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Singles(& ex-singles who refuse to leave)Social Club: Amazingly, It's still 5o'clock!

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by DCTooTall, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. jagfanjosh3252

    jagfanjosh3252 #1 fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars

    So I decided to go to Disney Quest today. Wow. Lol. I miss this place. So much fun!!
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  3. goofyfigment

    goofyfigment Mouseketeer

    Next time im at Disney i need to go there its been so long
  4. NJDiva

    NJDiva <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE><img src=http://www.em

    I have never been there, I may have to make it part of the list for this year
  5. jagfanjosh3252

    jagfanjosh3252 #1 fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars

    It's very fun. I popped over to Splitsville. I wanted to try their food. Heard that the sushi rivals Cali Grill. Will have pic if you guy want them.
  6. brandi24

    brandi24 Earning My Ears

    Hi Mike and so am I :)
  7. NJDiva

    NJDiva <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE><img src=http://www.em

    well when I get there in May, I will have to make a point of going to both...and yeah, let us know about the sushi...
  8. KaylaSue22

    KaylaSue22 Earning My Ears

    Hello everyone! New to this site and would like to join this chat! Nothing interesting for me to say right now but thought I would say hello!
  9. What I find at age 36 is that there is no chance in finding what I am looking for in a woman .
  10. What I really want to find out is why are younger women so against a guy my age?
  11. goofyfigment

    goofyfigment Mouseketeer

    I hear you on that one! Im 35 and decided ill probably just remain single. Sad but probably true
  12. KaylaSue22

    KaylaSue22 Earning My Ears

    I am a younger woman and I have nothing against men your age haha I actually rarely find men attractive unless they are least 30 :) and what is it you are looking for in a woman?
  13. unbrelievable

    unbrelievable Member

    Aww fellas, no need to resign yourself to being forever alone, I'm sure there's somebody out there for you guys. It's just a matter of finding the right one.
  14. Offsides

    Offsides I enjoy being a girl

    I second whoever asked what you're looking for.

    I don't think 36 is that old at all. Then again I'm not one to talk since I am nearing 30 and am feeling like this: :eek:
  15. goofyfigment

    goofyfigment Mouseketeer

    Im a female but most guys ive meet dont understand my love of Disney. It may just be the town i live in but most guys rather spend their time at a bar, im over that!
  16. ashmarie06

    ashmarie06 Mouseketeer

    I just want to find someone who is serious! Oh and shares my love for Disney! :)

    I'm 25 and I'm sure ill be single forever. How sad!
  17. Offsides

    Offsides I enjoy being a girl

    That's me as well.
  18. NJDiva

    NJDiva <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE><img src=http://www.em

    I will have to tell you all that in this thread alone, we have had several members find their prince/princess and I think that most of them said the same thing...so it is very possible for you all to find that one person who get's your love for Disney. so hang out with us here, have some cool conversations and meet some pretty awesome people...you never know when pixie dust will be sprinkled upon you!
  19. ctnurse

    ctnurse Mouseketeer

    I couldn't have said it any better! :)

    Diva is right, there have been some great friendships and even some romantic ones that have developed through this thread over the last few years. And don't be afraid of the distance either, these days you can be anywhere in the world in a day. Please take my word for it, you can make a LDR work and you can always meet halfway at Disney.:love:
  20. nurse.darcy

    nurse.darcy DIS Veteran

    You should know sweetie.

    To the others looking for a Prince/Princess. They are out there. But trust me, find the friends first. Once you are friends, the rest is easy. Its important to not look at each potential meet up as a "date" or a "hook up". Be open to just developing long term friendships first. This is a great place to start. I probably have a good 25 to 30 friends or more, long term friends, that I have met from this site on my many trips to WDW. I cherish those friendships. That is where relationships are developed. Good luck to you all and hang out here and chat a while. Have fun and don't get caught up in the whole "I need a relationship now" thing. You might end up chatting here with your future love. You never know.
  21. goofyfigment

    goofyfigment Mouseketeer

    That's exactly how i feel. It drives me batty when people rush things! To have others who share my love of Disney and dont think its crazy to go every year is all i need!

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