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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by leebee, Feb 19, 2013.

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    When bidding for a rental car on Priceline, do they calculate the %-based taxes and fees on the amount you have bid or on what their "retail" total would be? Do they "tell" you what your final cost will be (if your bid is accepted) BEFORE you submit the bid?

    DETAILS: I have an ugly ugly ugly rental period (MON 3/11 2:30pm- FRI 3/15 8pm) and can't use coupons. Fortunately I am a KLM ff member so got National Emerald Aisle for $219. I want to try PL but am afraid their fees/taxes might put my final cost above that at National.
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    Your bid price does not include taxes or insurance or resort fees, er, licensing or tire disposal fees.

    Fees are not disclosed before you bid, which is a big flaw with these travel agencies that use blind bidding.

    Generally you should submit "insulting" bids to reasonably assure that your final price won't be higher than you might find using ordinary booking methods.

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    Priceline bases taxes and fees on your BID amount, not what "retail" would be.

    Your per day bid price does not include taxes and fees, but your summary of charges page WILL show your per day bid price along with the total of your taxes and fees. NO OTHER charges will be due the rental car agency, unless you are late returning the car.

    From the Priceline website "Total Charges, including taxes and fees, are displayed on the following page." This is shown BEFORE you bid is placed.

    You have plenty of time to get a "good" bid accepted. Remember to use a credit card which provides rental car insurance coverage.
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    Customers who want an additional driver will have to pay an additional driver fee. Membership cards which waive the fee aren't applicable to PL reservations.

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