Strategy - 2 days, 2 adults, best of the 4 parks

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    Strategy - 2 days, 2 adults, best of the 4 parks

    We will be at WDW this spring for a family reunion. Two members of our party will only be able to visit for the weekend. (Un)fortunately for my planning purposes, the weekend happens to be a Star Wars weekend, which is throwing a wrench in my DHS plans. Some info about the couple visiting just for the weekend:

    --active, in their 60s
    --have not visited WDW in 25 yrs
    --nostalgic about classic Disney magic
    --animal lovers
    (they are excited about AK)

    I'm trying to figure out a plan for them to see the best of the best of WDW in 2 days. Obviously they will only see a fraction of all Disney has to offer, but I'd like to leave them with a good impression so they'll want to return with us for a longer trip soon. As part of that good impression, I'm trying to balance seeing a good number of attractions with taking the parks at a focused but reasonable pace.

    They will arrive late the evening before what I've designated as "Day 1." My current plan is as follows -

    ARRIVAL NIGHT [night before DAY 1]
    Late dinner at Jiko

    DAY 1
    Morning: AK at RD [Kilimanjaro Safaris; EE; walk some of the trails]
    Lunch: early at a resort? or DTD?
    Midday break
    Early evening: MK until park close [Pirates; BTMRR; Haunted Mansion; Small World; Peter Pan; Pooh; Buzz Lightyear]

    DAY 2
    Morning: DHS at RD [Muppets; TSM; GMR & anything else we have time for]
    Lunch: Sci-Fi (a family favorite)
    Midday break
    Evening: Epcot [Soarin'; Gran Fiesta Tour; Maelstrom; movies at Canada & France; finish up the night by walking WS & watching Illuminations while we snack]

    My main questions are:

    1. Does anyone have ideas about getting through DHS efficiently on a Star Wars weekend when we'll be touring with people who are not interested in Star Wars? Unfortunately I won't have the option of visiting DHS with them during the week because they are only there over the weekend. :confused3

    2. Also, ideas for a good lunch on their first day between AK & MK? It can be a big meal since we'll probably just snack at the MK for dinner. We are all foodies & enjoy going beyond standard burger & fries fare. It can also be at DTD or a resort since we'll have a car. :cool2:

    3. Anything you think should be added/subtracted from the "must see" attractions I'm trying to get them to? They are not particularly interested in big thrill rides, so things like ToT and RnRC won't be on their "must see" list. :wizard:

    4. Any other tips or ideas for us? :cheer2:

    Thanks!! :cool1:
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    Since they are nostalgic Disney fans, I think I would add Jungle Cruise, Swiss Family Treehouse, and Carrousel of Progress to your MK plans. That may mean an earlier arrival to MK. Perhaps get a light snack at AK (Yak & Yeti or Flame Tree BBQ), have an earlier midday break, then a mid-afternoon lunch/dinner at Kona Cafe at the Poly before going to MK.
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    I would plan lunch at Ak at Tusker House before you leave - as foodies they should really enjoy it.
    I think there is a real possibility you may not get to ride Soarin if you do not get there until the evening - FPs are often gone much earlier. It is pretty ambitious to try to get to every park in two days - not to mention exhausting. I am in my 60s and run 2 miles several times a week and the plan you have proposed - even with the breaks seems very tiring to me because you have a late night followed by an early morning. I would skip HS, especially since they are not interested in big rides there, and plan to arrive at Epcot mid morning in a nice leisurely fashion. ride and get your FPs have a nice lunch at an Epcot restaurant. And enjoy the World Showcase. Follow with boat ride over to the Boardwalk and have a great dinner at the Flying Fish. Watch Illuminations after dinner.
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    AK - Nice Lunch - Flame Tree BBQ - Fast food is not bad.

    I would consider

    Day 1

    AK in the morning before park opens. 11 AM lunch Flame Tree BBQ. rides until 1:30. Avoid Dinesaur ride at all costs...

    Catch bus to DS and watch the parade. Ride a few rides. I would do Tower of Terror and the Coaster. But they may want to do something diffrent. Eat at 50s Diner and then lineup for fantasmic.

    Day 2 - MK Hit the big rides first. then go to epcot for SOARIN and test track fast passes. ANd walk the countries.

    Star Wars weekend there is a lot of crowds but the rides may or may not be overly crowded... I have never had a problem with it...

    If thye had three days I would do


    AK - DS


    I know not likely an option...

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