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Sweat proof water bottle

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by left210, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. left210

    left210 Mouseketeer

    I am looking for a BPA free water bottle that is sweat proof. My son can take a water bottle to school and keep at his desk but the one we have sweats water onto his desk. Any recommendations?
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  3. deedeetoo

    deedeetoo Mouseketeer

    There are two solutions. Either give him room temperature water or give him a thermos. Any bottle, other than a thermos, that has cold water in it is going to sweat. The cold temperature causes water to condense out of the air.
  4. bookgirl

    bookgirl <font color=darkorchid>I don't eat onions-they squ

    You can buy neoprene sleeves for water bottles. Some come with them but a lot of sporting goods outdoor adventure stores sell generic ones. I've seen them at Old Navy as well. SIGG sells them online but they are made to fit the narrow aluminum bottles.

    WalMart is where I bought the bottle with a sleeve a few years back, but when I bought my new water bottle I just recycled the old sleeve.
  5. jinia

    jinia "For the better part of my childhood, my professio

    DS7 uses a stainless steel thermos with the Hulk on it all day and puts it next to his bed. We love it.
  6. Manda

    Manda Mouseketeer

    My son uses a Sigg bottle, but I just fill it with room temperature water so that it doesn't sweat. It hasn't been an issue. I know that the teachers at his school told kids to bring their bottles in a tube sock so that they wouldn't sweat on the tables. :thumbsup2
  7. ehrn

    ehrn Member

    Thermos Funtainer!!! Target has them. Wide enough mouth to put ice in, keeps it cold and no sweats!
  8. left210

    left210 Mouseketeer

    Thanks guys. We had been using the funtainer but it didnt hold enough for him so we tried one that wasnt thermos and there was too much condensation so I went to Target and bought the Thermos insulated Intak which is basically like a funtainer but larger. Also it doesnt use a straw which was nice because our straws on the funtainer would always break or something. We have so many funtainers that either the lid broke, the straw broke or something. He has been using his new one for 2 days and said it works great. Thanks for the suggestions.
  9. Pavy

    Pavy Earning My Ears

    I found a company that sells neoprene sleeves in different sizes to fit different bottles. You can put them over a bottle that has ice in it, and it keeps the water cold and keeps the bottle from sweating everywhere! The nicest part is that you can use whatever bottle you want to (I have one that fits my big Camelback bottle, and a smaller that fits my son's bottle that he takes to preschool). They are called Bottlesox.
    Here's a link:


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