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Team Goddess - Volume 11. Rocking 2012 Goddess Style!

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by DisneyGalUK, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. SeptemberGirl

    SeptemberGirl <font color=peach>There should be a quiz at the do

    Hi Gang!

    Lisa - you really need to EMAIL me before you cross the border!!!

    Thinking about you with your parents - the stuff with my mom is very intense right now. it's too bad we can't have a weekly destressing meet up!

    Meg - yes, we all do process in our own way, so true. Lisa is right. Sometimes it takes a long time to get back - sometimes we never get there, just to somewhere new. You had a really good beginning, a good story and good times to hang onto - those beginnings help when the toad gets rocky, which is always does.

    Tell us more about the wedding! Who is she marrying? Father of the baby? Yes?
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  3. amykab

    amykab <font color=royalblue>Congrats to ALL the losers t

    Hi everyone! Going to try and make an effort to check in more frequently! I need the accountability. I'm sitting in car circle now waiting for D to get out of kindergarten!

    We joined YMCA this summer and it really has been the best thing! I've been doing spin, tabata, Zumba, and I just started a boot camp 3 times a week. Since the week after 4th of July I've lost about 10 lbs. I slacked off for the 2nd half of August and am now trying to get back on track. On a good day I weigh about 185. I would like to be solidly under 175 by early December when I am doing tough mudder ! I have a few other obstacle races between now and then. I'm hoping the boot camps and tabata will improve my upper body strength as right now I have hardly any :)
  4. SeptemberGirl

    SeptemberGirl <font color=peach>There should be a quiz at the do

    I LOVE your Twilight scene. Sigh. ::yes::
  5. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Liz, I would never come without telling you ahead of time. This time I was going to road trip you all (if you were available I mean - laughing) - had it all planned in my head and mapped - and then when it fell apart I was so incredibly drained with everything I needed no plans. Just needed to go with the flow. But I swear Red Bank will be seeing me one day. For sure. And grateful to you for meeting up with me in the city.

    As for Mom - did she get some disappointing tests back? I know that's direct but it's the only way I can do it. Thinking about you all the time Liz. So proud of you as well. I will ask again - tell me a bit about your program - I mean I know it's MSW but what do you want to do with it? I'm so happy for you. So thrilled.

    OMG TOTALLY psychic moment Amy.:wave2: I was JUST going to ask you about all your dedication and how it's playing out body wise on facebook. So thrilled for you. It must be wonderful mentally as well, eh?

    Yeah for you! Outstanding.

    Oh and by the way I'm not sure you need accountability Amy. ;) Wink.
  6. SeptemberGirl

    SeptemberGirl <font color=peach>There should be a quiz at the do

    Amy is a rock star! Not that we are surprised. She is SO consistent!

    My mom. She has a brain tumor. No idea if it's malignant or not. Plus she can't eat, has gallbladder issues, and has been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks with no resolution or progress or anything. She went in two weeks ago for tests, the the cancer treatment center, and she has not left. Now she has been transferred to Temple but all we get is "waiting until she is stronger" etc bs My dad is exhausted and I just started a new job and grad school plus I have that kid to raise, so I am not in Philly advocating. So. No one is with her and no one is picking up the slack. He needs a break and I literally can't step in, if they let me anyway.

    I have to figure out taking some time off and going there asap.

    It's a mess. But it's not unique, right? Such is life, I have legs!
  7. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    So last night I watched a lot of TV. Some studio small home forced :rotfl2: - FOOTBALL. But I also caught a late feed of Oprah's Jennifer Hudson interview. I swear I don't know how that girl simply stands every single day. I don't know what I'm trying to say besides HOLY. H-O-L-Y. And it was something to hear that although her boyfriend thinks she now has even more confidence he actually preferred her larger.

    AND this I LOVE - Jennifer Hudson never ever disliked her previous weight. At all. Said she had confidence and joy within. But loves where she's at now for clothes etc. I can't stand when some _______ on their previous selves - I never think they'll hold their new weight when they can't even love themselves before. And look at her. Wow.

    And Kate Hudson - God love her for the truth. She's looking beyond fantastic and she's admitted that she was exercising SIX hours a day. WT F? No comment. But thank you Kate for not saying "oh I just breastfed". :rotfl2:
  8. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Come on - stop - it is unique Liz. It's okay to call it like it is. It's okay to feel sorry for you and for her and for him. (Cause I know there's time for that and time for a myriad of emotions - none of them wrong). She's been through he!! - you've been through he!! - he's been through he!!. Not everyone has to face that Liz. Not everyone does. Okay, shutting up now.

