The Daily Grind ~ 12/11/12

Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by lovingthemouse, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. lovingthemouse

    lovingthemouse magic is in the heart of the beholder...

    Dec 28, 1999
    Seems hard to believe I am the first one!!!
    Parent conferences beginning at 8 am - thus a good reason to be up early!!
    Hope all of you have a wonderful day, filled with good health, and some relaxation. :thumbsup2
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  3. PrincessNancy96

    PrincessNancy96 Scrapbook Mom Moderator

    Dec 28, 2005
    Have a great day Caroline!!

    I was doing my chores so you got to be the first one!! Thank you!!
    So, I'm done for the day minus a load of towels to dry and fold! :woohoo:


    make bed
    make lunches x 3
    enter coca-cola codes
    DH out the door
    ck email/DIS/FB
    DS16 up for mtg
    flip news on

    DS12 up
    DS16 to school for mtg/classses
    take DS12 to school

    nap til 9:30am
    await DD's text she is departing for home :cheer2:

    template MK entrance LOs
    template Swiss family treehouse (?)
    goal to scrap 6 pages
    dry and fold towels
    once over basement/stairwell
    pick up DS12
    await DS16 to get here
    await DD's arrival

    DH home
    enjoy family time

    Prayers and pixie dust to all those in need! Hope everyone has a wonderful day.. Stay warm to those of us in the cold front.. It's a whopping 27 degrees here and feels colder than that!!
  4. Reddy

    Reddy Scrapbooker

    Dec 4, 2010
    Caroline - I hope the teacher has only great things to say
    Nan - keep us posted on your DD, glad she is heading home

    DH is still off - goes back tomorrow

    I keep hoping I'll get out of work early
    school & work is all that is planned here
  5. JJ&JHsmom

    JJ&JHsmom DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2009
    Good Morning!

    Prayers and pixie dust to all those in need.

    Caroline, hope conferences go smooth!
    Nan, :cool1: for PJ coming home!
    Reddy, hope you have a good day at work!

    meeting at 4
    dinner chicken
    Julia to dance at 7

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  6. PrincessNancy96

    PrincessNancy96 Scrapbook Mom Moderator

    Dec 28, 2005
    Reddy & Cassey have a good day at work!!

    I will keep you posted Reddy about PJ... it can sn*w any time after she returns so we can have a white Christmas.. but if it doesn't I'm okay with that too.
  7. tyniknate

    tyniknate DIS Veteran

    Mar 25, 2008
    Wishing it was Thursday, but happy Tuesday to everyone anyway!

    Nan - Yeah for PJ coming home. Safe travels and happy family time tonight!

    Cassey - :yay: for short list today

    Reddy - Pixie dust that you are able to leave early today

    Busy day here today.

    Boys to school
    Me to work till 3
    Laundry (X2 loads)
    Call to order candybars for fundraiser
    Make up signature page for students receiving candybars
    Call to order graduation announcements
    Write check for cap and gown
    Call to reserve pavilion at lake for graduation party
    Homework check with youngest
    Online with oldest DS and figure out FAFSA forms and what paperwork we will need
    Christmas cards?
    More gift wrapping - 40 pinewood derby cars
    Figure amounts and make shopping list for cub scout christmas party (Need to make pulled pork and mac and cheese for 125)
    Go back over lists of stuff bought for boys for christmas - I keep finding stuff I bought and forgot about :rolleyes1 Need to make sure what they are getting is somewhat even

    Have a great day everyone!
  8. mommy2mrb

    mommy2mrb Mama to a Princess - But I'm A Scrap Princess!

    Sep 26, 2004
    Good Morning! windy here this morning!

    Caroline - good luck with the conferences
    Nan - enjoy having PJ home, safe travels for her
    Cassey, Reddy and Danielle - hope work goes quick

    P & PD to anyone in need :hug:

    megan to school a bit early for winter concert
    I'm home ALL day :banana: no student store
    work on MK sketchs
    play with new toy
    p/u megan
    dinner - chicken

    have a wonderful day all!
  9. Poppins2000

    Poppins2000 Life is out there waiting so go and get it!

