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September/October 2013 check in

Discussion in 'Australia' started by alicia1506, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Kristin5

    Kristin5 New Member

    LOL at all the seat changes! I finally figured it out for my friends - so ours is all done.

    I checked Hojos and still no availability for our dates :( I have just spoken with my travel agent and she said her wholesalers just give her generic rooms (eg no differentiation between standard/superior/etc), so she will look into it a bit more later. We really just want to avoid a freeway view! I understand that you can see the fireworks from the pool area anyway? So maybe we should request just a different building to be away from the freeway, and leave it at that?

    She is booking The Signature in Las Vegas for us (no resort fees for Australians!)

    And she will look into the Courtyard by Marriott San Fran downtown, as this looks like the best option to me (not too cheap and nasty, but not ridiculously over priced either, and still close enough to things without being in a seedy area - from what I gather from reviews online anyway).

    It's all coming together - but once it's all booked, what will I do with all my spare time?! :confused3 :lmao:
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  3. 5ofus

    5ofus New Member

    You still ave to figure out what to eat, where to go each day, how to save money.... Don't worry, well keep you busy! :)
  4. Lewdannie

    Lewdannie New Member

    Man...thanks for the heads up...I wonder if QANTAS will follow soon.

    $1250 for my preferred dates IS tempting though
  5. KiwiMouseGirl

    KiwiMouseGirl New Member

    Hopefully Qantas follow suit! From what i've been seeing their flights are alot cheaper and stop overs pretty reasonable times.

    Even on sale our tickets will be a huge $1700. And that's with $200 off! When it comes down to it, while I would prefer to fly direct, I can handle a 1 hour stopover in Melbourne if it means saving $450 off normal prices.

    $1250 sounds like a steal to me! What are your travel dates?
  6. Lewdannie

    Lewdannie New Member

    mid-sept for 10 days (hopefully)

    Checked with DW...she is prepared to pay more for a non-stop flight...will hold my nerve
  7. alicia1506

    alicia1506 New Member

    ugh i have to fly vaustralia as we had to cancel our flights last year, we have $2400 sitting with vaustralia in credit we have to book before may or lose it altogether.

    i am so hoping that vaustralia comes out with some good sale fares soon, especially for our dates (20th sept - 8th oct) as otherwise, i will be very, very displeased.

    right now, our fares are looking around $2500 pp return.
  8. Jade+3

    Jade+3 New Member

    We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at FW, but oh my the prices. Been thinking of trying Priceline. I have never used it before.

    I have just booked HoJo's too :) I used the Mousesavers code. In the past we have used the Entertainment Rate, which was about $60 a night. I don't think they have that these days.

    I tried to change to individual selection but it won't let me. I can for the IL's booking but not ours.

    Fingers crossed for you Alicia.
  9. Jade+3

    Jade+3 New Member

    I need to change the departure date on my ticker, but then Donald will have to go back to the start.
  10. BecBennett

    BecBennett Statistically, 6 out of 7 dwarves are not happy.

    Anyone else finding cheap flights? I'm trying to look at VAustralia, but they seem to be having some technical problems... :confused3
  11. Kristin5

    Kristin5 New Member

    I have problems with multi stop on their page (not sure if it's because I am on an ipad or not :confused3 ). I could see normal return airfares between Mel and SFO (over $2600pp for my dates still). That's why I bit the bullet and grabbed Air NZ sale fares.
  12. Kristin5

    Kristin5 New Member

    Hope they come down for you soon; it's no fun, waiting!
  13. BecBennett

    BecBennett Statistically, 6 out of 7 dwarves are not happy.

    They have fixed it now, but looking at their facebook page it looks like it's a bit of a common occurance.
  14. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sm

    I'm kinda looking at those dates and $$$ as well, Alicia. Hopefully someone will have a deal soon. :hyper:
  15. WickedDreamer

    WickedDreamer New Member

    Hope everyones travel planning is going well!!! Since the last time I have checked in we have celebrated my sisters birthday, we got our local bakery to make a cake themed with Beauty and the Beast.

    Our cruise planning guide arrived in the mail!!! :cool1: We didn't even know it was coming so it was a nice surprise for the both us when we opened it as we thought it was probably going to be advertising. :rotfl:

    We have started trying to find prices for accommodation before the cruise and for out three week stay at WDW. Prices are very high at the moment for where we are looking at staying other at a DTD hotel or maybe a Disney Hotel if we can get a good price for the stay. Has anyone noticed that most hotels are now charging a $22 resort fee?? :confused3

    As for flights we are currently looking at leaving on the 18th October and flying back around the 20th-23rd. We are averaging on paying about $3000 each. Has anyone found any decent pricing for flights around that time??


    PS, hope everyone is safe and cool after todays heat wave!! sending cool thoughts to everyone!!:goodvibes
  16. 5ofus

    5ofus New Member

    HoJos daily deal today is for 25% off all room bookings for 2013 that are longer than 4 nights. Code is SR6!
  17. Jade+3

    Jade+3 New Member

    Just been on the phone to Air NZ to change our seat selection. What a process! Took 25 minutes.
  18. australiankaren

    australiankaren I do love me my free H20...thank you Mickey.....DV

    we are now looking at
    sept 7 syd-lax via AKL..onight LA

    sept 8 lax-mco
    sept 8-15 BVW 1 bedroom villa 5 nights @ wdw,BCV studio 2 nights @ wdw
    sept 15-29 Freedom of the seas back to back cruise
    sept 29 mco-lax
    sept 30 lax-syd
    oct 2 arr syd

    so 26 days away....10 days shorter than I would like, but with us cutting the 10 days we save aprox $2400......not staying at universal (accom, tickets car), extra nights at WDW, and extra nights in LA.....and DH didnt want to be away for more than 28 days...

    but nothing is ever set in stone until tickets are issued:confused3
  19. sarefromoz

    sarefromoz New Member

    Hi an I join too?

    We're leaving Melbourne on the 28th August for Vancouver. We have 9 days in Canada (going to Whistler and Victoria too) before flying to Vegas for 6 nights. we're then driving to the Grand Canyon (2 nights), driving to San Diego for 5 nights (with a stopover somewhere). Then we drive to Anaheim on the 22nd of Sept for 8 nights. It'll be me, dh, dd8 (who turns 9 while we are at Anaheim...she's so excited about a Disneyland birthday), dd6 and ds4.

    We're almost all planned and booked. We booked our flights early Nov with Qantas. We got flights for $6500 for the 5 of us. We budgeted $7500, so when we saw that sale we went booked it straight away. We fly MEL-LAX-YVR and then LAX - MEL. We haven't looked into seat allocations yet though. I think that you have to pay for them with Qantas. I do know that we are flying to/from LA on the A380.

    We went on a booking frenzy a few weeks ago and have booked all of our accommodation except for a night in Vancouver (we want to stay near the airport for an early flight to Las Vegas the next morning) and San Diego. Still got lots to organise, but I can't wait.
  20. BecBennett

    BecBennett Statistically, 6 out of 7 dwarves are not happy.

    Welcome to the boards! :goodvibes

    Flight sales have appeared up to the end of August, so hopefully it won't be much longer and we'll be seeing them for Sept and Oct!
  21. 5ofus

    5ofus New Member

    Welcome Sare! I think we will be in Vegas at the same :)

    Bec some flights are on sale for Sept, so don't forget to check your dates :)

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