The Drama Queen Must Be Crazy August 2 - 13 2011

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  1. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
    Introduction: Or How the Pre-Trip Report Got It’s Name

    When: August 2 - 13, 2011
    Where: The Beach Club
    What: Character Meals, Aqua Seas Tour, Birthday, Wild Africa Trek Tour, Wishes, and FUN!
    Who: Me (49) and Daughter (11)
    Why: Not sure....I must be crazy.

    There are a few truths that must be known before we go any further with this Pre-Trip report.

    The first is that I am a self-avowed Middle-Aged Drama Queen. [​IMG]

    I certainly don’t seek out drama…but it has an annoying way of somehow finding me. I try to tell Hubby that it’s just part of my magnetic personality – and that my incredible magnetism pulls in the drama – but he just rolls his eyes and shakes his head. :confused3

    He seems to do that a lot with me.

    Another truth is that I am an adventurer. There’s not much that I won’t try – well, wait. That’s not quite true.

    I won’t jump out of a plane and I won’t kill a spider and I won’t ride Tower of Terror. :eek: Other than those few minor things, I’m pretty much open to anything, so traveling is always exciting and thrilling because you just never know what I’ll do next.

    So, being an adventurous Middle-Aged Drama Queen, it was only natural that I started a blog a few years ago, entitled “Adventures of a Middle-Aged Drama Queen

    You can’t imagine how long it took for me to come up with that blog title.;)

    “Very creative,” Hubby said, as he rolled his eyes and walked away.

    My blog has stories of family, adventures, trips, rants and general observations…including some stories of past Disney trips. It's been an adventure in itself keeping the blog updated and having to be witty on an almost daily basis....:surfweb:

    So, that's me...the Drama Queen....

    Anyone ever hear of that movie, “The Gods Must Be Crazy”? I actually never saw it myself, but I always was intrigued by the title.

    I am doing a Mother-Daughter trip this summer. With a pre-teen, fully-hormonal daughter who will begin the trip at the very young age of 11 but will end the trip at the ripe-old age of 12.

    So…12 days…11 nights…with a tweenaged daughter…who is a Mini-Drama Queen in the making….:rolleyes1

    What adventures will befall us? What drama will unfold before us?

    With that said, the title for my trip report was a no-brainer:

    The Drama Queen Must Be Crazy.

    (And a sidenote….this is my first PTR ever. I’ve never done a PTR or a TR, for that matter…so this will be a learning experience for me as I go on…So bear with me and be patient and be kind and be gentle. But if you must, I give you full permission to roll your eyes and walk away. I’m used to it.)

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  3. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
  4. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
    The Cast: Mickey and Mom

    So, who the heck IS the Middle-Aged Drama Queen, you may be asking?

    Or, maybe you’re not. That’s okay. It doesn’t matter either way, because I’m going to tell you, you lucky thing, you.

    I’m 48 years young, soon to be 49. I LOVE birthdays, and I love the fact that I’ve celebrated so many, with hopefully many, many more to go. Having birthdays sure beats the alternative, I always say.

    I’m born and bred in the heartland of the U.S.A. in what is popularly known as “Cowtown” – or otherwise known as, Kansas City. Perhaps you’ve heard the song….

    “Kansas City…Kansas City, here I come…They’ve got some crazy little women there….”

    And this is so true. I’m one of those crazy little women there. And for the record, we don’t have cows walking up and down our streets, so I have NO idea where the nickname, “Cowtown,” came from. We’ve had a wild chimpanzee [​IMG]that escaped once and ran around the streets…and we’ve had wild pigs [​IMG]get out of the back of a truck and run, I guess we DO have strange things running up and down our streets, including the women. Huh. I guess Kansas City really IS crazy. They should change our name to “Monkey Town” or “Pig Town” – but I don’t like the sound of those, as much. Guess we’ll stick with “Cowtown.” [​IMG]

    Moving on. Ahem. I got distracted, which happens a lot these days. I blame the 48-years young thing, realizing that there ARE advantages to getting older. [​IMG] Confusion and distraction. Soon to become my middle name.

