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The "I'm sick, no I'm sick" May 2009 Polynesian Trip-O-Rama Report

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by ryansall, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. shannon47142

    shannon47142 Active Member

    love your daughter's bathing suit!!
    so sorry you also started to feel sick:sick:
    but breakfast looked awesome--I'm glad DD enjoyed the princesseseses:thumbsup2
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  3. cmfranklyn

    cmfranklyn Member

    We were at Dis in June and a cold virus/fever made the rounds in our family too! Can't wait to see how you did compared to us! Hopefully better!
  4. Disneyvirg

    Disneyvirg Member

    I got a little behind on your trippie. I'm all caught up now.

    I love all the pictures. Looks like you all had a wonderful time in spite of not feeling well.

    The pictures of your daughter with the princesses are adorable.

    I'm ready for more! popcorn::
  5. heaven2dc

    heaven2dc Active Member

    Sorry to hear you were feeling sick now! During my trip in Feb 2008 I was feeling sick (well actually 2 days before I left). I did what my mom told me when I was little and put drops of hydrogen peroxide in my ears on the side where my throat was hurting and it stopped it. But the 3rd day at WDW I started feeling rough and didn't have any peroxide w/me & the general store at BWV didn't carry any so I had to load up on throat lozenges and orange juice. I felt a little better but still could hardy talk.

    Your daughter is so adorable in her Belle dress. What great pics you got during breakfast! Anxious to hear how the rest of the day went!
  6. whchipmunk

    whchipmunk Member

    So sorry you were all not feeling well. I know first hand how that can put a huge damper on your trip. This is how my trip in March went.

    Arrived on Sunday everyone was feeling great. Early Monday morning DD2 (who is 1) started screaming, we got up to see what was wrong and she had gotten sick in the crib. She was sick all day Monday.

    Early Tuesday morning I heard my DS (11) in the bathroom. Yep he was sick and was down for the count all day on Tuesday.

    Wednesday during the day we all were feeling fine. Wednesday night we went to dtd and as soon as I got off the bus it hit me. I had to turn right around and go back to the hotel.

    Thursday - I was feeling better and eveyone else seemed fine so we went to MK. On the bus ride there DD2 got sick. Yep right there on the bus, it was really disgusting and I felt very bad for all of the other passengers. Poor baby came down with it twice.So we had to turn right back around and go back to the hotel.

    Friday was our last day and everyone felt ok but by that time I had pretty much written off the trip and wanted to go home.
  7. MickeyReeds

    MickeyReeds Member

    Just found your TR and read it all today. My DS (8) enjoyed all the star wars pics--he loves all things Star Wars. Now he wants to go there for in May for Star Wars weekend. :cool1: I'm not sure if that's in the cards though! Keep up the great reports!
  8. goofy's_gurl

    goofy's_gurl Active Member

    loving your TR!! sounds like you guys were having oodles of fun. expect for the your DW for not feeling good
  9. PracPerfPatricia

    PracPerfPatricia Active Member

    Your little girl looks so cute in her "kini" :)

    & pretty darling in her princess dress at the Akershus (sp?) breakfast...

    I'm so sorry that your whole family is coming done with stuff during your trip...:sad2:-I always wind up getting something when we go away also-usually I think cause diet/sleeping is so different on vacation....impacts your immune system :confused3

    BTW I was reading DS a kids biography of Walt Disney-Who Was Walt Disney? before bed and he asked about the original Alice films, the Oswald films and the pre talk Mickey films (the Pilot?)-he wants to see them-the book piqued his curiousity-are these around on DVD do you know?

    Waiting for more report...:surfweb:
  10. goofy's_gurl

    goofy's_gurl Active Member

    wow i just got caught up!! thought i read all of it. guess not. :confused3guess you need to bring all sorts of medicine on your next vacation to protect you guys! LOL! :lmao:
  11. ryansall

    ryansall Member

    Believe me, we did travel with a whole medicine cabinet. It didn't help!

    The food was divine at Akershus. I would go eat there for breakfast even without Princesses, because of the food. For someone who loves some breakfast, especially coffee, eggs, bacon and pastries, it was great. Best I've had on WDW property.

    Yeah, this "kini" thing is getting out of hand. For her birthday last week she got another one, this one a little more traditional two piece, and she was wearing it along with her fake heels around the house. :scared1:

    Don't worry, the illnesses did not derail us. Much.

    Sorry to hear you guys suffered, too! We managed to make it. It gets much better from here, after a little side trip that I'll get to in my next update, I think.

    We did have a great time. We took over 500 pictures, so they'll keep coming. This board got me through some tough times leading up to the trip, so I had every intention of giving back with my trip report. ;)

    I've never heard that before. That's a great tip that I'm gonna try. I get colds/throat infections all the time, but I try to save my sick days for Disney time (our company lumps all your vacay/sick days together), so I always go to work anyway. Thanks for the tip, heaven2dc!

