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Stateroom Mickey Ears and then some...

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by idrivealumina, May 10, 2009.

  1. Princess Kikismommy

    Princess Kikismommy Earning My Ears

    Thank you for all these great ideas!
  2. Avatar

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  3. blallred

    blallred Surrogate Mom

    I just want to thank you for all the hard work that you have put into making these awesome door characters. I printed out the birthday Mickey for my son's birthday. We are leaving on Saturday and that is his birthday. He is going to love it!
  4. cryssi

    cryssi <font color=blue>Kabocha<br><font color=green>Look

    Seriously cute!
  5. jeanneg4of4

    jeanneg4of4 Member

    We are eager to see the sombrero for the Mex Riv cruise. We leave in T - 16 days and counting. BTW you do a great job cant wait to be the envy of all the stateroom doors with my smoking hot mickey ears.Thanks!
  6. weloveheidi

    weloveheidi Earning My Ears

    OMG, I am so glad I tried this out first, without going straight to the magnetic sheets, or using colored ink or anything. I clicked on the "printable version" for the Mickey Cruise Hat Ears, and it automatically shows the printable version within a new tab in Safari (web browser). So, I had tried saying "Print" at 100%, and it didn't work - it was close, but maybe 15% too small. :guilty: (Given all the trouble people were having, I actually cut out a 7.5 inch circle to test it - and am I EVER glad I did).:eek: I was going nuts.

    Then, :idea: I decided to download the printable version directly to my desktop, and THEN print it at 100% (using Preview), and THAT works. So, 100% does NOT work in Safari, but WILL work if you download it and print at 100% WITH PREVIEW.

    Why on earth printing at 100% doesn't work if going straight from the web browser Safari, I have no idea. But, I'm so glad the mystery has been solved, for us, at least. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE EARS!!!! :hug:

    (If you told us not to print within our web browser at 100%, I'm sorry I read the instructions too fast to see it - I was too excited to print). pirate: (Also, if this has been discovered and posted already, I apologize, as I only read through about half of the pages before this one).

    Can't wait to put them on our door! :banana:
  7. DisneyCrazedChristi

    DisneyCrazedChristi Always Planning my next trip!

    These are awesome, Thanks so much!!! I am gonna be improvising to make the tiara into a Mardi Gras colored one, as we are from New Orleans and will be at sea on the Dream for Mardi Gras!!!::MickeyMo
  8. jennyh2829

    jennyh2829 Member

    I would also like the St. Patricks day ears....my daughter's birthday is that day and we'll be on the Magic...:)
  9. candy wife

    candy wife Earning My Ears

    You did such a great job on these, I love all of them! Thanks so much for sharing. We plan on bringing a few to change them out whenever we want. My son is going to love decorating the door :)
  10. VickiHD

    VickiHD Mouseketeer

    How about pumpkin ears for Halloween Time and the Halloween cruises?

  11. idrivealumina

    idrivealumina Proud Member and Executive Officer of the HARDHAT

    Does the color just need to be skewed a bit? What were you thinking of exactly?
  12. misscassiecass

    misscassiecass Earning My Ears

    really cute! thanks!
  13. catgirl

    catgirl Member

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!
  14. jiminyC_fan

    jiminyC_fan <font color=FF00CC>Missing Captain Mickey!<br><fon

    Just popping in to let anyone know that is concerned.....the ears work perfect on the Dream.
  15. tessasmom

    tessasmom Member

    Good to know! Now I just have to choose which ones to make!!

    Thank you so much for sharing everyone!
  16. jiminyC_fan

    jiminyC_fan <font color=FF00CC>Missing Captain Mickey!<br><fon

    I change mine everyday.
  17. dahuffy

    dahuffy Always Be Nice To The Lunch Lady

  18. dahuffy

    dahuffy Always Be Nice To The Lunch Lady

    Perfect! Gotta have it!
    My dh is into model railroading big time! He has a 900sf building in our backyard for his layout. Yes,I said 900.
  19. lisa1527

    lisa1527 Earning My Ears

    Those are great...thanks!! :)
  20. FrogLady23

    FrogLady23 Member

    First off, I love, love, love these "ears". They make me smile and I can't wait to see them on my stateroom door!!!! I am wondering if you can do Roo ears? Roo is one of our favorite Disney characters and I am hoping to have a set of ears for each of our family so we change them up throughout our cruise.

    Thanks in advance:):):)
  21. JWG

    JWG Mouseketeer

    This thing needs to be a sticky!
    Nice work.

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