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The Guarantee / GTY stateroom anticipation/discussion thread!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by CruisingGoddess, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. livinthedisneydream

    livinthedisneydream New Member

    We are on the 8/11 Fantasy. Got excited when I saw that we had consecutive numbers. Bummed out a bit when I realized that we had connecting rooms---BUT not with each other!! Then I thought we could just connect the verandahs (the reason why we booked vgt instead of ogt or igt) BUT found out that on deck 10 only that there is a solid white partition and only the connecting rooms can connect verandahs. So we are right next door to each other but in no way connecting with each other, just with strangers! Called Costco who called Disney but of course, no changes. Happy we are right next door to one another but bummed about connecting with others and not our kids!!!:confused3
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  3. Susiesark

    Susiesark New Member

    OMG I would be in a panic. I'm on 8/25 Fantasy and there are rooms left in every category. Hope that means I'll get a good upgrade.
  4. Cool Breeze

    Cool Breeze Lovin' Life

    I'm in the same boat. We're on the 8/10 Dream and I thought for sure our VGT assignment would be out today. Still checking. I've heard that sometimes they don't post until after 3 pm. I'm going nuts waiting. Argh.

    UPDATE !! Just got our assignments. We're 11 days out. We got connecting verandahs on the 9th deck. So happy. !!!
  5. IBelieveInTheMagic

    IBelieveInTheMagic New Member

    Awesome!! I'm glad you got yours and that you're happy!! :cheer2:

    We're 14 days out and nothing so perhaps by Friday?? Fingers crossed we get ours soon!

  6. Susiesark

    Susiesark New Member

    Nothing assigned for the 8/25 Fantasy :confused3
  7. Cool Breeze

    Cool Breeze Lovin' Life

    Thanks Heather. Hopefully they will have yours out soon. If you are 14 days out, then I would hope they don't make you wait until next Monday for your assignment because that would put you about 8 days out (cutting it kinda close) Hopefully you will get yours sooner than that. You will have to update us when you get it. Good luckpixiedust:
  8. AAshleySEG

    AAshleySEG New Member

    We are on the 8/19 Dream and still have nothing either, I know we are still a little bit away, but the anticipation always kills me...LOL:rotfl2:
  9. stoofyg

    stoofyg New Member

    Got our room assignment today at 45 days out by lunchtime. We had an 8A gty booked for 9/15 sailing on the Fantasy. We got 8186 which is a 6A I believe. We booked the 8A room because we wanted the extra room inside, no verandah (3 year old that can't be trusted) and not aft (husband gets sick).

    Well we got a nice upgrade that hits all the criteria we wanted to avoid! It looks like an interesting room as it is on the back of the boat and has an extended verandah - which also means it has a smaller room! Oh well. If you book gty that's what can happen.

    Our travel agent (who is probably about to kill us) has been wonderful and did call DCL to see what could be done, but all the Oceanview rooms are assigned.

    Originally we were booked in a 5B beside 2 other rooms with family. Just looked and the other room flanking their rooms is open so I think we will go back to that. Additional cost of $327 but at this point it doesn't matter anymore! I'll never hear the end of it from my husband.

  10. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    Nope - those rooms are NOT smaller. 8186 is a beautifully nice Cat 5E; you are thinking of the 4E rooms on deck 5 have smaller rooms with large verandas. We adore those aft rooms - those verandas are huge.

    A note about the verandah & your 3 year old. The way the aft rooms are constructed, the railing is curved inward. I'll bet your child can stand under it even (our 5 year old can). I think they would be a better bet than a regular verandah. Check out pics of 9674 here, which similarly to what 8186 would resemble. http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=45590103&postcount=137

    Also, I don't know where that seasick stuff comes from - I think the ships motion is similar all over......if he's going to get sick, he's going to get sick (and I hope he doesn't!!!).

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  11. Susiesark

    Susiesark New Member

    Holy cow, I want that room!!pixiedust:
  12. stoofyg

    stoofyg New Member

    I think you guys are selling me! Now to sell the husband...

    Thanks for all info Silverfox97! :wave2:
  13. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

  14. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    You are totally welcome. Happy to help. Feel free to PM me with any specific questions about the aft area. Also, DH is posting our stateroom report tomorrow if that might help your DH :thumbsup2
  15. rosermama

    rosermama New Member

    Me too!!!!

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  16. IBelieveInTheMagic

    IBelieveInTheMagic New Member

    I would do cartwheels backwards if this happened to us!! :) I totally understand your reasoning, however I wanted to also mention we specifically booked an aft cabin, 6188 for our June Dream cruise and loved, loved, loved it!! Our next wish list is 8188 as Silverfox97 has mentioned!! :cool1: Seriously, we loved it and everything about it.

    Agreed!!! We are also big fans of the aft extended verandah cabins! :cheer2:

  17. LunaCup

    LunaCup 1 cruise away from Gold Castaway Club Membership!

    Me too!! There are 7 of us traveling in total with 3 rooms. My friend and I have the GTY 5E category right now. At first I was disappointed because my other friends on the cruise had 5B and were both upgraded to 5A with connecting rooms. But this could work in our favor, that looks like a nice view!
  18. LOLA2

    LOLA2 TINK<br><font color=9966ff> I never heard of not t

    I booked last October for our upcoming October 27 cruise. we booked two rooms 11c I believe. I called in December and said are there any less expensive rooms as we are on a really tight budget. She gave me 2 rooms 9D gaurantee. She said we would be getting at least onceanview room but would not know room number. I was thrilled with this because not only were we saving 300 per room but we were also gauranteed to have a oceanview. It was a no brainer. If we were to get a veranda out of all this I think I would faint paying less than an inside but getting a veranda will be awesome. don't get me wrong will be thrilled with an oceanview but one can wishpixiedust: Our very first cruise on the wonder was so nice having a seperate bedroom and living room I think it was a cat 3, sooo nice. now that kids are teens and we are giving them own room for space wise have not been able to swing getting 2 verandas for past two years and getting a little sick of insides. But whatever just happy to be cruising. we will post once we get room assigned.
  19. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

  20. LunaCup

    LunaCup 1 cruise away from Gold Castaway Club Membership!

    Just got our room assignment and got upgraded from 5E to 5C. I was starting to look forward to that aft veranda so I am a little disappointed. But whatever the room I know we will have fun. =)
  21. gaporee

    gaporee New Member

    We are currently 5E GTY. I am actually hoping we stay 5E because of the location/veranda, but will have fun no matter what cabin we end up with.


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