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The "I've Waited Forever to Go Solo" Mom's Leaving Everyone Behind Trip! Updt 3/11

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by MomofCKJ, May 18, 2008.

  1. jcc0621

    jcc0621 New Member

    THis is shaping up to be a good meet:cool1:

    Glad you were able to make arangements to meet with your friend!

    Ou first day is always the pool, wander the hotel, relax and then have a nice dinner. But then again we will have DS with us, and YOU ARE GOING SOLO:banana:

    I like the idea of just getting on the first bus to arrive ::yes::
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  3. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess New Member

    Casting my vote for catching the first bus that arrives! I like the spontaneous sound of that!
  4. MomofCKJ

    MomofCKJ <font color=teal>I just lost steam at about 5 minu

    I have a friend who jokes that if she doesn't hit MK first her trip is doomed! One year they didn't and they ran into crowds like never before the whole trip. She thought it was Walt's way of saying "MK FIRST!". LOL!
    I like that idea! I don't get in till 3ish and there is no evening EMH that night. I love the idea though that being alone I could do something like this. No one to tell me "Noooo, we don't want to leave this park!" or "Nooooooo, we don't want to go there right now". Gosh could it be possible? A completely whine free from start to finish Disney trip?????

    I am kind of liking that too as it is just so spontaneous and my past trips haven't had much spontanaity (sp?) in them! The things you can do when you are by yourself!

    Me too! I'm a planner and it just flies in the face of how I do things but man, this trip is all about doing the different stuff right?


    PISCESANGEL ILoveDisney!

    Well.... I hope it isn't creepy showing you a picture but I thought it might help to visualize it... it is the Pisces symbol of two fish and the word 'Pisces' underneath and I have it on my lower back... the time when pain was the worst was when they were actually near my spine, but still it wasn't anything excruciating.

    You can see that my zodiac sign is something I am proud of (hence my screen name as well), as I am a Pisces through and through!


    Now I need to go back and read your latest!


    PISCESANGEL ILoveDisney!

    All caught up now! I love the idea of catching the first bus that comes!! :goodvibes

  7. ampc3

    ampc3 New Member

    Hey Allyson,

    Glad to hear you will get to spend some time with your college friend and you didn't have to change anything around.

    That is a tough one for the first day.. I would either do DTD or catch the first bus, that seems fun..
  8. ILuvCrush

    ILuvCrush New Member

    Allyson...you've inspired me to go off solo too! Booked and ready to fly october 13-18. I can't wait! I'm going to get in early...so I think i'm going to skip lunch and eat my way around world showcase... you could do that as a dinner...18 courses with no one to say EWWW I HATE SUSHI!!!:banana: :banana:

    I can't wait to read more of your pre trip plans!!!
  9. 2xcited2sleep

    2xcited2sleep New Member

    Thanks for the encouragement, Allyson. I'm thinking that I do need to start a pre-trippie soon! You mentioned that you aren't really discussing your trip w/ anyone "in real life" because they don't quite understand and I am running into that same thing.

    "You're going alone???"
    "But you're a grown-up"
    "You don't even have kids"
    "What the heck will you do all day?"

    So stay tuned- I will need an outlet for my Disney excitement that my friends just can't appreciate!

    Glad the meet with your friend worked out!

    So you're a TGM'er? I joined but haven't spent much time checking it out. Will have to do that soon.

    Have you decided what to do with your "bonus" afternoon yet?
  10. MomofCKJ

    MomofCKJ <font color=teal>I just lost steam at about 5 minu

    Not creepy, I think it is cool! I love hearing what people have and why. It is neat to see what is meaningful to people. I like it! My Mom is a Pisces too!

    Yes I am excited to see her too and that it worked out so well!

    Starting a movement of Moms Going Solo, I love it! :thumbsup2 I'm excited for you! Eating around WS sounds fantastic! And you don't have to share either!

