Team Goddess - Volume 11. Rocking 2012 Goddess Style!

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    Jul 9, 2002
    So nice name story.

    First, since that day my father has been using "Lisa" instead of "your youngest daughter" so I'm pretty confident it will make a return for a bit at least. GOOD ON HIM. :thumbsup2


    So funny.

    All my life I felt - had this feeling inside me - that there was something unsaid about my name. Some information I wasn't getting.

    My three siblings are all D names.

    So strange D ---D ------D -------and Hmm let's go L! :lmao:

    They have let out that I was supposed to be a boy (whatever that means at that time! :rotfl2:). And they had Daniel all picked out.

    I obviously wasn't. In fact the story is that my brother was so upset about this non-male birth that he locked himself in his room for 24 hours and refused to come out. :lmao::rotfl:

    GREAT BIRTH STORY. :3dglasses

    So why didn't Daniel go to Danielle? I can't even remember her words on this? I think it was "I liked Lisa" or maybe didn't like Danielle.

    So I go "why not another D name?".

    And she was like "well they were all pretty much taken by family.". What is she talking about? We have many like Donna, Diane...


    I always knew there was something unsaid but just this nonsense all these years. :goodvibes

    So dementia comes.

    And I try another pry not knowing that the dementia will blur the heavy boundary kept all these years. :lmao: :thumbsup2

    And she starts to laugh.

    What is it Mom?

    What IS IT?

    I named you after Lisa - As The World Turns.

    OMG - :lmao: :rotfl::rotfl2:

    Let me explain why this is hysterical.

    One my *mother* pre-condition is prim and proper and would never say "I named you after a TV character". NEVER. EVER. How not her. And she in fact would be so prim and proper that I doubt my father would ever know this information. SO not her.

    First, she never sits down - before I mean;). Is not (was not) a TV watcher - she simply never sat. This soap was her only hour - or maybe even half hour then - sixties. And it would have seemed embarrassing in her head to do such a thing. In her head.

    AND LISA. :lmao:

    Let me go get her FULL NAME for you.

    Are you ready?

    Are you sure?

    It's simply not Lisa _________.

    Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Chedwyn Grimaldi!!!! :rotfl2:popcorn::

    Yes, that kind of woman! :rotfl:

    She's not overly attractive. But during my mother's day she was THE WOMAN. You know the one who didn't give a crap. Went after ANY man that she wanted - taken was no boundary - sexually out there. SHOCKING character for my mother's time for sure. Totally ahead of her time. Would not be as shocking today but back then - HOLY!!! I guess an Elizabeth Taylor type of woman.

    Out of my mom's mouth - I LIKED HER AND THE NAME. :rotfl2::rotfl::lmao:. With great laughter. Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

    So my mom - with her dementia - finally tells me the truth of my L name. She never would have told me. She would have taken it to her grave.

    So there is some lovely. Smiling.
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  3. Twoboysnmygirl

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    Aug 31, 2008
    OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!!! :lmao: :goodvibes :lovestruc
    It's one of those things that you have to find the good in the dementia b/c you would have never known! How fabulous and fun and wonderful to know. It's funny the things people aren't willing to share. I will say that Rey busted me right off the bat when I named Dylan, our first born, after Dylan on 90120. He was such a rebel...I loved that! LOL. So he knows...and never lets me live it down! :lmao:
  4. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Jul 9, 2002
    LOVED the "Rey busted me". :rotfl2:


    I will definitely finish up with Princess weekend tomorrow so that I can finally move on to your TR. Or I could just do two things at once. SIGHING. At me. :goodvibes

    GORGEOUS DAYS HERE. Sun and mild. After gloomy - gloomy and gloomy.

    55 tomorrow but then barely 34 by Wednesday. :crazy2:

    But then again - little snow whatsoever downtown all winter and my friend has gone to Arizona for March Break and a break from winter and she's friggin' snowed in. :crazy2:

    The chances.....:coffee:
  5. lisaviolet

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    Jul 9, 2002
    The Princess Weekend - the sequel (part three)

    So where was I? Rambling, of course. :rotfl:

    So I'm checking out of AKV. Forgot to tell you about another "WT H is going on moment" the night before.

