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Signature Dining Idea Regarding Kids (putting on flame suit now)

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by heatherandnick, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. heatherandnick

    heatherandnick Mouseketeer

    I'm sure this will be a very unpopular post with many, but I sort of wanted to see if others agree with me at all or if I am completely out of line here...

    After a fantastic DxDP trip last week, DH and I made an observation about many of the signature dining establishments where we dined. Quite a few of our dinner ADRs were after 7:30 or 8pm. After a couple meals where children were either sleeping on the booth attached to ours, having major meltdowns, or watching loud videos on Dad's iphone while the parents tried to enjoy a bottle of wine, I started thinking.... (here is where the flame suit will be necessary)...

    Wouldn't it be a great idea if signature (and only signature) restaurants allowed no children under 10 years old at any ADRs past 7pm?

    To those of you with children, this might seem ridiculous and even insulting, but hear me out. I LOVE kids. But I also love some adult time past a certain time of the evening. I do not think children should be sleeping at signature dining tables at 9:30 at night. They should be in bed. I know it is a vacation that you all paid a lot of money for and you want to get the most bang for your buck, but really?!? I think it's ludicrous. If you want to enjoy a late adults-only dinner, then book a sitter. It takes something away from those around you when they are being kicked by your sleeping kiddos or enduring a temper tantrum from someone who is too exhausted to stand.

    Sorry to anyone if I offended you. I'm sure some kids can handle later dinners, but, believe me, many can't. I paid a lot for my vacation, too.
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  3. Maggie'sMom

    Maggie'sMom Mouseketeer

    While I agree that many children shouldn't be out at a signature dining restaurant that late at night, I don't agree with WDW making it a policy. You would be punishing all parents for the few that don't make responsible choices for their children.

    Also, 7:00pm would be too early of a cutoff time, especially for the older children of the age range you listed. 7-9 year olds generally wouldn't have a problem at 8:00pm. Plus, what about the couple with the infant that will sleep in a carrier while the parents eat? With this policy, those parents would be turned away when it really doesn't make a difference where that child is sleeping. My ex and I often went to fine dining establishments when DD was an infant. She would sleep in her carseat the entire meal and not disturb anyone. She actually slept better in her carseat than she did in her crib at home. :)
  4. OhThePain

    OhThePain Mouseketeer

    I also agree that parents should take their kids as well as being considerate of other guests when planning ADRs. I personally don't have an issue with kids in Signatures on the late side, even if they are passed out. My issue is with the parents who, as the OP mentioned, either play loud videos/games on phones or whatever to keep the kids occupied and parents who ignore their kids tantrums. I understand they are on vacation and they are trying to find a way to feel like adults while at a place that brings out the kid in us all. That's why as much as it may bug me I don't let it get to me (if that makes sence).

    Since it is just my fiancee and I (no kids) we no longer eat most of our dinners at typical dinner times. When eating at a Signature restaurant, we now aim to get the last ADR of the night. By the time our entrees come, the restaurant is practically empty, leaving us to enjoy a nice, quiet, romantic dinner. We don't think it would be fair to expect people to change the way they want to plan their vacation (but again, some consideration would be nice). Plus, we feel it has worked to our advantage for us to change the way we plan to do things.
  5. everythingALICE

    everythingALICE I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I

    Agreed. I hate when parents choose to ignore tantrums - if you choose to let your kid "ride out" tantrums at home, that's fine. But don't allow that sort of behavior in a restaurant (regardless of it's a Signature or not) where it's going to directly affect the meals of others around you.

    Also, if you're going to bring a portable DVD player/ipad/iphone to a restaurant so your child can watch a movie, give him headphones! I had a table directly behind me once whose son was watching a movie with the volume on full-blast. So distracting.
  6. SmallWorld71

    SmallWorld71 DIS Veteran

    - Another thing to keep in mind is time zones - if that particular group comes from the West Coast for examply, and is eating at 8, it's really like 5 to them.

    - As someone who does not like dining near screaming children and always took her own outside if there was a problem, I understand the issue. But, I disagree with your suggested rule. Why punish my DD9 (and my family) because someone else can't parent? I am not a fan of the we should punish everyone because of one bad apple rules.
  7. prttynpnk

    prttynpnk Member

    Ok, let me put on my safety goggles with my flame suit.....how about a little 'non-breeding' section in some restaurants? Why seat a 2 top couple next to a family of 7 if you can avoid it? I have actually been pelted with crayons at Citricos, so I understand the issue. I've also sat by tables that had amazing children and had to tell the parents what a treat being near them was, but mostly I just wish I could eat without screaming and antics. There I said it. I'm evil.
  8. everythingALICE

    everythingALICE I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I

    A non-breeding section. I love it. Totally on board.
  9. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    While I don't agree with your proposed policy, I do think that people need to be realistic about their expectations as to what their children can handle.

    I know that when we planned our girls' 1st Disney trip (they were just turned 3 and 5), we had planned for nap times, breaks...no fancy meals, etc...but our girls were simply amazing on that trip...that's without naps, sometimes staying up until 1 am on late EMH night at MK!!! We were shocked (and pleasantly surprised) that our littles were just as commando as us! We have had 3 trips with our girls and they have eaten at many signature restaurants and they have been great! Even at 8:30 at night. But, we have seen many meltdowns by other kids, and while I feel for those parents, I think they may have misjudged what their child's capacity is for handling those types of situations.

