~ Sew Sweet 16 ~I’m packing your angry eyes just in case~Aug 2014~ BFF' bag 8/20!!!!

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by DMGeurts, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Chicago Mo

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    Aug 22, 2010

    you got it!
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  3. Terkina

    Terkina DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2011
    4 park days are not a lot. I hope you make the best out of the days.
    Too bad you didn't get to see Saving Mr. Banks. I hope you get a chance to see it soon. -50º to -70º sounds A LOT.
    I hope Jenny gets Casey home soon and that they figure out what ever is going on in their family.
  4. Lidian

    Lidian DIS Veteran

    Mar 9, 2010
    MO!!! HI!! It's so good to see you again, too! :cloud9: How's things been? I have missed so much this past year. :sad2:

    I just saw this and sending out a prayer, but hoping they have already arrived safely!
  5. ladylyons

    ladylyons Wishing I was closer to Disneyland

    Feb 1, 2009

    Thankfully none of mine were late!! Early yes but not late. I'm just really uncomfortable right now. Feel like I have to go to the potty every 5 mins. :rotfl:

    No play doh since the original day. Just haven't had time with us going through baby clothes and trying to get that all cleaned and put away. Also still need to pack overnight bags for the kids and I.

    Glad it's doing ok and getting better as the day goes on.

    Sorry about how rude the management office was about the rent. I get they want their money but still to act like total jerks is uncalled for. Hope your able to get it all taken care of and quickly.

    Happy to hear your dad may be moving soon!! That is great news!!

    I saw all this on FB yesterday and just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time. I hope he comes home soon safe and sound and they are able to get through whatever happened.
  6. DMGeurts

    DMGeurts Never open texts with the "Hand Sewn Button" attac

    Feb 25, 2008
    Thank you Shannon. I have a good update on Casey below.

    Well, as of now, we plan to do one park each day. It kills me that we will have to accomplish everything we want to accomplish at MK in one day - it feels like it will be impossibly rushed, and we will miss a lot. Normally when we go, we spend 2.5 days in MK... It might be possible, on one of our water park days, that we can go into MK in the evening... But we will see when the trip gets closer. That is also something we can do to leave our options open, and add it when we get there.

    This is super exciting!!! I sure hope you can pull it off - she would be so excited!

    Thank you Tess, I do have a Jennifer update below.

    I am thankful that Gwen made it back and you are all hopefully able to have some closure. I know this has been so heartbreaking for all of you, and you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. :lovestruc

    Hahaha... Tell her that we love her and miss her!

    I am anxious to get back to work again. Today is my first day back after the holidays, with everything going on though - I feel like I could really use one more week off.

    I am glad that things are going better... I know it's sometimes difficult to recouperate.

    And even more - I am very happy that you are planning another trip and we get to be honored with your presence once more! Very excited to have you back Liddy!

    Thank you. I do have a Jennifer update I am posting below.

    Well, the original plan was 10 days... And I'd still like to go for 10 days... As of now we are still booked for 10 days - and we plan to keep it that way until the last possible moment. But Josh's brother, wife and our sweet nephew are coming over from The Netherlands next August - as it is - they arrive here the day before we do. We just really want to spend as much time as possible with them, as we have never met little Thomas and we will only get to see him rarely. So, in reality, we will only be in Disney for 1 week... 4 park days and 2 water park days... After all, it's August and we loved the water parks last year - I don't think I could ever do a summer trip and not do a water park, it's almost necessary. :thumbsup2

    Hugs right back to all of you! I hope that our paths do cross some day again. :wizard: BTW... My in-laws now reside in TN during the winter - they are there now... Knoxville, I believe.

    I know! I knew she couldn't stay away from us forever. ::yes::

    It's OK - you know that!!! I am just glad you stopped by to say hi!

    Yes, the girls are off of school today. The Governor called off all k-12 schools last Friday already, due to the severe cold we are supposed to have today.

    Yah- our ADRs are gonna be crazy! This whole trip is going to be crazy! LOL

    Thank you... I have a Jennifer update below.

    I know! It would be bad enough with just us... but considering we have BFF with, it's going to be almost impossible to accomplish everything. I am not worried about Epcot/DHS/AK - I believe we can tackle most of those parks in one day each... but I am very worried about MK - I am trying to figure out what we can do, or how we can find another day to smoosh in there. We might end up staying one more night, because I am so worried that Mk will be a disaster day, otherwise.

