The "I've Waited Forever to Go Solo" Mom's Leaving Everyone Behind Trip! Updt 3/11

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by MomofCKJ, May 18, 2008.

  1. Lifelong_Dreamer

    Lifelong_Dreamer DIS Veteran

    Jan 10, 2007
    Welcome back Allyson!
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  3. dddisrunner

    dddisrunner DIS Veteran

    Feb 24, 2007
    OOOOH! I am SO happy you are back and SAFE! I thought about you many times over the past few days!:thumbsup2 I CANNOT wait to hear all about it!:goodvibes
  4. stagemomx3

    stagemomx3 DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2006
    Welcome home!
  5. 2xcited2sleep

    2xcited2sleep DIS Veteran

    Jan 5, 2008
    WELCOME BACK!!! I've been thinking of you and a bit worried that the rain would "rain on your parade." Literally and figuratively. ;) So glad to hear that you had a good time and I can't wait to hear absolutely every single detail. :goodvibes
  6. micandminforever

    micandminforever DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2006
    Welcome back, looking forward to your trip report.popcorn::
  7. Quacktatty

    Quacktatty DIS Veteran

    Oct 28, 2006
    Welcome back! I was thinking about you today when I heard of all the airline problems. Glad to see you had a successful return!
  8. jenn&nelsonrego

    jenn&nelsonrego <marquee><font color=blue>The first person to repl

    Jul 24, 2008
    So excited to hear about your trip!!!

  9. Hedy

    Hedy <font color=blue>I'm <s>22</s> 27 and I still kind

    Mar 14, 2006
    Can't wait for more!
  10. FairyGodmotherJen

    FairyGodmotherJen DIS Veteran

    Mar 17, 2007
    I'm so glad you had fun. :cool1: I was trying to explain your situation to DH the other day (I've been lurking since you started!). He kind of nodded and went on. Now he's the one asking me if you're back yet and how it went! Of course, that could be because we leave in 9 days and good ol' Gustav is churning in the Caribbean.... We might be reading your trip report for tips on how to have fun while wet! But I can't wait to read about it, one way or another!

    PISCESANGEL ILoveDisney!

    Mar 25, 2004
    Welcome back Allyson!! I can't wait for you to share!

    Glad you are safe!! :goodvibes
  12. 4boysrus

    4boysrus Proud momma to 4 boys.

    Dec 28, 2006
    CAN'T WAIT!!!

  13. jake&samsmom

    jake&samsmom Jordan's Mom too!

    Jul 5, 2007
    Hi Allyson!

    Welcome home! YAY!

    Hope you get to post an update soon! Do the laundry later (just kidding:) , I'm still catching up on that one) :thumbsup2

  14. MomofCKJ

    MomofCKJ <font color=teal>I just lost steam at about 5 minu

    Mar 13, 2006
    Thanks for the warm welcome backs!

    Okay, let's get this TR started shall we?

    August 21
    I woke early and posted that one last post. Then it was time to check and recheck and say goodbye to the family. Hugged all the kids, we had a little family prayer for safety and I was ready to go. Before I did Bashful says to me (side note, I was planning to meet my friend Stacy from college on the trip), with her quirky sense of humor, "Tell Stacy her Mom has got it going on " . You might be shaking your head but this cracked me up. Do you know that song from a few years back? Stacy's Mom Has Got It Going On? Well it just made me laugh that she thought of that. Anyway, it was good to leave on a funny note.

    Got in my van, Rick Springfield playing, directions to Bradley Airport, and I was off. It is a very easy ride actually from where I live to Bradley. It was a sunny, gorgeous day and I was cruising along. And then....brake lights. Lots of brake lights. Ugh. I was on the Mass Pike and my exit was just up there. But between me and there were many cars and trucks at a crawl. I was glad I had plenty of time but still you get jittery when you are on your way to the airport and you hit traffic like this. It stayed that way till I got off my exit. Shortly after the toll booth a large truck had overturned on its side. Once past that it opened up and was smooth sailing.

    I continued on and in no time was at the airport. I ended up parking in the garage. There were cheaper options but I went with close and convenient this time over the savings. I was here, I was really here!

    I walked in and the lines to check in were non existant. Except for Southwest. Of course. Wasn't this my luck? But again, when you are alone I think you roll much better with things like this than when you are with others, especially children. So I got in line and it really looked worse than it was. I bet I only waited 15 minutes or so. Bada Boom, Bada Bing, all checked in, luggage won't be seen till Pop Century (I hope) and it was off through security.

    I can not relax at an airport till all this "stuff" is done. It just stresses me out. Have your ID ready, take off your shoes, be sure your liquids are in the proper plastic zip top bag and follow the directions for when to move ahead and when to wait. All while feeling like you are being scrutinized by all the TSA agents. It always makes me nervous.:scared1:

    However I breezed through and now I could finally take a breath. Ahhhhhh. I bought the latest People Magazine and a bottle of water for the plane. Then I got a bagel with cream cheese and a Coke to munch on. Sat down and had about 45 minutes till my flight. I texted Grumpy and one of my best friends. What shall I call her as I spoke with her a lot during the trip so you'll hear about her? What character does she epitomize? I'd say she's a Tigger. She is full of fun and laughter and silliness and is the most optimistic person I know. I love her dearly and she would text me things on the trip like "Seize the day! Go enjoy yourself" or "I am so proud of you doing this trip on your own", I just love her! So I texted back and forth with Tigger while waiting to board.