    Isn't it the truth? People just don't get it, at least non DISer people. DISers get it. I have had people ask if I'll be lonely, look at me with that weird smile like they are thinking what is wrong with her. My SIL today asked me what I like so much about Disney. To so many its just an amusement park. We all know it is so, so much more.

    I am a TGMer, I am a Vacation Club Manager over there for January 2009. I have used him the last 2 trips and I think his service is totally worth the $20. You should definately check it out. Join your Vacation Club if you have not already.

    New installment coming tomorrow with the final itinerary and what to do with that bonus afternoon!

    I put my Fairy Godmailer services out there on the DIS and TGM and have quite a few postcards to send. I would like to offer my services to my readers as well. If any of you want postcards sent a la Fairy Godmailer just let me know. It would be my pleasure, and give me something to do when I eat TS all by myself!

    Till tomorrow....

  11. Native NYer

    Native NYer New Member

    I'm joining in!! Sorry it took me so long to get over here.
  12. MomofCKJ

    MomofCKJ <font color=teal>I just lost steam at about 5 minu

    38 days folks, yup just 38 days! This one is really flying! It might be since I booked it in much shorter of a window than usual or because it is summer and well, summer always whooshes by before your eyes. I don't know but 38 days is not a long time in my book!

    I think I've got my itinerary down to this:

    August 21
    Arrive at MCO
    Try ME for the first time
    Check in at Pop
    First bus to ?????????

    August 22
    DHS at Rope Drop
    either Backlot or Pizza Planet for lunch
    Afternoon Break
    Kona at 7
    Back to MK

    August 23
    early bfast ADR at Tusker House
    Yak and Yeti CS for Counter Service
    Afternoon Break
    Cape May Buffet with my friend Fiona at 7 I think it is
    Illuminations, going to go back into Epcot and try to say hi to the TFW Dis group that will be there

    August 24
    KTTK tour! Comes with lunch at Columbia Harbor House
    Afternoon Break and a drink at Petals with some DISers
    Dinner hopefully at the Tune In Lounge, if not I still have my MM ADR
    MK for evening EMH

    August 25
    Epcot at RD
    Meeting a TGMer at the turnstiles to ride Soarin' together
    My friend Stacy arrives sometime in the morning
    Lunch--need to call and see if anything in WS is available, it is free dining by this point so we might not have many options
    Afternoon Break? Depends on what time Stacy stays till I think
    Epcot at night
    Dinner ADR at Marrakesh but probably cancel and just eat around WS

    August 26

    Early flight back to reality!

    I am not a huge breakfast person. I'll probably just grab something small at Pop or I would be interested in maybe getting something at the parks. I know DHS has Starring Rolls right? Maybe a nice pastry to start the day? Heck maybe an ice cream to start the day! I don't have to set a good example for anyone this trip! LOL!

    I am really going to finish up my lists of things I want to do, compiled by all of you! I'll post a pic of the crafty project once it is done!

    I also want to get a book or two to take with me. I found this on Amazon and think this might be one of them:
    Anyone familiar with that one? Looks fun! I'll bring something from the library for the plane, maybe another Jodi Piccoult, but I wanted something Disney for the parks and eating.

    I also was looking around at bags on Bagbuy.com. I have the khaki Baggalini Messenger backpack bag. I like it but thought I could go smaller just being me. And I found a few smaller but they wouldn't hold a book. Dilemmas. I think I should just keep the Baggalini. It's been good to me and I love the little zipper pocket on the strap for tickets and room keys.

    On a side note my TA is making our ADRs today for our January trip! Woooo Weeeee! We ended up deciding, well I decided being that they have entrusted me with all decisions Disney on this vacation, on 50s Prime Time for lunch one day and dinner at Kona another. We are only hitting those two parks while we are there. It is only a few days and the Half Marathon is our primary reason for going. I was looking forward to Sunday morning and just enjoying the pool at CSR. We had a 2:30 flight to Nassau. Well in the airline craziness that is happening with flights changed and cut ours got moved to a 10:40am flight and it is the one and only direct flight on our airline going Orlando to Nassau that day. Good news is we'll be there by Noon but it means up and out, no relaxing at CSR which is a bummer.