    I saw on FB last night that they closed it. Thank God!

    I hope they arrived home safely! They were only about an hour from me. The weather wasn't too bad here yesterday - cold, yes - but not as cold as it's supposed to be today.

    I know - I will need a seriously rigid touring plan for MK. And I don't like touring that way - but I don't think it can be helped.

    We went to see it yesterday... I will update about it below. :thumbsup2

    It is... I am very nervous about it, actually. Normally - it wouldn't bother me, but Josh has to travel in it today, so I am a bit of a wreck.

    Thanks! I have a Jenny update below.

    Thanks Liddy! I have a Jennifer update for you all below.

    Yah - Alli was 2 weeks late and V was 1 week early. Which is shocking now... because Alli is always the first to wake up in the morning and V sleeps all day long if she can. However... Polar opposite when we are trying to get ready to go anywhere... V is always the first one ready, and Alli has to primp herself forever. :laughing:

    I hope you are able to get everything ready. I keep checking in the morning, expecting to hear that you're new little guy has arrived. :surfweb:

    It's just so frustrating.

    Me too! I am very excited for him!

    Thank you... I have a Jenny update below.


    First of all, I want to thank each of you for your prayers for Jennifer and Casey. I woke this morning to see on FB that Casey arrived safely home sometime during the night. Such a relief to so many. I just cannot imagine the dispair and terror Jenny must have been feeling. I know she is so thankful for all of the prayers and shares she had while they were searching. So, I wanted to pass along those thanks. :lovestruc


    Josh took us to see Saving Mr. Banks yesterday... What a wonderful and powerful movie. I loved it, the girls loved it, and I dare say that Josh loved it too - in his manly non-Disney-loving way. My favorite part was when Walt dragged Mrs. Travers into DL... I was jumping out of my seat because I was so excited that she got to go to DL with Walt. LOL :woohoo: I felt like I was right there with them. LOVED the movie.

    Then, last night was the premiere of Downton Abby... The girls and I have been waiting for this for 8+ months... Wouldn't you know - a front line stalled right over the top of our house, so half of the show was missed. Didn't the weather know that we've been waiting so long to see this show? Seriously... And it wasn't an entire part of the show we missed, our satellite kept fading in and out - so it was 1 minute chunks throughout the show. Sigh. We recorded a later showing - so I think we will try to watch that tonight to see if it's any better? Hopefully we get to, at least, see the parts we missed.

    Today, I am back to work on custom orders... In some ways, I am looking forward to it, and in others - I am not quite ready. But, I must go back to reality at some point.

    One of the reasons I am not ready, well - there are several, actually... First of all - as some of you may have seen or experienced first hand, MN is experiencing record low temperatures today - so cold that the Governor closed schools last friday already, in anticipation of the cold weather today. So, the girls are home and safe.

    However, Josh is headed to my dad's today to begin the process of packing his items and moving him to his new place. It's a 3 hour drive, and some VERY dangerous conditions. I am a total WRECK about it. :( I am so nervous about him traveling.

    To top it off, I am an absolute wreck about my dad, his house and how everything needs to be timed perfectly... I am just a ball of nerves and soooo emotional about it. I've cried so many times over the last few days, and I just cannot seem to get over this hump... This week just has to go perfectly and it's driving me CRAZY that I cannot be there to help Josh. I am so upset and frustrated that he has taken this upon himself, with out any help from anyone, and I am even more upset that I can't be there to help him. I feel like it's MY responsibility - and no one else's - I am just having the hardest time letting someone else take the control, even though I know it must be done. I really just want to throw up.

    My dad's discharge meeting is this week... So, I am going to try to get as much done in my sewing room as I can. I am also going to see if BFF can take the girls one night this week... If so, I am going to take 2 days off in my sewing room (which will mean I have to work the weekend in there) and drive up to my dad's to help Josh, then go to the meeting and drive back, in time to be here to pick the girls up from school. I don't know if this will work - but it would bring me some relief, so I don't feel like Josh is taking on a responsibility that really isn't his. I NEED to do something. :worried:

    That is all... I just need to pull myself together. This week was stressful enough as it is, and now I have to worry about Josh traveling too... I just pray that everything gets done and done on time. My dad has to be completely out of his apartment by the weekend, if we are to have any hope at all of not having to pay Feb rent for him too. :faint:

    It's gonna be a long week.

