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September/October 2013 check in

Discussion in 'Australia' started by alicia1506, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. alicia1506

    alicia1506 New Member

    I know it's early, but i'm setting up a 2013 roll call. It makes the trip even more real for me :)

    For all you fellow DISers who will be travelling in 2013, please join us on our journey to the USA during one of the hottest and most humid times of the year :lmao:

    I'm sure we'll have tons of fun planning over the next 12 months :)

    So our cast of superstar travellers so far is:

    Alicia1506 - Me, DP Carlo, Carlo's DBro and My DSis - oct 18 - 24 dlr, oct 24 - 26 wdw, oct 26 - nov 2 dcl western, nov 2-4 ioa.
    Caroline NZ - Me, DH, DS(11), DD(9) 20Sep-21Oct California & surrounds
    AustralianKaren - sept 7 syd-lax-mco (qantas/delta), sept 8-13 WDW Boardwalk villas,sept 13-15 WDW Wilderness lodge villas, sept 15-29 B2B Cruise FOS, sept 29 Mco-lax-syd
    Lampardcl - September 17th 2013, check in at PORFQ for 14 nights
    Cola - tentative trip to DLR in Oct 2013
    Mrsreyrey - october trip for honeymoon
    PrincessInOz - 15th Sep - 12 Oct. Target destinations: DLR, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, Durango, Orlando (Universal and WDW).
    KiwiMouseGirl (19) and friend Alicia (19) - 28th October-15 November
    Snickals - Oct 22 - Dec 18 - halloween + thanksgiving + christmas
    TapDancer - 22 September LA, 23 September New York, 28 September POR, 8 October fly to Sydney then Home
    MumfromOz - 28th October - 30 November - 10 days in WDW including MNSSHP, 9th November Western Caribbean Fantasy Cruise, Anaheim for a week to do Disneyland and more specificity Carsland!!
    5ofus - Vegas 6-11 Sept and Disneyland 11-21 Sept
    Jade+3 - 15 Sep Freedom of the Seas cruise, 22 Sep POR 11 nights
    Mareeld86 - 31st August until 10 October, wdw + 2 x cruises
    jessiegirl84 - wedding 3 October, plus 1 week prior & 1 week after
    WickedDreamer - oct/nov 2013 - halloween + christmas
    Paula Sedley-Burke - SSR September 19th - September 29th, then Sept 29th - 3rd October Disney Dream 4 night Bahamas cruise! (our first UK member on this thread - welcome :))
    Wanderlust NZ - 18 - 21 Sep: HRH/Universal, 21 - 28 Sep: Disney Fantasy (Eastern Caribbean), 28 - 3 Oct: BWV, 3 - 9 Oct: AKV
    Jade+3 - 9 sept - 8 oct, wdw + FoS cruise
    Minniemum - 14/9-28/9 at POFQ with Free Dining
    Sims11 - Simone, DD6 + mum - 6 weeks East coast trip - September/October 2013 - WDW + 7 night DCL Caribbean cruise + New York, Washington DC, and Niagara Falls and either L A. or Hawaii
    Kristin 5 - kristen, dh and ds 6 turning 7 - 12 Sept Fly Mel - SFO, 15 Sept Fly SFO - Vegas, 20 Sept Drive Vegas to Disneyland, 4 Oct Fly home
    sarefromoz - dh, dd8/9, dd6 and ds 4 - aug 28 - sept 30th - vancouver, vegas, dlr
    grinder6 - We're going October 15-20. BWV Grand Villa.
    lewdannie - sign us up for Sept 13-25
    Andona - Dates are Sept 18 - October 8 -- A grand Tour of Italy....
    coco392 - me, dw, ds and mum - sept 21-30th

    I will add names to the roll call as we go along :cheer2:
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  3. Caroline NZ

    Caroline NZ New Member

    Hi Alicia,
    We are going too, but not to the hot & humid side, we are going to the lovely autumn weather side :)
    Me, DH, DS(11), DD(9) 20Sep-21Oct California & surrounds
  4. tapdancer

    tapdancer New Member

    This thread possibly also applies to us. We were hoping to go December/January next year but it might actually save us about $4-$5000 to go in September so:-

    19 September to Anaheim (14 days)
    3 October to Hawaii (7 days):)
    home on 10 October

    At the moment it all depends on costs, September would mean taking my 3 children out of school for a week and a half and my daughter is in year 12 and she is not keen on it. Also I work during the school terms on a contract basis so would lose a week or so in wages.

    Having said that though, it would be quieter in September and its sooner ;)

    I'm thinking my trip will evolve many times in the next year, I am the OCD trip planner in the family and my DH is the eyes glazing over type when I try to discuss
  5. australiankaren

    australiankaren I do love me my free H20...thank you Mickey.....DV

    but I have a cruise booked for October...does that count....