    I graduated many years ago with a degree in secondary education, and right after college, I did what all newly-freshly graduated teachers do.

    I got married. And then I got a job in the I.S. department at a large local hospital.

    Hey – the hospital paid way better than teaching did, and SOMEONE had to pay for the wedding. ;)

    After putting in 20+ years at the hospital, where I did end up teaching, after all (I taught software classes to the employees), I retired in 2006 so I could pursue my passion.

    Which was working as a volunteer in Disaster Services with the American Red Cross. I love, love, love this. LOVE! I have been with the ARC now for over 5 years, and plan on doing it when I’m 98-years young. It never gets old – traveling across the country to a disaster site, where I feed or shelter clients affected by calamity – meeting the most wonderful people along the way. I am truly, truly blessed and lucky to have this opportunity and it has taught me many things: patience, flexibility and above all, gratefulness. I am so grateful for what I’ve been given, and this has passed down to the family.

    That's me...on the Galveston, TX...working Hurricane Ike in 2008.

    Speaking of family…I am married to the most wonderful man EVER, but he is a true DHDH. Disney-Hating Dear Husband. Argh. :headache:

    We have a blended family of seven kids, with the oldest at 33 years old and the youngest at 11. It was a true His, Hers and Ours when we got married 12 years ago…what an adventure THAT was, blending the families. We weren’t the Brady Bunch – but we made it all work.

    The “Ours” in our Family Equation is our daughter, Mickey. Actually, her real name is Mikayla, but she insists on being called Mickey – as she loves WDW as much as I do. She has been several times, and is as much of an adventurer as I am – maybe even more so, as she WILL ride Tower of Terror. EEEK. :eek:

    Mickey and I this past October...

    Mickey is in 5th-grade, and is my free-spirited, artistic child. I envision her living on a beach one day in flip-flops and a sundress, not having a care in the world. She loves animation, Japanese anime, and chocolate.

    We have the chocolate thing in common, but as far as anything else? Huh. Not much. Which is why we’re taking this trip…to have a true Mother/Daughter Bonding Experience.

    We’ll other bond or kill each other before it’s over.

    Mickey and I on Christmas Eve 2010...
  5. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
    The History: Or Why I Decided to Plan This

    Of course, the simple and short answer to that would be, "Why not?" But that's too simple and short. So, let's start at the very beginning....

    "In the beginning, God created...."

    NO, WAIT!!! Not THAT beginning! Too far! Yikes!!!


    I was a very, very deprived child.

    My parents may disagree with that sentiment – seeing that we grew up in a middle-class suburb of Kansas City with vacations, a swimming pool and an Atari Pong game-set when Pong was considered cool.

    Hey...this was state-of-the-art technology at the time....

    But my parents never took me to Disney. Never. <sniff, sniff> [​IMG]

    They seemed to have a misguided view of exactly what a vacation should entail, as our family vacations were to educational stuff &#8211; like Philadelphia or Washington, DC [​IMG] - or even worse &#8211; we would go camping at the lake. Gah. Vacations weren&#8217;t supposed to be fun, in my parents&#8217; warped viewpoint. So, Disneyland was out of the question.

    My very first trip to anything &#8220;Disney&#8221; was a wild and adventurous trip to Disneyland with a sorority sister when I was 19 years old. All I can remember about that trip was that we stayed in what was labeled a &#8220;motel&#8221; but was really just a flea and cockroach-infested dump &#8211; but it was cheap. And cheap was a necessity in those days.

    My roommate...NOT my sorority sister.

    The morning we were to head to the park, a fierce and ferocious thunderstorm rolled through at about 5:30 a.m. The motel shook as the thunder rolled, and Vicki and I buried our heads back under the covers, thinking our trip to Disneyland would be rained out, and went back to sleep.

    Because that's what college kids do. Sleep. [​IMG] Among other things. ;)

    Imagine our surprise a few hours later when we woke to beautiful sunshine and not a cloud in sight. [​IMG]

    &#8220;Huh,&#8221; we pondered. &#8220;That storm must have been a fast-moving one. Oh well &#8211; let&#8217;s go have some fun!&#8221;

    And we did. We rode every single ride and ate every single snack and it was glorious.