    I did want to take a moment to share a picture that my SIL posted yesterday of her and little Thomas... Such a precious, precious little guy... I just want to pick him up and hold him! Aren't they just adorable?


    I hope that each of you has a wonderful day... I know there is so much weather going on all over the country, so please stay warm and stay safe. Tess, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today - and everyone else who needs them. :grouphug:

  7. OregonMomToWDW

    OregonMomToWDW DIS Veteran

    Dec 16, 2012
    I am glad Casey is home. What a relief.

    I am so happy you got to see Saving Mr. Banks. I can't wait to buy it on DVD.

    I feel bad for all of you that are having such bad weather and having to worry about deadlines for getting things done. I could tell you that Josh will be fine and everything with your Dad will work out in hopes that it will make you feel better, but you will still worry.

    I know your trip isn't exactly what you had in mind when you started planning, but you get to see your family and baby Thomas finally. No matter the length, you still get to go to WDW this year.
  8. Clio

    Clio Mouseketeer

    Feb 10, 2005
    I'm glad Casey is home. the whole thing sounds so strange and stressful for his wife
    I'm sorry that you're so stressed out over all the things that have to done to move your dad out . It's good to hear that he's doing so well though.
    All the schools are closed here, too.
    I do have to go to work today. I'm not looking forward to that. It should be fairly quiet. Saturday was very busy. People were buying all sorts of things. We had no bread or milk on the shelves by the end of the day. It's a store joke that everyone must make French toast when ever there's a storm. The buy all the milk, eggs and bread.
    I hope you have a good day.
  9. Texan

    Texan <font color=red>No extra charge for the Tag Fairy

    Sep 29, 2002
    Good afternoon D - I was thinking of you yesterday when they posted about your cold temps and school closing - whew - I know you are worried about Josh. Saying prayers for him and safe travels. I know your rollercoaster of emotions first hand. I had to deal with all of this too this year. Just hang in there, cry (it helps a lot) and pray. Hug your daughters often (this helps too) and know how much you are cared about. I think of you often and send prayers out for you and your family and your dad.

    I wanted to see Saving Mr. Banks, but I never get to see any Disney related movies until they come out on Redbox and I watch them by myself when I can wrestle the TV away. My guys just don't go for them. Not their cup of tea. We went to the movies only once in December and saw the new Hunger Games movie. Redbox movies this month: Skyfall and Star Trek In Darkness. See? I live in a male dominated home.

    I am laughing so hard about Josh's reaction to V's Disney comment. My DH is driving me crazy, he is really not looking forward to this weekend trip in February, he keeps making dumb comments and rolling his eyes. I thinks he is going because I want to go so bad and the boys are going. Oh well, I know how to ignore him quite well after 25 years of marriage.

    D - I know you didn't want to post a timeframe of your trip - but I am confused - your going in August again? My biggest rant about the FP you have to book on line now - why are selling park hoppers if you can't mix up FP between parks? We have only 3 days for parks, so we are doing a half-day AK and half-HS on Saturday; I can only book FP for one park. So dumb. I ordered "guy" colors for the MB for my 3 guys so they won't complain so much.

    Stay warm D - keep yourself occupied and you will get through this difficult time. At least your Dad is being well taken care of and is happy.

    Continued prayers for you and your family! Take care.
  10. Lidian

    Lidian DIS Veteran

    Mar 9, 2010

    I'd be happy TO recuperate. But that's not in the plans. Sigh. :headache: Whatever it is, while it isn't as severe as it was, it's still there with no plans to go away, and no answers. :confused3 But whatever, I'm loving this little baby Sully and he is desperately trying to say "hi" right now with the keyboard. :rotfl2:

    How can you not adore baby Sully?


    I'm glad, too! This will be a unique trip ... but ... that's another story that we won't talk about here. :rotfl:

    I'm very glad and happy to be back! Now if the baby will just allow me to read and comment. :lmao:

    Gotcha! :thumbsup2

    That's not far from me!

    It wasn't like I was wanting to stay away in the first place. :( Things were just too crazy.

    So glad he is home and safe. Praying for recovery for the family!

    Praying for Josh's safety and for everything to come together as it should! :hug:
  11. disneychic2

    disneychic2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 6, 2010
    Oh, D~, I was so hoping 2014 would be a smooth year for you! I'm so sorry to hear about the nasty woman you had to deal with. The thing about the seniors having to pay because of not enough notice is, usually when they leave, it's not "planned", but a result of some sort of medical issue that they have no way of predicting. So, I figure almost ALL of the people who leave, do so without "proper" notice. Big win for the rental company! Glad your Dad is going to the "other side" this week and that he's happy. That makes things a bit easier to take, I'm sure.