    For years I have been very dry in WDW resorts. My theory is that someone is paid HUGE MONEY to invent this massive dehumidifier that shoots through the buildings. Why do I think this? Am I related to that bus driver? :laughing:

    Well I'm sure sounding like it. Laughing.

    Long story short - many homeowners in Florida have told me that there is no way that they can keep bugs out of their house. And some online here simply laugh when someone at WDW freaks out about a palmetto or some other creature. So that's the talk I've had in the past around Florida and bugs.

    But I hardly ever - if ever - have seen a bug in a resort or resort room. And my theory is that they dehumidify the crap out their resorts. Animal Farm. Racial Slurs. Fairy Godmothers. My fertility. Giant SECRET Dehumidifiers. Laughing.;)

    So one year Jean called down for one - thinking no way they had them. And they do. And they will send you one.

    I meant to bring a small portable one we now have - but booking hours before flight and whipping things into my luggage - well it didn't make the throw.

    So I got a youngin' at Mousekeeping. And about an hour later - someone is wheeling up a MASSIVE dehumidifier. :moped: I smiled and said, " Oh sorry - that's a dehumidifier - I asked for a humidifier". She was totally confused.

    So comedy of errors comes. A long story too boring to post here. And I give up.

    And my phone rings.

    It's a manager at AKL. I'm thinking "huh?":confused3

    GET THIS. ARE YOU READY?:cloud9:

    She says, "Lisa, we do have them here. They have been requested already. So please know that you will have one - I'm sending someone out to Walmart for you".


    Please tell me WHAT IS GOING ON?

    I told her over and over - thank you so much - I truly appreciate it - but I'm here for one night - I could simply use a pail or wastebasket and fill it with water. (Or nothing!) Please don't go to Walmart.

    She'll hear nothing of it. Nothing, I'd tried and tried.

    "Lisa, no." We're happy to get you one. I'm sending someone to Walmart. It just might be a bit."

    I can't even tell you how I felt. First, a free room out of the blue. Then another night in a BW view room and linked for me. Then we're sending people out to Walmart for me!

    Just a MAGICAL STAY at WDW resorts for me! Unbelievable. :love:

    So Princess!!! Whoopsies.:rotfl2:

    It took me a bit to find them on this day. Erika was kind enough to tell me when they were going to be at OKW. I had already made my way over there.

    So I was able to meet up at the main pool.


    So we're pretty well at the half.

    The explanation here shows how bloody determined I was that NOTHING - NO ONE - was going to keep me from my cheering. I was on a mission.

    I knew I had to get myself out of the place by 4:30 am. Killer. And I'm not even running!!!

    The girls were walking to the corrals from the front of OKW. Fantastic for them, eh? Totally. Short walk. The corrals sit near the road that goes by the side of OKW and up to POR and beyond. They could have gone on the bus; however, their smarts were much better. On the bus - it sends you to a spot where you have to walk a long, long way for the corrals. A LONG LONG WAY.

    I knew, from my research, that that wouldn't be my place to go. And I knew that I had to be at the front of OKW for a bus before 5 am. Why? They tell you over and over on their brochures that if you don't get on a bus by 5 - well you'll be waiting until 7. And there was NO WAY I was going to do that. And miss a thing. And miss my peanut butter spot (I'll explain). And they also warn you over and over that ALL ROADS will close between 5 am and 7 am. So I was on it.

    When my internal transportation didn't come right away, I used the bus stop phone. I wanted to walk but I knew I simply didn't have the time. We were near the back of OKW. The dispatcher was worried for me about the 5 am cut off. I wasn't. At all. But she was almost in a tizzy. But I was fine. And the bus came and I jumped on with glee.

    I got to the front - where the Princess bus picks us all up - about 4:45 am. Perfect. No issues. There were racers there too. WHAT!?!?!? I wanted to tell them - NO, walk to the corrals. Walk to the corrals. But I wasn't confident that I knew actually where they were at that point. And I didn't want to say "walk to the corrals - but I'm not positive where they are!". Wink.


    OH WAIT! We interrupt this story for a funny. Some of the goddesses were laughing, "Look at the spectator leaving before the runners!". They were still in the suite when I left. Smiling.


    Here's where the problem started with that morning. There was a group of us there. Mostly spectators and some runners and they all had been waiting for awhile.

