Sssssshhhhhh "Super Surprise" PTR from a nearly newbie

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  1. edwardemmao

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    Jun 6, 2012
    Hi Everybody :yay:

    I have been stalking this site since April when I booked a surprise trip for our 2DS (aged 8 - star wars obsessive and aged 5 - Mickey Mouse Club House nut)

    My Hubby will not be joining us, as our last trip was 6 years ago, between xmas and new year and it was -6, and I was 14 weeks pregnant with DS2 and it was a nightmare trip 2 hour queue for its a small world - you get the picture (I admit, I was perhaps a little hormonal....) Also, when I booked he couldn't get the time off work. So, our little 'posse' will consist of myself (obsessive planner), my MIL (who is as excited as me) and my 2DS.

    We will be flying on 29th October from liverpool with Easyjet and arriving at CDG at 8pm ish. I have already booked with John at EZYshuttle. I think we should arrive at the Kyriad for about half 9, so will have a quick mooch round the hotel and get to bed ready for the magic tuesday morning !!

    Breakfast will be about 8ish (I hope, I know it will be busy as it is everybody's half term, so will try and get a slot for 8, but if anyone think we'd better going earlier please let me know). We will need to exchange our SKY vouchers for tickets and go to City Hall for an access pass for DS2 (he's got ASD & ADHD, have got Doc's letter which I have already e-mailed Guest Relations to check they will accept it) Does anyone know what kind of wait time I should expect for this, obviously MIL is with us so she can take him out if he has a 'moment'
    We will be doing the main park this day and I've not made too many rigid plans because of DS2's condition, just got the must do's. Which are:
    Star Tours
    Its a Small World (my favourite)
    Buzz Lightyear
    Big Thunder Mountain
    We will eat at a Counter Service for lunch and MIL has very kindly treat us to tickets for BBWWS for the 6.30pm sitting.
    Now this is where I need some advice!!!
    The main park is open till 10pm this evening, and I would love to see dreams both nights we are there but don't know if DS will be ok to stay up so late. However the second evening is 31st October - Halloween, we are not buying the extra tickets for the night time party, and it says the park closes at 7pm - Do you think DREAMS will be on ? Do not want to risk missing it !! :eek:

    Breakfast at same time as yesterday, then to Walt Disney Studios. Again not a rigid plan, but the main ones are:
    Moteur Action Stunt Show
    Toy Story Land
    Backlot Tour

    Then will probably hop across to the main park about 3 ish to re-do any other rides etc the boys want to do.

    We are going to try to go to the Rainforest Cafe for Dinner , but obviously with not being able to book, it will depend on the wait time. If not, my back up plan is to have Earl of Sandwich, then do Rainforest for lunch on the thursday

    Late breakfast after a lie in !!! Who am I trying to kid, they boys will probably still be up early doors !
    Now we haven't got any park tickets for the thursday, we will be leaving at 6.30pm on the high speed TGV train (I was very brave and booked this on the french website - was easy peasy! and at 51 euros for all 4 of us- a bargain!:flower3:
    Would like to visit the new World of Disney Store, maybe a walk round the lake (weather depending), Ice Skating outside Hotel New York (if its there..) and a go in 'the balloon' - ha ha, had to put that because I couldn't remeber the official name for it - panorama or something similar!!! :rotfl2:
    Lunch will be either Earl of Sandwich or Rainforest Cafe...
    Then, a bit which I think I'm most excited about - Mickey Waffles at Cafe Fantasia in DLH !!!!:lmao:
    Then Home.....:sad::sad::sad:

    The boys have no idea at all that we are going, we talk about a trip all the time, and I've said that we will save up and go when DS2 is 6 or 7.
    We are going to tell them just before we set off for the airport! I have already got them rucksacks from the Disney Store (in the sale :hug:) and started collecting bits and bats, actually that is a lie......... I got loads of stuff. For DS1 some lovely Mickey and Pluto trunks from H&M, Phineas and Ferb socks, Tshirt and Hoody, Lovely Red Knitted Cowboy Mickey jumper (bargain 99p from ebay!) and for DS2 Disney undies, mickey tshirt (primark) and two Mickey jumpers from ebay (less than £4 each with postage) and lots of little things for their bags - the pez sweetie dispensers, colouring sets, flannels, toothbrushes etc - most from the £1 shop!

    Is there anyone that has a really good idea for the reveal ?!?! was thinking of letting them open the stuff and just telling them , but want it to be really fun and special - open to ideas !!!!

    Thanks all for reading, and please please feel free to reply with any hints, tips etc
  2. Ms Poppins

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    Mar 14, 2009
    It sounds like you've got a great trip planned :thumbsup2

    Re Dreams - this should be on every night and is usually advertised as being at 'park closing', which would suggest it should be on. I've never been on 31 October, so don't know that actual set up - maybe ask this question on the main board for some feedback? You should have time after BBWWS to go back into the park on the first night if you're not too tired.

    On your last day if you have time, you might want to visit the on-site hotels for a wee nosey about. I love looking in the shops etc and your boys might enjoy the cowboy themes at the Cheyenne. You might bump into some characters too :thumbsup2
  3. edwardemmao

    edwardemmao Earning My Ears

    Jun 6, 2012
    Thanks for the tips re: having a nosey at the other hotels :goodvibes
    DS2 loves animals, and I'm sure I read somewhere that they have horse rides at one of the Disney hotels? This could be a good way to spend an hour :)

    Just got to work out how we are going to tell them !!
  4. tinks_1989

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    Jan 31, 2007
    Looks like you have pretty much everything planned.

    I would say that dreams wouldn't be on when we have been to WDW on a night that the Halloween parties were on there wasn't any fireworks. So I guess it will be the same at DLP.

    How exciting that you have kept it a secret I can't keep any thing a secret lol!

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