    This weather is absolutely crazy, right? Snow, rain, wind, crazy low temps! Schools closed. I keep calling my parents to make sure they are staying put. My Mom is 85 today and I hate the thought of her driving herself to the Y every weekday for water aerobics. We left Virginia early yesterday so we could get back home before the big storm hit. We made good time and had a good trip.

    I'm so glad you got to see Saving Mr. Banks. I want to see it so badly, but not sure when we'll be able to. I'm also wanting to get to a sewing place I just found out about that is 30 minutes away. I want to buy a new sewing machine. The one I have is a sewing/embroidery combo and it's a pain to change them out constantly and also when I'm stitching out a large design, I can sew something and keep busy while still keeping an eye on the embroidery. If that makes sense. I won't be a fancy one, just pretty basic.

    I hope Josh made out okay at your Dad's. I'm sure he did. He seems more than capable. Maybe this is God's way of teaching you to let go and trust Him. :hug:I do get that you feel it's your responsibility, though, because I would feel the same way. I know Josh wants to take this on to spare you from doing it. I will be praying for your Dad, you and Josh and that you can get this all done in time. I wish I could come up and help, I really do. You just take care of yourself and stay safe.

    Now, for my not so good news. Jennifer went for her follow up with her surgeon and had X-rays taken of her leg. Her femur has buckled and she will have to have more surgery. This time to break her leg and add a plate. But the dr doesn't know if there is enough bone left to support a plate, so he's not even sure that will solve the problem. Jen has been experiencing pain this last week and her PT girl couldn't figure out why. Now they know. Needless to say, she is devastated with this latest set-back. If this surgery doesn't work, she faces a complete knee replacement, but her dr wants to try to avoid that at all costs. Her cartilage is perfect and he says she's too young to go through that. So, I'll be going back to Virginia when she has her surgery for at least two weeks. Having said all that, I still am clinging to the fact that it was not cancer and it could be so much worse. You have to look at the good things and not dwell too much on the not so good. But it is so hard to see your daughter (no matter how old she is) going through so much pain and difficulty.

    Tess, I hope the service went well and that the weather didn't make things more difficult. So very sad.

    I have to say that as I look out the window, the sun shinning on the snow is just so darn beautiful it makes me wish Mo was here to get some great photos of it. Or Alli, or both.

    I am so thankful for my DIS friends and am praying for each concern mentioned. I'm especially wondering about your friend Jennifer and her husband. My neighbor's father started doing strange things like taking off unexpectedly and they found he had a brain tumor. I sincerely hope that is not the case here, but it did make me wonder.
  12. solana131

    solana131 DIS Veteran

    Oct 10, 2011
    I was thinking about you last night while I was watching Downton. It was good. I was so mad after the way last season ended....I honestly didn't think I could watch this season. But I watched the whole thing. Our power went out 2 seconds after I finished it and turned the tv off :scared:

    I have done 4 park days (with Dani) and it was fine. You just have to know that you are not going to do EVERYTHING. You guys know by now what your favorites are and how to manage a busy park. You will be fine and you are going to have such a great time. My next trip :rolleyes1 will only be a Weds - Mon, so it only gives us 4 full park days too. And by the look of the flights, we won't be able to get much done on arrival or departure day either. But we always do hoppers, so that makes it a little easier. But I think your plan with the water park evenings sounds like a great idea. You'll be fine.

    Oh My Gosh....Thomas is just so adorable! I just want to squeeze him! :lovestruc

    Awww....he's a cutie patootie too!
  13. cogero

    cogero DIS Veteran

    Jun 11, 2008

    your baby is just a cutie. Just a little younger than Sami.
  14. KatMark

    KatMark DIS Veteran

    Aug 5, 2007
    Liddy, good to see you back on the DIS. And baby Sully is an absolute doll.

    D, I hope your husband had safe travels to your dad's. Please keep us posted. And I know it is easier said than done, but try to take a deep breath...it will all work out.

    Yes, the wrestlers got back safe and sound yesterday. :)
  15. Chicago Mo

    Chicago Mo DIS Veteran

    Aug 22, 2010
    OH MY Is Thomas ADORABLE!!! just want to smush him!!! SO SO CUTE!
    so glad He has been found, feel horrible for the family and pray he finds help. Glad he come home before the temps dropped as bad as they are..