    And this kid. :(Well teenager or early twenties starts spreading STRESS. It's about 10 to 5 at this point. He gets everyone scared sh!tless. He goes on and on about how he's been here before for The Princess and I bet the bus isn't coming - they DO close the roads at 5 am - THEY DO and if you're on the road and if the clock passes 5 - you're totally screwed.

    Me tinks this boy has watched Cinderella one too many times.;)

    People start to panic. I'm not exaggerating. :rotfl2: REALLY. NO drama there. I can't even imagine the poor runners there with all his talk. He goes on about how "they'll close the roads at 5 and you won't move an inch".

    I just sighed and laughed in my head. I thought "come on - like Disney is going to not let a Disney bus through" but he was spreading his nonsense by the minute and told everyone "JUST WALK". And starts to explain that the race start is right there - minutes away. Just go here and then see the path. He tells everyone WALK - I know from last year - don't wait for the bus. By the way I don't think he was going to the Half - maybe DME.

    I knew that was the truth - the part that we're very close to the race - because of the girls. But I also knew it wasn't where I needed to be.

    But it was now 5 to 5 and NO DISNEY PRINCESS bus in sight. And the group had been waiting way before I got there.

    So many leave. I stay.

    I stay.

    And I guess it was because it was the middle of the night- and I didn't have a BRAIN!!!! - that I suddenly decide to catch up to the pack. Cause I'm the only one that didn't go.

    Stupid move. It's hard to have the confidence of one in the middle of the night. Heck, it's hard in general. :offtopic:

    I walk way too quickly because I am now almost leading with two others. Bad move. Bad, bad move.

    As we're looking for this path - the larger group in the back simply DISAPPEARS.

    Vanishes. LAUGHING.:lmao:

    I had no idea whether they spotted a bus. Or they found a better way out. BUT VANISHES.

    It's dark.

    We look for this path but can only find bush and drop offs.

    At 5 AM!!!!

    I'm scrounging through bush at OKW at 5 am!!!!

    Oh I'm getting to THAT race.

    So we give up on that and the three of us go out the driveway instead and head toward the corrals. Of course I see our Disney buses, probably more than one, passing us by. They never came and now they're here after 5 AM. Laughing. They don't see us.

    And traffic is still moving and it's after the clock struck Cinderella boy!!!

    But of course you're wondering if you're totally screwed at this point. TOTALLY.

    We make our way over to the corrals - knowing it's totally the wrong spot but maybe some officials know where to go or some advice.


    They know nada - only that we can't walk from there - in their words "it would be like walking at least half the PRINCESS".

    And they add when we say the buses never came - "Oh that happened last year, too!".

    OH THANKS. Laughing.

    So there's thousands and thousands of runners all lined up. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS. And the Goddesses see me!


    So funny. Of course I don't explain fully what the heck I'm doing over there - they have more important things like THEIR RACE!!! Laughing.

    And I tell them I will be at my peanut butter spot (my added words now!) and will see them and have a good race. I think I might have said the buses never came but certainly not I'm been in bushes and gullies.

    I was actually thinking "I don't know how the he11 I'm going to get out of this mess - BUT I WILL - Nothing is going to keep me away!!!" But I hid my concern, of course.

    So three brains are slowly going against one another.

    I know not to go back to OKW.

    I actually thought about ignoring the *TOO FAR* comments and trying the walk.

    But one of the three starts walking back to OKW. One doesn't know what to do but follows her friend. And I stay put and think.

    I'm like "I'm getting to this race!!!!'

    And just as I had that thought - as I'm trying to cross that very busy road AGAIN. I look back and see a cab.

    He's dropping runners at the corrals. This late? Laughing. I was so focused on THIS LATE? that I almost missed my one opportunity.

    I run across traffic and grab him. I'm not even sure how much cash I have on me - it's certainly not for cab rides when there are buses for the same route - but this is a bloody emergency - I know it's enough and I'm GETTING TO THIS RACE. I didn't book hours before takeoff - run to Jean's car at the last minute - throw crap into a suitcase - run to the BUF airport with little funds - have no sleep - take a chance on no rooms to sleep - to be STOPPED HERE! There is NO WAY IN HELL that I'm not getting to THIS RACE. :rotfl2: I'm sure he loved THAT energy. :rotfl:

    He says "yes I can take you but I can't sit here on the road - you have to jump in now".

