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The ALL NEW Disney's Contemporary Resort & Bay Lake Tower FAQ with PICs! (July 2011)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by CR Resort Fan 4 Life, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. babyberger

    babyberger Well-Known Member

    Thanks once again Kook! I definitely don't what to be a "rule breaker" so I will ask the CL staff if they mind before we do it. we are always looking for a quiet place in WDW so DS can reset a bit and take a break from the sensory overload :)

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  3. psac

    psac Well-Known Member

    My wife and I very much liked dinner the one time we ate at the Wave. And to be honest, we're the opposite, we thought we wouldn't like it because of the health bent. ;). The food was very good!

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    From the Disney Parks Blog:



  5. mickeyplanner

    mickeyplanner Well-Known Member

    We ate the Wave November 2011 and loved it. I wouldn't say it was health food at all just better quality food since it is organic. The atmosphere was much more adult like than other restaurants at Disney. I think a couple would really enjoy eating there.
  6. dgundry

    dgundry Disney's In My DNA

    A few quick questions for the group:

    1. How far is the walk from the lobby to Magic Kingdom?

    2. How long is the typical monorail trip to Magic Kingdom (considering all the stops at TTC, Poly, and GF)?

    3. How far is the walk from the monorail concourse to the Garden Wing?

    In advance, thanks!
  7. babyberger

    babyberger Well-Known Member

    I was hoping for the full weeks list but this is all I got from the IPO regarding the Dec movies.

    The movie schedule is as follows:

    Saturday 12/1 Cinderella
    Sunday 12/02 Aristocats
    Monday 12/03 Cars II
    Tuesday 12/04 Muppets
    Wednesday 12/05 Winnie the Pooh

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    The movies are usually the same for the entire month. They only change daily and are repeated the next week, so it looks like you're missing Thursday and Friday.
  9. babyberger

    babyberger Well-Known Member

    Yep, but I was hoping to receive the whole week so I could post it for someone else who may want it. I'll get a copy of the schedule this weekend and post it when I get back.

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  10. ErinsMommy

    ErinsMommy Well-Known Member

    Where are the movies shown??

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    The activities calendar should be updated this weekend and I'll post it here if it is.

    In between the CR and BLT near the Skybridge (which is off to the right in this photo):

  12. psac

    psac Well-Known Member

    It takes about 10-15 minutes to walk or monorail. It usually becomes a matter of convenience vs crowds. For instance, if you were leaving MK after Wishes, being able to walk could save you 30 mins (or more) in monorail crowd backup. But otherwise, we generally found it easier to take the monorail. Many people will tell you the opposite, that they always just walk.

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    Maintenance planned for Disney reservation systems

    By Leah Zanolla
    Nov 28, 2012

    Disney's reservation system will go down for maintenance December 3 at 5:00pm until sometime Tuesday afternoon, December 4. This is for Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Aulani. If you need to make a payment, you should do so before these dates to ensure you will not be late. You will also not be able to make reservations for dining, dinner shows, tours, recreation and children's activity centers as well as Cirque du Soleil at Downtown Disney. You will also be unable to access Disney's online check-in service.
  14. MickeyT

    MickeyT Well-Known Member

    Ok. Time to scratch another one/couple off our WDW resort bucket list. For our annual Marathon trip in January DW and I have booked one night CR Atrium Club level before moving over to a BLT 1 BR for four nights.

    Then my sisters and BIL's are packing into a 2-BR at BCV. Best of both Worlds. 5 night MK and 4 night EPCOT.

    Have thoroughly enjoy pouring over these pages for tips and insider info. Thanks everyone! :surfweb:
  15. alcontemp

    alcontemp New Member

    Does anyone know if the upper floors in the garden wing have balcony doors that open?
    I know there is no patio on the upper floors but I like to open the balcony door to let in fresh air.
    I have talked to others who never tried to open the door and one other that thinks it opened a little and had a stop on it.
  16. NJRRK

    NJRRK Well-Known Member

    They have sliding glass doors and a railing right outside. You can open the door, no problem.
  17. Kidgoingon40

    Kidgoingon40 Well-Known Member

    Hehe...I know what you mean!

    I am glad to hear you enjoyed it - I am looking forward to trying it! :)

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    We loved our BLT one bedroom this past August, (we actually liked it more than the Atrium Club). I'll be eager to see what you think of both. Have a great trip!
  19. alcontemp

    alcontemp New Member

    Thanks NJRRK,
    I can breathe easy now
  20. babyberger

    babyberger Well-Known Member

    Got back last night from our quick 2 nt trip to CR. We had originally booked a BLV as well as a Wishes Dessert Party at the MK, but when a Atrium CL std room came available we upgraded and canceled our dessert party. BEST DECISION!!!

    It was our first visit to CR and we honestly only booked it because my DS9 really wanted to stay there. We had recently been to YC and WL and really didn't know how much we would like the CR and its compactness. But we loved it, everything was so convenient and the CL staff was extremely friendly. Having a BLV and being able to use the CL for MK views was PERFECT!

    DH and I still like the "feel" of YC more, but were very happy at the CR and the kids have casted their vote for Feb and we will be returning to CR once again :goodvibes CL isn't avail for our Feb dates, but I still think we will have a great time and just bring our own drinks and snacks and use the observation deck for MK viewing.

    I had read on the boards somewhere that the design of the sinks leads to losing the vanity and shelf area for toiletries. We just kept our stuff on the shelf underneath, which wasn't as convenient but worked out fine. I really do like the room decor and the modern feel. Not to mention the spaciousness of the room!

    CR turned out to be a winner for our family :dance3: Thanks to everyone for all the tips and info!
  21. psac

    psac Well-Known Member

    Glad you liked it so much! We were in the camp that really hates those sinks, good that it didn't bother you at all.
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