    Then it was time. Now it was my first Southwest experience remember. And I must say, I like it! I like it alot! The boarding was a breeze, I loved picking my aisle seat. I felt like boarding was faster than normal and the flight attendants were great! They are more like just regular people, funny and not so uptight like you find on some other airlines. It just had such a relaxed vibe about it. I will definately be flying Southwest in the future. They had me at hello!

    So I have my seat, someone takes the window and the middle stays empty which was nice. Pilot tells us we might hit some weather as we get closer due to Fay and that the seatbelt light will most likely be on a lot once we get around Georgia. Fine. I read my magazine and listen to my iPod. Have some crackers and Coke. Life is good.

    Then we are around the Carolinas and the light comes on. It is getting bumpy a bit sooner. I can deal. Well it was quite bumpy the rest of the flight. A few times it made me quite nervous. I began thinking this was such a bad idea, I'm going to die alone on my trip to Disney World. We are now coming in for a landing and I tell you it felt like we were going to blow over. It was the most turbulent flight I think I've been on. And at the end everyone clapped which it has been a long time since I had been on a flight when that happened. I think everyone was very happy to be safely on the ground. We then sang Happy Birthday to someone in the back of the plane (another cute SW touch) and deplaned.

    So I was now about to have my first taste of Magical Express. Would it be Magical? Well I checked in and they had me as All Star Music still. He changed it in the computer to Pop and told me I, and my bags, would be fine. I then tried to get in line for the bus and the CM, who was rather rude, told me that I needed my voucher to say Pop, it still said ASMu. Like this is my fault? So back in line, they apologize for not doing that the first time and give me a new voucher that says Pop. I get in line. And wait. And wait. And wait. I text Grumpy. I call Tigger and we talk for a little while. I notice another solo traveller in the next line. It was funny, the whole trip I sort of kept my eye out for people alone. Like when you buy a new car and you suddenly notice all the people with the same model as you. It was like that, I was suddenly in tune with the solos as if we were all part of some secret club. I also found myself looking at the groups and wondering if they were looking at me wondering why I was alone. I am sure they weren't but sometimes you do feel like they are. From the moment I got in line to check in for ME to the moment my bus came was 45 minutes. I wasn't expecting it to take quite that long. Then we had to get on the bus and drive to Pop which thankfully was the first stop.

    Check in at Pop was easy, a five minute wait. Alfie checked me in, very cute young guy. He had the water I had ordered and got my paperwork all done. I told him it was a Mom Needs A Break weekend and that I'd be meeting up with some friends. He was like "Yeah, so Mom's getting her groove on". Yeah, that was it, I was getting my Groove on. :hippie:

    So I have my Baggalini, my carryon and my water and I need to make my way to the 50s building. Alfie told me I was facing the pool and when I asked if that would be noisy he told me "No it shouldn't be" in a quite unconvincing tone. Time would tell. But first to get there. Now I have on sandals, a sort of flouncy skirt and a white T. I look outside and it is really, really windy and raining. I am so glad I had the thought to change into shorts first because in that skirt with my arms full of bags I would have been showing Pop Century my undies for sure. So I changed and then braved the elements. Ugh. Could my room be any further away? I was facing the Bowling Pin Pool, 50's building 3, room 3312 at the end near the stairwell. You seriously couldn't get much further away.

    I made it and went in. Looked like the last room we had at Pop. Nothing fancy but clean and suitable for me for the next 5 nights. I unloaded a few things and decided to head back to the bus. Poncho on I exited my room and headed for the bus, hoping that when I got back my luggage would magically appear.

    What park did I end up at my first night? Stay tuned!

  15. CJsMom

    CJsMom <img src=

    May 19, 2003
    Welcome back! Great first installment - can't wait to hear more about how you got your groove on! :lmao:
  16. corinnak

    corinnak 100% Tag Free!

    Jan 25, 2006
    So glad you're back safe and sound. That flight down sounds like a doozy!

    That was quite a wait you had at DME! I have sat and waited on a bus before, but not usually that much time in line. Sorry to hear that was less than smooth for you.

    I had to read your report before breakfast, if you can believe it! Oatmeal or Allyson....the choice is clear!

    Can not wait to hear what park you ended up at that night! :thumbsup2
  17. ILuvCrush

    ILuvCrush DIS Veteran

    Jul 12, 2008
    Welcome back Allyson!!!

    Great start to the trippie...can't wait to hear how the week went!!!

  18. vfair

    vfair Earning My Ears

    Aug 25, 1999
    Great start - can't wait to hear more!
  19. Hedy

    Hedy <font color=blue>I'm <s>22</s> 27 and I still kind

    Mar 14, 2006
    Looking forward to more!
  20. Lifelong_Dreamer

    Lifelong_Dreamer DIS Veteran

    Jan 10, 2007
    Sounds like your arrival went smoothly aside from the bumpy flight. :scared:

    The wind was terrible at points wasn't it? Good thing you had shorts to change into. :rotfl:
  21. disneymom1980

    disneymom1980 DIS Veteran

    Aug 13, 2003
    Welcome back....great first installment.....I can't wait for more.

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