    Did you cry like i did to Saving Mr. Banks??? love that movie. NOT what i thought or how that all went down!
    Did you see they are going to restore his CHICAGO HOME?!?! I need to get over there and take pictures.. well when it defrosts outside!!


    we are all well.. thank you for asking! Just another circus in a new year! :rotfl2:

    O-M-GOODNESS is this not the cutest little guy!!!! can i squeeze him??? PLEASE?!?!

    HELL NO...:rotfl2: i have my snow right here thank you very much and i want to puke. there is about 3 feet out there with the -40 temps. the snow isn't what's bothering me.. it's the COLD!!! I am ready to kick Jack Frost in the snowballs right about now!!!

    everyone STAY HOME AND STAY WARM!!!:mic:

  16. DisMom1981

    DisMom1981 DIS Veteran

    Aug 21, 2011
    Oh my baby Thomas and baby Sully!! Squeeeee!!

    D, my heart melted for your post today. Hang tough- you have lots of love, prayers and hugs coming from this little Dis page alone! Thinking of you and sending strength and positive vibes for it all to work out in the best way possible!

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  17. DMGeurts

    DMGeurts Never open texts with the "Hand Sewn Button" attac

    Feb 25, 2008
    Me too!

    Yes! Me too! I am half tempted to take the girls to see Frozen today - since Josh has no interest in seeing it and they are off of school again due to the weather.

    He will be fine, I know he will be fine. I have just been so stressed about everything with my dad, I knew I was going to bust at some point. I did that yesterday, and I feel so much better.

    Yes, you are right... It's not exactly what we were planning, but it will be fun just the same.

    I agree - I am glad he is home too. It is a bit strange, but I pray that everything works out for their family.

    I agree - I am very happy that he is doing so well too!

    Yup - most schools are closed here too... It's mostly because the busses are diesel, and the diesel gas will freeze in these temps. But that's OK - I enjoy having the girls to myself for a couple of days.

    LOL I hope you had a good day at work yesterday Liz!

    Thank you very much... He did make it to my Dad's safely yesterday. It's so hard to make sure everything comes together. I just thought of somewhere I forgot to call, so I must do that today... I am certain there are others that I have missed.

    Such a bummer, if you lived near me - we could go together. I sure hope you get to see it when it's released in Red Box though - it's well worth it. We don't buy too many movies these days, except for new Disney movies, but this one will be coming home to live with us.

    Hahaha... Yah - I am getting pretty good at that too.

    Yes, at this time, we are going in August again. The only thing that would make us change our dates (and even then, it's not set in stone) is if Disney released Free Dining for October - then we might switch... Only because all of the girls have many days off of school at the same time, so we could get a good trip in, and the weather/crowds would be so much better. But Disney would have to release FD first - and we won't know about that for several months yet.

    I sure hope they adjust the FP+ system, I know it is still in the testing phase... but even if they doubled the availability of how many tiers you could get, and even if it was only for a "block" of time... Say, you could get 2 tier 1 FPs each day... One in the morning before 1pm and then you could get another between 1pm and park close, or something like that... It would make park hopping so much easier and I think that people would be so much happier.

    I agree completely that 3 FPs are NO WHERE near enough for a full day in the parks.

    Thank you... I am staying busy. It was a very good thing that I had to start a custom order yesterday... It was just the thing I needed to sort my mind out. :wizard: You take care too - and again, thank you!

    This makes me sad... I hope that whatever it is goes away - sooner rather than later, although that doesn't sound like it's the case at all. :(

    Baby Sully is so adorable!!! I just want to pick him up and hold him!!! :lovestruc

    I hope this means you are going to start a PTR!

    I know... I just have to give you some crap. :lovestruc We've missed you!

    Me too!

    Thank you - in my heart, I know it will... It's just a lot of stuff to get settled.

    Hi Lois! I think you are right... So far his rental company has been very nice and accomodating - which is why we are trying so hard to get my dad out of the Apt asap... He has been there for several years - so the carpet and things like that will need to be replaced... walls painted... Thankfully we don't have to do any of that.

    Yes - that would drive me crazy with worry too... I hope they stay put! But I love hearing that your parents are still so active - I hope that I am that active at that age!

