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The Collins Institute for Gifted Youngsters RP

Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by Fairywings, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. MickeyisBeast

    MickeyisBeast <font color=green>Some people just don't understan

    Glojo: Glojo took out her notebook and pencil, but instead of taking notes, she decided it would be fun to read her peer's minds.
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  3. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    Professor Collins: Professor Collins starts teaching the class about Jamestown, Roanoke, and other first settlements by the English in America. Her lesson is slow enough so students can keep up with the notes, but fast enough so they aren't kept waiting for the next slide. Professor Collins explains a lot of interesting things that people may not have covered in previous classes.

    Max: Rather than taking notes, Max is doodling in her sketchbook. She is drawing an outraeous figure, with poofy hair and a gigantic nose. Max knows that she can let out a burst of giggles on command. Now that she's in class, the old Max is coming back. The lesson is going on predictably. As the lesson continues, Max knows more people will be listening or tuning out, both leading to them ignoring Max. Then, Max willl wait for the oppertune moments, and do something to distract people and disrupt class. It works every time. Max is an expert at what she does.
  4. Orreed

    Orreed Olivia

    Samantha: Samantha pulls out her supplies and starts to take notes.
  5. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    Max: Max knows it instinctively: Right about now is the right time. The other students are focused in, Professor Collins is talking..........and Max makes her move. Max giggles quietly, then lets it get louder until it's very much noticable by the other students and Professor Collins. The giggling to Max is so girly it's cringeworthy, but it works like a charm, which is why she uses it as often as she does. Besides, her doodle really is kinda funny. As she sees the students looking around for the source, Max notices how ironic it is that the other students would have never guess her to be a trouble maker before now, but even on her application it was apparent that she was notorious at her past schools for being a trouble maker.

    Professor Collins: Professor Collins did a quick mind sweep to find the giggler. She sighed inwardly as she located the person who turned out to be no other than Maxine. She should have not been surprised, but she had hoped Max would have grown up a little and not returned to her old ways. Glancing down at her desk for a moment, she said, "Perhaps you would like to tell the class what you think is so funny about the pilgrims Miss Patterson?"

    Max: Max pulled back on the giggles to a few here and there. She purposely tried and failed to hide a smile as she said, "Nothing Professor Collins."

    Professor Collins: Professor Collins knew from that instant that the rest of her day with Maxine would be no better. Perhaps a chat with Miss Patterson after classes would help. She looked straight over her glasses, which were now perched on the bridge of her nose, at Max for a long moment. Samantha would be familiar with this look, Professor Collins had used it often on her more disruptive students. Finally she asked, "May I go back to teaching my class?"

    Max: Max could barely supress a grin, both real and acting. "Yes, you may."

    Professor Collins: "Thank you," Professor Collins replied dryly, and continued on with the lesson, attempting to get back the focus of her students. She didn't even want to hear Max's thoughts, though she assumed they must be victorius.

    Max: Max was happy, it had gone perfectly. Yes, a few more disruptions, and I'll have a detention, and then dearest father will certainly hear of it! Mission number one on it's way to completion, she thought.
  6. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    OOC: Tommorrow we'll continue from where we left off.
  7. Ditz

    Ditz I'd Rather Be On The Beach

    Ooc: I won't be on most of the day tomorrow. I am going skiing with my best friend. This will keep Britt out of trouble for the day. haha
  8. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    OOC: Have fun! And it certainly will, lol
  9. I Am What I Am

    I Am What I Am <font color=green><marquee>Pie builds amazing frie

    Teddy: Teddy looked over her shoulder at the disruption, an annoyed look clear upon her face. The lesson had been fascinating and some silly girl wasn't going to ruin it for her.

    Lucy: Lucy shot a scowl towards the disruption at the same time Teddy did. Lucy wasn't as much of a student as Teddy was, but still. How rude.

    OOC: my involvement is probably going to be limited from now on as I have to prepare to move into my dorm on Monday and then on Tuesday my classes start. I'm still going to try and participate as this is fun
  10. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    OOC: That's all right. Gotta do what you gotta do. Glad you're enjoying it!

  11. DisneyFreak98

    DisneyFreak98 New Member

    Amelia: Amelia wasn't big on taking notes. This being the first time she was back in school for over six years, she didn't even exactly remember how. So far, though, things were going okay. The lesson was pretty simple and easy to follow. Than came the giggles from the back. She glanced back to see that it was the girl she had followed in here earlier, Max. Huh, she thought, I didn't really see her as the trouble-making type. I thought she was quiet, like me. I guess I'm not the only complicated person here. She then turns back around, focusing on her desk, sort of holding her pencil, pretending like she's taking notes. Amelia's actually grateful for the disturbance. She's grateful for anything that draws attention away from her.
  12. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    Daniel: Daniel hadn't thought Max would be a trouble maker. But then, he had no idea who she was. He turned back to his notes, which he was taking diligently, and tried to keep up with the lesson. But something bothered him about the situation. Most trouble making kids were subdued after being admonished by the teacher, but Max was looking happy. It was weird. But he decided to just focus on the notes, and worry about what was going on with Max later.
  13. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Alex: Alex tried to foucus on taking her notes, messing up here and there from writing too fast. She never saw that one girl as the person who would get in trouble or distrupt class, she barely even saw her at all.

    Jack: Jack sat in the back of the class writing some notes and doodling random things in his notebook. He couldn't care less about the lesson or that girl, she thoguht she was funny and was willing to get in trouble for it. Alright, who cares?
  14. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    Professor Collins: Professor Collins continued on, nearing the end of her lesson. Her eyes occasionally flitted to the back where Max sat, and the girl appeared to be taking notes. Still, something felt odd. Deciding to give the girl the benefit of doubt, she ignored it, for now.

    Max: Max was on to a new drawing now. She was drawing a monster. She had the rudimentary shape drawn out, and now she was molding, changing, playing with that shape to make it just right. Then she would add the details. She was putting a lot of work and effort into the drawing, and hoped she wouldn't be caught while the drawing was still unfinished. As long as it didn't have some really bad mistake, she thought it was going to turn out fantastic.

    Daniel: Daniel kept taking notes, occasionally glancing around the room to see how the others were doing. Alex was attempting to focus on her notes, Jack looked like he could care less, there was one girl, a really quite one he didn't know the name of appearing to take notes, and a bunch of other faces he didn't really see but knew were there. He went back to his notes. He hadn't had American history in a long time, and should be paying close attention.
  15. DisneyFreak98

    DisneyFreak98 New Member

    Amelia: Amelia knew she should be paying attention, but her mind kept drifting off into daydreams. She was thinking about her friend, Crystal. Crystal had been one of her few friends back home. They met when Amelia was 13. Amelia was replaying all the good times they had had together. Crystal had really understood Amelia. she had known about her power and was okay with it. She accpeted her for who she was. Crystal was dead now. She got caught up in a gang fight a few months ago and was shot. Amelia hadn't thought about her in a long time. She didn't know why it was coming up now, but it was. Not wanting to cry or anything, she pushed those thoughts out of her mind for now, and tried to focus on what the professor was talking about.
  16. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    ooc: Sorry I disappeared. Ready for science class?
  17. DisneyFreak98

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  18. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

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  19. DisneyFreak98

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    OOC: Hi! I think we might be the only ones right now. Did you still want to start?
  20. Ditz

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  21. jessidoll

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