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The Everything Victoria & Albert's Thread

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by *NikkiBell*, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. cornflake

    cornflake DIS Veteran

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know if they do a vegetarian option? Like a chef's table vegetable tasting?

    The menus are nearly entirely meat, which isn't that unusual but there are chefs that are accomodating and more and happily will do a veg tasting or menu.

    Given the calling to check and personalization, just wondering if anyone had done that.
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  3. Cheshire Figment

    Cheshire Figment <font color=red><marquee behavior=alternate>Friend

  4. ChristineNic

    ChristineNic Member


    I have been wanting to go to V&A's for years. In the 14 years we have been together, DH has worn a jacket to dinner only three times and under protest (all three were for my work holiday dinners). Because of the dress code, I never even suggested V&A's because I thought that I could not convice DH to wear a dinner jacket on vacation.

    The other night, DH asked me why I never suggested V&A's. He saw something on TV about it and he wants to go. :banana:

    I'm not sure when we will go, but we will get to V&A's by the end of the year.
  5. dburg30

    dburg30 Ferb, I know what we're going to do today! Yes, I

    Reading thru this again I REALLY want to do V&A's but I want to do either QVR or CT (which that CT I understand is a 1 in a million chance). So for my wife and myself, would be between 700 and 800 from what I can tell for food, both wine pairings and tax and tip.. (700 if we split a pairing and 8 if we both got).. Guess I need to really start saving the nickels to do that.. Unless someone just feels like sending my wife and myself on a magical dinner when we go in Dec lol.. :lmao:

    One of these days..
  6. cornflake

    cornflake DIS Veteran

    Oh, cool, thanks! Not particularly creative-sounding, but it's not that expensive either (speaking from the land of Per Se, heh).
  7. ctnurse

    ctnurse Mouseketeer

    DBF and I ate in the QVR and loved it. The QVR is very romantic, we sat right by the fireplace and very much enjoyed the experience.
    That sounds about right for price. It is a lot of food, but so fantastic. We both had the wine pairing and they were very generous with the pours. We talked about trying the main dining room next time just because there was so much food.
  8. Beka

    Beka Goes to 11

    You can get crab claws anywhere! V&As... only one place for that!
  9. AirGoofy

    AirGoofy <font color=red>DIS Dad#341<br><font color=darkorc

    Well, in KY, I can't get crab claws anywhere, but I get your point. DW said we could go for our 15th anniversary, but that means 3 more years. I'll keep working on her.
  10. Beka

    Beka Goes to 11

    Red Lobster? Ok, so not GOOD crab claws... Probably more catfish than anything there.. Mmmmmm catfish.... Now I'm homesick for BBQ & fried catfish. KY has great food.
  11. NejTheLion

    NejTheLion Jellyfish Jen

    I like the option of the QVR because it does lend itself to the more romantic atmosphere of the dining room while still feeling private. You also have additional tableside service during a few of the courses, all while getting a menu comparable to the Chef's Table.

    However, I would never pass up an opportunity to dine at the Chef's Table. Much more interaction with Chef Scott and/or Chef Amy that you can't have in the QVR. When you say "distracting" or "too much," I assume your DH is referring to the kind of kitchen atmosphere you see on television. Not even going to the extremes of Hell's Kitchen, most cooking reality shows present a high-stress, fast-paced environment. This is not the case at all at V&A. It's remarkably calm and completely ordered, but fascinating if you're interested in cooking. I think the most shocking thing we saw in the two times we've dined there was Chef Scott emptying a dish into the trash because he didn't like how it turned out. No yelling, just simply a need for a redo.
  12. Tinkerbellie16

    Tinkerbellie16 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Certified <font colo

    After reading all the rave reviews of the chef's table, I'm kind of bummed I didn't book it. DH and I will be dining for our first time at V&As in a couple of weeks. He has a degree in culinary arts and while he no longer is a chef, he still enjoys his food and talking to others about preperation and ingredients.

    Well, it will just give us an excuse to take the kids when they both are 10 (youngest will be 10 in 1 1/2 years). They were really interested in going and due to the age limit, they can not (although they would LOVE it and be so well behaved, I'm not TOO upset it will be a romantic dinner alone with my hubby :lovestruc).
  13. lojo

    lojo Member

    Just read entire thread in one sitting - only two issues not yet resolved:

    1) DP is not a sports jacket wearing sort of guy - at any event where he is forced into one, it's off at the first opportunity. At a wedding it's on the back of the chair before he even sits in the chair - would that be a faux pas in V&As?

