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The Everything Victoria & Albert's Thread

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by *NikkiBell*, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. AirGoofy

    AirGoofy <font color=red>DIS Dad#341<br><font color=darkorc

    Followed you over from BW thread. Sounds like a great meal.
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  3. Beka

    Beka Goes to 11

    So glad you enjoyed it Tinkerbellie! Hope you feel better soon! I agree, it gets a little cold in there; I was so glad they had shawls for us.
  4. Miumiu4me

    Miumiu4me Member

    We did it recently. We went for the chefs menu with the wine pairings, which was interesting. I haven't been that drunk since college. My husband was completely bombed too. Awkward! By the last course, I was almost physically ill. I think dessert was delicious, but I really don't remember it well.

    We will go back sometime, but I think I will just order a cocktail and call it a night.
  5. SouthJersey

    SouthJersey Yeah Buddy

    Plating and menu looks phenomenal, but, "Dinner jacket is required for gentlemen (tie optional) and dress" usually does me in. Dinner jacket required establishments tend to be wayyyy to stuffy and uptight for my liking lol.

    I hate having to fit some fake part for a meal like I'm at a country club. Luckily with my sister's position in the culinary world (graduate of CIA in NYC, held management for Starr, Mina Group, Todd English and others), I've gotten to meet and take part in some fantastic events, openings and banquets with all the big shots in the culinary world and they don't even act like 3/4 of the people I've seen in the YouTube video's of Victoria and Albert's. Jamie Oliver was making fun of stuffy dining experiences and dinner jackets himself. I don't understand how jeans, steve madden shoes, a sport jacket and a nice button down is sufficient at $500 a plate dinners I've been to, in which the majority was wearing the same. We're good friends of Rajat Parr's, the last time we were together I was told to dress comfortable and wear jeans and a tie/button down for a Petrus' wine tasting and dinner. I wish places would loosen up :(

    Debating on just sucking it up and breaking out the suit :sad2:
  6. Cheshire Figment

    Cheshire Figment <font color=red><marquee behavior=alternate>Friend

    It is not "dinner jacket" required. It is "jacket" which includes sports jacket, blazer, suit, military "Class A", etc.
  7. SouthJersey

    SouthJersey Yeah Buddy

    Ah the guy from Pixie vacation kept saying, "Dinner jacket is required". He knows I'm still in contract with the USMC, wonder why he never mentioned that.

    He had me under the impression that I needed a full suit lol.
    It would be nice if the website makes note of that, thanks!
  8. franandaj

    franandaj <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    I think in today's "lack of any sort of decorum society" dress code, they are trying to avoid having people show up in T-shirts and sweat shorts like I saw at CA Grill on my last visit. By applying a minimum dress code which requires a jacket then when people don't meet the dress code, they hopefully are at least wearing a collared shirt and something similar to a coat.

    All they want is for people to dress respectfully in the restaurant so that everyone feels they are enjoying a meal that is worthy of donning appropriate apparrel. Back in the day people used to actually dress up to ride on planes, we don't see that any more. Some people do like to dress up for dinner and it's a shame when they have to sit next to someone who rolled out of bed and grabbed the first thing they found on the floor.

    Not trying to be on a soapbox, but when dining at a fine establishment. It's nice for people to look like they belong there. Also not knocking the person who said they wear jeans to fine dining events. I knew one guy who said that you could wear one "casual" piece of clothing as long as the others were designer. ie. Jeans with a Tuxedo top and designer jacket. or T-shirt with designer pants and jacket. I'm not sure I agree, but I can see his point. It can look "hip".
  9. BC1836

    BC1836 New Member

    Indeed. Well said.

    It is unfortunate that CG proclaims a dress code and never enforces it. We regularly dine at CG and will do so this month, but besides the quality of food, the only thing that distinguishes CG from Gasparilla's is its elevated location. Our next V&A dinner: December.

    All the best.
  10. SouthJersey

    SouthJersey Yeah Buddy

    As far as people "look like they belong there", that's exactly my point. It's like a dress up game of people playing house. What entitles someone to dine somewhere about their clothing? Just last month at Strip Steak by Michael Mina (same dress code as V&A's), I had the most obnoctious dinner experience ever. We sat about 10 feet from another table of four. The guy at the table was constantly trying to pass mucus from the back of his nasal passage, was laughing so obnoxiously loud at his own jokes and then we'd hear the occasional, "Well it's a damn good thing I bailed out on those put options and I shorted all of my JPMorg holds for a NICE FOUR HUNDRED 'THOW'! HAHA!!!" Was condescending to the waitress, etc.

    My point above about such a dress code is it doesn't change the character at all of the person dining. I've sat in capital grille (a joke of a restaurant that people without money, think is a place for money) next to a guy with a shirt that read "Hangin with my Buds" and was a picture of marijuana buds on a clothes line. He was polite to the waiter and runners, quiet, answered/asked everything with a "please" or "thank you". Obviously the shirt is indecent and I wouldn't say it should be allowed into fine dining, but my point is, his attire would prevent him from getting into V&A's, but that obnoxious, loud moron in the full suit I sat to at Strip Steak, would be more than welcomed because of his 'look'. I agree entirely that shorts, sandals, sneakers and t-shirts should NOT be allowed, but a suit usually brings on a fake atmosphere of people valeting their honda's pretending they're pulling up in Bentley's and Rolls Royces.

