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The Everything Happens for a Reason TR--Last Trip as a WDW CM*ONE MORE SLEEP! pg 25

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by TinkerbellLuvr7, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. TinkerbellLuvr7

    TinkerbellLuvr7 Tinkerbellluvr7

    Thanks for the idea!! That sounds about the size as the one I bought for my family last year. I'll see if I have room to pack it or not but with one suitcase and it being crazy disney december weather I might have to overpack.

    I already told my mom I'll have a packing list A and B for her depending on how the weather turns out. I'll be going home the week before the trip and leaving my suitcase with her to take for DME and Southwest (2 free bags) to avoid paying a fee with Delta so if not mine, maybe she'll have room for the tree in hers!

    Thanks! Today is going great so far lets hope it holds up!!
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  3. TinkerbellLuvr7

    TinkerbellLuvr7 Tinkerbellluvr7


    I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend so far!!

    I must say yesterday couldn't have gone better for me! I got up at 7:30 :scared1: on my day off and went to the gym only to have my butt kicked by this little blonde skinny instructor man wearing tight baby blue nike shorts and a white tank top (the kind that look like a hoodie without sleeves) and omg, I can't tell you how many squats we did. We did them with and without weights for an hour straight. My legs and arms are jello today! But I'm glad I went!

    After that I had to go take my written/computer driving test to get my Ohio License and kiss my FL one goodbye. Well you could only miss 10 out of 40 and having not studied the book (bad I know!) I passed with flying colors :) and now have my Ohio license meaning I can finally get a library card without an issue!!!:cool1:

    After that I went to the outlets to see if Coach could repair my scratched sunglasses and not only did they repair them, they gave me a brand new pair of the same glasses and I did not have to pay a cent!!!:thumbsup2:thumbsup2:

    Pretty darn good day if you ask me! Today I have plans of nothing. I'm going to go see the movie Love Happens..alone but it will be all good :)


    So from my title you can see Housekeeping. Well I broke my own rule. I had a sort of timeline going of when I would begin to further my WDW planning. I don't want to plan too early because I'll have nothing to look forward to but broke my rule and started my mousekeeping envelopes. I must say Mrs. Heg (I think?) and her thread is WONDERFUL. I have used her before and thank her everytime! I did not print them but simply put them in Word and sized them to the envelope. I got 5 to print: One WL themed, One Pirate themed (for YC), and 3 Xmas themed. I'll take pictures of them when they are done and post them on here but according to my timeline I can do that in Oct so I have about 2 weeks until then!

    Other than that, I'm just waiting to hear about this darn holiday package to totally scew up my Dining in all possible ways.

    I'm checking daily for WL resort for our first night--still nothing. GF, ASsports, and BC are the only ones popping up so I'll keep what I have for now and keep checking!!

    Well that is it for now. I'm off to get ready to see my movie at 1:05 and check out the selection of movie theaters in this area!

    80 days to go!!!!!!

    Feb 2008: Three girls in the front: Myself and 2 CP roomies and my cousin Zach. Behind us: My aunt, uncle, and cousin Justina. Right side: Dbro, Dd, and Dm


  4. wdwgirl03

    wdwgirl03 <font color=red>I'm just a big Disney Freak! :-)<b

    Glad you had a good day yesterday! LOL about the instructor at the gym. :rotfl:

    Have fun at the movie!
  5. AlohaPolynesian

    AlohaPolynesian New Member

    Ah sorry I've gotten so behind! My best friend from home just moved here for an internship so she spent the weekend with me at my....NEW APARTMENT! I moved in with my friend and am slowly but surely moving out of the other one :)

    I hope everything works out with your ADR's. Also, that cake your mom got you looks delcious! There are SO many different cakes I see people get so I am sure you will find a cute one. As for decorations, I think I heard about a Christmas tree swap at the resorts? Last year I was away from home for an internship until the week before Christmas and bought myself a mini tree and lights and ornaments from Target. I think the tree was $10 and the lights and ornaments weren't much more. I didn't feel bad when I just left it there after I went home because it was so cheap.

    Coach has GREAT customer service! I'm glad they gave you a new pair! My friend and I walked in there and the salesperson commented that her bag was worn and that wasn't supposed to happen so soon. They offered to either send the bag out to have it fixed or give her a new bag!

    Where do you find the Mousekeeping stuff?! I always tip them but I never do the envelopes. Would love to try it next time!
  6. TinkerbellLuvr7

    TinkerbellLuvr7 Tinkerbellluvr7

    Haha. He was a hoot. Chewing gum and playing his girl club music from his ipod..I'm sure you can imagine!!

    YAY NEW APT!!!!!!!

    You will feel much safer and hopefully sleep at night!!

    Um, I'm not sure of the exact location of the envelopes but I googled mousekeeping envelopes and clicked on the Dis result or you could try the creative thread but google was much easier!

