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    Aug 24, 1999
    Day 1, February 21st
    Dave - 39
    Judy - 38
    Mackenzie - turning 9 on day 2 ( 4th trip )
    Oh boy , we were ready for this trip ! We have had a mild winter in Boise, but I was so ready for some flowers and sunshine ! It was just icing on the cake that it started
    to snow as we waited for our plane ! I love when you miss bad weather while on vacation !
    We flew Southwest so we did the cattle call thing....but Dave and Kinz camped out on the carpet in front of the gate, so we were the first people on board.We landed in LAX without a problem, got our luggage and excited out the door. It was easy to find the shuttle bus stop, it is a concrete median in the middle of the 4 lane street ! We arrived, and our shuttle bus pulled up 5 minutes later. We took Airport bus and I can recommend them. They come every 15 minutes, and have a bathroom and video screens, so all the needs are taken care of. When the bus pulled away the driver started Pocahontas. It was cued up so that 40 minutes later the tape finished just as we were pulling into their Anaheim station.Here they actually stopped the bus and collected vouchers and money, and put you on a smaller bus if you needed to somewhere other that Harbor blvd.
    At 10 p.m. we checked into the Carousel Inn. I have a detailed review over on the DL board. We tumbled into the comfortable beds and went to sleep !
    Only to wake up at 6:30 ! Only Disney gets us out of bed this early. We got dressed and headed to the breakfast room. The room is all glass, and has a fantastic view you can really see well into the new DCA park that they are building.Breakfast was very minimal, toast and muffins, juice and coffee. But that was fine for me since all I needed was coffee !
    Since we were up so early, and we knew that Thurs would be a nice slow day, we decided to use our only EE. We walked 1 block to the pedestrian crosswalk, then over the street and onto DL property ! The path takes you through the tram loading area to the ticketbooths in about 5 minutes. We were still early so we had a 10 minute wait for the group sales window to open, where we turned in our vouchers and got real passports, then into the line in front of the ticketbooth for a 20 minute wait for them to open. At 8:30 we were in !
    Oh what a feeling !!!! The train station gleaming...the Mickey floral smiling, and planted on either side were "45" done in yellow marigolds, to mark their anniversary. There was hardly anyone there so we got great pictures !
    The onto Main street. This trip I decided that I love mainstreet so much because of it's music. So We strolled down Main st while I sang along with " surrey with the fringe on the top" and " Everything???s up to date in Kansas City ". Next we got to the hub, and I was blown away ! They had landscaped the inner circle where the "partner's " statue is with the most beautiful hydrangeas ! They were blue, pink and purple...and just the height of normal landscape flowers. they were so beautiful we had to walk by them every time we crossed into another land they rest of our trip. The other areas were filled in with Sweet Williams in the same hues.

    Then finally onto Fantasyland !
    O k, so we walk through the castle and am in fantasyland ! It is so pretty. We do the Sleeping beauty walk through first, because I love to be the only people there.Then onto Alice in Wonderland which is Kinz's favorite. We have promised to ride it 6 times in the next 3 days ! From there we do Peter Pan, Snow White , Mr. Toad ( a much better version than WDW's was )and Pinocchio.

    Since we had done most of FL, we decided to line up for the rope drop to adventureland and do Indiana Jones.
    We had a 20 minute wait, then we were into the jungle and the great queue for Indy. We only had a 10 minute wait and we were in our jeep ! Dave got to drive which is extra fun. After Indy we strolled to New Orleans square and put our name in for Blue Buyou. We were #3 on the list ! Next we did pirates. Wow ! I love the changes ! The soundtrack is crisp, the lighting fantastic, and the show elements really add a lot. Onto Haunted Mansion, once again I love the DL version.
    Well, the next thing on our list was to catch the 11:00 " Woody's Round up " show. So I went and got in line, while Dave and Kinz went back to explore Tarzan's tree house.
    It was now 10:30. Yes ! we had done all that in 2 hours ! Gota love EE. The Woody show was cute. The gimmick is that you are the live audience for a taping of the Woody's roundup show. There was plenty of Jesse , Woody, and Bullseye. But of course no other characters from TS 2.

