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Teachers traveling this summer?

Discussion in 'Doing the Happy Dance!' started by TAKitty, May 22, 2006.

  1. TAKitty

    TAKitty <font color=green>I will make it work with the one

    I have such a love hate relationship with the summer! I am so excited for my vacation to arrive, but I don't want the summer to go by too fast! :rotfl2:

    This is the first summer that I have "off". I finished up my Master's degree last summer. Still, doing the happy dance until WDW :banana: .
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  3. Miandrea

    Miandrea <font color=red>BL II - Red Team<br> <font color=b

    I know exactly how you feel. I'm in school until June 30...and I can't wait for a little holiday!
  4. AStamm

    AStamm Mouseketeer

    I'm in school until June 7th. Congratulations on getting the Master's done TAKitty. I completely understand when you talk about not wanting the summer to go by too fast. We've got our first DL trip planned for this June and free dining to look forward to on a trip to WDW in August (although I'm already panicking about not having enough time to prepare the new school year since in-service days start two days after we get home!) as well as two week-long graduate courses. The good news is I'll be at Masters +60, the top of the pay scale credit-wise (other than Doctorate, which I have absolutely 0% desire in pursuing), so this is the last hectic summer for me.
  5. Ditto. Took me many years not to feel guilty about summers off. Finally I said, what the heck, I didn't make the decision. Enjoy it.
    Got three trips planned to WDW.
    SSR over father's day to see my daughter, currently a CM. (23 days)
    BWV July 23-29 with inlaws (maybe- they aren't terribly dependable right now) (Somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 days).
    OKW one night to drive back with DD August 18th.
    Scheduled to teach 3 one week grad classes if enough participants sign up. As of now, only one is for sure.
    Writing curriculum.....
    Summers sure are a whole lot shorter than they used to be.....
    But retirement is one more day closer.
  6. pooksma

    pooksma <font color=red>Can't help it~there is something a

    Add another here. I have just started my Masters and am taking course #3 this July so no Mouse this summer. Next summer I'll be at WDW! hmmm, there must be an independant study in there somewhere... :rolleyes:
  7. TAKitty

    TAKitty <font color=green>I will make it work with the one

    Kagan (educator seminar type classes) always has a class at the CR. I have often wondered if my school would pay for me to go. . .
  8. dwheatl

    dwheatl DIS Veteran<br><font color=limegreen>Can you tell

  9. voltz

    voltz Earning My Ears

    My last day is May 25, I work in a high school library. We have 10th - 12th over 1300 students and were only missing 20 books!
  10. Crazy Kanga

    Crazy Kanga Mouseketeer

    Wow how funny. I am also a school librarian. Leaving tomorrow for a week in the world. Boy do I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Luvndisney

    Luvndisney Mouseketeer - Have a Magical Day!

    can't wait until June 23rd and my last day fo school!!! we are going for 2 weeks in July for our wedding and this vacation can not come any faster.

    Oh and this is also my first official summer off in a while...masters in done next week.
  12. ozziewags

    ozziewags <font color=FF66FF>I'm a believer!!<br><font color

    This teacher will be at Disney on Monday! Yipee! A treat for passing National Board Certification! Today was our last day.
  13. TAKitty

    TAKitty <font color=green>I will make it work with the one

    Wow! This is a big year for you! Congrats! :thumbsup2 . Wow, you go to school so late in June; we are off June 7.
  14. nataliz

    nataliz Mouseketeer

    Another teacher who will be at the World on June 26th!!!


    Last day a school was Wednesday. Now we're relaxing and waiting for Disney!
  15. teacher31

    teacher31 Mouseketeer

    Congratulations! I've been thinking about going for NBC. Did you pass on the first go around?

    BTW - TODAY was my last day!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool1:
  16. Ruana74864

    Ruana74864 Earning My Ears

    Anyone going to the southwest convention in July. I will be there. Staying 3 extra days and spending them at the world on my own. I am looking forward to doing exactly what I want to and when I want to. :woohoo: :cheer2: :Pinkbounc :rotfl2: :rotfl:
  17. zookeeper

    zookeeper Member

    I wish I was starting my summer vacation next week. Our school year isn't done until the end of June so we've got another 5 weeks left. I will be finishing off my summer vacation at WDW with Free Dining from Aug. 26th - Sept. 1st. :cool1: I can't wait to go, but I have a feeling I'm going to regret wishing away my summer while I wait for WDW!
  18. jndmommy

    jndmommy Disney dreaming 24/7

    School doesn't end for me until June 27th. I hate to rush ahead to thinking about my August trip to WDW, but I can't help if. Unfortunately, the quicker that gets here, so does the end of my vacation. Gotta love being a teacher though! :yay:
  19. kimkarli

    kimkarli Mouseketeer

    This Texas teacher will be in WDW July 23-29. The students last day was yesterday and ours was today. I am however, teaching summer school. It will only be the month of June though. It will be my spending money for :banana: WDW!
  20. ozziewags

    ozziewags <font color=FF66FF>I'm a believer!!<br><font color

    No, it took me 2 years. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. The second time around was better because you can choose what you need to do over. I did one portfolio over and got a perfect score on it. I have been celebrating ever since! Go for it! :cheer2:
  21. Jennifer815

    Jennifer815 Member

    I am a teacher too, and our last day is June 16th. I'm dragging two fellow teachers along with me, and we're leaving the morning of the 17th. No sense wasting any time! Hope the end of the year comes swiftly for all of you!

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