    All I can say is I'm so incredibly sorry - in the loving sense. And big love to you. SIGHING, SIGHING and sighing.

    I'm so VERY happy that you are surrounded by wonderful friends and family. It's always evident that you are and thank GOD.
  9. SeptemberGirl

    SeptemberGirl <font color=peach>There should be a quiz at the do

    You are right. It's unique and it sucks and I HATE it. Hate it.

    So my supportive friends, so true. Like the girls on here. Lifelines, I swear.
  10. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    How smart of you ::yes:: to concentrate on those who are standing right beside you. How incredibly smart.

  11. amykab

    amykab <font color=royalblue>Congrats to ALL the losers t

    Another car line check in! I totally forgot I had the twilight thing in my sig. I am using the iPad app to post and I can't see pics, emoticons, or sigs. :/ easier to post from the app though.

    Off day from working out today. I believe I had just a bit of dehydration or heat sickness from boot camp yesterday even though I hydrated well afterwards. Feeling better now though :)

    I am loving the variety in my workouts. And while the scale is fairly stagnant right now, I am feeling stronger with every workout and all my clothes are getting looser. Not to mention just a bit of definition in my arms :) So these are good things too.

    I surprised myself I'm the boot camp fitness test on Friday. 20 real pushups, 50 sit ups, 10 pull ups (on the pull up machine) and a 9:05 timed mile!! We'll do another fit test in a month!
  12. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Outstanding Amy. :cheer2:

    The scale is totally secondary to all of this - even though you're ten lower (yeah on its own). All of this means so much more - sighing - totally so much more. Yeah Amy.
  13. DisneyGalUK

    DisneyGalUK <font color=purple>Rutger Hauer sends shivers down

    Hi, remember me........

    So for a quick post I'm just jumping in to say:

    Liz and Lisa - you both have some horrible, crappy situations going on now - and I have no words to describe how incredibly sorry I am for both of you. You both have great friends here and good support systems, so :hug:

    Come here, vent, rant, scream, swear as much as the filters will allow - get it all out.

    I will be back...at the end of the week...when I finally get some time off work! On a happy note I am going to see Phantom of the Opera tomorrow (again!) with my Mum, Aunt and best friend - random ladies day out!

    Love to you all!
  14. poppinspal

    poppinspal New Member

    Hey ladies, I will try to catch up. I'm day five of being sick and I think my fever is finally gone! So I will be back.
  15. DisneyGalUK

    DisneyGalUK <font color=purple>Rutger Hauer sends shivers down

    Hope you're feeling better Meg!

    So, I'm back and I mean business!

    1) Me and DH are joining a gym at the end of the month. His job is to find one for us that has lots of treadmills, which leads me on to number...

    2) We have signed up for a 10k run next year. I know, 12 months is a long time away but this is a really great run that gets booked up really quickly. Its the Bupa Great Yorkshire Run. You can raise money for any charity you like. Mine is for the Alzheimer's Society :sad1:

    3) I am 10lbs over what I want to be. This WILL change.

    4) I am currently rocking the water consumption!

    Hope everyone is well :grouphug:
  16. SeptemberGirl

    SeptemberGirl <font color=peach>There should be a quiz at the do

    YAY for you! You have less than a stone to lose!!!
  17. poppinspal

    poppinspal New Member

    So I got pretty wiped out by being sick. I had a fever for days and my allergies decided to kick in as well. Yesterday was the first day I'd say I was functioning as myself. This has been one of the worst starts to the school year in terms of illness.

    I know a lot of you are going thru hard times with family being sick, I don't want to offer advice as much as I want to say how amazing you all are. I can't say anything you guys don't already know but I lost my grandfather after he suffered the affects of a stoke and dementia for 10 years so I know the struggle. We're always here to listen to you vent or even remember the good times.

    Amy- I saw on facebook you signed up for Tough Mudder. I'm so excited for you! I went thru the same thing with boot camp that you mentioned... my weight loss often comes to a stand still but I feel more toned. I think that's the great thing I've noticed about boot camp for me, even if the number isn't going down I'm getting stronger. When I went up in the weights I was using at boot camp was when I stopped making the scale my only focus.