    Oh, were my first...and we never forget our first.

    That night, we watched Johnny Carson on &#8220;The Tonight Show,&#8221; who, in his opening monologue, said, &#8220;So&#8230;.did you all feel that earthquake this morning? It happened about 5:30 this morning and was a 4.5 on the Richter.&#8221;

    Vicki and I looked at each other and cracked up. :rotfl:Our first California earthquake, and we mistook it for a thunderstorm. Well, you can take the girls out of Kansas City, but you can&#8217;t take the Kansas City out of the girls. :confused3

    So, flash forward twenty years&#8230;.I was fast approaching my 40th birthday and had never been to Walt Disney World, although Hubby had been several times with his first wife and children. We were talking about how to celebrate my big day, when Hubby said, &#8220;Hey&#8230;have you thought about going to Disney?&#8221;

    That was all it took. That was Trip #1, and I don&#8217;t know if I could count the number of times I&#8217;ve been since. &#8220;Too many,&#8221; Hubby would say. &#8220;Hmpf,&#8221; I would reply, disregarding his Eeyore-ness.

    In those years since, we&#8217;ve pretty much done it all: the Adults Only Romantic Trip, [​IMG], the Teenaged Boys Commando Trip [​IMG], the Pretty Pink Princesses Until You Puke Trip [​IMG], and the Basic Family Let&#8217;s All Get Along Compromise Trip :grouphug:. Last November, I did my first Solo trip &#8211; experiencing the F&W Festival, MVMCP, and complete Freedom. It was awesome. :thumbsup2

    However, I've never done a Mother/Daughter trip. Ever.

    Remember that little confession for later.

    As I said in my introductions, I&#8217;m a born and bred Kansas Citian. Never thought about living anywhere else. My family (and it&#8217;s a big one!)&#8230;my friends&#8230;my life&#8230;is pretty much centered in KC.

    And then last year, a curious thing happened. We went on vacation to Ft. Myers, and ended up buying a house by the end of the week. WhaH??!! How did THAT happen??!! :eek:

    I blame Hubby&#8230;he blames me&#8230;either way, the bank is happy and so are the kids and grandkids, as we now have a vacation home in Florida.

    The &#8220;plan&#8221; (I put that in quotes, because we all know how plans turn out) is to eventually move to Ft. Myers full-time, when Hubby retires in a few years.

    In the meantime, we take full advantage of our house in the south. Especially when KC decides to blanket itself with mountains of snow. Brrr. [​IMG]

    Mickey and I will be spending this summer in Ft. Myers&#8230;and one day, I began dreaming about Disney again&#8230;as I was reading the addicting Disboards&#8230;and I began thinking, &#8220;We&#8217;re going to be in Florida anyway&#8230;What if we just took a short little drive up to Orlando and spent a few days at the parks? Hmmm&#8230;.what if we celebrated her birthday there? And what if we just made it a Mother/Daughter trip only? To have something to always remember &#8211; the year she turned 12?&#8221;

    And we all know how Disney Dreams turn out.

    Disney Dreams Come True&#8230;.:wizard:

    So&#8230;when to go? And for how long? That&#8217;s next&#8230;.
  6. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
    The Dates: As If Hot Flashes Aren’t Enough

    If you’re reading this PTR, then you, obviously, are a Good Disney Planner.

    Good Disney Planners are a unique bunch. :grouphug:

    We want things organized. We want things planned. And we want it done the RIGHT WAY.

    The right way, as in, our way. :thumbsup2

    Ahem. Being the Good Disney Planner that I am, I knew the first decision to be made – well, technically the second decision, because I guess the first decision was to go to Disney in the first place….right?

    Oh, now I’ve gone and confused myself again. Where was I? :confused:

    Confusion and Distraction are my middle name.


    Oh yes, the 2nd most important decision. The 2nd most important decision is WHEN TO GO. (I capitalize it because it is so important, as all of us Good Disney Planners know.)

