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Shooting wishes

Discussion in 'Photography Board' started by absmom2, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Daisy14'sDH

    Daisy14'sDH New Member

    Tonight I am shooting backyard fireworks as a warmup to the big show in 2 weeks and I want to get all the info down.

    5 seconds+
    ISO 400

    Those settings sound right or should I use a larger aperture because these are just backyard fireworks and probably no where near as bright as the big ones at WDW. Also I'm not sure about the ISO settings, I dont want to blow out the photos. I'm using the Kx and processing in LR3.2 so noise isnt an issue either I dont think.
    I'm going to use my manual 28mm I think.
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  3. Binoo

    Binoo New Member

    Are we allowed to setup the tripod in standing viewing area (the railing)?
  4. pgowder

    pgowder New Member

  5. Binoo

    Binoo New Member

  6. Docarino

    Docarino New Member

    I'm in the market for a new tripod before my next trip to WDW and I'm looking for something that is compact and lightweight, though still fairly sturdy. I know I will probably have to pay a little more for this and that's ok- I'd rather get something now that I'm really happy with rather than compromising and wanting to upgrade in a year or two. The thing I'm trying to figure out is this- I know that to be compact, I will likely be sacrificing height so I'm trying to find the balance. I'd like to get a sense of people's experiences with Wishes- how high do you extend your tripod and do you find that is adequate? Of course, I don't mind some degree of the crowds in my pictures, I think it adds atmosphere, but I don't want to be so short that my view is blocked. Oh, and I'm 5'6, so I don't need it to be very tall for my height. Any thoughts?
  7. ChiSoxKeith

    ChiSoxKeith New Member

    I'll be interested to hear what the board says as I'm in the market for a tripod too.
  8. Gianna'sPapa

    Gianna'sPapa New Member

    I use a Cullmann Magic 2 and it extends to 5'7". Its a very compact model and works very well for travel.
  9. saturndb

    saturndb I'm Dave and I approved this Post.

    I also use the Cullmann tripod, it works well and is lightweight
  10. ssanders79

    ssanders79 NO FLASH photography means just that!

    I use a BENRO Travel Angel TRAB069 it folds to about 13" and weighs 2.6lbs. With the center column extended it will go up to 54.3" and with it down it is 47.8" tall. I was able to find a barely used (came in the original box. one on amazon for $175. It will not get over peoples head, but it is great for traveling. It even comes in a travel bag with shoulder strap. The ball head is surprising nice, i fully expected it to be a piece of junk like an old sunpak ballhead I have on another tripod.

    Benro also has a youtube video on the Tripods.

    As Mosca recently pointed out in another thread, Best Tripod To Buy?...
    You just need to find the right balance of cost vs. features.
  11. Docarino

    Docarino New Member

  12. mom2rtk

    mom2rtk Active Member


    I bought this one earlier this year to bring on our trip to Disneyland.

    I had the same issues you did. I wanted something a little taller for photographing Wishes. But I wanted something fairly light for travel. This one folds up really small and comes in a nice shoulder bag. Its maximum height is 63.4". It weighs 2.9 lbs.
  13. ssanders79

    ssanders79 NO FLASH photography means just that!

    Nope, it was not tall enough to get over the heads. However, I was late to the show because I had a great spot for the parade, but all the good spots were taken for the fireworks. It would have been just fine if I had extra time to pick out a good/decent spot. In fact i was in a horrible spot where trees were blocking most of the show.

    Bottom line, it would have worked out just fine had I had the time to stake claim on a better vantage point.

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