    I see my two newly found comrades up the road toward OKW and I don't want to leave them stranded. But Lisa this cab could pull away on you any minute. But I can't leave them. I know they're strangers but I didn't think it was right. So I SCREAMED at the top of my lungs. In the middle of WDW. At 5:10 am. On a very busy road. The bus driver says "get over to the other side of van, please". Nice driver thinking I might get killed soon! Laughing.

    So back to my screaming. Laughing.:rotfl2:

    I SCREAMED, "GET OVER HERE!" " I have cab!" "He's about to leave!" "We can share it".

    They ran across traffic and were so thrilled that I thought of them and didn't just leave.

    I was too. My heart was good but sharing the costs was going to be a big help as well.

    So these two were the parents of two girls - separately I mean - that met online and began racing at Disney. They, I guess, had just met each other this weekend - the parents I mean ( mother and a father). Laughing, hey I just met you but look at us looking for paths - and running across traffic in the middle of the night at WDW.

    Funny part of the ride - she says the girls left for the corrals at 3:20. What time did your friends leave?

    Oh, about twenty minutes ago!

    SO FUNNY. She didn't quite know what to say.

    I was thinking "cause that's how they roll!!". Love to you Kelly. :love:

    So we are finally at Epcot. And I have my money all ready.

    And the mother says "NO WAY. No way are you paying one bit. I will pay it. I can't even thank you enough for yelling at us".

    WT H? :rotfl::confused3

    Yet another WT H? moment at Disney. I thanked her immensely. Thank GOD for seeing that cab. Thank God I'm at least at the Epcot monorail.


    I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :cloud9:

    I did it. :cheer2: What a friggin' relief. And a total comedy of errors. :rotfl2:

    (I have to stop as it's SO beautiful outside and my fingers hurt!!!) (will finish this sucker tonight)
  6. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Jul 9, 2002
    The Princess Weekend - THE END

    So THE RACE. :goodvibes

    The big one.

    I got on the Epcot monorail and felt so blessed that I had pushed through all that and was on my way.

    So thrilled. :dance3:

    Back track. This Princess update is so me, me, me. Sorry. I did love watching the girls get ready the night before and that morning for the race. Funny and nice - all at once. :goodvibes

    They were all starting in the same corral. I believe it was B and the second on this race. I think I'm correct with that. Eeek.

    And they were all running as a group. Starting, running/walking, finishing AS A GROUP.

    So excited and exciting! :thumbsup2

    The day was beyond HUMID for them. BOO! :crazy2:I remember walking out to the terrace and it feeling like a sauna. AT 3:45 AM! February and it felt like a sauna in the middle of the night. :sad2:

    So my goodness for them.


    Holy cow - only the goddesses could tell you how brutal it was to run with such humidity.


    So I'm on the Epcot monorail and I get off at the TTC at the BEST TIME EVER.

    Just perfect timing. :flower3:

    I can't even communicate how exciting this moment was for me. I tell you - although I'm not a runner - it pretty well made me cry. Very emotional.pixiedust:

    I was going up the ramp for the MK monorail and I heard some bells - some motocycles?!?!?! - I put the question marks because I'm not confident that it was - I think it was - I did see it clearly but it's not coming back to me - anyway my brain was totally taken away by what was coming next.

    The first two runners. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love::love:

    Yes, the first two runners are at the TTC and I've just made it there! By taxi and monorail. Laughing.

    It was unreal. I can't even explain it to you. I have no words.

    I will state something INSANE.


    The first two runners looked like they were bloody well sprinting. I know how ridiculous that sounds. But that's the look they gave - that they were almost sprinting.

    INSANE. And a wonderful moment that I will remember forever. :goodvibes:worship:

    Once I calmed down from that moment I got myself to the MK . It was packed already. Gave up trying to find a spot - tried all the way up to top near the castle platform but nothing. So I went back down and went to the train platform to take it all in. NICE.

    I thought I saw Amy at one point but knew it couldn't have been because I knew that they were altogether on the race course.