    Okay I think I'm done with the itinerary althought I reserve the right to make changes and go with the flow at any time. I think next up is pilfering Quacktatty's Solo Trip Pledge and making one for myself.

    And packing! I haven't gone in the Hades heat of summer before! What should I not forget? Help me out, share your fave packing tips and items! I could bring one small suitcase but I thought I'd bring our big one to leave room for souvies. Got to squeeze those Fat guys in there somewhere. And, oh this was my other revelation the other morning as I woke early and thought of what else, my trip, I could do some of my Christmas shopping there! I am an early Christmas shopper and how perfect to be able to shop THERE! I could really get a lot of things done and get some unique things. I am not thinking so much for my kids but for people like my parents, in laws, teachers, etc. I mean I could get my kids some things too but I was thinking of the unique little things I might find for adults in World Showcase.

    Enjoy the day folks! See you soon!

  13. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess New Member

    Oh, you are going to have sooo much fun!!! What a great itinerary! In 38 days, I will have been back to work for 20 days (I go back August 1). I will be thinking of you having fun at the World! :goodvibes
  14. stagemomx3

    stagemomx3 New Member

    38 days already. It really is flying by now. :lovestruc
  15. jcc0621

    jcc0621 New Member

    Go every year in August so here are my tips....

    - Lots of water!!!
    -a mister fan (it is a life saver when waiting for shows and parades
    -Lots and Lots of sunscreen
    -a hat is a must!
  16. 4boysrus

    4boysrus Proud momma to 4 boys.

    38 days!! :woohoo:

    I'm so excited for you! I just know that you are going to have a fabulous time! It'll be fun getting to meet up with some many DISer's as well as Fiona and Stacy! :thumbsup2

    Great idea about Christmas shopping!!
  17. ampc3

    ampc3 New Member

    wow 38 dayS!!! seems soo real now doesn't it! Looks great.
  18. Native NYer

    Native NYer New Member

    Your plans look great.

    I can't wait to har how the KTTK tour goes.

    I was looking at that exact same book on Amazon. It seems pretty interesting. Do you have the Hidden Mickeys book?

    I really think it's great that you're doing a solo trip. I'm not sure if I can handle that just yet.
  19. Quacktatty

    Quacktatty New Member

    Pilfer away!

    Then I can use your updated one to make a new one for my September trip :lmao:

    Love your itinerary...here's my one suggestion:
    Since you are doing the "take the first bus" thing, if the DHS comes first - don't take it. Unless of course DHS is your favoritest park or something :)
  20. ILuvCrush

    ILuvCrush New Member

    38 days!!! How Wonderful!!!:cool1:

    JMO but don't drop marrakesh off your ressie list.. We ate there last trip and the food was really good. And I'm a notoriusly picky eater!

    I've heard that it is often slower there for lunch... maybe you could move that up to your lunch time meal...since it sounds like you're leaning toward a TS lunch. Hate to see you lose out on a TS with FREE DINING... Besides, If you end up not liking it...you could always skip on over to France and indulge with some pastries!!!

    I'm thinking of doing that KTTK too... it looks really neat..you'll have to let us all know how it goes:yay:

  21. 2xcited2sleep

    2xcited2sleep New Member

    38 days?!?! That's almost tomorrow!! :cool1: Scary how fast the summer is flying by and yet I'm so excited for my trip I want it to go faster! :confused3

    LOVE that you won't have to set an example for anyone. Or maybe you have to set an example for the solo vacationers! Ice cream for breakfast? Bring it on! Want an adult beverage? It's 5 o'clock somewhere! That will spoil your dinner? So what!?!

    Early Christmas shopping... you're so organized it kills me. ;)

    And a January trip coming along right behind this one- especially one in which you'll be running a half marathon. You're my hero :worship: I've had the same issues w/ flight changes on my Oct trip. Delta has changed it at least 5x.

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