    I :love: coach!!!
  7. Trentmom

    Trentmom <font color=red>A Christmas"y" tag for a Christmas

    Sounds like a great and productive day :thumbsup2

    Think am going to go and buy disney stickers like I did 2 years ago and just decorate some envelopes for mousekeeping..:wizard:

    LOVEMY3KIDDOS New Member

    Uh Oh!!! Already working on Mousekeeping envelopes!! Doesn't that make it seem that much closer?? At the end of next week we will be in October!!!!!!
  9. TinkerbellLuvr7

    TinkerbellLuvr7 Tinkerbellluvr7

    That sounds good too!!!! I need to buy more printer ink before I can print them bc I've used it on printing binder stuff and tons and tons of menus!!!

    I know, sounds so soon right? It was like I just got up and figured well I could find the thread if anything and well it was all downhill from there...not in a bad way of course!
  10. TinkerbellLuvr7

    TinkerbellLuvr7 Tinkerbellluvr7

    HI DIS!!!!

    It's been 6 days since my last post :scared1::eek: it seems as if the trip has been forgotten but that is not true!!!

    I was going to post on Thurs when my ticker said 222 but figured I'd just wait till the weekend to post some pictures with it!!

    Currently I'm in Pittsburgh and man oh man is it cold!! It's making miss FL so we'll see if I can survive my first winter back in the north!!!

    Nothing major as been going on as far as personal life and disney life. I've been battling this major cough for a month now and a dr finally diagnosed it as seasonal allergies which I've never had and now I'm on 2 prescripts for 5 months..it's my punishment for leaving FL!!!

    DISNEY NEWS!!!!!!!

    Well like I said before, there is not a whole lot of developments in the trip. I'm still looking daily for a room at WL for Dec 10 but there is nothing but we're getting psyched about Yacht Club too. Dbro who HATES pools :sad2: has even admitted to Dm that he needs a swimsuit to go down that pirate slide at SAB and now has ended up with 2 new suits from Target for the trip haha!! I said I don't care if it's 50 outside, I'm goin down that slide!!!!

    I was lurking on the cake thread the other day and saw a cake of TOT at CR and send the link to Dbro and commented how we should get this cake somehow when he says we can, we're eating at Chef Mickeys (cm) right?!...
    ...well no, I didn't book CM bc I figured we'd try CP or Plaza at MK for the party night :scared1:
    Dbro was less than thrilled and was looking forward to CM as he has not been there in years so well let's just say 2 weeks ago when I made ADRs I could get CM..2 weeks later, not a chance and with Dbro not "caring"--his own words where we eat I figured it wouldn't matter...ugh!!!:sad2:

    So along with the resort room, I'm checking daily for a breakfast on Dec 13 for CM..prolly won't happen though!

    I finally got a cover for my binder. I was lurking on the creative boards and found this!:


    Daily Pages:


    Well, I had said awhile ago that I got new disney luggage so here are the pictures of it. It's very nice and hopefully won't get as dirty as my pink luggage but the only disappointment was the bottom of the luggage has the pointy spokes that hold it up which are the same on my pink luggage that broke off so we'll see how long the blue lasts!!!

    Bathroom Bag:

    Inside it...I can't wait to head to target to get things to fill it!!!


    Inside..looks like a body bag to me!


    Side by side..and within airline regulation, let's hope the weight is okay!


    I plan on taking the larger of the two for the trip since I'll get one checked back and of course the bathroom bag. The red Vera bag to the side is a bag I'll carry on the plane along with a backpack...

    Before too long I'll begin to fill everything!!

    Some more great news, not only are we going to see Cirque Du Soleil 2 months to the day before the trip but we're going to see the Radio City Rockets the weekend before the trip!!! My mom surprised me with the ticket prices online and you book tomorrow so we chose that weekend to go, just her and I so we'll do our "before the trip pedicures" and then go to Pittsburgh to see the show!!! It will be a very busy weekend as I'll have to have my blue mickey bag packed and ready to go and my liquids as well then head back to Cincy for 4 days of work before heading to FL so before we know it we'll be there.

    Dd said at Chilis dinner tonight that 3 months from today we'll be at CLP 6:45 show!!!!

    Well that is it for now...stay tuned!!!!!!

  11. AlohaPolynesian

    AlohaPolynesian New Member

    Before trip pedicure?! YES PLEASE!!

    Yeah, so much for "not caring" where you eat...good luck finding that CM reservation!

    I need tips on making a binder. Right now I have a sad little folder. What do you put in your binder?!
  12. luckylady

    luckylady New Member

    Oh CPL I love that show. My best memory of it was Christmas 2004 Christmas eve we saw it picture below. He was great. Do you know who will be speaking the night you go. Oh how I wish I could be there. Sorry its so big, but he is so darn cute.
  13. moparop

    moparop New Member

    You know, when we moved to Cincy everyone told us that seasonal allergies are worse here due to the terrain. I've never believed it (as I've always had bad allergies) but I am noticing it more and more with my kids. Maybe there is something to it?