  6. alicia1506

    alicia1506 New Member

    awww, we fly home the day after you land!! we are also going to disneyland first, so will love the weather there, and then we are flying over to the hot & humid side :) then again, we live in brisbane, so the weather won't be too strange for us, as we're used to hot & humid... just not the mid-arvo thunderstorms that roll in through FL that time of year :)

    i am also the OCD planner, and Carlo also glazes over the minute i start talking. it's pathological really... he falls asleep. worst time to talk to him is in bed before he goes to sleep, but he can be wide awake, middle of the day, having just had some red bull icecream (this truly happened).. i start talking 'trip stuff' and he's slumped over on the couch asleep literally 5 mins later! infuriating.

    i've added you to the list :) welcome to the club. we should have jackets made :)

    totally!!! the more the merrier. i just changed the title to include sept/oct.

    which cruise are you doing? we're aiming for the western caribbean cruise again. i'll climb that pyramid in mexico one day, gadget. one day!!!
  7. australiankaren

    australiankaren I do love me my free H20...thank you Mickey.....DV

    leaving/ arriving Sydney
    doing Fiji, new cal, etc....
    celebrity solstice
    cant wait...and no long epic flights before hand:thumbsup2
  8. alicia1506

    alicia1506 New Member

    karen your cruise sounds awesome... just realised after i asked you the question that it was listed in your signature... my bad :(

    after listening to me drone on and on about how great dcl is, my dad wants to do a cruise on one of the celebrity ships, but probably through melb/hobart/nz etc.

    he's a little cheezed off that the price doesn't include any drinks though, and he would have to pay for a juice/wine/spirits/soda inclusive package that would essentially double the price of the cruise... i think he was hoping that an all inclusive price would be all inclusive including tea/coffee/juice/water etc..

    i think he's oossibly considering coming with us to the states in 2014 and just sailing DCL cause at least their rates are inclusive of food & drinks (non alchoholic anyway) and he and my mum aren't big drinkers...
  9. australiankaren

    australiankaren I do love me my free H20...thank you Mickey.....DV

    The booze package is quite expensive, but i worked out if i had per day
    2 cocktails by the pool
    2 wines with dinner
    1 specialty coffee in the arvo
    soft drinks during the day

    then the package is worth it for us.......
    and I do tend to have more than 2 cocktails if by the pool all day on a sea day....:cloud9:

    still a big chunk of $$$.....but hey, I've had a $2200 bar bill :faint: on my first 7 night DCL cruise, so am no stranger to expensive drinks packages:rotfl: and I didnt drink THAT much!

    I'm just looking forward to leaving home at 1pm, and boarding the boat at 1.30pm...no flights, no drama.....

    and celebrity have such a great reputation.....
  10. lampardcl

    lampardcl New Member

    I can join this thread, in the very early stages of planning first WDW holiday with the family, with NY and NOR side trip. At this stage WDW booked for september 17th 2013, check in at PORFQ for 14 nights, But with a year out many changes may be made.
  11. cola

    cola New Member

    We're in Vegas the first week of Oct 2013, so I'm sure DW or DL will be added before or after or one before and one after........ Since the WWoHP expansion isn't finished until 2014, maybe I should just keep it West Coast this time. My planning is usually fairly relaxed, decision usually only gets made when the flights have to be booked.
  12. alicia1506

    alicia1506 New Member

    i am sure it's probably way too early to be even thinking of this, but we want to try and get into MNSSHP while we're at WDW next year.

    since finding out that adults can dress up, i have been scouring websites looking at adult costumes, but i'm not sure i want to fork over the $50-$200 most places want for an outfit that i'll wear once, maybe twice in my lifetime...

    any thoughts on dressing up/not dressing up? i am mindful that it will be september in florida, so there is that lovely heat & humidity to consider :)
  13. MrsReyRey

    MrsReyRey New Member

    I'm goin too at the start of oct for my "official" honeymoon, I can't wait!!!

  14. alicia1506

    alicia1506 New Member

    Hey thats great about your honeymoon.. Cant wait to hear more about it.. Will add you in when i have full access to the dis as i am on my phone app at the moment :(
  15. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sm

    Sign me up on this one. The only firm date is Oct 2 - 8 for WDW. The rest is all still up in the air. We are likely to be in Anaheim in late September.

    And ever the eager beaver....Anyone Game?

    If so, hope to see you there!
  16. alicia1506

    alicia1506 New Member

    Pio .. Added your dates so far :) too bad we will be in anaheim at the beginning of sept .. Would love to do a dismeet of some kind ..
  17. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sm

    I was just looking at your dates. We will miss each other at both Anaheim and at WDW. :sad1:
  18. alicia1506

    alicia1506 New Member

    Maybe i can wave hi as our planes cross somewhere over atlanta lol. Are you thinking of staying at AoA this time? I just couldnt resist and the value season price for a suite plus the awesome decor won me over!
  19. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sm

    I love the look of AoA; but not for this trip.
  20. tapdancer

    tapdancer New Member

    Well you can take me off this thread. We have definitely decided to go end December/January 2013/2014.

    I know it will cost more in flights and accommodation travelling at peak time but this time of year suits us much better for a number of reasons:-

    I work school terms and the end of year is very chaotic, knowing I had a disney trip to look forward to would be heaven
    Daughter in year 12 and would of missed two weeks of term and probably should be studying during the break.
    Time off with no pay - not good
    Pressure from work to not take any time off during work terms
    Arriving home from holiday with only one day until back to work :eek:

    I feel very relieved we have finally made a decision, our 20 year wedding anniversary is also close to this trip so will celebrate while away.

    So add me to the Dec/Jan thread when one is started :banana:
  21. KiwiMouseGirl

    KiwiMouseGirl New Member

    You can add me and my friend Alicia to the list. We will both be 19 and are traveling to SoCal for Alicias first overseas trip! It will be her FIRST time at Disneyland and my second :) so So SO excited! ... only 59 weeks to go :cheer2: :wizard:

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