    MK was complete magic. LOVELY.:goodvibes:love:

    I then got on the monorail to make sure I was at my peanut butter position at a good time!

    Peanut butter - Nancy had mentioned that it would be wonderful to have a half a sandwich at an important part of the race. She suggested the position. On the road near the Polynesian. THANK YOU NANCY!!!

    Perfect spot. She gave me a time but I came much earlier just in case they were making good time.

    I ran through the Polynesian - out the front - Disney had workers directing spectators away from the road and up a path. Disney has it covered!!!

    I saw most were on the Polynesian side of the road but a few were on the Shades of Green side. Just a few but I knew I must get over to that side because there were no barriers to the runners. I had to figure it out. I mean, really, what was I going to do on the main side? WHIP sandwiches and hope they catch them?


    So I opened my mouth and eyes and figured out there was a crossing.

    I did it.

    Scared sh!tless I was going to hit some runner as one scurried over the race. And Liz had told me the night before that people cross like nutcases during the race especially near the finish.

    And I took it all in!


    In awe of the runners. All of them.

    And waited, in total glee, for sight of the girls. :cheer2:

    I must have known it was soon at one point because the minute I climbed a rock to look up the race - there was ERIKA!!!!

    So exciting. She had ran past for a bit to find me.

    And then they all came! :dance3:

    OMG, it was a very short moment, of course they ARE racing (laughing), and I was concentrating on getting the halves out of the ziploc quickly but it was lovely.

    It was around this point that Stephen (Nancy's Stephen) had messaged her that they should try to pick up the pace - to run the race they wanted to I mean!!!

    Such a great moment. A smiling one. They were all looking strong. I don't know if they were feeling it. But they were certainly looking it!!!

    BEYOND lovely moment for me. ::love:

    I crossed back and immediately went to the finish area. BUT IT WAS BEYOND JAMMED and I couldn't get anywhere close at that late hour. Not even close.

    So I gave up. SAD FACE. I knew it would be a long shot to get anywhere near the finish. And unfortunately it was.

    And I went back to the suite to wait for the marathoners. I didn't have my laptop in my back pocket so I was screwed to find them. (It's not just my lack of a cell - we Canadians pay through the roof for a single text - through the roof!)

    AND THERE THEY CAME. Medal wearers. Marathon girls. :goodvibes

    They looked good. But they told me how hard it was in those conditions. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all their stories and what they like on a run. Liz was hysterical with her stories of wanting silence at some point and not getting it! Smiling.

    But wow. WOW.

    Good on them. GOOD ON THEM.

    In general and because of the conditions.

    Erika had another marathoner pass out ON HER. Poor woman - fainted. It was SO humid you guys.


    I could see the fun and freedom that comes after completion. I bet.

    They fully enjoyed their medal glory. And their hoodies were LOVELY.

    We went to MK, MGM (you know) and Epcot over those days.

    Erika is BEYOND skilled at talking us into fastpass lines. :rotfl2: BEYOND. It's an art.

    I enjoyed taking it all in.

    The energy of the races was insane and contagious.


    Okay, there you are Karen. :thumbsup2 It's hard to give you a race perspective that you are looking for - as a spectator - but I think I did an okay job regardless. And I enjoyed remembering some great points on the trip.

    I started because you asked but it became a gift for me to write it out - so thank you. :flower3:

    In the words of my great love PINK (who is in town and LISA HAS NO *@#$$% TICKET!!! I've entered about every contest there has been - she sold out quickly.

    In her words - THERE YOU GO! Smiling. :goodvibes:love:
  7. poppinspal

    poppinspal DIS Veteran

    Mar 7, 2006
    Lisa- I enjoyed the report! Sounds like you had a great time. I have to thank you for the image of the goddesses mid-race eating sandwiches. Too funny.
  8. 3DisneyKids

    3DisneyKids More Drink, Less Run...Since 2008

    Aug 13, 2005
    Just have a quick minute to pop in and comment...more later...

    First, the PB sandwiches were a GOD SEND. Truly. And Lisa was wonderful and patient to stand there waiting (for I'm sure what was a long time) for us to come by. Nancy and I knew well ahead of time that we were going to be on the course for longer than we were comfortable with, so we knew we would need *real* fuel. Not just Gu and gel and shot blocks, etc.