    And I have to laugh at your brother... that sounds so much like my hubby. I don't care, I don't care. Now suddenly he cares!! And BTW -- I love the TOT cake. So awesome!
  14. Trentmom

    Trentmom <font color=red>A Christmas"y" tag for a Christmas

    Silly brother......:laughing:

    Love the binder :thumbsup2

    Luggage is very cute :goodvibes
  15. TinkerbellLuvr7

    TinkerbellLuvr7 Tinkerbellluvr7

    I heart my binder!! It's the first one I've made for a trip since I lived there for a year and 1/2 I didn't see the need to make one for weekend trips and prior to that my mom made her own folder so I took charge and made my own!

    I have different tabs inside it..all the stuff I got from walmart to make it.
    My tabs are:
    Pricing flights, hotel, etc.
    Resort Info
    Park Hours
    Must Dos

    And of course I printed everything out and placed it in the right tab. I got a binder with pocket so the mousekeeping envelopes can go in the pockets in the front or back. I hope that helps!!!

    CLP is WONDERFUL!! Vanessa Willliams will be the speaker the night we go.

    Last year since I was living down in FL, I saw 3 or 4 different performers. I've only paid once for the meal/ticket deal but other shows we either stood in the stand by line or stopped as we were walking past.

    The allergies are not fun at all!!! Gotta love changes of mind. I will give him credit bc we were deciding between WCC and CM for that day and Dbro showed high interest in CM so well I might have messed up but I'll keep trying, you gotta love the people that double and triple book days!!!

    Thanks :thumbsup2:
  16. wdwgirl03

    wdwgirl03 <font color=red>I'm just a big Disney Freak! :-)<b

    I like your new luggage. Very cute!

    That is so cool you are going to see the Radio City Rockettes! They came here last year and we went...it was such an awesome show. :thumbsup2

    LOVEMY3KIDDOS New Member

    It IS getting so close! I feel like we are all on the home stretch now! Your luggage looks really nice. We have to start looking into some more luggage! I have checked out all of the regulations for airlines (since I always forget) and I am going to try to fit as much as I can into carry on. We have to pay for every checked bag. But, I think I can fit all 3 kids clothes in carry on bags because you are aloud to have a decent sized bag for carry on. Plus, we each are allowed two bags. That makes 10 total. Each of us will bring a backpack, then we can each have a pull behind bag! That may save a few bucks!!
  18. TinkerbellLuvr7

    TinkerbellLuvr7 Tinkerbellluvr7

    I've heard its a wonderful show. They were in Pittsbugh a few years back and we didn't go based on the high high high ticket prices and our family was not by any means poor but we were saving the money for Disney trips knowing that I was moving down there and the money went towards that instead but this year I'm thrilled!!!

    Mom was able to get us the cheapest tickets this time but we are in the first level up from the stage looking down but on the far left side but 2 rows from the rail!!! Sometimes calling makes magic I guess?! I'm psyched and can't wait..not to mention it's the Saturday before we leave for WDW!!

    Aren't those fees horrible?! Gotta love SW. I really wish SW flew out of Cincy or Dayton bc they are cheap to fly and no hidden fees. Thankfully Dm and Dbro are SW so Dd and I will send the bags with them to avoid the fees lets hope in a few days that the forecast in FL does not change a ton from Sun when we leave to head back to Cincy till Thurs when we leave for FL!!! Dec weather in FL is :scared1: or :thumbsup2: you just never know!!
  19. TinkerbellLuvr7

    TinkerbellLuvr7 Tinkerbellluvr7

    HEY DIS!!!!

    I hope everyone had a great week!! I can't believe how soon it has turned fall here! It was like one day it was in the 80s and the next day it was in the 60s and has not left the low 70s all week! Crazy! When I was driving to work the other day I noticed the fall leaves. My dad claims that there were colored leaves in FL when I was there but I told him I was more focused on the 80 degree weather and palm trees!! :thumbsup2

    I would just like to say that my Dd with the "we're never going back to WDW" attitude said last night when coming home from dinner:

    Me: "We're home dad!"
    Dd: "No we aren't"
    Me: "Well, not home, but to the apt"
    Dd: "No, if we were home, we'd be having that security guy, bell hops, and front desk telling us WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!"
    Me: "true story, you are right!"

    2 MONTHS 1 WEEK!!!! AKA 67 DAYS!!!!

    I can't believe how soon the trip is coming! There is not a lot to report on. We're going to buy our MVMCP tickets next weekend when I go home so I feel like after that it will be official because you can always cancel ADRs, resort, and flights but MVMCP is $200 bucks you can't get back!

