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    We want to do a vacation themed scavenger hunt for the kids to tell them we are going to Disney. Our idea is to send them looking for things they might need on our trip, such as bathing suit, sunscreen, hat, sandals etc. We aren't going until the end of August but want to tell them soon because that way they can save $, help plan, enjoy the anticipation and we won't have to come up with some story about why we are getting their passport pics. Also, I don't think my partner and I can keep our mouths shut.

    I already think dd has overheard us because when I picked her up at Brownies the other night she wanted me to guess where we are going. I said "home" she said no, Disney World. I'm like WHAT!:eek: I asked her what made her say that. She really didn't answer so I'm thinking she overheard us talking. I told her she was crazy and better not be telling people that because there is no way we are going to Disney. I want to tell them soon before we mess up!

    So, I'm looking for help coming up with some sort of rhyme, poem or clue to send them to find these things (such as bathing suit, sunscreen, hat, sandals etc.) or anything else someone can come up with. I am in no way any sort of poet and am at a loss.

    Basically, we want to send them to find some items they may need or want to take with them on their trip and at the end, a clue to send them to our bedroom where there will be for each of them a back pack with a tshirt with Disney 2011 on it, fake Disney dollars (I can't get it here in Canada) and a pass to WDW I found online and will print out. I have also made a letter from Mickey inviting them to Disney.

    I will have to address each clue to one particular child so there is no fighting over who finds the clue. When they find the item in their clue, the next envelope will be waiting with another child's name on it.

    Ok, so who wants to help me come up with some clues for the above items or anything else appropriate you can think of.

    This seems very mixed up so I hope it makes sense. I was hoping to have the clues spell out Disney or something like that but I don't think that will work, so I will stick with my vacation theme.

    Thank you so much for anyone's input.
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    bathing suit
    For this clue
    Here is what you need to do
    Race to where you clothing is stored and before the horn toots
    bring back your B______ S______! Use a bike horn or record a car horn allowing a set amount of time.
    It doesn't matter if you're a young child, adult, or teen
    When you go outside you need S_______.
    Your name might be John, Lisa, or Pat
    and when you are in need of some shade go put on a h_____.

    For this game we won't need candles
    but your feet may be happy in s_______.
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