    And as I was with Lisa for a couple of minutes waiting for the rest of the team, I got to hear other runners comment. I saw Nancy and the rest of the team, so I started yelling, "Nancy! Sandwiches! Over here!" And the runners going by said, "Wow, I want to be on THAT team!" Of course you do.

    At some point, I would love to write up my perspective as a runner. And compare this (our 4th) to our first.

    However, I think we can safely say that Team Goddess is breaking up with the Princess. We've done it, we've loved it, but it's time to move on.

    Yes, not one but TWO runners passed on me. The first one was literally ON me. As in, I caught her in my arms, dragged her off to the side a bit, provided first aid and waited while medical came...the whole 9 yards. The second woman was already at the Finish. But she passed out about 5 mites after finishing. Again, waited with her till Medical came.

    Low lights - way way way too crowded. The first year we did this, there were 13,000 runners. This year, 26,000. And they made the course MORE NARROW in several spots. Also, way way way less on-course entertainment. WAY less characters. Thus, the lines for the characters they had were SUPER long. Of course, the heat and humidity were low lights, too...but nothing Disney can do about that. Also, runner etiquette was AWFUL. Never had such rude people on the course before. It has always been lovely and supportive. Also, they allowed a proposal in front of the castle. A guy waited for his runner to come through, pulled her off to the side, and did his dramatic proposal. Lovely? Maybe. But it caused a MASSIVE traffic jam at the castle. 1. It was dangerous. Runners were slamming into each other. And 2. We all missed our moment, THE moment, of running through the castle. We were a cattle heard at a dead stop and then shuffling through. BOO.

    Highlights - due to the temps, Disney had SEVERAL extra water stops. VERY necessary. Walking to the corrals. We are motherf'ing brilliant. We got an extra hour of sleep, and got to our corral maybe 15 minutes before starting. No standing on our soon-to-be-tired feet for 1.5 hours before starting the race. Starting and finishing as a team. Word.
  9. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2008
    Thank you, thank you for the write-ups Lisa and Erika!

    I have read a lot of the cons from this year and I'm hoping they fix some stuff next year but I'm guessing it will just be worse because they are not adjusting for their numbers and keep allowing more. So...I am just going to prepare for the worst and enjoy the rest!
  10. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Jul 9, 2002
    I was so out of it in this moment as I walked away with extra sandwiches/halves and didn't have a clue why. :rotfl2: Truly. Looked down and went "hmmmm".

    I know Kat, Erika and Nancy took one.

    That's my guess and I'm sticking to it. Argh - head fog. But lovely memory nonetheless.

    (Oh Liz doesn't do food on a run - nauseous)

    It's SNOWING DOWNTOWN!!! :rolleyes1 55 a couple of days ago and now this - such a bloody depressing March Break with this weather - gloomy - sun all weekend and this for the break. As I'm editing NO MORE SNOW. Came and went.

    Thanks for this Erika. So many details I didn't even catch - and many I couldn't of course.

    I didn't realize that the traffic jam at the castle was due to a proposal - not smart to allow it there.

    And didn't know that there was a second woman passing out. Awful.

    Great to hear a bit of your perspective for Karen's run next year.

    Karen, you won't have anything to compare it to - so it will probably be not quite as bad for you. Issues still, of course but not as "what?".

    And I would hope that Disney has learned as I'm sure some marathoners have let them know about how tight the space was for them all. I hope. I saw it at my second stop and it was more wide than than parts of MK seemed - some runners in my area came over to pass and get through - so hopefully Disney knows about this issue.

    I remember the goddesses mentioning the music as well - such a lack of music in comparison.

    I just found the blog. Your TR first when I get home. And then onto your blog.

    GOOD ON YOU, KAREN. :dance3:
  11. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2008
    Yes, yes, I started a blog! I'm not very good at it, it will probably be more of a journal, but I'm having some "head issues" when it comes to my running and need somewhere to write them out. Of course I'm filling it full of backstory and stuff right now, but I'll get to it! I have a YEAR, so I'm thinking I might run out of things to say. Yep, right. :lmao:

    Losing the glass slippers
  12. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Jul 9, 2002
    Kelly, if you're reading....

