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Team Goddess - Volume 11. Rocking 2012 Goddess Style!

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by DisneyGalUK, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. SeptemberGirl

    SeptemberGirl <font color=peach>There should be a quiz at the do

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  3. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Hi guys,

    Just a head's up I've asked a moderator to delete my TR.

    It's simply depressing me to write about it in general. Even to look at it on there. (Plus to me honest DVC has us putting it in a new section - used to be DVC Mousellaneous where there is/was always a lot of traffic - some have tons of interaction because they used to write from the TRIP REPORT section on the DIS - so they have people coming over to DVC - and because they're fabulous TR writers! - so next time I'll simply post on the regular trip reports as it sucks not to have company like before). I'm sure everything at home is just adding to my feelings writing it.

    And I'll post some of my pictures on facebook or on this thread - I have some lovely shots of Nathan, Annie and the kids. So that I will do!

    So thanks for the company but I thought a positive spin would ease my frustration - it only adds to it to write it.

    And Karen - I will get to camera thoughts and questions soon.
    Be back soon to catch up.

    Will catch up but just want to say Kelly - much love to you and your mom. And very proud of you with the quitting a la facebook quotes.
  4. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

    Sorry it was depressing you Lisa, I understand! Yes pretty please post more pics though, you have a fantastic eye and I loved seeing WDW through your lens!
  5. SeptemberGirl

    SeptemberGirl <font color=peach>There should be a quiz at the do

    I get that, Lisa!
  6. AKASnowWhite

    AKASnowWhite <font color=teal>I have such wonderful memories of

    Thank you Lisa :love: Life has it's challenges, and right now we're dealing with a doozy!:sad1: I apologize for being cryptic, but I know you understand the need to keep sensitive issues private.

    This little snippet right here. THAT'S what I'm going to focus on right now. Finding the positives and sharing them :goodvibes

    Karen! That is SO awesome! And your picture is fabulous! I'm so happy for you! :yay:
  7. AKASnowWhite

    AKASnowWhite <font color=teal>I have such wonderful memories of

    Kelly - sending good thoughts to your mom! We ate at Rose & Crown last week and there was a group of "natives" :confused3:rotfl: at the table next to us. I'd say they were late 20's. They were having so.much.fun! Made me think of you.

    Karen - Mother/daughter trip sounds fabulous. My daughter keeps begging me to let her come for the Princess weekend. She said she'd even walk the 1/2 marathon if I let her go :laughing:

    Meg - woot on the new opportunites! Any crazy events planned for you?

    Lisa - sorry your trip was less than stellar.:sad1: I thought of you as we sat on the Boardwalk eating and people watching! popcorn::

    I'll get you more trip details soon. Now I really must get out of my chair and do some Princess Training. :eek:
  8. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Thanks so much Liz for offering. Every year I hum and haw about ordering. It's ridiculous. Thank you for including us.

    Very nice. Do you have yours yet?

    Nancy! :love:

    Love to you with everything going on. :hug:
  9. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Nice on the people watching.

    I should just wiggle my nose and go there. It's going to be HORRID here next/this week. I've had no snow all winter - a tiny bit has fallen a couple of days tops. Downtown has had none stick. And suddenly it's dropping in temperature like a nuthouse here next week. We've had such mild winters the last couple of years. This is going to seem outrageous when I'm sure it's just a week in winter. :rotfl2: But it better come with snow or what is the dam@ sense of it? WHAT? :lmao: But I'm sure it's a front - or that dreaded Jet Stream ;) - a la many places will drop below norm. BUT BOOOOOO! My winter coat needs cleaned - I've been wearing my fall coat up until now.

    Just the thought of the lovely BW sent me on that special tirade. :rotfl2:

    Nancy, of course we want the goods - like NOW. So curious about it all.

    (And thanks for your thoughts around mine - thank you everyone! :love: - it feels much better without the TR and I had a great conversation with someone at Disney)

    Can't wait to hear Nancy. All of it but especially the race.
  10. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Karen, it's this one. I prefer the original but I think I lost it with my computer. Anyway, this picture would never have been possible for them. My mother would have HATED it of her as she's WAY better looking that it shows and she liked to look a certain way kind of gal. Smiling. And one of my nieces would have picked herself apart even though she looks great - you know that thing most women have.

    Just a perfect example of thank GOD I have it. And that the only way is candid because all three are better looking than the shot but the shot shows beauty in a completely different way. Lovely memory. Priceless. And just precious to always have.

  11. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

    Oh yes! LOVE and this is what I'm talking about! You have IT. You really do. I know exactly what you mean about the subjects picking themselves apart because they don't look a certain way, but the shot capturing the TRUE FEELING of the moment...it's not always about looking perfect, or your best!

