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The "Land" May Never Be The Same - AKA "We're Going To Disneyland!" NEW 8/8

Discussion in 'Disneyland Trip Reports' started by kindakrazy2, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    Hello all you wonderful Disers! :wave2:

    Guess what, guess what, guess what!!!!

    We're going to Disneyland!!!!!!!

    But I bet you probably guessed that by my not so clever thread title which is a total knock off of my uncompleted Disneyworld trip report from a few years ago. Hanging my head in shame. If you want to read it, link is in my siggie. How's that for pimping out a dead thread? lol! :rolleyes1

    Anywho.....back to matters at hand....

    The trip. Ah yes, the trip. The trip to the beautiful Land that Walt built just for me. :love:


    Not just for me?

    Hmmmm.....not sure I believe you but judging by the lineups for the new Star Tours other people seem to think that I have to share. :headache:

    Well okay, I'll share. I'm nice that way. :thumbsup2

    Where shall we start here?

    How about the cast of characters? Seems to be as good a place to start as any! So here we go!

    Me: I'm Sarah. I'm not going to post my age. Lets just say that its a higher number then I care to admit and I'm happily living in denial-land (which is slightly different then Disneyland but equally as fun) where I am forever 29. Ah yes, its good in that world. :upsidedow I'm a single mom to my 2 princesses who you'll meet in a moment. I spend my time volunteering at my local hospital in the ER and at the Health Unit playing with babies. I just finished having to go back to high school which was an experience in itself. Its fun sitting in a class and looking around and realizing no one else in the room was even alive last time I was in high school. Yikes! Talk about a reality check! Anyways, my reason for doing that was I want to go back to school to go into medical radiography and they require that your last courses be within the last 5 years so I could either go back to high school or I could retake some of my university courses. I took the easy way out! lol! I'm a bit of an amateur photographer, sometimes a "real" one too and a wanna be runner. Used to be a real runner but 3 car accidents in the last 2 years have sidelined me once again. :scared: Enough blabbing about me - you'll learn more about me as we go and you'll find out quickly that I talk alot! lol! Here I am.


    Belle: She is daughter number 1 and she's 14 years old and quite happy to be taller then me. How did that happen? Can someone please tell her to stop growing up? Please and thank you. She is in a lot of ways a typical teenager - you know, hates school, sometimes hates her mom, usually hates her sister and likes to sleep a lot. But she's also the sweetest girl with the most sensitive heart of any teenager I know. She is kind and generous and thoughtful and kind and smart and funny and more kinds of wonderful then I know how to tell you. Yes, I love her that much - even when she's being her grumpy teenaged self. :lovestruc She dances ballet, jazz and lyrical but not nearly as much as she used to - finding other passions in life which is what I want for her. She's written a novel and is trying to get it published and wants to be a writer when she grows up. At least today that she wants to be. Tomorrow it may be something different and thats ok - its what growing up is all about. Heck, I wanted to be a butterfly when I grew up when I was a little kid. Yes, I was that clueless. Thankfully my girlies are much smarter then I was! She is a Harry Potter nut, a Dr Who fan and always has her nose in a book. Here is my beautiful and newly red-headed Belle.


    Tink: My second beautiful daughter who is 11 years old and lives up to her nickname in more ways then I care to admit. She is my monkey - always up to something. Her mind and her body are never still. She is super-duper smart and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Not a doubt in my mind she will be either. For Christmas last year she wanted a lab coat, a stethoscope and an anatomy book from the medical school by us. Santa obliged and she has been reading it constantly. She is also a dancer but more a tapper to her sister's ballerina but she also does ballet and jazz. She is always making us laugh and is the daredevil in our family. She also plays the guitar but not just any guitar - it had to be a pink one! Yes, she's that girly! :cutie: She's very artistic and has wallpapered her room in her art. With tape. On the walls. Scotch tape. On my walls. Tried to get some of it off and it started peeling the drywall. Help me! Typical Tink move though. :rolleyes: Like I said, she's a total monkey. I know one day she'll put her independence and spunk to good use! I should also mention she's obsessed with hippos....more on that momentarily. Here's Tink!


    Hippo: Well she kind of speaks for herself. She is grey about 4 years old and spends most of her time with Tink. She has never spent a night away from Tink actually. She really is a member of the family at this point - we all love her. She knows that when she leaves the house she has to wear her collar with her name and phone number on it so that if she ever gets lost she can get a human to call us and help her find her way home. :rolleyes1 Here she is in her hippo footie-pajamas....


    Oh she's being shy - lets try this again.....


    Okay....that's it for tonight. I'm watching the Tony's as I'm writing this and being distracted by the wonder that is Neil Patrick Harris. :lovestruc

    Oh ya, I'd have his babies if he didn't just have 2 with his partner. Doh! Wrong team. But still....I would. I think. Okay, ya I would! Call me Neil! :rotfl:

    Just for fun I will leave you for now with the world's worst paid for Photopass pic from a trip of long ago. Feel free to laugh at my kids' expense. I certainly do every time I look at this photo!


    Good night my fair Diser's!

    Here is a clickable list of my report:

    I Dreamed of Mickey and a Trip Came True
    Two Days To Go And I'm Panicing
    Disney Trips Of Long Ago
    This Is It! I'm Outtie!
    Day 1, Part 1 - Look Out Mickey, Here We Come
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  3. skiingfast

    skiingfast <font color=teal>Has had no bacon<br><font color=b

    It's wonderful with the "worst paid for photopass" photo you took the time to add a border. :thumbsup2

    What is Belle's novel about?
  4. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    Why yes, I think Tinkerbelle adds a certain little something to the whole thing! :rotfl:

    Its about a mother and daughter who are on the run from the police after a suspicious disappearance of the father. Its actually really good - I was shocked when I read it. I knew she could write but it was the first time she had taken on a project that big and I was amazed at what she accomplished. :goodvibes
  5. jessily

    jessily New Member

    Wow, I remember reading your TR a few years ago... can't believe how much your girls have grown up! Looking forward to reading along with your PTR!
  6. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    They really have grown up. They seemed like little kids back then and now, not so much. I'm glad to have you along for the ride!
  7. kaoden39

    kaoden39 <font color=peach>Prayers and pixie dust from your

    I'm in!!