    When planning on WHEN TO GO (again, capitalized because of it’s importance), I confess that I don’t look at Crowd Calendars or Discounts or Refurbishments or any of that stuff.


    I look at one thing only: MY calendar. :surfweb:


    Does that little confession throw me out of the Good Disney Planners Club? I hope not. :worship:

    Using my calendar, I’ve been to Disney at some pretty varied times: January, March, April, July, August and November. Each time has had its advantages – and it’s disadvantages. So, I’ve learned to not let all that other extraneous stuff get in the way, and we go when it best fits our schedule.

    For this summer trip, August fit our schedule.

    Originally, I booked August 6 – 13th.

    And then I started second-guessing myself on how long we were staying. What if that didn’t give us enough time? What if it was so crowded, we’d only ride ONE ride each day? Gulp. What if it was SO hot, we’d never leave our room and never ride any rides? What if a HUGE hurricane came barreling through Orlando, making landfall on August 6th and not leaving until August 13th? (My imagination has been known to run rampant.) What if? What if? What if?

    I then had one of those rare (for me) light-bulb moments. :idea:

    Two months after I made our original reservation, I called Booking and Reservations.

    “Yes,” I asked…”I’d like to add a couple more days to our trip…. Would that be possible?”

    “NO! NO MORE DAYS FOR YOU!” The Room Nazi said. [​IMG]

    No, she didn’t. Duh. Whaddya’ THINK Disney is going to say if you want to ADD to your trip? Ka-ching. More dollars for them.

    So, Mickey and I are now booked from August 2 – 13th. :thumbsup2

    August. In Florida. [​IMG] In the summer. :eek:

    What the HECK was I thinking when I booked those days? :confused3

    We’re basically going to roast each day in the depths of heat not felt since Hades…of course, I’ve never felt the heat in the depths of Hades, but I imagine it to be hot. Very hot. [​IMG]

    We’re going to die.


    As if hot flashes aren’t enough, I now have ourselves going to the Happiest Place on Earth during the Hottest Days on Earth.

    So much for being a Good Disney Planner.

    Moving on.

    So….up next. Where to stay? Which resort has the best & strongest air-conditioner?
  7. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
    The Dates (Part 2): Reflections on Being Selfish

    We left off with our 2nd-most important decision, WHEN TO GO. (Again, capitalized because it is very important, as we all know.)

    This chapter is supposed to discuss where we’re staying, but allow me to be distracted for a minute and go back to discussing the dates.

    Isn’t it funny how, after we choose the all-important dates of our Disney vacation, we then become possessive and territorial about them?

    I’ll be reading the Disboards and I’ll see another poster mention, “Oh, we’re going to be at WDW August 2 – 13th.”

    And my first reaction is, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Those are MY dates! You can’t have them!!! Wah! Wah! Wah! [​IMG] They’re mine and I’m not sharing!!!”

    I’m not sure why I react that way…and surely, I’m not alone.

    Am I? <said in small voice> :confused3

    I guess I live under the misguided delusion that Mickey and I will arrive at Walt Disney World on August 2nd and we will be the ONLY PEOPLE IN THE PARKS. Hee. :lmao:

    We were in MK in March 2010 for a tour...and this was Town Square...

    That would be freakin’ awesome. [​IMG]

    But we’ve all seen it out here on the Disboards. People throw out possible dates for their vacation and then ask, “So, when do you think NO ONE else is going – cuz those are the dates I’m going to pick??!”

    And thanks to the brilliant Disney marketers (grrrr) who are doing everything under their power to fill the resorts and fill the parks, there will NEVER be a time when we will be the ONLY PEOPLE IN THE PARKS (capitalized because it would be freakin’ awesome if it were to ever happen.)

    That’s why I don’t look at Crowd Calendars. You can pretty much toss them out the window any more.

    So, as selfish and territorial as I can get over our dates (“They’re MINE! You can’t have them!”), I totally get the fact that it could very well be super-crowded while we’re there.

    And we’ll adjust.