    I am glad you made it home safely too! I hope you enjoyed your time with Jennifer and family! :lovestruc

    I hope you get to see it... It's a wonderful movie and a great one to see in the theatre... Expecially the DL scene! ::yes::

    I totally understand about you needed a second machine - that would be annoying to have to keep switching out the embroidery portion so you could sew. I love multi-tasking... however, I feel like the steps sometimes go so quickly that it's hard to get any sewing done while the machine is embroidering... besides - I enjoy just sitting there watching it. LOL :confused3 I hope you are able to find a good second machine soon. My vote is still for a vintage one. :hippie:

    Thank you - yes, Josh did make it safely yesterday and in good time too. He said that roads are sheet ice up there, but he was fine. I do need to let go and trust - it's just so hard, because my mind is just racing with so many things I need to do. We haven't even gotten to the part where we need to move him into his new place... That's going to be another story. Sigh. This is a lot more difficult, emotionally, than I thought it would be. I was not prepared at all, but I am doing much better than yesterday.

    Oh Lois, this makes me so sad to read. I am so sorry for Jennifer... I know what you mean - you have to find the bright side, but it's so hard to see sometimes, just when you think you're at the end, there's another curveball. I pray so hard that they are able to save whatever they can... and she is able to make a full recovery soon. :hug:

    I agree... Tess was on my mind a lot yesterday too. I hope it went well.

    It was a gloriously beautiful day yesterday here too... I find that when the sun is shining in the winter time - those are the coldest days. :scratchin

    It is entirely possible Lois - there are so many things it could be, and I just don't want to jump to any conclusions. I just know that they need all of our prayers to continue - she is such a wonderful person, and I have enjoyed her friendship and our business partnering immensely - I know she would do the same for me. So, I hope that whatever it is that caused this is resolved. :lovestruc

    I was thinking of you too - wondering if you were going to watch it or not... I suspected you couldn't stay away. LOL Glad your power cooperated long enough for you to watch it - and I sure hope it wasn't out for long.

    That's part of the problem, is BFF is expecting to do everything... It's gonna be a long week... One where the girls and I are going to have to seperate and let BFF and O tour on their own for a while, so we can go back to the room and nap. LOL

    Tell me about it... I just marvel at technology though... Brian and Myrthe are VERY good about sharing many pictures with us... Even though we are so far apart - we do a lot of instagraming... So we get real time pictures of him several times a day... So eventhough he doesn't know us - we still get to watch him grow and change. :lovestruc But every day that goes by, just makes the desire to see him and know him all the more powerful! We cannot WAIT to finally meet him... Although - by then, he will be afraid of strangers... Hopefully he will like us enough by the end of their visit that he will let us hold him and play with him.

    I know - Sully is so adorable too! All of these CUTE babies!

    And little Sami!!! I just love her too! She is so adorable!

    Thank you Kathy! Josh did make it safely... and I am glad to hear that the wrestlers made it home safely yesterday too... . This is not a good week for travel.

    I know- I have the same problem. LOL

    I know - I am so relieved he is home before the temps dropped. What a relief for the family. I pray that whatever it is that caused him to leave is resolved soon.

    I did have to wipe away a tear or two... but I think it was more because of the parallels to my own life right now... I was able to choke it back though in the theatre.

    Whose Chicago home????

    Mo's Circus is my favorite!!! And that darn Stinky Stevie cracks me up!

    I know... All of these babies are simply precious!

    Hahaha... You crack me up!

    I know Ann... I was thinking the same exact thing!

    Thank you... I am doing much better today... I think I just needed a down day yesterday... Lots of raw emotions running around and so much going on... Finally my head is clear this morning and I feel like I can tackle what I need to. :thumbsup2


    Thank you - to all of you - for all of your words of encouragement yesterday... I really was so emotionally drained - and it's not often I am like that. I just think it was a combonation of so many things all at the same time... My dad/moving/packing/coordinating his finances/Josh traveling in the weather/Jenny's husband missing in the weather/Josh having to do everything alone/discharge meetings... Just all of it at once - and it just made me super emotional. I had a good cry yesterday morning, and then I went up to my sewing room - which always allows me to clear my head. It was a good thing, and now I feel like I am able to tackle what needs to be done. :thumbsup2 So, thank you for your support - it really means a lot.

    Josh did make the trip safely, which was a big relief for me... I feel so much better now that he is there. I talked to him several times yesterday. I was going to go up there to help, but now he just wants me to stay here... He really thinks he can get it done much faster with out me there - he says I will get all upset and emotional (which I probably will) - so this is probably best. As much as I hate to admit it. He can sort through things and throw away what needs to be thrown with out much sentimental attachment - so, I think he is right and this is for the best.