    Glad to see it's not just us, but I'm sorry to see you had such a bad time. We go out of our way before our trips to take the kids to the doctor, to eat healthy, etc. Never seems to work, though! But, we have figured out ways to overcome, as you'll see.

    Your DS and mine would get along great, then. If you ever get the chance to take him to SWW while he's still young, do it. It's like seeing my DD with the princesses - priceless.

    Thank you for the compliment. DD loves to wear her "kini" around the house, which is concerning.

    I think you're right on the diet/sleeping thing. Don't know how to fix that though!

    The films you're talking about are "available," but they're all on the Walt Disney Treasures DVD tins (at least the Mickeys and Oswalds). Those tins were limited runs, so they're not publicly available now. There is an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit DVD that has about 13 of the shorts (they're very, very good) and the Mickey you're talking about is Plane Crazy, which is on the old Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume 1 DVD. Both of those will be hard to find. Start with Amazon and go from there.

    The Alice shorts are harder to find. There were a few on a Walt Disney Treasures DVD, but most are in the hands of private collectors. My best advice for you would be to use YouTube. Most of these shorts, including the Mickey/Oswald shorts are there, and you can watch them for free!

    Yeah, trust me, I think we found the right way to fix the problem. Takes time, but it's worth it. I'll tell you about it in my next update, hopefully later today, but maybe tomorrow. I have DS and DD by myself until about 4 p.m. tomorrow, so I will be a little busy. :scared1:
  12. ryansall

    ryansall Member

    Alright, so still feeling sick, I went by first aid as DW and DS went over to Test Track. DS is obsessed with the little Coke station they have next to Test Track, so we had to take his picture there.


    After the picture, DS and DW went off to ride, while I picked up my Sudafed from the first aid nurse. I then sat outside TT, in misery in the heat, trying to entertain DD. DW and DS came out, and since it was still Flower and Garden Festival time, we wandered around the back to go through Minnie's Butterfly Garden.

    First, DD spotted a familiar face and wanted to see it up close:


    The topiaries around this time are great. It's a fun time to go between Flower and Garden and Star Wars Weekends. It was hot, but not so humid you couldn't breathe, like it gets in the middle of summer. We wandered into the butterfly garden next.


    This is a great exhibit, but it doesn't take much time to go through. It's pretty neat for the kids, though, to sit there and see butterflies all around them. We exited the plastic sheeting and saw another great topiary.


    With that, it was over to The Land to get some rides on Soarin'. This is my favorite ride at WDW, so I was super psyched, but still feeling ill. The Sudafed helped a little, but going from the air conditioned Akershus to outside heat and then back to AC in the The Land didn't help.

    We were able to get inside without difficulty even though the park was filling up quickly. I went down and got the FPs as DD and DW went potty, and we met up to go on Living with the Land. It's also a favorite, just because it's so relaxing and actually like the old EPCOT I used to love.



    The kids really like it as well, as you can see:




    I was feeling quite run down at this point, so we decided that Soarin' and lunch would be our last Epcot experience for the morning. We decided to split up, and let DW take DS on the ride while I got lunch for DD and I, then switch and let DS and I go while DW ate lunch.

    So, I went over to Sunshine Seasons, and got in line to get some roasted chicken and sides to share with DD. I had just gotten my plate when DW grabbed my arm. Something was wrong!

    She said the attendant said we had to both go up to the entrance together in order to do the baby swap, because the attendant had to see the baby! :laughing:

    So, I took DD over, we got the child swap ticket, and then I went back and picked up my chicken. I love Sunshine Seasons. :cool1:

    The chicken with mashed potatoes and rice was plenty to share with DD. Plus, with the Dining Plan, I got dessert from the bakery, which was a Fruit Tulip. :love: If you've never had the Fruit Tulip, try it! It's a pastry shell filled with custard and glazed fruit on top, including kiwi, blueberries, strawberries and something else I can't remember at the time. Love it!

    DD and I finished eating, and I swapped with DW, who came off Soarin', then got her own plate, as well as a box lunch for DS, as he and I headed over to Soarin' again.

    I love Soarin'. It's the most relaxing, comfortable ride, and it really makes me feel like I'm on vacation. I can't get enough of it.

    With that done, we packed up and exited the park, because we were all tired. But I was still sick, and was determined not to let that ruin my week. I had to find a doctor, and fast.

    Next: A found doctor, a bad meal, a good meal, and a DtD accident!
  13. goofy's_gurl

    goofy's_gurl Active Member

    you are a trooper!! i would of been complaining by now. at least you dont seem to let it be ruining your disney fun. really hoping this dont get too bad
  14. Villainess

    Villainess Fantasy and reality often overlap - Walt Disney

    Joining in! I know what's like to have sick kids on the trip - and be sick yourself. Soooo not fun!
  15. BlueBayou

    BlueBayou <font color=blue>Stop trolling, and reel 'er in!<f

    Thanks for all the details. This sounds like a very realistic trip with two small kids... but still a lot of fun.