    After reading more though, it sounds as though business casual is fine. Original posts and reviews I read online made it sound like it was white/black tie and not even business casual. I was just worried that white tie would attract the same $50,000 a year income individual who acts like a snob in his glory at his once a year fine dining event and pretends he's white collar >.<
  11. TinkerBelle_325

    TinkerBelle_325 Magical Musing Meg

    Having dined at Victoria & Albert's several times I would have say it is definitely more than business casual. A jacket is required, but typically you do see most male patrons in suits and I have seen the odd tuxedo as well. I have not seen anyone in a sports jacket/casual blazer. Typically we have also seen women in dresses ranging from cocktail to full length with a few in a very dressy pant suit.

    I don't think anyone here was trying to say that clothes are a reflection of personality, but rather in a fine dining establishment that offers french service, white linen, china and silver etc. that you want to look your best. Cutoff shorts and tank tops have their place, as do suits and cocktail dresses.

    And as far as the guy at Strip Steak....you are going to find idiots in every income bracket ;)
  12. SouthJersey

    SouthJersey Yeah Buddy

    Haha true. Looks like I'll suck it up and break out the suit. My girlfriend really wants to try it, I'm just sickkkk of the stuffy atmospheres. I come from a family with wealth and it's the reason I even joined the Marines in the first place lol. I think I've just been so turned off from suits and the rest of it from growing up around it all and seeing what type of person it often brings. But, she wants to go so a suit it is :rolleyes1
  13. TinkerBelle_325

    TinkerBelle_325 Magical Musing Meg

    LOL I can understand the stuffy atmosphere thing, but I really didn't find V&A stuffy. Our servers have been great at picking up that we are a laid back family, that we like to talk and interact with the servers beyond giving our order.

    For example, I love taking pictures of food and writing dining reviews so I bring my camera and a notebook. The servers actually played around with me! One listed the 20 ingredients in a dish SOOOO fast and then laughed and said "I'm guessing you need to hear that again?" It is fancy, but very comfortable!

    Another example: there was a very well dressed couple behind us and they ordered about every upcharge imaginable! They had the full ounce of caviar each, the waygu, the abalone etc. Several bottles of vintage wines as well. They were more interested in the fact that I took pictures and at the end of the meal stopped by to talk to us and see how we liked the meal as they have been to V&A once a year since it opened and they had never seen anyone take pictures and notes. The staff joked and laughed with them as well.

    I think you will enjoy the experience. It is still Disney under the pretenses of being a fine dining establishment. The great CM's are masters of reading what type of experience each guest wants and the servers at V&A are no different :)
  14. Beka

    Beka Goes to 11

    AGREED! I took pics as well (obviously, by my siggy), and they had no problem with it, and even made sure I got a good shot of the food! The waiters are a cut above the rest, and not pretentious at all!
  15. jkh1978

    jkh1978 New Member

    I would say it was very stuffy when we were there Dec 2010. So much so that when I booked another 5-star restaurant as a surprise for my tenth anniversary, my wife was very nervous that it was going to be as uncomfortable as V&A.
  16. princessaloha

    princessaloha New Member

    Hello! We will be going in September and I will report back then but here's my thoughts on it being possibly "stuffy". My DH and I are looking at it as kind of a dinner theater/costume party situation. When researching the V&A, it made us think of the Titanic and how they dined. Love the opulence and lore surrounding the Titanic. Since there is little to no chance of us every getting to experience Titanic dinning, this seemed like a good alternative. Heck if they allowed us to wear Titanic type costumes, corsets, laced up boots, etc, I would do it. So an evening gown and jacket/tie with quietly clanking silverware in the background is no big deal to us.

    I think we just need to go in with the right mind set and it'll make wonderful memories!
  17. RaisedOnDisney7106

    RaisedOnDisney7106 New Member

    We just dined there tonight and had an amazing time. The atmosphere was comfortable and not stuffy at all. The waiters and hostesses did a great job making you feel relaxed and made sure you had a wonderful time. I took pictures of every course and all the cast members we interacted with asked if we would like them to take our picture for us (upon entering, at the table, when leaving). It was fancy but not snooty at all and I never noticed anyone concerned with what others were doing, just everyone having a wonderful experience.
  18. WsPrincess

    WsPrincess New Member

    Can I ask what made it uncomfortable? DH is excited for the food but is worried about sticking out like a sore thumb
  19. MoonFaerie

    MoonFaerie New Member

    We didn't find it stuffy at all in Dec. I didn't feel out of place at all, and I even had fuchsia and purple streaks in my hair. :thumbsup2
  20. JenKatt

    JenKatt Geek in training

    We've eaten there quite a number of times and never found it stuffy or uncomfortable. We have however found it to be a wonderful change from our daily lives and an opportunity to get dressed nicely and not feel out of place because of it
  21. SouthJersey

    SouthJersey Yeah Buddy

    We were going to give it a try, I just feel too out of character to get into full casual attire at my age and personality lol. Dressed up for dining for me would usually be dark wash jeans, a pair of steve madden shoes, a button down and a sport blazer.

    My sister is good friends with Todd English and he told us to come on over to Bluezoo and he'd make sure his staff makes it a good time, so we're just going to play it safe with that. Plus my sister will kill me if I stood up his offer lol

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