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Shipping Souviners from your Resort to home

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by mtfarlin, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. mtfarlin

    mtfarlin New Member

    Can you ship souviners that you have purchased from the Parks, to your home, from the Disney resort you are staying at?? Anyone have an estimate what it cost to ship?? :confused3 Thanks for any help :)
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  3. lovebug21

    lovebug21 Going to Disney!!!!

    I shipped a large dinosaur toy and the animal kingdom tree play set for 11 dollars from AK to my home.
  4. Missytara

    Missytara I'm all ears!

    The stores will ship it for you or you can go to the concierge desk of your resort and they will assist you as well.
  5. Wanna be Ariel

    Wanna be Ariel New Member

    Thank you so much for asking the question. I was wondering about this as well. Good to know that they will be able to help with this :thumbsup2
  6. mtfarlin

    mtfarlin New Member

    thanks for all the info!! Good to know....:)
  7. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 New Member

    We always ship packages home from the front desk of our resort. The most we have paid is $22-$25 for 2 large boxes and a poster tube via UPS. We pack everything up and take it to the front desk the night before we leave and everything arrives home 2-3 days after we do :goodvibes.
  8. purple figment

    purple figment New Member

    If you ship souvenirs home at the time you purchase them at the store or if you take your merchandise and receipts to the gift shop at your resort you will be charged a shipping fee based on the total value of the merchandise. Here's a shipping fee chart. It's dated 2009, but it looks pretty close to what we paid earlier this year:

    You can pack everything yourself and take it to the Business Center at any resort that has a convention center. They ship UPS or FedEx and your cost is based on their shipping rates.

    You can also pack things yourself and take it to the concierge or gift shop at your resort.
  9. mtfarlin

    mtfarlin New Member

    Thank you so much for the information!!!! Very helpful:yay:
  10. Micca

    Micca <font color=darkcoral>You gotta love a great plan

    We have shipped direct from the shop at WDW. Not sure what the advantage is to getting your merch from the shop to the resort, and then shipped home:confused3
  11. purple figment

    purple figment New Member

    Sometimes people don't have room in their luggage and need to ship things home. Or, they combine a bunch of small purchases into one large shipping order and it won't cost as much to ship.
  12. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 New Member

    For us, it's a lot cheaper to ship everything all at once at the end of our trip. I've inquired about shipping from a store and 1 small-medium size item would cost around $10 to ship, as opposed to $20-$25 for 2-3 large boxes. With as much as I ship home, I would go broke shipping from every store I purchased from.
  13. mum2four

    mum2four New Member

    Where do you get boxes and packing supplies for shipping items home? Can you purchase those at the resorts?

    DH and I are flying alone for the first time in January. I know we'll be buying souvenirs for the kids, but we're trying to get buy with just carry-ons, so this shipping idea might work out well for us! Thanks for the info :)
  14. Wanna be Ariel

    Wanna be Ariel New Member

    Any one know the answer to this??? I would love to know too.
  15. purple figment

    purple figment New Member

    Some people have been able to get boxes at the gift shop in their resort. You can also purchase boxes at the Business Center in resorts that have a convention center. I've seen packing tape for sale in the gift shops and at the Business Center. Or you could bring a roll of packing tape with you in your luggage.
  16. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 New Member

    This is what we always do. If you do try to get boxes from the gift shop and don't ship until right before you go home, I'd go early in your trip to try and get boxes as sometimes they do run low and there is a chance they won't have any if you wait until right before you want to ship. We pack everything up and then take it to the front desk where the CMs have always been accommodating to tape the boxes for us.
  17. LexiC123

    LexiC123 <font color=royalblue>on this, our spaceship earth

    On our most recent trip (April), Disney offered free shipping if your purchases were over $50, so we shipped a bunch of stuff directly from the shops (World of Disney, Mousegears, Main Street Emporium). For the merchandise we weren't able to ship - i.e. food items or smaller purchases totaling less than $50 - we brought a couple of the USPS flat rate boxes with us.

    It worked out great: before we left, I printed out pre-paid labels for both the medium and large flat rate boxes. The flattened boxes took up almost no room at the bottom of our luggage. When it was time to leave, we just packed up our goodies and souvenirs, dropped the box with the front desk and it arrived at our home a few days later. We only needed to use one of the boxes, so I just voided the second pre-paid label when we got home.

    The boxes are free at your local post office and the cost of shipping was $12.35 for the medium box (the size we ended up using) or $16.85 for the large box.
  18. taylor3297

    taylor3297 New Member

    I go to the post office before I go and get several of the flat rate boxes. Since we take a decent sized suitcase, the boxes fit flat in the suitcase. Since it is a flat rate box, I go ahead and pay and print out a label.

    Once I am at the resort, I box up my items, take it to the front desk, and it goes out with their mail. I do also pack a small roll of packing tape. As to packing materials, we end up with so many bags that we use those.

    Now if I am buying something extremely fragile, I then have the gift shop ship it for me.

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