    I call large crowds “barbarians.” Nothing personal; it’s just a term I picked up years ago.


    We have schooled our kids in the Rules of Barbarian Management, and so we’ll be fine in the parks, no matter the levels of barbarians we’ll be dealing with. Will I share our Rules of Barbarian Management?

    Possibly. Perhaps that could be a future Chapter in this novella.

    But in the meantime…for anyone (anyone??) reading this PTR, DON’T GO to the parks on August 2-13th, 2011.

    Those are MY dates and I had them first. Hee.

  8. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
    The Resort: The Only Choice for P-People

    I have slept in some interesting places.

    I’ve slept in church basements, school gymnasiums, a FEMA tent on an airport tarmac, and a loading dock of an abandoned Walmart.

    The FEMA tent in Galveston in 2008....

    Volunteering with the American Red Cross will do that – when you’re at a disaster site, you never know where you’ll be pitching a cot and sleeping bag and crashing for the night. You’re just thankful to even HAVE a cot and to be able to sleep for a bit before going back to work. There’s no being picky on a disaster site.

    But, this is vacation. I don’t think I really want to sleep on a dirty loading dock of an abandoned Walmart – although that was certainly interesting and led to some great stories later. Yeah, ask me some time about the rats that were scurrying all around us as we were sleeping. And the bats that were flying overhead. [​IMG] Rats and bats...just who I want to bed down with for the night. :woohoo:

    So, after deciding on the all important dates for our WDW trip, the next big decision is obviously, where do we stay?

    For past trips, we’ve stayed at the Boardwalk, Grand Floridian, Polynesian and Animal Kingdom. As with most hotels, they’ve all had their advantages – and their disadvantages.

    The Boardwalk: an advantage was it’s location, but a disadvantage? Cost.
    The Grand Floridian: transportation was great, but the cost? Yikes.
    Animal Kingdom: the theming was AMAZING, but the distance from everything? Yikes.
    Polynesian: Our family favorite, due to its location to the monorails and the MK… but again, the cost is a disadvantage.

    So, if I could filter out cost as a disadvantage, what does that leave us? :confused3

    For this trip, one thing and one thing only led me to choose our resort – and that was the August heat. [​IMG]

    I know we are basically going to die each day. From the heat.

    And the only way to bring us back from the point of heat-induced death would be to jump in a nice, cool, refreshing pool.

    Mickey and I are Proud P-People.

    As in Pool People. [​IMG]

    We love our pools. We love swimming. We love jumping into a nice cool pool in the summer.

    Who has the best pool on property?

    The Beach Club.


    Stormalong Bay has my name written all over it. That Lazy River thingy? I am so there. THERE, I'm tellin' ya.

    Other advantages of the Beach Club include it’s location to Epcot and DHS, and its central location to the other parks. Transportation is pretty awesome here – if you can walk to not one, but TWO parks, then you’re doing pretty darn good! [​IMG]

    A no-brainer decision, then. P-People Choose the Beach Club.


    We’re staying Club Level with a water view…so it will be interesting to see what our room will be like. As long as the room is quiet, I’ll be happy…although I’ve learned from previous experiences to take a noise-machine that we run when we’re trying to sleep. The white noise of the machine masks any noises we may hear from the hallways or the neighbors.

    Club Level is just a personal choice we make, as we like the convenience of being able to grab snacks and drinks at pretty much any time of day. We’ll utilize it for most of our breakfasts, and when we come back each afternoon for a swim break, we’ll be sure to grab more drinks and snacks, as well.

    This is also a benefit when staying at the Beach Club, as it doesn’t exactly have a Food Court around every corner.

    So, there’s our resort.

    I know that we are SO ready for the Beach Club…but I’m not sure if the Beach Club is ready for us….
  9. BerrysGirl

    BerrysGirl Waiting for the Lights

    Apr 5, 2011
    Hi! :wave2:

    Just found your PTR. Everything sounds great so far (and I mean everything... I have to be optimistic about Florida heat in August since my boyfriend just got a job at WDW and I'll probably be moving there in about a year :bride:)! But I have to say, the White Noise Machine is a great idea! I have an app on my latptop and I will be sure to turn it on in the rooms at night from now on! Thanks for the tip :thumbsup2
  10. Altoqueenkelly

    Altoqueenkelly You gotta be original because if you're like someo

    May 10, 2009
    First... your daughter is beautiful!!!!!