    I'm still on a mission to get that Chef Mickeys ADR but at this point I'm going to hope that they will open for lunch like they did in Sept and Oct. On my CM site they posted the lunch memo 2 days before you could book so I'm hoping they will do the same since today is the last day you can book the current Chef Mickeys lunch!

    Still no go on WL for the first night. I'm beginning to give up seeing as it's Dec and the most popular resort so oh well, we'll get the most out of our one night at YC.

    When I was thinking of what to update it occurred to me that I never posted my day to day schedule!!

    So direct from my word processor my day to day schedule!!:

    Thurs Dec 10th:
    3:35-Dm and Dbro arrive at MCO and take DME to YC and check in.
    -Dm and Dbro will take the bus to DTD and explore YC with dinner at Beaches n' Cream

    10:10-Dd and I arrive at MCO and take DME to YC
    -I jump in whatever pool or hot tub I see as it will be Dec in FL and last year on xmas day I did go swimming and use the hot tub at the town house my roomies and I rented!!

    FRI DEC 11TH:
    -Quick breakfast at YC, lobby bar perhaps? I read they have small breakfast selections and you can fill your mugs there!
    -8:45: Get to AK for rope drop!
    -Have lunch at AK: Yak n' Yeti or Flame Tree BBQ
    (undecided since we'll be doing CLP at China)

    -Head back early afternoon to YC to use the pool-weather permitting!
    -Hop on a MK bus and switch to WL bus to check in by 3
    -Unpack and get ready for the night!!

    -DHS for 5:30 ADR at 50s Prime Time Cafe
    -Check out Osbourne lights till 7:30ish?

    -Hop via boat to Epcot for 9:30 illuminations and EMH

    *Breakfast at WL roaring forks

    -Get to Epcot for rope drop and head right to Soarin and ride it as much as we can!!

    -Ride until early afternoon and head back to WL to shower and change for the night or Dd and Dbro might stay at Epcot and check out the shows in WS.

    Side note: The whole resort mid day is going to kill us because we are used to having a car which makes life sooo much easier to do a resort break in the middle. Also, we're used to going at times with hot weather and need the mid day break. Dec is not hot and we might not need the time at the resort to rest..we'll see!!

    -4:00 ADR at China's Nine Dragons for CLP
    -6:45 CLP show

    -Kill some time before illuminations at 9:30

    -Dbro and Dd will prolly hop a monorail over to MK for an hour of EMH, Dm and I will head back to WL


    -Sleep in day!

    -Hopeful breakfast ADR at CM, if not, we'll go to roaring forks

    -Chill by the pool, do the water mice on the lake, etc.

    -Head to MK for 4 for MVMCP

    -Dinner ADR at The Plaza (might cancel)

    -MVMCP till midnight



    *Breakfast at roaring forks WL

    -Get to DHS for rope drop and TSM!!!

    -1:30 ADR at 50s Prime Time (if I can't use any CM discounts, if not we'll do a CS)

    -5:35 ADR at Artist Point (if able to use holiday discount)

    -MK for EMH, kiss the castle goodbye for the 2nd time this year!


    -Breakfast ADR 10:10 at Ohana

    -Hope for late check out and return to pack

    -Dm and Dbro leave for MCO at 1 and Dd and I at 2 for MCO

    -Kiss our lovely lodge goodbye and head home!

    How does it sound? We have no plans of killing ourselves to do everything this trip for a few reasons: Been there done that, Fam visited over 5x when I worked at WDW, and we simply don't have the week long vacation that we would have going in the summer due to work conflicts in Dec. We'll make the most of it. I've made a list of the must dos. Dm wants the trip to be relaxing :rotfl2:

    Well that is it for now! I'll update next week unless I'm able to get my Chef Mickey ADR and then I'll have to share! I'm hoping to talk Dd into going to see Toy Story 3D tomorrow. Dm and Dbro are going today so I'll be curious to see what they thought! Have a good weekend/week, stay tuned!!!

    UP NEXT:

    How does Cirque: Alegria compare to La Nouba?!

    Blast from the Past since I'm mourning not having a CM ADR:

  20. JoJo1980

    JoJo1980 New Member

    Hey there honey!! Not long now ;) Bet you are sooo excited!!

    Keep your chin up about WL and CM - I'm sure some pixie dust will come your way and that you'll get what you want :wizard: :goodvibes

    Your luggage is cute and i love that bathroom bag :thumbsup2

    Your schedule sounds great, you are going to have such an amazing trip!!

    I love your binder cover, I really need to get organised and make myself some planning items like that :worship:
  21. Trentmom

    Trentmom <font color=red>A Christmas"y" tag for a Christmas

    So close now :woohoo:

    I would keep trying for CM.....as it gets closer to 45 day mark, where some people might cancel, something might open up :goodvibes

    Schedule looks great.:wizard:

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