TERRIFIED-12/22/14 Trip & DD JUST began DIALYSIS

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by ImaDisneyGurl2, Jun 24, 2014.

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    Jun 24, 2014
    Hello All, Im new to the boards as of today,- Ive travelled to WDW yearly since 90'- BUT - NEVER with a DD on HemoDialysis!😥 Does ANYONE have some info they could share on how to PLAN ADR's around this?-- We're going CHRISTMAS WK to boot!!?! So ADR's will be challenging enough, & my 180 mark is 6/25/14!!!,- not to mention I must also contact SPECIAL NEEDS DINING to see if they can honor our requests(?) (I have their email & did so earlier..) Im Simply terrified. (In general I guess..) But Im overwhelmed with HOW to TRY and work all of this out? (I've been told a C.S.W. will arrange the Dialysis for us at Celebration Dialysis (Vista?)but TIMES will NOT BE AT OUR CHOOSING,-& they seem to only give you a TIME SCHEDULE ONE WEEK PRIOR!?! So although someone else is setting "that" up for us, figuring out "everything else" is overwhelming me.. (I know I must sound INSANE for concerning myself with "ADR's" but we did get the FREE DDining- & she insists she wants to keep our scheduled trip!) Our 180 day mark is 6/25 (Tomorrow)! Plus her 23rd BD also falls within our Xmas-week trip & I want to do something REALLY SPECIAL for her...She's been amazingly brave... Any suggestions/info on these topics will be appreciated! Thanks So Much!!
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    Oct 27, 2011
    :welcome: to the DIS!

    I do not have first-hand experience with dialysis, but I can see how this must feel so overwhelming for you right now! :hug:

    I'd suggest you go ahead and plan the ADRs. Once you find our more about the dialysis schedule, maybe you can make adjustments. I know others on the board here do have experience with dialysis while at WDW, so hopefully they will chime in with some advice.

    Enjoy your vacation!
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    Welcome to DIS

    I also don't have much experience with that. What I can suggest is to book your dining the way you want it. Once it is all booked then contact special diets. They don't really need more than a week or two notice. Once you can narrow down the dialysis you can then see about making any last minute changes to your dining. Remember all reservations are credit card gtd but for most you can cxl the day before no charge.

    Hope that helps.

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