    Subbing in to your Mother/daughter trip!

    I love the planning!!!
  11. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
    Thanks, BerrysGirl! I am down here right now in Ft. Myers - and it's already HOT! And the humidity hasn't started yet, so I can't imagine what August is going to be like. And how lucky for you to be moving close to WDW! I am so envious!!! You're going to become VERY popular with your friends and family, for sure. And yes - the white noise machine is a lifesaver. Truly.

    Awwww, thanks, Altoqueenkelly. My daughter has had not one, but TWO broken noses! :scared1: She fell off her bike when she was five, and fell flat on her face. Doctor said she was too young to fix the nose. Last year, she was running on the playground and ran face first into another kid. Broke the nose again! Doctor said AGAIN she was too young for surgery. She is begging and begging for the surgery to fix her nose, as she is very self-conscious about it and gets teased a lot at school. I've told her she has to be at least 12, so perhaps next summer.

    And thanks for subbing! I have a reader - woot! I'm not just typing this anymore for my own pleasure...I'm JUSTIFIED! I can't wait until I tell Hubby. ;)
  12. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
    The Resort: Winning the Disney Lottery

    I feel like I just won the Disney lottery. [​IMG]

    It’s amazing what one phone call can do….

    I was sitting here in our home in Ft. Myers tonight…by myself…having a pity party because I’m all lonely and it’s too quiet and I miss the family, who are back in Kansas City, and wondering if chocolate ice cream [​IMG] would be a nutritious dinner since it’s just me and who wants to cook for just one person, and no one would know anyway, since I’m by myself, and I’m not telling…..

    Yeah, I’m having an Eeyore moment. I get those every now and then.

    A funk. I am in a funk. [​IMG]

    Isn’t funk a funny word? I just like saying it over and over again…funk.. I don’t get into a funk very often, but when I do, I intend on making the most of it by just saying it over and over again. Funk. Hee.

    My laptop [​IMG] is my only companion at this moment, so I thought I would poke around the Walt Disney World website and see what was out there…because Disney always brings someone out of a funk, right?

    …and what did my wandering eyes see? [​IMG]

    What’s this? 30% off Deluxe Rooms up until August 13th?

    What? How did I miss this?

    Let me think about this for a minute. [​IMG]

    “This summer at select Disney Deluxe Resorts…”
    Well, WE’RE staying at a Deluxe Resort…certainly the Beach Club would be a “select” resort, right?

    “…for stays most nights June 15 to August 13, 2011.”
    Well, WE’RE staying a total of 11 nights and just so happen to be checking out on August 13th… certainly, some – if not ALL – of our nights would qualify, right?

    Is this 30% discount applicable to MY package?

    Well, only one way to find out, and that’s pick up the telephone and call. [​IMG]

    Two minutes later, I had knocked off a little bit over $2,000 off my package.


    That cured my funk. [​IMG]

    My Disney Visa is very happy. [​IMG]


    And so am I. I may just have to have chocolate ice cream to celebrate….

  13. disneydreamingdebby

    disneydreamingdebby DVC Member

    Jul 19, 2009
    Joining you...okay, but maybe you are really joining us because I think I had the dates first - Aug 1 to 9...:lmao:

    Please tell you lovely daughter that I had to go back to her pictures...I didn't notice her nose. Kids her age somehow become non human until around 10th grade... (which is why I teach 10th and 11th grade!)

    We enjoyed BCV - the walk to Epcot is amazing!
  14. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
    See, Date Selfishness has kicked in already! Okay, maybe we'll be the only TWO parties at WDW for those days....right??? We can hope???!!

    I'm going to have to look at your PTR - where are you guys staying? I've never done a DisMeet before, and with those dates - we may just have to see if we can work something out. Hmmm.

