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  1. dmunsil

    dmunsil Disney Uber-Nerd

    Jan 11, 2008
    Because one person demanded it! :)

    Well, I kinda planned to do all the WDW resorts just for my own edification. I just moved SSR up higher in the queue since someone asked.

    Since there were 104 SSR sales recorded in May, I decided I didn't have the time to do them all. So I did every 4th one (26 in total), which seems like a reasonable sample. BWV and BLT both had about 25 sales, so this is about the same level of info. I did do all the ROFRs, since there were only 5.

    As a bonus, because I was curious, I noted the title company that filed the deed. Magic Vacation Title (MVT) is the title company for The Timeshare Store, and I think they may be exclusive. First American Title (FAT) does titles for Fidelity, but I don't know if they're exclusive. Timeshare Title & More I don't know. Maybe they do titles for one or both of the other two big resellers? I didn't see any other title companies, except that the ROFRs are filed directly by Disney Vacation Development.

    Standard caveats apply:

    - The date listed is the date on the deed, which is typically shortly after the ROFR waiver comes. The actual price was negotiated 3-4 weeks prior, so these prices are lagging about 2 months.

    - The price is calculated from the Florida deed document tax, which gives the price to the next highest multiple of $100. So some prices are a skosh too high. In most cases, it means a few cents, so it'll say the price was 61.33 per point, and it's actually 61 even.

    Date    Points  UY      Sale PPP   TitleCo 
    17-Apr  175     Oct      $60.00   MVT
    19-Apr  210     Feb      $62.38   MVT
    22-Apr  260     Aug      $52.31   FAT
    22-Apr  160     Mar      $60.00   MVT
    23-Apr  430     Dec      $51.16   FAT
    24-Apr  200     Aug      $65.00   MVT
    24-Apr  350     Dec      $65.14   MVT
    24-Apr  160     Dec      $66.25   TTM
    26-Apr  160     Oct      $64.38   MVT
    27-Apr  200     Jun      $60.00   MVT
    29-Apr  150     Aug      $45.33   FAT
    29-Apr  125     Oct      $61.60   MVT
    30-Apr  160     Sep      $68.13   MVT
    1-May   240     Mar      $61.25   MVT
    1-May   150     Dec      $65.33   MVT
    4-May   150     Feb      $59.33   MVT
    6-May   150     Oct      $58.00   TTM
    7-May   120     Jun      $67.50   MVT
    10-May  150     Oct      $68.00   FAT
    10-May  150     Aug      $60.00   MVT
    14-May  150     Aug      $45.33   FAT
    16-May  250     Aug      $63.20   TTM
    17-May  120     Oct      $62.50   MVT
    17-May  240     Apr      $64.17   TTM
    20-May  160     Dec      $65.00   MVT
    21-May  50      Dec      $60.00   FAT
    25-May  160     Feb      $63.13   MVT
    Date    Points  UY      Sale PPP  
    5-Apr   200     Dec      $55.00         
    18-Apr  150     Feb      $62.00         
    24-Apr  160     Feb      $52.50         
    27-Apr  200     Aug      $52.50         
    13-May  150     Feb      $52.00         
    MVT filed 17 titles, FAT filed 6, and TTM filed 4.

    Median sales price was $62.38. Median ROFR price was $52.50.

    Just for grins, I calculated the average (mean, not median) price for each title company. MVT and TTM were both at almost exactly 62. FAT was at about 54, partially because of the two lowball bankruptcy sales at around $45.

    Again, just one data point, but I think the conventional wisdom that Fidelity has more distressed sellers and thus is better for lowballing offers seems to hold true, assuming that all the FAT filings are from Fidelity.

    And the slogan up at the top of the page that The Timeshare Store is the #1 DVC reseller seems to be true by a massive margin. That's certainly been my impression over the last couple weeks as I've read about a gazillion deeds; it's nice to put numbers to it.
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  3. NoleFan

    NoleFan DIS Veteran

    Mar 30, 2013
    can you do BCV ??
  4. dmunsil

    dmunsil Disney Uber-Nerd

    Jan 11, 2008
    Sure; I'll do that one next.

    ...Because you demanded it! :)
  5. NoleFan

    NoleFan DIS Veteran

    Mar 30, 2013
    awesome! thanks! It's very interesting to see this info.
  6. kedkin

    kedkin Earning My Ears

    May 9, 2013
    It seems that Fidelity has way more contracts for sale, interesting that TSS really sells more. Maybe it's because Fidelity never updates and takes contracts down.
  7. TIMLEO007

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    Apr 15, 2003
    Thanks, you rock! this one person thanks you

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