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Tea with Alice on 6-Day Magic Cruise?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by mawhite424, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. mawhite424

    mawhite424 Member

    Since the search function is disabled I started a new thread. I was sure I read that Tea with Alice was available on the 6-day cruise because of the 3 sea days. Does anyone know?

    A friend of mine thought she had heard the opposite. I looked for navigators, but they only have them through 2012, and I didn't see one for that cruise length.

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  3. Cackyschmackers

    Cackyschmackers Cruise dreamin'

    Well, Tea w/Alice is never on the Navigators, you have to ask about it at Guest Services, so you won't find it on there. We've only ever done 7- and 8-night, and it's offered on two sea days for those, so not sure about the 6-night. Sorry I am not of more help.

  4. mawhite424

    mawhite424 Member

    Thanks, Cacky! Maybe someone who's been on one of the recent 6-day cruises will chime in. I'm pretty sure I read it on these boards. Sure wish the search function was working!
  5. Centex

    Centex Earning My Ears

    Although we did a 7 day Western Caribbean, we had Tea w Alice on day 2. This was of course a sea day. Not sure about the 6 day though. This was on the Magic Sept 30, 2012. Hope it helps.
  6. disneyfan888

    disneyfan888 Mouseketeer

    What is tea with Alice and can it be booked online or is it something booked on the ship?
  7. cruzisme

    cruzisme Earning My Ears

    Is there a charge for this?

  8. We just got back from a 6 night out of Galveston and it was offered on the 2nd full sea day.
  9. meajuly5

    meajuly5 Mouseketeer

  10. mawhite424

    mawhite424 Member

    You have to get the tickets from Guest Services, and they go fast! Tea with Alice in not really tea, and not necessarily with Alice from what I understand. It's with a character for sure, but sometimes a princess. Juice is served instead of tea, and it's more of an interactive character experience.

    We had tickets on our last cruise, but completely forgot when it was time to go! boo! I felt bad because I'm sure someone else would have loved to have those 4 tickets!!

    You can google it to see pictures.
  11. disneyfan888

    disneyfan888 Mouseketeer

    Thank you! I will try and get tickets when we board the ship :thumbsup2
  12. cruisecrasher

    cruisecrasher Mouseketeer

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