    Nov 26, 2006
    Good morning,

    Looks like everyone has a pretty busy day scheduled. DH is still home with his cold so not much on tap for me today...

    Finish up laundry
    Water plants
    Pick up framed picture from Michaels
    Wash and clean guest bedroom window
    Spaghetti for dinner

    Nan - wishing PJ a safe drive home
    Caroline - best of luck with parent conferences
    Reddy and Cassey - yay for your short lists today
    Tyniknate - hope you accomplish everything on your list

    Hope everyone has a productive Tuesday!

  10. wiigirl

    wiigirl DIS Veteran

    Oct 29, 2012
    Good morning!

    Its a cold day in KC today!

    My list
  11. wdwmickey

    wdwmickey <font color=purple>I am the scrapbooking queen and

    Apr 3, 2007
    Good morning :)

    P & PD to those in need pixiedust:

    Safe travels for PJ :moped:
    Hope everyone gets their lists finished :thumbsup2

    Sarah has 1 final today and she has a writitng project she needs to finish

    My list:
    Appt with Rachel's guidance counselor
    DH to doctors appt to remove his stitches & soft cast
    Scrap some (I hope)
    Dinner--out with Rachel for fund raiser

    Have a great day all :flower3:
  12. morgansmom2000

    morgansmom2000 DIS Veteran

    May 16, 2007
    I'm back from the kitty-boy's appointment. He has to have a dental cleaning on Thursday. Yes, they give cats dental cleanings now. :rolleyes: He's got plaque, gingivitis, and some gum recession going on on one side. Hopefully (fingers crossed) that will be the only one he loses. It's going to cost an arm and a leg, so he's darned lucky he's cute. They have to put them under to do it, so it's a pretty serious procedure. Luckily, they do them pretty much every day so I was able to get him in quick.

    So...My list involves :laundy:, bed changing and sheet washing, and some final tumbler making.
    Pickup after (long) chorus rehearsal
    Homework supervisor
    Dinner - Ravioli and salad
    Lunches x 3
    DH and I still haven't watched last week's Walking Dead, I'd like to do that tonight!

    Morgan did not get called back for a part, but that doesn't mean she didn't get one. I'm hoping a munchkin or part of the chorus...Right?

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  13. JohnsonsLoveDisney

    JohnsonsLoveDisney DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2008
    Afternoon all!

    P &pd to those who need it!

    Late start for us today! Just heading to epcot day #1.

    Knocked put a bunch in mk last night due to rain and emh. :)

    Weather is fantastic. Looks like last nights storms have passed. Hoping for a sunburn. :)

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  14. joyah

    joyah living on the funny farm

    Aug 31, 2007
    My day is consiting of cleaning and sorting out the house

    Eric turns 12 today so more bday spankings and tons of homework for him to complete.

    Off to get busy
  15. tinkryansmom

    tinkryansmom You are one lucky bug!

    Aug 26, 2004
    hello everyone!!

    Nan - yay for PJ coming home!

    hope conferences, winter programs, vet appts and everything goes well!

    today doing laundry and working on a med file - but doctor just called he gave me the wrong file. DUH. So rearrange schedule. Have to go pick up right file and of course he wants it done by Thursday. <slaps head>:headache:

    Off to Target then to get school cookie dough sales prizes and a few groceries. Then go pick up correct file.

    Meeting/dinner at 6. Must now find time for kids to do homework.

    At least laundry got done.:woohoo:
  16. PrincessNancy96

    PrincessNancy96 Scrapbook Mom Moderator

    Dec 28, 2005
    PJ arrived safely home at 2:45pm!!! All my babies are home for the evening!!!

  17. tinkryansmom

    tinkryansmom You are one lucky bug!

    Aug 26, 2004
  18. JJ&JHsmom

    JJ&JHsmom DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2009
    Finally home, boy was that a loooong meeting! Had to call DH and have him order a pizza for dinner so that Julia could eat before dance. I don't think he was very happy with me.;)

    Nan, :banana: for all the kids being home! Enjoy!

    Jennifer, hope the kitty dental care goes well and he just needs a cleaning.

    Christy, party::bday:party: to DS!

    Cheryl, hope the meeting with the guidance counselor went well.

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