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Snow-Wigd and the Christmas Elves, a December pre-trip!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by wigdoutdismom, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. wigdoutdismom

    wigdoutdismom DIS Veteran

    Today was ADR day! So I decided it was time to get this party started.
    I imagine there will be some bumps in the road between now and December 20th so hang on to your seats!
    I'll be back with the cast, the dates, and all the other important stuff.....
    :earsgirl: :santa: :santa::santa::santa::santa: :santa:
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  3. wsushocker

    wsushocker Active Member

    Which elf am I?
  4. Happydog

    Happydog Active Member

    wow!!!! wow!!!! I MADE IT FIRST!! Shocker doesn't count... he is in your household... :lmao:
  5. cmskok

    cmskok Active Member

    I'm Here! I'm in!

    First Page!

    Did u get your ADR's?
  6. wsushocker

    wsushocker Active Member

    "Shocker doesn't count.....

  7. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    I'm here! I'm here!

    Clearly, Shocker is Grumpy judging by that picture. :lmao:
  8. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie DIS Veteran

    :lmao: Snow - Wigd. PERFECT. I think this is the best title I have ever seen! So clever! :rotfl:
  9. Disneymoon09

    Disneymoon09 Active Member

    I'm in! Can't wait to hear more. perhaps your planning will light a fire under me to get some of my own december planning done!
  10. shannn

    shannn If I spend my kids' college funds on DVC, can I ha

    I'm here and I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see what you got and compare notes.

    And I can't wait to meet y'all.
  11. Happydog

    Happydog Active Member

    Wait............................ Don't you teach Math??

  12. shannn

    shannn If I spend my kids' college funds on DVC, can I ha

    Okay, now that was funny!
  13. DWGal210

    DWGal210 DIS Veteran

    Yeah, here I am! Isn't it crazy how fast these past few months have gone?! I can't believe it!

    Excited to hear all about your plans!! :thumbsup2
  14. jillyb

    jillyb Active Member

    Woohoo! Another Wigd PT/TR!!! I swear...seems like ya'll were just planning your summer trip and now here it is almost Christmas! :eek:
  15. PracPerfPatricia

    PracPerfPatricia Active Member

    OMG-How did I miss that you were going for Christmas????:eek:

    I'm in...:yay:

    30 second pity party-all the lucky kids are going to wdw for Halloween or Christmas...:headache: I want to go too...

    Ok pity party over...

    bring it on...popcorn::
  16. wigdoutdismom

    wigdoutdismom DIS Veteran

    Let's just say you are the elf with the credit card.....
    I agree, you are official! Number one on the thread!:laughing:
    Yay! Welcome! We got almost everything....
    :scared1: No scary faces, this is a Christmas trip!
    Grumpy, freaky, nightmarish? Let's hope he gets that fixed.
    Shocker was the mastermind behind that one, I just helped a little.:goodvibes
    I hope it does, you go much sooner than us!
    We are going to have a blast! I can't wait either!:goodvibes
    Maybe he just scares them into learning!
    Funny? Poor students...... Hey I know you can take that guy camping with you and the 5th graders!
    At times it flies by and then it seems to crawl. I am so missing a fall trip this year!
    It almost seems that my summer trip report isn't done yet, oh wait, it isn't!:rotfl2:
    I totally understand, I've been having a tough time with all the fall trips and DIS-meets just around the corner. We got spoiled last year with 4 trips so close together that it kills me to wait 6 months between trips. I know, poor me.

    Those of you that have followed us on our previous adventures know the usual crew.
    Marc, Baylor and I (the mom). We are taking a few more this Christmas! We have Harper, our granddaughter 17 months, her mommy and daddy, Megan and Matt (oldest daughter), Keeley (younger daughter) and Max, our German exchange student. At times will be referred to at FES......especially when in trouble as he has been lately!:headache:

    The details are flying out very early in the morning of December 20. I think we need to be at the airport about 5:30.
    Arriving at Orlando around noon.
    Spending 5 fun filled nights at Kidani in a 2 bedroom villa.
    Flying out the 25th at 5:00 in the afternoon.

    We've got plans and ADRs.
    Still trying to figure some things out, especially Fantasmic. We have a couple of first time visitors so we want them to see all the cool stuff. I know, I know, not enough time in an almost 6 day trip but this will be as commando as they want it to be. I imagine some of mine and Marc's time will be spent at Kidani with a sleeping baby. That's OK, just as long as I make my ADRs and see Spectro. I unbelievably missed in this past summer and we were there for 2 weeks!

    Up next, Where are we eating? What are we doing? What Disney tradition am I breaking???
  17. IluvXU

    IluvXU Active Member

    Saw your siggie... have to join. I am just trying to read DIS right now, not much time to post!
  18. shannn

    shannn If I spend my kids' college funds on DVC, can I ha

    We're leaving at 9:00 this morning. Marc better get here quick if he wants to tag along!
  19. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    Holy Moly...how did I miss this Anita LOL!!!!! At least I made before my usual page 4 LOL!! I can't wait to hear all about your plans!! I hope you got a lot of pixie dust making those ADRs!!!!!! YAY I'm so excited for you...Disney at Christmas time, away from that Kansas winter!! WOOT!!!!! :banana::cool1:
  20. manntra

    manntra Active Member

    I'm here too! :goodvibes Love the TR name! :yay: Hope you got all of the ADR's you wanted....I know it must be tough this time around planning for so many more people. Looking forward to all of your plans! :goodvibes FES omg :rotfl::rotfl:

  21. H20DogsNDisney

    H20DogsNDisney Active Member

    How cool you started you PTR!:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

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