    For us, if one of our kids does go into meltdown mode, we do not ignore the tantrum, we take them out of the environment. If that means one of us leaves with the offending child while the other settles the check that's what we do.

    In short, parents need to have better judgement in regards to their own situation, IMHO.
  10. goofyintoronto

    goofyintoronto <font color=brown>Proud foot flusher<br><font colo

    OP, I dont think your idea is a terrible one. I think its quite reasonable to have adult only dining at signatures after 7pm. I have a DS12, and we never dine that late at disney or anywhere else. We have on occasion, but not on a regular basis. I think its a good idea!! We could totally live with that.

    I love it too! :thumbsup2
  11. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    Many adults would love it. I would love it. Never gonna happen. The crowd went wild in protest when they did that at Victoria & Albert's (that's died down now) and that was from people who never intended to go to Victoria & Albert's at all. Of course all the signatures are on a no-show hold now, so even if the kids fall asleep the parents are out money if they skip the reservation.

    Of course kids shouldn't be sleeping at tables or throwing screaming fits at any restaurant. I don't mean babies in carseats, I mean older kids sleeping on chairs, in booths, even heard a story of one parent who put the kid on the floor under the table. Back when PI was open there were kids sleeping in a comedy club after midnight. At WDW it's going to happen because the parents want to squeeze every last drop out of the vacation and aren't thinking realistically that the kiddies should be in bed. And if you're going to keep the kids occupied by playing videos or games on Ipads or whatever, bring some earphones. Even that seems to get "but my kids won't wear earphones" or "I don't want them to wear earphones."

    PS we usually have to close these threads eventually. People get passionate about this topic on both sides. Please keep the posting guidelines in mind.
  12. Tigger's ally

    Tigger's ally Segway test dummy

    That's why on this trip, with just the wife and I, I plan on sleeping in....eating lunch at around 2 and dinner at around 8:30-9 with late night visits to the boardwalk and Downtown to walk around in silence and to enjoy night scenery.
  13. Herfnerd

    Herfnerd Mouseketeer

    Its Disney and many people believe that the entire resort is kid friendly so common sense goes right out the door......
  14. loveshak22

    loveshak22 Mouseketeer

    :lmao: I used to actually say that! Instead of a smoking/non-smoking section (especially since in most states you can't smoke inside anyway) restaurants should do a kid/no-kid section!

    Before the flaming here - I love kids! I do mean this (mostly) in jest. 99% of the time I am never bothered by kids in restaurants. And when I have been bothered by kids being unruly I feel bad for the parents because 99% of the time they are trying to work with their kids but the kids are just not wanting to cooperate!
  15. freshmanjs

    freshmanjs Mouseketeer

    we had great dinners with our 3 kids 7,10,10 last week after 7pm at Flying Fish, Il Mulino, and Blue Zoo. can you please let me know how that reflects my lack of common sense?
  16. Herfnerd

    Herfnerd Mouseketeer

    Did I specifically point you out? I am talking about those that allow kids to have total meltdowns, allow them to throw crayons at other patrons and the like. You are obviously not one of the many I was talking about.....
  17. Pakey

    Pakey <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    This is why we dine at Victoria & Alberts and other restaurants not on the dining plan when we want adult dining. When we dine at a Disney signature, we now expect a family dining environment even at the later times (we are west coasters).

    I don't know that it really bothers me. If I want adult dining, I go to San Francisco or Las Vegas. My expectations at WDW are quite different.
  18. freshmanjs

    freshmanjs Mouseketeer

    ok but i don't see why all kids should be banned because some kids (or parents) are rude. if we apply that kind of logic, everyone will be banned.
  19. KimBeano

    KimBeano Member

    Lower it to 8 years old and up it to 8pm and this parent is in!!
  20. sleepydog25

    sleepydog25 <font color=coral>Girls of the Woo Hooty: Riddlers

    I agree that kid meltdowns can be an issue, and while an 8 p.m. "curfew" (7 p.m. is too early) sounds great on some levels, it's simply an idea that will never fly and does punish those parents whose children do well in such settings. Besides, say a reservation is made for 6:45, and the meal takes two hours (not unusual in a signature eatery), then that wouldn't help those who tried to avoid the possible issue and were seated at, say, 7:30 or 8:00. Instead, while we're wishing, how about a lovely new restaurant in one of the resorts (perhaps GF since it is expanding with DVC) that is adults only, a la Remy or Palo on DCL? Now, that is an idea I can get behind. ;)
  21. brymolmom

    brymolmom Mouseketeer

    Keep in mind the MANY families that are from other time zones. So 7:00pm or even 9:00pm EST might be WAY EARLIER to the body clocks of many families. Similarly, a family from the West Coast might have a child ready to pass out at 6:00pm.

    I would like the separate section idea.

    Honestly I think they should just add a couple other adult only restaurants. Even tho I have a 9 and 10 year old that I am very comfortable bringing to nice restaurant (without loud videos) - i can totally understand the ambiance is much different with adults only. And I totally get that adults prefer that sometimes.

    And honestly I would often PREFER that they allow 7 - 10 year olds in rather than 13 - 16 year olds. :)
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