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The Cars Land Wide Right Technique: How to be one of the first 20 people on RSR w/MM

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by dr matrix, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Mousequake

    Mousequake New Member

    Even though we'd already ridden RSR a couple of times earlier in our trip, I decided to give the Wide Right a try since we were there right at rope drop Wednesday morning. Worked like a charm, even with a 5-year-old and two slower elderly parents in tow, and we were on the first set of cars of the day. I can't believe how well this works!
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  3. mysteriouspnai

    mysteriouspnai New Member

    I have a question about getting 2 FPs for RSR. Since your FP ticket states that you can hold another FP for another ride, is it theoretically possible to just go back into the line to get another FP for RSR? One of the previous posters stated that they got one set at 10 for 10:40 return, and another set at 10:40 for a 1:45 return. What if you got a set at 10, and tried to get a set at 10:30? Not that I'd try this of course :) Anyone have any experience?
  4. DLR29

    DLR29 <font color=blue><marquee>We're cheap college kids

    This will not work. Although RSR FP is disconnected from the overall FP system, it still will register that you are holding onto a current RSR FP (until the window becomes good). This is the same for Roger Rabbit and Screamin, otherwise you could just get unlimited FPs at those disconnected rides.
  5. CoCoMo

    CoCoMo New Member

    We are here at DL today and I have to say that the WIDE RIGHT TECHNIQUE WORKED PERFECTLY!!!!! It was so awesome, the best part of my day. My family rode on RSR as the first ones this morning (but no other car to race against haha). We were not near the first ones through the turnstiles but by staying to the right (and even up on the sidewalk at times) we got on first. Today was not an early entry so was just with everyone else. Thanks so much for the plan!
  6. Ash20

    Ash20 New Member

    This thread is one of the reasons I love DIS, you get so many tips that help make your Disney experience so much easier. The last time I visited DL they were still building Cars Land so I never got a chance to ride RSR. The big morning rush was always for WOC and Toy Story. DCA used to let people in early so that you could pick up WOC FPs then people would head over to Paradise Pier and wait for the park to officially open so they could rush to TSMM.

    I was wondering whether TSMM still has super long lines and what is the best strategy for watching WOC, riding RSR and TSMM all in the same day without having to deal with 2 hour waits? I was thinking about going on a day without EMH as I am off site and riding RSR first, then grabbing a RSR FP and then a WOC FP which will hopefully be blue, before I go across to TSMM. Does this seem like a good plan or would I be better just riding RSR first one morning then TSMM first another morning and give up on doing both in one day as the lines just get too long?
  7. coaches24

    coaches24 New Member

    When are you going? If its not a big crowd time I don't think WOC FP will be an issue regardless of your strategy.

    In theory I think your plan to ride RSR and then grab FP is possible but it can backfire if RSR breaks down before you ride. TSMM line isn't as crazy as it was before CL but will grow quickly. But on a day that's not super busy you may find it possible to do all of that without a huge line.

    If you have someone to be a FP runner then another option is to have the runner get in line for RSR FP upon entering DCA while the rest of the group heads to RSR stand by. If you are there early enough to get near the front of the FP line you could get the FP and then get in single rider line for RSR and hopefully your group will finish close to the same time and then head to TSMM. I would try and do all of that before WOC FPs.
  8. Ash20

    Ash20 New Member

    Thanks for the reply! I usually go to DL in September when it is fairly quiet, but this year I am going during the last week of April. I am hoping since Easter is in March that the crowds will be on a similar level to my trips during September, but I guess there is no way to know until I get there.

    After reading your reply I think I will get a RSR FP, then go ride TSMM a couple of times, then go and get a WOC FP. That way if RSR breaks down in the morning, I will not end up wasting time in the queue and I am sure if it breaks down during a FP return time then they will give me one of those tickets to return whenever I want.
  9. coaches24

    coaches24 New Member

    Thats the safest way.
  10. tchrrx

    tchrrx <font color=red>Blame it on the plastic cow I ment

    If the ride breaks down while you are in line, how hard is it to exit the line? Is it inconvenient for those behind you due to tight spaces, or is there plenty of space to exit?
  11. HydroGuy

