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SOME Cake Boss cakes $10 at BJ's - others are still $20

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by PinballFamily, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. PinballFamily

    PinballFamily <font color=darkcoral>Yes, I have scrapping suppli

    Today, I found two of the cake types marked $9.99 (the bright green one with the daisies and the chocolate fudge drizzled with caramel)! They rang up at the $9.99 price - it wasn't a price gun mistake, but I (and the employees I asked) don't know why these two were half price and the other two flavors (red velvet and something else) right next to them were still marked at the regular $19.99 price. Maybe they are short-dated or something, but I still grabbed them - a special Valentine's Day dessert! I've been wanting to try these, but the $20 price tag made me shudder...but for $10...I'm in!!!
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  3. AuroraRora

    AuroraRora Princess

    That's a great deal!! There's a Cake Boss Cafe just opened up near my house, and even the tiny single-serve cheesecakes are $8.50 there! (But they're oh so good!)
  4. sweetpeakaris

    sweetpeakaris New Member

    I wonder how these cakes taste?
  5. gracie1

    gracie1 New Member

    I've been wondering how they taste as well. Please post the taste results!!

    I do have to say, BJ's has amazing cakes from their bakery though:thumbsup2
  6. Desnik

    Desnik <font color=teal>I actually love packing and plann

    We bought the red velvet one for my DD's bday. Everyone hated it & I had to toss it.

    In the past we have purchased The Cheesecake Factory red velvet cake at BJ's that's in the frozen section. That one was a huge hit. I should've just gotten that one. I will from now on.
  7. Jamie25UGA

    Jamie25UGA New Member

    That's an awesome deal! The regular price for the Cake Boss cakes at Kroger is $29.99! :eek: I've been meaning to ask if they ever go on manager's special as that's the only way I could ever justify buying one but I figure they're probably a vendor thing that wouldn't get discounted. Plus I've heard they're nasty but my mom loves the show and wants to try one either way.
  8. Callie

    Callie Always Dreaming of Disney Magic

    I sampled these at Kroger once, they were good, but maybe only a wee bit better than a cake from the bakery there.
  9. mrssmith06

    mrssmith06 New Member

    My grocery store has 2 kinds of them and they are 29.99... Ridiculous! I would love to sample one and see if they are any good but I am not spending that much.
  10. gracie1

    gracie1 New Member

    That Cheesecake Factory red velvet cake is to die for! I bought that one at BJ's and honestly could've ate it till I ended up in the emergency room:rotfl2:
  11. sunryzez

    sunryzez New Member

    You need to remember like all other "name brand" items sold in the supermarket are not made by the actual baker. All of those tgif, cheesecake factory etc boxes are recipes sold by the brand and made in factories. Those cakes sold in supermarkets were not made in the bakery but in some no name factory just like every other brand product. Trust me, the stuff made by buddy in his bakery are AMAZING and worth the price tag so dont let those in store cakes think thats what his items taste like...
  12. wdw_girl_18

    wdw_girl_18 New Member

    I bought a small cake from his bakery in Hoboken for $50 :scared1:

    $10 is an awesome price!
  13. gracie1

    gracie1 New Member

    Are the cakes really good?
  14. PinballFamily

    PinballFamily <font color=darkcoral>Yes, I have scrapping suppli

    OP back - family says YUM :thumbsup2

    Now that I know these were discounted (at least this one time that I noticed) - I'm gonna keep an eye out for it to happen again. We do occasionally get the regular BJ's cakes - love their chocolate fudge icing (do not care for Costco's cakes, though...), but typically make our own cakes or buy from a yummy small local bakery. DD had REALLY wanted to try a Cake Boss cake, so she was particularly delighted with the family Valentine gift cake!
  15. gracie1

    gracie1 New Member

    Thanks! I will have to check at my BJ's and see if there are any for $10. I would like to try them.

    I agree with you about the cakes from BJ's bakery, sooo good! Love their icing!
  16. wiigirl

    wiigirl New Member

  17. wdw_girl_18

    wdw_girl_18 New Member

    The best cake I've ever had! Worth the money!

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