    Kelly- That's so cool that you can raise money for any charity you like. I think 12 months is a long time but in a way that's great because you can set plenty of mini goals along the way.

    Lisa- Hi!!! :lovestruc

    Liz- How is school going for Emily? How are you?

    So I just registered for the Rebel Run, another mud/obstacle type run. It's in November so the weather might be a factor depending on how cold it gets then but either way I'm running with two girl friends and so looking forward to it. I'm also going to run a 5k that I run every Thanksgiving but I'm going to try to drop a minute off last years time. That's a lot but I'm totally focused on this goal now. Weight loss is secondary right now to getting in shape and fast for this race.

    I will share wedding details soon and I'll share pictures from the Disney themed shower I threw Sunday but right now I think I need a wedding break. lol
  18. PlutoBaby

    PlutoBaby Treat stress like a dog;pee on it and walk away.

    Hellllooooo ladies!!!! Can't believe I'm actually able to steal a few minutes to touch base again. So here's the five minute update from the tropics:

    Liz/Lisa-I'm not usually one to give advice nor am I so good at words of wisdom. But I have been told I have great crying shoulders:goodvibes and they are at your disposal any time!!

    In the big picture of life, the last thing I need to be doing is b**ching about a bum knee, but please indulge me for just a moment:sad:... T minus 51 days until the W&D Half and I have no idea what is going on with it! I can get about 2-3 miles in and pain slowly starts creeping across my knee cap until I just can't step on it unless I stop and massage the poo out of it for a minute. That keeps me going for another mile when I have to stop and do it all over again. I am going to the ortho today, so hopefully he'll give me good news. Sounds like we could all use a little cheering up!:lovestruc

    I had to put school on hold AGAIN. I was thinking my work would reimburse me for my tuition, but the powers that be determined psychology is not related to my job. Little do they know!:crazy2: So until I can be sure that I can keep putting money away from my big trip to Italy next year, I put the learning on hold. Needless to say, I was quite angry, but what can you do?:confused3

    As I seem to be able to get on Facebook more often than here, PLEASE send me info so I can friend you guys!:grouphug:
  19. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Oh sucks Megan. Hope you're all better - yes, I could merely keep reading down.

    Back in business. You have to give me the goods. So what is up? You're still doing WW - online/meetings? Goods MCK. GOODS. Every single time I talk to you now I get that annoying little man's face in my head. He better not touch my closet. :rotfl2: I'll drop kick him. Stronger, faster....

    Kelly, I had no one with me last time and that just sucked. So I'll go back on with you and do Thursdays. Do you have day? Or maybe I should ask first! Laughing, do you even want a day here to weigh in. Maybe not.

    I'm feeling great mentally - around all this I mean. I've accepted me a lot more. I've kept off all the weight I lost over YEARS and YEARS - and now I actually give myself credit for that - but still bouncing that weight around back and forth that I lost here. And in the past I would have concentrated on any gain and got down mentally. BUT and here's the but - I'm fine if I don't lose a pound ( I want to though). When I was in NYC I was getting a lot of hmmm action. And normally I don't see that b/c my head's down but what I'm trying to say is if I take out healthy (which I am IMO) it's women and women and women. Me included I mean. This is not a man's perspective AT ALL. And yes I am a feminist and make my own choices and not based on men. However, it's been eye opening lately to have a different one.

    I shouldn't say lately it's always been there I'm just now - at friggin' 45 - accepting it.


    Hello! Races! You give me such happiness Megan. Keep on signing up. :rotfl2:

    Oh and caught your shower pictures. Fine work. AND bang on on the scale to Amy cause you LOOK FANFLIPPINTASTIC Megan.

    Looking after my mom I absolutely understand bodies so much more. And to watch any athlete go on a talk show too. The smallest bodies are sometimes the ones with no muscle. Not interested. It can really do a mind ____ on you this looking at small bodies that sometimes are small because there is no fitness behind them. (Yes sometimes there is depending on how one builds or not - or bone size).

    Kimberley - I'm on and off facebook. Sometimes I close down. I was off when you asked before but now
    I'm on. EDIT: I left my full name and contact information up for you for quite a few days Kimberley - I was too lazy to PM.

    As for your knee. Don't be ridiculous. It's frustrating as he!!. So vent away. Hope it gets better.
  20. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl New Member

    Liz, I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you.
  21. lisaviolet

    lisaviolet Happy DVC Owner

    Thank you for this Karen - I might not have gone on. Much love to you Liz.

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