Tell Me The Good And Bad About Caribbean Beach

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by CamColt, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. carly chloe

    carly chloe DIS Veteran

    Oct 10, 2008
    beautiful grounds. tropical feel- tropic subtle music piped in (even in the food court). Awesome zero entry pool- nice kids pool. Nice store- Nice food court. Didnt seem like we ever waited long for the buses.. We always got preferred- I would request Jamaica or Martinque #23 if not. Have a great time!!!
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  3. kellyjeanie

    kellyjeanie DIS Veteran

    Feb 1, 2012
    The pools at CBR look really fun, how do they compare to the other moderates?
  4. Tink415

    Tink415 DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2006
    CBR is one of my favorite resorts :beach: The resort is cheerful, colorful and and beautiful. We've had many vacations and stayed in Aruba, Jamaica, Martinique, and Trinidad North blds. Never a bad stay!

    I remember very well when we first started going to Disney and stayed at CBR we'd be going hard all day then be too exhausted to walk across the bridge from Aruba to the food court for a drink or snack when coming back from parks at night!! Just too tired to walk another step! We pace ourselves a lot better now!! I do like to get a preferred location room if possible just to make it easier, but the walk is really not that bad and can be very pleasant.

    Enjoy the food court and gift shop, love getting some food & a cocktail and eating outside in the courtyard; like to visit for those even if not staying at CBR.

    Love all the seating areas around the buildings and rooms have always been themed very nice I like them, even with double beds :) We were at CBR one time on leap day and the bushes all around the resort were flowering so beautifully :lovestruc

    Pools are visually appealing and have fun features, and there are lots of them! Enjoy the boat and bike rentals. The lake is a good place for kids to learn to drive a Sea Raycer, its not a huge body of water and generally not crowded.

    I don't care for the Custom House setup, but the setup they have with a bus that comes along and takes you to your building is ok. I would never walk with my luggage from or to Custom house! I liked it a lot better when you were brought to your room in a golf cart years ago - I think that's rare now. I wish the internal bus was a cute Caribbean themed non-diesel vehicle!

    Basically I think its all pretty good and have nothing bad to say!
  5. PA Disneymania

    PA Disneymania Mouseketeer

    Nov 9, 2010
    Everyone is correct - it is a beautiful resort. We had no issues with the food and we had stayed in a preferred room so we were close to the pool and the food court. However, we experienced very long waits for buses. We generally go from morning (as close to rope drop as we can) to closing. I realize that at closing there will be waits for the buses, but CBR vacationers were often still waiting when all the other bus stops were empty. Also in the morning the bus was often full by the time it came to us so we would have to wait another 20 minutes for another bus. One time we just changed our plans to go to a different park because we could not get a bus. Give yourself an hour to get anywhere if you have an ADR.
    Another issue was with checkout. While there is an internal bus, you will wait a long while for it. We just pulled our luggage to the Custom House to do the airline check-in and then had to hike back to the resort bus stops to get a bus to a park.
    We have stayed at all of the moderates and several of the value resorts. CBR is the only one we have no desire to stay at again.
  6. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    Dec 6, 2010
    We stayed at CBR in 2011.

    1. It is really pretty and peaceful
    2. We had some really great customer service from the GM when we experienced some issues during our trip, I mean, above and beyond! :goodvibes
    3. We could see the higher fireworks from IllumiNations outside our door
    4. I liked being able to see SSE across the lagoon
    5. The pool is really neat

    1. The size! DH and I are two very healthy, active adults but it was definitely a 10 minute walk from our room to the food court with our little ones dragging behind. Just not practical if all you want is to fill your mug or grab a snack.
    2. The amount of bus stops internally make it seem like you are on the bus forever.
    3. We didn't like the food court selections
    4. CBR is the only resort we have experienced Mousekeeping issues in. Nothing horrendous, but enough to make us annoyed because the stuff just shouldn't happen

    We wouldn't stay there again unless it was the only way we could go to Disney quite honestly.
  7. Ariel on Land

    Ariel on Land DIS Veteran

    Jun 30, 2008
    Stayed there twice and enjoyed it both times. Barbados and Jamaica. Jamaica was the better location for sure, but I enjoyed the long walks through the resort. The bright colors and landscaping just made it feel like vacation. :goodvibes I loved the walk across the island to the food court- so incredibly peaceful! I'm having a hard time not going there this next time, but I think we're leaning towards a suite at AoA now that we have a little one who naps plus the older kids. The double beds are a little bit of a pain, but when you're tired, you really don't notice (or at least we don't!) I hope I don't miss it too much!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! :beach:
  8. CamColt

    CamColt <font color=magenta>Only thinks she’s not losing i

    Aug 7, 2000

    We are back and enjoyed our stay. We got Jamaica, 4340, a corner room. It wasn't too far at all. The walk to the FC was 5 minutes and 35 seconds (we timed it) and the bus stop was just across the parking lot. The quiet pool, which I preferred over the main pool was maybe 1-2 minutes away.

    Loved the theming, it was really pretty. We had Nemo bedspreads but after a couple days those got changed to white. :confused3

    We were right over where they were doing work during the day. The noise was unbearable. If I had little ones who had to nap we would have had to move, but we were just in there to shower/change, etc... At one point, we were trying to hear the news on tv and kept turning up the volume. I noticed it was up to 52 and yet I could not hear a thing over the work noise. The floor was literally shaking due to the noise. But that's one of those thing that can happen anywhere I guess, just a matter of luck.

    Bus service was good, on par with the other mods/values we have stayed at. It was tough when we were the first stop. Once our loop around took 20 minutes before we even left the resort, but we got where we were going. ;)

    I'm glad we got the chance to stay here and experience it. If I could pick any mod Id probably go with POFQ, but I woudn't not stay here again. :thumbsup2

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