    Thanks for sharing!
  16. PrincessBetsy

    PrincessBetsy "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

    Just found your trip report and read it all. I love it so far! Although I feel really bad about all the sickness in your family. All the food you have had so far looks amazing, especially your breakfast at Akershus! Can't wait to read more!! :goodvibes
  17. MickeyReeds

    MickeyReeds Member

    Soarin is one of my absolute favorites!! Glad that you got to ride and sorry that you are not feeling well!
  18. ryansall

    ryansall Member

    Thanks, but it's not as big a deal as I make it out to be. I'm really just a big baby! I did find a way to help things, though, and I'll relay that in my next update.

    Welcome aboard. Yeah, it's not fun, but we figured out ways to enjoy ourselves doing what we could. I honestly have better memories of this trip than any other we have done with the kids, so it didn't ruin anything for us.

    No problem, it's fun to share! It is and isn't realistic - my kids have been to WDW so much that they know what they're doing, so they're a little more willing to bypass certain things than those once in a lifetime visitors would be. So, keep that in mind. But, the illnesses are par for the course. We've joked that MK First Aid must have our faces on a wanted poster. I'm the only member of my family that has not been in there in the last two years.

    Thanks for jumping on board. I don't know if it was the medicine or what, but Akershus was great. The food was super fresh, which is generally not the case on Disney property for breakfast. I can't recommend it highly enough if you have a princess lover in your party.

    Trust me, I didn't let it slow me down! Love me some Soarin'. Hoping to hop on in a couple of weeks when I go down by myself.

    I'll be back later today with the rest of our Tuesday at the World, including my invaluable tip for what to do if you get sick at WDW.
  19. shannon47142

    shannon47142 Active Member

    beautiful topiaries! so glad you were able to enjoy Soarin':goodvibes
  20. ryansall

    ryansall Member

    So, as I mentioned, we left Epcot, and I was determined to get myself to a doctor. We took the monorail back to the Poly :-)goodvibes) and went back to the room for a midday break.

    I consulted with DW as to what to do. She suggested perhaps going to a convenient care or walk-in clinic. I wasn't sure if that would work, but I got struck with an idea. Here in Atlanta, all the Publix and Walgreen's stores are now including walk-in clinics. So, I looked it up in the phone book, and there was a "Minute" Clinic in the Walgreens on 192. :cool1:

    While I was gone, DW took the kids over for a snack and to do some games in the Poly lobby. Our afternoon rain shower moved the bingo game inside, but DS and DD played anyway, then headed to Capt. Cook's for a snack:


    DW took the first Dole Whip of the trip, but not the last! DS and DD split a Mickey ice cream bar:


    I was in the Walgreens for 3 hours :scared1: but I walked out with a diagnosis of a sinus infection, a vial of antibiotics, and extra strength sinus medicine. They told me to take it with food, so I pulled into Taco Bell and downed a bean burrito around 4:15, so I could go ahead and get started.

    I got back to the room feeling good that we didn't waste the entire day and that I would feel better the rest of the trip. Our original plan was to return to Epcot and eat our way around the world. However, it was pouring rain when I got back, so we thought maybe some Downtown Disney time would be better.

    By the time we got over to the Marketplace, it was dinner time. I had begged to try Wolfgang Puck Express earlier, so DW agreed to humor me. In the car on the way over, our little princess DD had fallen asleep, so DW carried her while I ordered and paid for the food.

    We got a pizza with sausage and pepperoni:


    As well as some of the famous mac and cheese:


    We also got a salad to share, just to spice things up. :laughing:

    We're sitting there and just got the food, with DW still holding DD's sleeping self. All of sudden, DW goes white and yells "Did you just pee on me?"

    Sure enough, our newly potty trained daughter had just peed on her mother, soaking her shorts. I carried DD to the bathroom to finish her business while DW tried to figure out a way to sit there and finish eating. Funny now, but at the time we were wondering what was wrong with us.

    So, we finished eating, then scoured Tren-D and Team Mickey for new shorts, since we didn't want to go back to the room. That didn't work, so we went over to World of Disney to find something. And, as luck would have it, just as we're walking in, my wife runs into one of her best and oldest friends that she has not seen in months. :laughing:

    Funny to me, not to her. She has to stand there in pants that are soaked with toddler urine, talking to her friend, hoping that the friend will not notice! I swear, you can't make this stuff up.

    We found some shorts and proceeded to do our shopping in World of Disney, the Lego store, and Once Upon a Toy, before stopping for dessert:


    Yep, a Ghirardelli classic sundae, split between DW, DS and myself. DD was done at this point, so we nixed our trip to Goofy's Candy Co. (we had never been) and headed back to the Poly. We had some big plans for the next day, so we wanted to rest up. It had been a fun, but difficult day.
  21. cmfranklyn

    cmfranklyn Member

    I never thought to look up a drugstore! We went to CentraCare and it took 4 hours! Of course, it was a Sunday night (6/21/09) and they were the only thing besides the ER that were still open. UGH! Hope your drugs work and no one else gets sick! We all did!:sick:


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