    Well, I don't know what we were thinking....but after the show we hopped onto the train and rode it to Toontown, and got fast passes for Rodger Rabbit. So we let Kinz play on Donald's Boat, then rode Rodger. By this time it was 12:00, and we were supposed to be at Blue Bayou at 11:50 ! We made it there at 12:10. They had 1 table left ! so instead of sitting right by the water , we had a table very near the front entrance. Oh well, it was still very pretty. For you WDW veterans it reminds me a little of Biergarten, with different themening of course. I considered the Monte Cristo, but just couldn't bring myself to eating a fried sandwich...so I ordered the seafood salad. It was so good ! It had mixed fancy greens, bay shrimp, lots of crayfish, grapefruit sections, avocado, and a tangy vingarette type dressing. I ate almost every bite ! Dave had their Creole chicken. I was served with rice and beans. It was all a little spicy for him. Kinz had Mickey Mouse chicken strips. We mentioned it was her B day tomorrow, and they brought her a free chocolate mouse. We were pleased that they sang the song " Put another candle on my birthday cake" because Sheriff John, who made the song famous, is a family friend.
    After lunch, we decided to start heading out of the park for our rest.....and got no farther than the shops !
    All I can say is wow ! their selection on DL merchandise is great ! I knew I needed to buy $50 to get my MKC discount...so I went to work ! I bought a DL 2000 photoalbum, the hardback 45th anniversary book, a gorgeous mini DL plate, 3 of their great magnet picture frames ( DL princesses, a 45th anniversary, and a DL castle )and best of all 2 new picture frames. The first one is Mulan. It is gorgeous. It is made to look like it is a carved cherrywood screen. On one side is a standing Mulan in her pink kimono, on the other side is her horse, mushu, and the cricket. in-between is the picture cutout in the middle of the " screen ". The second one is just as pretty. It is the castle with all of the spires, and tinkerbell and her wand. The front had the banners and a swan on either side. On the bottom is the word DL.
    Well, we got back to the hotel, did some swimming and resting, to get ready for our big meet with Mary Jo !
    Well, we arrived back to Dl about 5:30. I had an appointment to meet Mary Jo and family at 6:00 in front of King Arthur???s sword in FL. I sent Dave and Kinz off to ride Alice, and settled into enjoy my wait. If I had to choose between only touring during the day, or only touring for the night, for the rest of my life???..I would choose night ! So I watched kids on the carousel???which put my back to the sword to better display my lime green ribbon tied to my backpack , listened to the Dumbo music???waited till 6:30???and no Mary Jo ! Dave and Kinz came back , and Dave informed that I had been stood up because Mary Jo was really a 14 year old boy. Gotta love that guy !

    Well, we had an alternate plan of meeting at 7:00, so I kept my faith, and we went off and rode Pinocchio, and then Casey Junior circus train. As we walked back to the sword???I noticed a group of a Mom and a boy and girl, and felt certain that my DIS friend had arrived ! Of course it was her, she introduced her daughter Kelly and son Nick, and their were hugs all around. There might have been 10 seconds of awkwardness ???.then Kelly grabbed Mackenzie???s hand, and became her Dl buddy ! We quickly decided to head to Tomorrow land, which was great for us since we hadn???t been there yet. We first rode on Star Tours, then headed for Space Mountain ! While in line Mary Jo and I quickly hit our conversational stride starting to tell Dave stories of funny threads. I believe Snoopy???s DIS dreams and weddings were thoroughly discussed. Then we were on the most excellent SM ! ( you can tell I was excited from the picture Mary Jo took where I look like the maniacal clown from??? It??? ) It was a little shock to see Kinz and Kelly climb into their own car ! My little girl has never ridden a ride without her parents ! The ride was great, it is darker smoother and faster than WDW, and the music is pure adrenaline ! Afterwards we were all whooping it up !
    Next we stopped by the fountain and played ( made famous again by Mary Jo ) . It was a fun time with fun people ! Well, it was getting late, and the park closed at 8:00???so we headed toward Main St. We sat at tables ???.Kinz and Kelly went to play checkers at the general store, while Nick, Mary Jo , Dave and I just sat and talked and listed to the music. It really was a magical moment???just letting the atsmophere seep in the final minuets of the night. It was especially good when MJ found her lost camera case ! We reluctantly ambled out of the park about 8:40???.and made plans to meet again tomorrow !
    Well, about this time our stomachs let us know we had not eaten since Blue Bayou at 12:00 ( we are not big eaters ) so we walked to Denneys and had gooey Hamburgers ! Climbed into bed , and had sweet dreams !

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    It's been fun reading this again! I forgot to tell you that in your earlier posts, I didn't pay toooo much attention to who was whom, and told the kids that you'd be bringing your two kids, Mackenzie and DAVE! Of course, Kelly said she wanted to ride with Mackenzie, and Nick said he would ride with Dave. When we saw you three coming up, Nick looked sideways at me and said, "THAT is Dave???" He still teases me about riding with "little" Dave.

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  3. Judy from Boise

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    Aug 24, 1999
    oh too funny !
    and little Dave just turned 40 !
    I feel so bad we didn't get a picture of your family, but we always leave the camera in the room after our afternoon break !
    BTW, great new pix on your web page ! Kinz wore her "bithday shirt " yesterday !

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun day. I have never been able to eat at the Blue Bayou - some day I will. Thanks for posting!

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