    How is your mom doing/feeling? Hope everything is continuing to go well.
  13. 3DisneyKids

    3DisneyKids More Drink, Less Run...Since 2008

    Aug 13, 2005
    Karen--don't let the negative comments from this year's race influence you or impact you at all. If it's your first Princess and/or your first Disney race, you will love it. Period.

    I am to the point now where I will ONLY do Disney distance races. Everything else just pales in comparison and makes those miles agonizingly long. At least with a Disney race--even an over-crowded one--I know there will be entertainment, enough water, fuel, bio-freeze, etc. all along the race course. And of course, the FANS! Nowhere else do you get thousands and thousands of people cheering for you. The signs are one of the best things about the race. I can't remember the best ones from this year. I'll have to think.

    A few from this year or years past: "Random Stranger: I am proud of you!" or from last year: "You trained longer than Kim Kardashian was Married!" and "MOMS: You are a shining example for your kids!"

    But it's the people you meet on-course who really affect you the most. Or at least they do me. I was in the hateful miles (7-11) and a young woman up ahead of me had a National Kidney Foundation t-shirt on with an "in memory of..." on it. So I had to run and catch up to her and hear her story. I asked her about her shirt. It turns out she's a 30 year old middle school teacher. And she was running for one of her student's mothers who died of kidney failure. And she lost 100 pounds to do the race. Talk about powerful and inspirational. I told her that I have 2 middle school age children, so we bonded for the mile. But seriously, I cry or get weepy literally dozens of times on the course.
  14. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2008
    Erika, thank you!!!!!! Those things are EXACTLY why I want my first half to be at Disney! :lovestruc I'm so crazyexcited, I ran 4 miles this morning!!! (OMG, WHEN can I use the banana?!?!?!?) ;)
  15. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2008
    When I finish the half...when I finish it, I am using the banana. Yep. Watch me! :rotfl2:
  16. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Jul 9, 2002
    I'm so crazy excited but I did not run 4 miles this morning!!!:rotfl2: :love:

    Yeah Karen!

    You will be thrilled. If I was merely watching it all - I can only imagine. :thumbsup2
  17. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Jul 9, 2002
    OH NO! You've started another TR and I'm not finished the other! DRAT. Yes I just made your TRs all about ME. :goodvibes
  18. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2008
    No worries Lisa (and it IS all about you!) ;) That new report is a PRE-trip report, so it will go slower and have less updates!
  19. poppinspal

    poppinspal DIS Veteran

    Mar 7, 2006
    Hey guys. I am here and reading. Life is pretty crazy at the moment. I've been working two jobs and found out a couple of weeks ago I have to have a minor surgery to correct three things that have been preventing me from breathing out of my nose and causing me lots of sinus infections. It's involved lots of doctors visits and test. So life will probably remain crazy till I get this done and then I can slow down for a bit.

    The good news in all this is the doctor says my running will be better because ill be able to breath properly.
  20. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Jul 9, 2002
    Megan, that's great news. Totally. :thumbsup2 So interesting how it will affect so much for you.

    Also, I'm very curious to hear about the second job at the gym. How are you liking it?

    Gorgeous days here. Walked down to the water/Harbourfront today. Karen, I'm going to take my camera next time. There's a park on the lake right near me - about 8 to 10 minute walk and the trees - old and huge. Oh the trees - heavenly. Going up to my parents tomorrow. Loads of sunshine and mild weather wasted on a bus ride but what can you do? There will be other days but when spring wants to kiss you it's seems like you have to grab it and not be hours on a bus. Yes I'm being a little complainer. ;) Happy to be there but not happy to get there. That's all.

    So 50 something and mild and then suddenly drops below normal temperature early next week - like 30 something!!! WT H? BOO.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Ours is extended as we have Easter Monday.
  21. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2008
    Oh my goddess! (LOL...see what I did there?) ;) This thread was sooooo low down my subbed threads.

    I have a question for my Goddess friends! I have a couple friends that are training to run the Princess with me in 2014 and I wanted to ask you guys about registering as a team. Is there a purpose to it? What is different about registering as a team or an individual? Is there a discount at all? How does that work when everyone is paying for themselves? Does that make it trickier? Is trickier a word? ;)

    Um...I guess that was more than one question! My bad! :rotfl2:

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