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Singles who are for the "Love of Disney" - Part 3

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by buena vista, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. GIR-Prototype

    GIR-Prototype New Member

    Wow, I made a post when I was feeling emotional, and I started a love-fest!

    I guess there's worse I could do, lol!

    I'll say this though on a positive note about myself; so far no matter what, my hope springs eternal...and reactions like this one when I share my thoughts help keep it that way.

    So thanks guys and gals, for the heartwarming thoughts and stories. :grouphug:
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  3. nurse.darcy

    nurse.darcy New Member

    Thanks Teresa. Coming from you that means a lot. Tom is a keeper, for sure. I am truly blessed.
  4. nurse.darcy

    nurse.darcy New Member

    Wow babe, that was very sweet. And truly how it happened. I am glad I allowed myself the freedom to take a chance.
  5. Johnfish

    Johnfish <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Ok so how does everyone manage it? There are plenty of people who have met and started relationships on this thread. There are others who are here and seem to enjoy the banter and seem to have hope.

    Maybe the stress of not knowing whether I am going to have a job next week is getting to me but I have lost hope. Hope of ever finding that special someone.

    Sorry I just needed to vent. I will go back into lurk mode and keep my mouth shut.
  6. connorsmom911

    connorsmom911 New Member

    Geez, I take a break from the boards for a while (just uber busy with that thing we tend to call "life"), and I come back to find all these people falling in love!!! I always miss the good parts...:sad2:

    Just popped in to say :wave2:
  7. ttester9612

    ttester9612 Magical Moments

    Your welcome Darcy....you deserve happiness....:thumbsup2

    John don't do that....:eek: how are you going to meet the LOVE of you life if all you do is lurk. You need to get out and meet ppl, at least that's what I'm trying to do. It's ashamed you can't make it to the Baltimore Dismeet in a few weeks, you never know if the one is there.

    I will continue to pray for you and your job.....Just keep remembering "I'm so Excited, I just can't hide it DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY on my mind"..and...looking forward to the December trip. :thumbsup2
  8. Emtgirljen

    Emtgirljen You gotta be original. Because if you're like some

    Finished packing last night about 12:30... forgot that I wouldn't be able to lift anything heavy with my left arm after donating blood last night, so getting the suitcase off the bed was an interesting exercise! Just have to shower and pack my shower stuff, then clean the apartment up a bit so my catsitter doesn't have a heart attack. :)

    Cross your fingers that my flight is on time, and I'll see you in Epcot tonight! Whee! :thumbsup2

  9. DisneyDreams21

    DisneyDreams21 Enjoy the Pixie Dust

    Have a magical trip, Jen! Good to see another Dis'er going to the World!:wizard:
  10. ahoff

    ahoff New Member

    Well, I am headed down to the World in a few weeks. Had to change the dates due to some home issues, but my new dates are the 26th to the 29th. I will be splitting my stay between AK and WL.
  11. GIR-Prototype

    GIR-Prototype New Member

    I've never understood doing the whole split-stay thing, especially the annoying part about packing your stuff back into your bags and lugging them around an extra time.

    So I guess what I'm asking is, what's the motivation behind doing a split-stay?
  12. sand2270

    sand2270 New Member

    Rob, I recently changed my reservation to a split stay. There were a few reasons. The first being financial. While I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to stay at the Beach Club for our entire May trip...reality is 9 nights at a Deluxe is a lot of money. Especially when for some of those days/nights we will hardly be there. So one reason I switched was money.

    I also know my daughter will get a kick out of POP, but for me I want to stay at Beach Club. So we both kind of get what we want in this deal. I usually don't unpack my suitcase anyway, I just prop it open and live out of it (I personally don't like to waste precious vacation time unpacking and repacking :)). So the only repacking will be clothes on hangers and toilet items. Plus WDW will move the bags for us. I had to do this when I went in Feb for my conference. My first night was at CB and the bag move thing was a piece of cake. I just had to get them ready and the baggage guy came in the morning and took them away. By the time I got to the BC later in the day my bags were waiting for me in my room.

    This is also our first trip to WDW (I have only been for conferences). I like the idea of us being able to experience two different resorts. I figure it will give us an idea of where we would like to stay for future trips (already planning the next one for 2010 or 2011 :)).

    Adding this in: another reason I switched was really because of you guys. Hearing you all talk about POP and seeing the pictures really swayed me. Once my DD saw Rob and Joe's pictures she was sold and I have to admit I am excited to stay there too. I think it will be a lot of fun for us.

    So that is my motivation.
  13. sand2270

    sand2270 New Member

    I updated my banner to include POP and they had some cool new banners...but my flying Pooh bear started over again because it put today as the new starting date. He was almost halfway across before :(.

    MOREMICKEYFORME 2 Pirates + 2 Princesses= 1 Family!

    I have been lurking for awhile, but I thought I would introduce myself.
    35 YO professional
    Divorced mom of 2
    I absolutely LOVE Disney, and cannot find anyone else who does. (Ok, many like Disney, But not like me)
  15. ahoff

    ahoff New Member

    I guess there were a few options, split the stay at the DVC resorts, or stay at another on site hotel, perhaps POP or PO, or stay at a Best Western, or stay home. I plan on calling MS perioically to see if i can extend at one or the other anyway. It is not a big deal to change rooms, as Amy said Disney will move your stuff. As I will only have a carryon and a rental car it is even easier.

    I will miss the clown slide though.
  16. ahoff

    ahoff New Member

    Hi More Mickey! Heading up your way this weekend. Or at least to the Adirondacks.
  17. ttester9612

    ttester9612 Magical Moments

    Fingers cross....have a safe flight and an enjoyable trip :thumbsup2

    Hi Amy...how's your darling daughter doing? Tell her I said :wave:
  18. sand2270

    sand2270 New Member

    Hi Teresa! My DD is great she keeps asking about you. "When do we get to see Teresa again?" LOL. I will tell her you said hi! :)
  19. ttester9612

    ttester9612 Magical Moments

    Your DD is so sweet. Next time I head out to AZ I'll let you and I will take a few extra days to spend time with you both. :goodvibes

    When you see Darcy next month, give her a hug for me..:thumbsup2 But don't let her talk you into any scary rides, I'll never forget Primeval Whirl....:scared1: ...oh wait a minute, does Vegas have any scary rides :confused3

    MOREMICKEYFORME 2 Pirates + 2 Princesses= 1 Family!

    It's supposed to be beautiful...you picked a good weekend!
  21. sand2270

    sand2270 New Member

    Vegas does have the roller coaster at NYNY and the rides on top of Stratosphere. As much as Joe would like to get me on those it will not happen LOL. Darcy can go with him.

    That would be great, we can show you the sites...here's a cactus...and some dirt...look another cactus...more dirt. LOL Actually there are a lot of fun and cool things to see.
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