    After school I am sure you need this trip.

    And Hippo is adorable!!
  8. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    Thanks Michele! We all love Hippo - she has taken on a life of her own in our family! :lovestruc
  9. kaoden39

    kaoden39 <font color=peach>Prayers and pixie dust from your

    I know how that happens. I let my Duffy do that on my last trip.
  10. mvf-m11c

    mvf-m11c New Member

    You have a good intro to your PTR and I will come along on your TR.
  11. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    Awwww.....so you "get" the soft members of the family.

    Thank you very much. That made my night for you to say that.
  12. blabbermouth

    blabbermouth New Member

    I saw your post about Carmageddon and followed your PTR link here!

    Any updates?

    Anyway, I can't quite do the math on how old you must be based on children's ages and honeymoon date, but you look much younger than you have to be!

    Hope you have a great trip and that you get around to a TR.
  13. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    I'm glad you found me! Hoping to have an update up tonight! Woohoo!

    Dancing banana wants to celebrate! :banana:

    And to save you the math.....I'm getting dangerously close to that age! You know, the one with a 4 and a 0 in it that no woman on earth wants to hit! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!
  14. kaoden39

    kaoden39 <font color=peach>Prayers and pixie dust from your

    I am looking forward to hearing all about it!!

    We all have to reach it whether we want to or not.
  15. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    I Dreamed of Mickey and A Trip Came True

    Well okay....the kids dreamed of Mickey and the trip came true but with kids we all know who calls the shots!

    A little back story on how the trip came to be....

    In a time long ago and far away we used to go to Disney all the time. The kids' dad used to have to travel to Los Angeles for work about every 2 months or so when they were tiny so we would just tag along for the heck of it and land at Disneyland all the time. Was a fun, quick and inexpensive trip for us.

    Those trips stopped sadly when Tink was about 4 or 5 so we then had to actually plan our Disney outtings and our attention turned more to the east coast and to Disneyworld.

    Our last trip to Disneyland was for Tink's 6th birthday so in doing my math.....about 5 1/2 years ago! Yikes!

    Anywho.....back to matters at hand.....

    It was time to start looking at summer vacation and so I asked the girls where they wanted to go. New York? Hawaii? Mexico?



    It was a quick and easy choice for them that they actually agreed on something! Woot! One of those rare moments where there was no arguing between them! :goodvibes

    Sounds good to me!

    So got online, looked around at different sites, played with different days, hotels, etc trying to find the best prices. Found a great deal but just wanted to take a 5 min breather to make sure I wanted to do it and called a friend and said "do you think this is a good deal?" His answer was "hell ya! book it babe" and I went back to do it only to find the price had gone up by $700. Zoinks! :headache:

    Back to the drawing board.

    SO I played around again and come up with another good deal although not nearly as good as the first one but I learned not to hesitate. Just click BOOK IT which is a hard button to click when it is sitting right next to the price of said vacation. :eek:

    Gathered all my courage and with one magic click of a mouse (not THE mouse though - LOL) our trip was booked!

    Leaving on July 7th flying out of Bellingham and flying home on July 15
    8 nights at the Hotel Menage
    rental car
    6 day Park Hoppers

    Mickey take me away! :cloud9:
  16. Daisybelle

    Daisybelle You don't have to go fast, you just have to go

    You leave soon! Woohoo!!:yay: We'll be right behind you!
    Have a great trip!
  17. kylie71

    kylie71 <font color=green>Can't wait for more!<br><img src

    Yay! I'm interested to see how you like this Hotel Menage. I remember when it was the Travelodge at the Park! Nice pool!
  18. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    Thanks Daisybelle! Hope you have a great trip too!
  19. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    Kylie - I'm curious too. It is where we always used to stay when it was the Holiday Day Anaheim At The Park. I loved that we could sit in the pool and watch the fireworks at night.

    I've heard some sort of mixed reviews since the Casa Group took it over but I'm hoping for the best. I know noise has been an issue for some people but my kids are older and will be up late anyways.

    Fingers crossed!
  20. reyasmommy

    reyasmommy New Member

    There were several things I wanted to comment on and now I can remember one single thing?!?

    Lets see .....

    1. You have a beautiful family
    2. You don't look a day over 29 ;)
    3. I've debated on staying at Hotel Menage a few times, so I'm excited on hearing about your experience there. Please be sure to let me know what you think as soon as you get back. :confused3
    4. I had the BIGGEST crush on Doogie Houser when I was a kid. I swore I was going to marry him, and was a little shocked when I heard he played for the other team. :( I still love him though.
    5. I hate when you hesitate on booking something and a day later the price has sky rocketed. That has happened to me on more then one occassion while planning my current trip. :sad2:

    I look forward to hearing about your trip. I'm jealous you'll be there so soon. You'll be there for my 33rd....... ummmmm I mean my 29th birthday. :rolleyes1

    Have fun!
  21. kindakrazy2

    kindakrazy2 New Member

    LOL! Thanks - I'll celebrate with Mickey for you!

    I have the biggest celeb crushes on gay men - Neil Patrick Harris, David Hyde Peirce, Sean Hays, Anderson Cooper, etc.....its really a problem actually! Oh well.....:rotfl:

    Thanks for your kind words about my family. My girls are my life. :hug:

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