! I've always loved your siggy collage picture, so your posts stick out to me. ;)

    How awesome for your little guy to be on the castle! Do you have a link to the video? I'd LOVE to see it! I can see how this would inspired becoming a "THOSE" people.

    As far as the new restaurants go.. Think Olive Garden when it comes to Tony's. They're really about the same, but Tony's is adorable inside. We've been there a few times and would go back if we felt like TS in MK. Sci-Fi is one of our absolute favorite places though. The food isn't amazing, but the atmosphere definitely makes it worth going!

    LOVE your pictures! Your plans sound awesome so far. I can't wait to read about this trip! :thumbsup2
  18. beebeeryan

    beebeeryan New Member

    So the inspiration for this trip was the Memories show and DS5 being a part of it. I know it can change at any time, but keeping my fingers crossed the video isn't changed before August. We'll still have an amazing trip regardless I know.

    This is the original video I took on Dumbo, the clip that made it into the show, although they only took a second of it. The whole clip is barely 6 seconds long. Gonna try and insert the video right into the post, I've seen people do that, but who knows if it will work so the link to it on Youtube is here incase.

    (and I can't get it to show up where you can view it right in the post although I've seen it done. Oh well)​

    And this is the link to the full The Magic The Memories and You show at MK. DS can be seen for 1 second right at the end, right before the video screen goes dark and Walt comes out on the castle to say "Welcome to this Happy Place!" On this video from Undercover Tourist it's at minute 10:12

  19. beebeeryan

    beebeeryan New Member

    Thanks for the siggy comment and :welcome:

    I put the links up :)

    Oh no :scared1: about Tony's. Never been to Olive Garden...my parents are both Italian, like I mean born and raised in Italy, Italian. So Olive Garden is just, well, my mother would kill me if I ever ate there. It's not real Italian food. Oh well, we'll survive. Honestly, I don't find the food at Disney anything to write home about, it's not why you go to Disney. Maybe the signature restaurants which we haven't tried yet, but you can find really good restaurants anywhere. At Disney, it's all about the atmosphere right? I'm really looking forward to SciFi though, milkshakes YUM and I hear good things about the onion rings!
  20. PixieMama

    PixieMama New Member

    I just watched the video (again) and saw your DS! That is soooo cool!
  21. BerrysGirl

    BerrysGirl Waiting for the Lights

    All caught up and joining in! That is too exciting about your DS. I even remember that smiling face from the commercials. It's so infectious! You'll be happy to hear that when I was at MK in March I distinctly remember seeing your son's face on the castle (once more the smile, how can you forget it?!?). Here's hoping they don't change the show! Just an fyi though, if the show is changed they may keep his picture, but some of the images are so small and fly by so fast it's impossible to tell what they are. But, that means we can pretend he's still there and could be entirely correct :goodvibes

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