    2) A lot of the reviews I've read say it's very quiet (main dining room), with whispers rather than conversation and the very gentle background harp. Without being indelicate about it, my DP is not a quiet eater! Don't get me wrong, his table manners are great but however hard he tries he just cannot eat quietly. It doesn't bother him at all, nor me in restaurants with normal background noise, but in quiet public spaces I'm embarrassed to say it does bother me. I don't want to book and then be cringing instead of enjoying the otherwise wonderful experience.

    Thanks in advance.
  14. marshwiggle

    marshwiggle Member

    In my experience, they will ask that you keep the jacket on while in the main dining room. At the chef's table, you can take it off but will need to put it back on when you go through the dining room (exit, restroom, etc). I don't know how they handle it at QVR.
  15. sarahgirl

    sarahgirl Member

    I got it...I really got it. Chef's Table on January 19, 2013 for me, myself and I. :cool1::hyper:pixiedust: Can you tell I'm thrilled. I have 3 hours of sleep in me and I have to be to work in 2 hours but I'm thrilled to be spending my birthday there. I was able to book it 190 days (180+10) in advance at exactly 6AM ET online, just for anyone that is looking to do it in the future.

    Ok now must now go back to bed and see if I can salvage some sleep.
  16. Momofthreemen

    Momofthreemen Earning My Ears

    Congratulations!!!! We know how excited you are, we have Chef's Table on August 7, 2012. I feel like a little girl waiting on Santa!!!
  17. WsPrincess

    WsPrincess Mouseketeer

    That is so awesome and well worth losing a little sleep! I can't wait to hear about it!
  18. amberpi

    amberpi Mouseketeer

    1. On a Memorial Day visit we saw someone be asked (politely) to put his jacket back on.

    2. I think as long as anyone tried to be quiet, it will be quiet, like if you're not chewing with your mouth open, he'll be fine. That said, the food there is kinda quiet food, not a real way to make eating foie gras (and get it, always get foie gras if its on a menu, ANYWHERE) noisy, ya know?

    Have a great time!

  19. WsPrincess

    WsPrincess Mouseketeer

    Can you use the TIW card here? We are looking at what we are going to do for the next trip in terms of dining since we will be getting APs for 2013.
  20. sarahgirl

    sarahgirl Member

    In the main dining room you can use the TiW card-- QVR and Chef's Table you cannot. Also the automatic gratituty is 20% here and not 18%.
  21. Tinkerbellie16

    Tinkerbellie16 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Certified <font colo

    I'm back from WDW! DH and I went to V&A on 7/27 and sat in the regular dining room. I did wear some nice strappy evening sandals which were fine and DH did not wear a tie but was in a suit. I saw people less dressed up than we were though (men still had jackets of course). It was chilly in the dining room and I'm glad I brought a big scarf to use as a shawl. Several ladies were given the 'house' shawls to wear.

    The service was top notch. Everyone was attentive and very, very nice. They made us feel comfortable and while they were there when we needed them, they were not intrusive at all.

    The food was fabulous. We did not upcharge to anything extra and I'm glad we didn't. The food was great and it was nice to try different things (like lamb and rabbit) without paying extra for a steak. We did the wine pairing and it was great! It was great to try wines specifically matched to the dishes.

    I was stuffed by the entrees even though I was making DH eat half my food and sending back some of the bread (I tried to eat less than half of each serving so I didn't fill up - but I filled up anyway!) So by the entree, I ate two bites and they wrapped it up for me. I actually ordered the cheese plate and DH got the white gelato for the next course but I was so stuffed, I couldn't eat the cheese plate! I had half the white chocolate gelato. Then dessert came and I tried bites of each of ours to taste it. It was actually my least favorite course :scared1: DH got the creme brulee and I was disappointed. It tasted like any old creme brulee and wasn't served hot (I don't like it as well served cold). My chocolate soufle was better but it didn't wow me as much as I thought it would. But, by this time, my medicine might have worn off. I got sick, REALLY sick, at Disney with a nasty cold and I was stuffed up. In fact, I still am! That's another story. So they packed up the chocolates for us as well. We ate my leftover lamb and the chocolates the next day.

    We did order coffee (YUM!) and bailey's on the rocks for both of us at dessert time. They did not charge us any extra for those items. I thought they would but I guess that was included as well??

    We did use TIW and that was really great - $80 off!! The dinner was expensive but totally worth it. We really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone on this thread that answered all my questions before hand. It made the experience much better and easier on us.

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