    So that brings me to responding to your comment about the shot you saw taken with a dslr that was sharper but showed all the imperfections. Two different things here...first, you may come to find that you LIKE seeing all the imperfections in shots, finding the little details in things beautiful is something you already seem to have an eye for!

    OR/AND...secondly, (I was just talking to Rey about this) you may learn to enjoy editing...yes, manipulating...your shots. I know that sounds strange, but the dslr does pick up more detail that sometimes you don't want.

    Example: the woman I shot the other day had a LOT of acne. The camera caught it all. Not the kind of imperfection you want to see, so I edited the shot. You would never know, looking at the picture and I'm sure she appreciated it. On the other hand, there are times you want to leave the detail there. I have a beautiful picture of my mother and her wrinkles. She probably would hate it, but there's no way I would edit those wrinkles, they make her who she is now.

    Sorry Goddesses! Just went into a whole convo there that started elsewhere!

    2 weeks from today Savannah & I head to PoP! WOOT! I'm trying to stay positive, my feet flared up as soon as I upped my miles. I'm so sick of this PF. Cutting back down b/c I know we will do lots of walking and my PF usually flares at WDW, so I don't want to go into it already hurting.
  12. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

  13. DisneyGalUK

    DisneyGalUK <font color=purple>Rutger Hauer sends shivers down

    Hi all

    Just a fly-by for the minute - we found out yesterday that my mum will NOT need chemo or radiotherapy! I am so happy!

    By no means does she have 100% all clear, but they are really happy at the hospital with how things went, and we'll find out tomorrow when she is fitted for her prosthesis what follow up is required!

    Be back later
  14. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

    That is WONDERFUL news!!!!!!!! :hug:
  15. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    I still have to catch up.

    But Kelly! :flower3: My goodness, I can't even express how wonderful it was to find this post. So happy for you both. Here's to a smooth recovery now and in the future.

  16. SeptemberGirl

    SeptemberGirl <font color=peach>There should be a quiz at the do

    KELLY! Wonderful news!!!!!
  17. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Karen, can not wait for your trip! :goodvibes Totally exciting.

    Everyone - love sent. :love:
  18. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Karen, I forgot to say I hope your PF is getting better. I'm sorry. It must be so frustrating.

    I hear ya. I guess that one day that I saw the SLR shot of the same statue - for that one moment ONLY - I went "hmmm the lack of clarity on the point and shoot is not ALWAYS a bad thing. :rotfl2: But I get you. And most days I pout over others' clarity with an DSLR.

    I smiled - broadly - at post editing. You should see the arguments I have about post editing with a friend. As in - I judge.;) Ridiculously I go on and on like a mad woman. Like why? Why? What's wrong with reality? Just laugh at me Karen I'm ridiculous with it all - the way I go on. I fully understand the acne. But it's taken so far by some. I start to crave reality.

    Yes, I fully understand that I want it both ways - if one reads both paragraphs. Priceless. :rotfl:

    And I know a few people who love post editing as much as taking the picture. Blah.
  19. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Oh and I got so excited last night. My WW leader has finally returned. I was unsure if it would ever happen but she's back on as of last night on the computer!! So much for *just a little while*. But I can't find the money.:( We're pretty well $60 here.

    Weight has been holding steady - so happy with that but no loss lately. It's one of those days where there is so much going on that I don't even care.

    This is a tough time of year. No pay for Christmas break and March break for Jean and I - it's just the way it works and makes Jan/Feb/March very difficult. And my work has been slow regardless. If I had known I would have cancelled WDW - actually considered it - but you have to book 11 months out at that time and Annie/Nathan were coming. Rambling.

    It's just that kind of day. Gloomy here. A little snow came but it's next to nothing and it's raining and gloomy so bye bye to the little snow that even came. 55 on Wednesday but GLOOMY _ AGAIN. I don't even recognize here. Was sunny this weekend but so weirdly gloomy most fall/winter. ???????

    Karen! I need to follow you at WDW. Some happy talk.
  20. poppinspal

    poppinspal Active Member

    Ok I feel like I haven't been here in ages, I've been swamped trying to settle into the routine of two jobs and everything else. But I was thinking of you all and thought I'd pop by and say a quick hello before heading off to bootcamp.

    Love to all.
  21. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

    Bootcamp sounds fun! Kinda. In a bad/good pain kinda way! ;)

    Lisa, I'll be posting all over FB, I have a special "group" on FB dedicated to just WDW sharing...you are on it! :) I'm crazy excited, 1 week from tomorrow!!! :woohoo:

    It took every bit of restraint in me not to post the BANANA. :p

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