    I will certainly tell Mickey about her nose...but you KNOW how kids are. And you're SO right. That's why I majored in Secondary Ed, as well - I knew kids are pretty much plebians until high school. Hee.

    Thanks for joining us!
  15. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
    We'll interrupt this Pre-Trip Report for a life moment.

    It's the last few days of school...and with that, comes the inevitable transferring of junk from my kids' lockers and desks to my house. Joy. My daughter has been slowly cleaning out her desk for the last few days - which is extremely scary, as who knows what is lurking in the depths and darkness of the desk which has been accumulating crap for the last nine months?

    Anyways, she brought home a poem that she had written months ago, but has been buried in the debris known as her desk. I thought I'd share it, as it is Disney-themed.

    And for the record, I'm not sure whether to be proud of her or mortified that she is such a Disney-freak...where her schoolwork is now centered on the Mouse.

    Disney Is A Place
    by Mickey (5th grade)

    Disney is a place where obnoxious, loud and oblivious kids run around, shouting for ice cream.

    Disney is a place where the hotels are packed with exhausted kids when the day is done.

    Disney is a place where staff runs around backstage, making magic possible.

    Disney is a place where pre-teens get to scream on the most thrilling rides, their eyes as big as dinner plates.

    Disney is a place where kids are in charge - for once.

    Disney is a place where kids rush into lines, saving spots for friends and family.

    Disney is a place where dreams come true....
  16. KCSherri

    KCSherri Perpetual Kid Who Always Believes in the Magic

    Oct 27, 2009
    Let’s Talk Food

    I love food. Mickey loves food. We don’t necessarily love the same type of food – but we do agree that we like to eat. With that said, sit-down restaurants are a must for us. We like to relax; we like to be waited on; and we like to peruse a menu and choose delicious-sounding morsels to be chewed on and enjoyed.

    I began making ADR’s about two months ago, and I couldn’t tell you how many changes/cancellations/new reservations I’ve made.

    I think Disney gives us 180 days because it takes that long to come up with a firm plan.

    Today, THIS particular restaurant sounds good. Tomorrow, it sounds horrible. Cancel it. Let’s try THIS restaurant. Next week, we’re back to square one – and so it goes.

    However, I think…THINK…I’m done with ADR’s. So, here’s our dining choices for the upcoming trip:

    August 2: Dinner @ Garden Grill*

    August 3 Breakfast @ Cinderella’s Royal Table* [​IMG]
    Dinner @ Liberty Tree Tavern

    August 4 Lunch @ Tusker House
    Dinner @ O’Hana[​IMG]

    August 5 Lunch @ Sci-Fi Theater [​IMG]

    August 6 Lunch @ Biergarten[​IMG]
    Dinner @ Rose and Crown

    August 7 Lunch @ Crystal Palace* [​IMG]

    August 8 Lunch @ Hollywood Brown Derby
    Dinner @ 50’s Prime Time Café[​IMG]

    August 9 Breakfast @ 1900 Park Fare* [​IMG]
    Lunch @ Teppan Edo

    August 10 Lunch @ 50’s Prime Time Café [​IMG]
    Dinner @ Chef Mickey’s* [​IMG]

    August 11 Dinner @ Cape May Buffet [​IMG]

    August 12 Lunch @ La Cellier <[​IMG]

    August 13 Breakfast @ Cape May Café* [​IMG]
    Dinner @ 1900 Park Fare*

    *Character meals

    In between all of this feasting, we'll also be sampling some counter-service restaurants, as well as various snacks.

    I love snacks.

    I love snacks so much, I may just have to devote an entire post dedicated to just snacks. Snacks I've had, snacks that are yet to be.

    Looking at the above list, it's very obvious we're going to be consuming about 11,238 calories per day.

    I'm hoping that we at least get 11,239 STEPS in each day - so surely some of those steps will offset some of the calories, right??!!

    Otherwise, my vacation is going to get very expensive, as I foresee an entire new wardrobe upon my return - all about 2-3 sizes bigger than what I currently wear. :scared1::scared1:

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