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September 8, 2013 Disney Dream

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by jenifred, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. jenifred

    jenifred New Member

    Welcome PyxiiDustt! You've been added to the roll call. Glad to have you with us.

    We watched the DCL show too. DD was floored by the murphy bed with the stars above it. "I WANNA SLEEP IN THE SKY BED MAMA! MAKE WILL SLEEP ON THE FLOOR!!!!" :rotfl: I thought she'd be scared...apparently not.
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  3. FJS961

    FJS961 New Member

    Anyone make bookings today?
  4. maggie_sam

    maggie_sam New Member

    :sad1: Wish I could, have to wait until June 10th! Good luck to everyone, hope you all get the bookings you want pixiedust:
  5. FJS961

    FJS961 New Member

    I didn't bother with a cabana as it is just my wife and I this time but when I logged in yesterday late morning they were all gone except 1 on serenity bay - crazy
  6. mmieszczak

    mmieszczak New Member

    Is there anyway to see what excursions are already full before your check-in (my check in isn't until 6/26)?

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  7. jenifred

    jenifred New Member

    I don't think you can see it until you are able check-in. I can't see anything until June 10th. But you may be able to call DCL or your TA. They have access.
  8. rani8600

    rani8600 New Member

    Im Dsis :goodvibes See everyone there!
  9. jenifred

    jenifred New Member

    Welcome Rani! Glad to have yo with us.
  10. talfonso

    talfonso An Avid Disneyphile

    COUNT ME IN! DM surprised me with our booking on that date today! I'm so excited that I'm going to update my clothes with rhinestone motifs and iron-on graphics based on Disney Characters. Oh, and maybe I'll make BLING Mickey magnets and a fish extender as well. So yeah - and I'm out of my mind excited for September! :banana:
  11. pixiedixie862

    pixiedixie862 New Member

    Not sure if its me or not, but is the google docs spreadsheet the best way to handle the FE sign-up? I kinda though it was a little confusing considering it was my first time ever trying it. I hope it saved my info... lol
  12. pixiedixie862

    pixiedixie862 New Member

    Also, can someone please add the FE list to the first post? I feel like it will get lost in the thread somewhere.

    BTW, still trying to think of what creative idea i want to make for my FE gifts :) Have any of you already started making them?
  13. jenifred

    jenifred New Member

    talfonso - Welcome aboard! You've been added to the roll call. Glad to have you with us.

    pixiedixie862 - I added the links to the FE sign up form and the FE list in the first post. I checked the list and your info is in there, so you should be good to go. I also added the Facebook link, since the thread is getting big. I haven't started making my gifts yet, because I'm waiting for a final total on rooms. I have to order some of the parts online.

    Maggie - what are your thoughts about a cutoff date? 45 days out, maybe 60 days?

    And by the way, since my family is getting to WDW the day before the cruise, we hit double digits today! 99 days and counting!!!! :banana::banana:
  14. momtylerashley

    momtylerashley New Member

    We were supposed to go in Feb, but had to change it. I made wave phone holders. When we went on our first Disney cruise in October '11 someone made them for our fe gifts, they were great! I still have the 33 I made in January! I may need to make more. Good luck! It is fun, just don't wait until the last minute!
  15. maggie_sam

    maggie_sam New Member

    Sorry about that! First time creating a form, which automatically creates the spreadsheet, but the spreadsheet doesn't follow the flow of the form :confused3. I have already reorganized in Excel to make more user friendly and when the FE closes, will disable the form and replace the list with one that is easier to follow.

  16. maggie_sam

    maggie_sam New Member

    I just received shipment notice for the last thing I was waiting for to start the kids FE gifts. I have all the supplies to make the adult FE, and will probably start this weekend :)
  17. jenifred

    jenifred New Member

    Hey Folks!

    FYI - Silver CC members can check-in and book dining/excursions today. Happy planning!
  18. TallMomma

    TallMomma New Member

    So excited to be joining this group!! We too are booked on the Sept 8th cruise and couldn't be more thrilled :)

    Cruisers are myself, hubby and 7 mth old son. This is our first Disney Cruise, but we have been on Royal Caribbean several times. Will also be our first trip with our son, and am a bit nervous about that one! Thankfully we live very close to port, so flying isn't needed.

    We are going on this cruise to celebrate my moms 60th birthday!! Our group includes mom & stepdad; brother1 (traveling solo); brother 2, SIL and kids ages 1.5 and 2.5. A mixture of some first time cruisers, but all of us are new to Disney. Can't wait for our family cruise!!
  19. DFTWbride2013

    DFTWbride2013 If I had a world of my own...

    Hi all! My family and I just switched over to this cruise from the Sept 5 sailing. More days = better! :thumbsup2 My big boy will be turning 3 on this cruise so we're celebrating his birthday. DH and I will be there, of course, and our other DS who will be almost 2. This is our first cruise, and we can't wait!! :lovestruc
  20. maggie_sam

    maggie_sam New Member

    Welcome Aboard! :)
  21. maggie_sam

    maggie_sam New Member

    :welcome: Others with 3 year olds on this cruise, come on over and meet them on the cruise meet page at FB.

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