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    Jul 21, 2011
    I'm going the first night and I keep reading how people want first nighters to post all the details.

    Does this mean they aren't released prior to this party? Ive not been so I was hoping on details to map it out . I've read previous years layouts but with the fantasy land expansion I'm sure much has changed.

    Am I misunderstanding and there will be details released at least a couple days prior or are the sept 13 guests going in blind?:confused3
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    May 18, 2011
    There will be some details released. There will be a map posted on the internet and I am sure someone will post the link on DIS. The map will look similiar to last years map, except of course, Toontown is gone. But the *type* of info on the map will be the same. I'm sure people going to WDW at times leading up to the first MNSSHP will catch glimpses of info at the parks. Disney or associates of Disney may post a few interesting videos on youtube.

    There are tips and tricks that Disney doesn't post and that is the info DISers are talking about. The stuff Disney doesn't advertise. This year WILL be different because Toontown is gone, so everyone is a bit curious how things will be run this year, although I don't think it will be run all that differently.

    I know there will be 13 treat stations around different areas of the park and I know that the characters will be spread out in the different lands, but where they will be exactly I am not sure. If a character already does M&G's in MK, I'm almost certain they will be in the same spot for MNSSHP. It just wouldn't make sense to move them. If you want to know where other characters are located, then look at the link of the previous year below.

    I think you will be fine, but let me know any tips or tricks you discover that night!
    halloween characters from 2010:

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