    Yesterday was a heavy lifting day for me... It was a good day for it - because I was able to throw my emotional frustration into my lifting, and it felt great! I am up to deadlifting 65lbs... Which isn't very much, but it's definite progress, so that makes me happy. One of my long term goals this year, is to be able to deadlift and squat my body weight... However, I sure hope my bodyweight goes down soon, because I don't want to deadlift/squat this current bodyweight. LOL

    I did go up to my sewing room, and I was able to get my next custom order quilted... It felt really good to be back to work and creating. Even though I love the time off - my sewing room is my place to retreat and think - so it was a very good day for me to get back to work.

    I had to go to town yesterday to take care of some financial business for my dad... First off - my car didn't start... So, thankfully, a neighbor came over in this bitter cold and gave me a jump. Alli went with me, so I didn't have to shut the car off in town (what a good girl) - when I got to the bank, there was a paramedic there, 2 police cars and the fire/rescue truck... Uh-oh, not a good day to go to the bank... :scratchin So, I walked in... You know... Hat on... Sunglasses on (the snow is bright)... scarf over my face... Then I was thinking, as I was walking in - that's not the best attire to be wearing into a bank full of police... LOL So, I started stripping off my stuff... better be safe, right? As it turns out, someone was having issues with the cold weather inside, so it wasn't anything major... but I thought it was interesting. I was really starting to think that yesterday wasn't a good day to go to town. But Alli and I made it home with out incident. :woohoo:

    ETA: I cannot believe I forgot to add this... I came home yesterday to find a wonderful gift in my mailbox... It honestly could not have come on a better day! Totally lifted my sprits! Brenda (Emmysmommy) sent me a book I've had my eye on for a few weeks... She is friends with the author, so she even sent me an autographed copy! This was so awesome! Thank you so much Brenda! I started reading it yesterday, as soon as I opened it, and I haven't put it down - such a great book! And wonderful/heartwarming/sometimes sad stories... Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!


    If you'd like to get a book for yourself, here's the link to Dean's site... http://deangaschler.com/?page_id=1200

    School is closed here again today, due to the cold.

    I will be working on the applique for my custom order today... It's been a few weeks since I've appliqued, I hope I still have the magic... :wizard:

    Now that I am eating the right calories, I am starting to see changes in my body... So, I am very excited to see my next round of pictures... I hope to see some good progress. ::yes::

    That is all for today. I hope you all have a fantastic day... Prayers and good thoughts to all of you... Stay warm, and stay safe. :lovestruc

  18. KatMark

    KatMark DIS Veteran

    Aug 5, 2007
    I'm on the train to work and trying to respond on my phone...we will see how many typos I get.

    Glad Josh made it safely to your dad's. And he is probably right that he'll get it done faster. I know it's hard for you not to be there but probably for the best.

    What a nice neighbor jumping your car.

    You cracked me up with your stripping as you walked in bank.:rotfl::rotfl:

    Have a good day; I think my train is actually warmer than my house.
  19. lovedonaldduck

    lovedonaldduck DIS Veteran

    May 19, 2009
    I don't know how you all live in these cold weather places. It was 24 when I dropped the girls off this morning and that is about 40 degrees to cold for me. Living in Florida has certainly thinned out my blood! In my defense, this is the coldest weather in Jacksonville in 25 years, I believe, so it's not just me being a wimp. :thumbsup2
  20. Terkina

    Terkina DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2011
    I'm so glad to hear that Josh got to your dad's house safe. I can't belive the weather you are having. It's even on the news here. The weather is so weird. While you are having the coldest winter in 20 years. We are having a very warm winter. This morning at 07 o clock it was 37,4ºF here. That is not normal this time of year. We don't have much snow either just a lot of ice :sad2:

    How nice of your friend to send you the book about Walt Disney World. How great that you all liked the movie and that you got to see it. It's not in the cinemas here so I don't have a clue when I will be able to see the movie.
  21. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph DIS Veteran

    Sep 19, 2012
    I had to laugh at your bank story. I work in downtown Chicago and the bank we use requires everyone to remove hats, hoods and sunglasses before going in. I tend to tease the guard every time I have to take off my hat in this cold weather.

    I'm glad you let Josh handle things for your Dad. It is hard to let go but sometimes it has to be done. :)

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