    HydroGuy <font color=red>The code is more what you'd call g

    It is fairly easy. The line is wide and not too far away from other lines like the FP return lines and single rider lines where you could possibly hop into and use as an exit.
  12. rms123

    rms123 New Member

    Jumping on here since I'm figuring the same things out. If we go on an early entry morning for hotel guests, the FPs won't be available until park open, right? Is that still the safest? When would we need to line up to get a FP this way? Would it use up our whole early entry?
  13. mysteriouspnai

    mysteriouspnai New Member

    Yes, that's correct. Don't spend your entire time in line, and go enjoy other attractions during your EE! 5 minutes prior to EE ending, get in line for FP and you'll still be ahead of the majority of the crowds. Have a great trip :)
  14. anonymousegirl

    anonymousegirl New Member

    Going to DCA tomorrow. Park opens at 8am and it is APEE. I have AP but friend does not. Crowd levels should be 10 tomorrow.

    For all you CL veterans, what time would you arrive at the gates for DCA?

    In what order would you do RSR, TSMM and Screamin'?

    Would you grab a FP right away and then hit TSMM and Screamin?

    We also want to do Luigi's Flyign Tires and maybe Mater's ride (or is that just for little ones, like Heimlech's Chew Chew train?)

    We are hoping to ride it at least twice, once at night and we are at Disneyland until 5pm Sunday.

  15. Rubygoose

    Rubygoose Everybody's got a laughing place

    If we use this technique and get on the ride in the first 10mins or so of EE in July, will we have time to ride TMM, Mater's, and Soaring (is it open during EE?) and then come back and ride RSR again before park opens? Or would it be a better idea to go right back into the lineup and ride RSR twice in a row? Would we be able to fit that in too? Would much rather get 2 rides on RSR during EE and not bother with the FP lineup.
  16. swooshbear

    swooshbear New Member

    I’ve been on RSR plenty of times and the wide right technique usually never fails. Over Labor Day weekend, we stayed at PPH and decided to try the GCH entrance just to see how bad it would be. We got there about 30 minutes early and our spot in line was in front of the gym. There seemed to be slight delay before they started scanning everyone in at opening, but once we were in, we power walked with everyone else to Carsland. As we came upon the intersection near the Pacific Wharf, everyone was going left towards the rope drop. One CM was waving us over to the bridge where he was standing and he said this way was faster. With nothing to lose, we went in that direction with another couple. We went through Pacific Wharf and the back side of Carsland, behind Flo’s Diner, and on to the main intersection of Carsland. There was only one CM standing there and she held us there until the rope drop slowly made it’s way down the street. We were the 5th and 6th people on RSR that morning.

    Just another option if you are staying on property and want to take a chance on the GCH entrance.
  17. DLR29

    DLR29 <font color=blue><marquee>We're cheap college kids

    You can probably do RSR, TSMM and Mater's but I don't think you could also get a ride in on Soarin and get off before they let the regular guests in. I don't even think that you would be able to ride RSR twice in that hour unless you did Single Rider the second time.

    The FP lineup isn't a big deal, especially if you have Early Admission. If you come back to the FP line anytime before official park opening, they'll still let you be ahead of all of the regular guests. Once they start distributing FPs you won't have to wait more than 5 min.
  18. kangamama

    kangamama New Member

    Forgive me if this has already been asked and answered, but I don't have time to read the whole thread. Doe wide right work if you don't have access to early entry? So for example -- we are going to DCA on a Sunday when there is EE for people staying at DLR hotels, but we are staying off property, so no EE for us. Is there still a rope drop, and does using wide right still save time if we were to arrive before opening and cue up?
  19. Mousequake

    Mousequake New Member

    No, the wide right technique will not work if you're arriving at normal park opening on days with early entry. The line for RSR will already be quite long, so it wouldn't gain you anything.
  20. kangamama

    kangamama New Member

    Ok thank you -- that's what I thought. Anyone know of lines are shorter during world of color?
  21. mysteriouspnai

    mysteriouspnai New Member

    There is still a "rope drop" for park opening after EE, so although you may not be one of the FIRST in line, you'll beat the public behind you if you do wide right. Yes, there'll be a line of people from EE, but I think it'll be shorter than if you were to not do wide right. If you're going on a Saturday when AP's have early entry at 7AM, there may be a chance of less people than a regular hotel EE because less APs are likely to get up that early on a Saturday. Not as crowded, but still crowded, so hope for the best, but expect the worst :) Not sure if RSR line is any shorter during WOC, though :/

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