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Super Grover Pass on Sale Now

Discussion in 'Sea World / Discovery Cove' started by Belle & Ariel, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Belle & Ariel

    Belle & Ariel Mouseketeer

    Sea World offers it at Manta, Kracken, and Journey to Atlantis. Busch Gardens has it on all the coasters except Cheetah Hunt because it is so new.
    Once the ride ends, tell the operator you have platinum pass and want to ride again. Sometimes you stay in your seat and sometimes you get off and are on next car.
    You go through and wait in the regular line the first time and then no wait for the second time immediately following.
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  3. APB513

    APB513 Wishing I was back in my Laughing Place

    I'm thinking about buying these passes for our trip next week. Since its so close to when we leave, I will opt for the voucher and redeem them at either BG or SW depending on which park we visit first.

    Will I be able to use the free parking feature with just the voucher?
  4. ncfamily

    ncfamily Earning My Ears

    What we did is used the drop off lane. I dropped my wife off with my ID and I waited in the drop off area until she went and redeemed the passes. Once she came back I was able to park with my new pass and got preferred parking. This was at BGT but from my experience you could it at BGW and Sea World too.

    Wish NC wasn't excluded anymore. However we're gonna bite the bullet and buy the 2 yr platinum pass from BGW.
  5. APB513

    APB513 Wishing I was back in my Laughing Place

    Thank you!
  6. VikingInMouseEars

    VikingInMouseEars Mouseketeer

    Just show your voucher at the parking booth and they will honor it, we just did this last week.
  7. APB513

    APB513 Wishing I was back in my Laughing Place

  8. PaulaSue

    PaulaSue <font color=purple>I have a purple car too and lov

    Can I ask what kind of discount did you get for DC and how do you knwo what hotels you can get the discount for? TIA
  9. mblokland

    mblokland Earning My Ears

    DC discount is $30.00
  10. ProudMommyof2

    ProudMommyof2 Mouseketeer

    I really want to get these passes for our Orlando trip in April and Williamsburg trip in July. I would prefer to have them mailed to me but the only options are etickets or outside USA shipping.

    Any thoughts?
  11. cheerky

    cheerky Member

    I believe you can print the etickets and redeem them at any Seaworld park. :thumbsup2
  12. gardener14

    gardener14 Member

    Previous posts have confirmed that the eVoucher can be printed and used for parking and admission to SW/BG, but can anyone confirm that the eVoucher can be exchanged for an actual pass (paper/plastic credit card sized card) using the kiosks at SW/BG. I'd prefer to have a card I can put in my wallet and risk getting wet instead of carrying around pieces of paper for each day I visit.

    The ordering page says that eVouchers can be redeemed at any SeaWorld Parks location, but it doesn't clearly answer my question about whether a card will be provided in exchange at a location other than Sesame Place.
  13. ncfamily

    ncfamily Earning My Ears

    Yes they can. My wife and I turned our Super Grover e-ticket vouchers in at BGT last April and got our printed Platinum Super Grover Passes good for the whole year. We did have a little trouble trying to redeem the e-tickets for our children at BGW but when we finally got someone to try and redeem them they worked. One caveat is that you can't redeem them at the kiosks, you must redeem them at Guest Services.
  14. kandb

    kandb Mouseketeer

    Can these passes still be ordered, or did they have to be ordered before Dec. 31st?
  15. ncfamily

    ncfamily Earning My Ears

    Can still be ordered but price has gone up a bit.
  16. savannahcat

    savannahcat Mouseketeer

    We are in Orlando now and redeemed our evouchers at Busch Gardens Tampa last week. The ticketing agent initially told us that they could only be redeemed at Sesame Place. I pulled up the website on my phone to show him that it says the vouchers can be redeemed at any SeaWorld Parks location. He proceeded to spend several minutes on the phone, but we did eventually get our passes, which were printed on credit card size paper stock similar to the Tyvek Disney tickets.

    To be fair, my brother and his family arrived later the same day and had absolutely no issue redeeming their vouchers. Just be prepared to spend a few extra minutes at the window if you end up with an inexperienced agent.

    We received free preferred parking at both Busch Gardens and SeaWorld as well as preferred seating at many shows and ride again priveleges on all coasters except Cheetah Hunt.
  17. 2Pirates2Princesses

    2Pirates2Princesses Mouseketeer

    The passes are now 20% off until March 1st. We are strongly considering buying these as we have toyed with the idea of doing a Sea World/Aquatica/Legoland trip over the summer and my two youngest are begging to go back to Sesame Place soon too. The free parking and 30% off food and merchandise will save us a ton.
  18. gardener14

    gardener14 Member

    30% off food and merchandise is at Sesame Place. The other parks offer 10% off food and merchandise.
  19. 2Pirates2Princesses

    2Pirates2Princesses Mouseketeer

    Yep, the free parking and 30% off food and merchandise at Sesame Place will save us a ton within itself. We are from PA and Sesame Place is one of our family's favorite parks.
  20. Shatsi

    Shatsi Member

    Is the price $169.59 20% discount?

    We're planning on visiting Seaworld this year and will make a trip to sesame place too. So if the price is $169.59 after the discount it might not be worth it for us?
  21. jlines

    jlines Member

    Just an FYI. I bought platinum passes through Seaworld San Diego for $269.99 and they're good for 2 years. They mailed the actual tickets to me along with lanyards for no charge. So if you think you will get vacations for 2 years out of your pass, this may be the better option.

    Now my question - can I also get the 30% when I visit Sesame Place this summer?

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