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September 4-25th

Discussion in 'Dis Meets' started by bxccah, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. bxccah

    bxccah Ch-Ch-Ch-ChipnDale!

    Anyone at WDW? I'm solo so I'm up for like meeting people, be cool to ride stuff, disneyquest, world showcase... Whatever :)
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  3. mssong85

    mssong85 Member

    9/20-9/26. AsMo. You?
  4. want2bminnie

    want2bminnie Member

    At POP from 9/20-9/24 :hyper:

    So far the plan is:

    Sat 9/21 DHS
    Mon 9/23 EPCOT
    Tue 9/24 MK

    Would love to hear what everyone else is planning and possibly meet up at some point!
  5. mssong85

    mssong85 Member

    9/21 Epcot
    9/22 DHS
    9/23 AK
    9/24 MK for MNSSHP
    9/25 MK
    Definitely up to meet! :thumbsup2
  6. Mattressman

    Mattressman Member

    9/21 DD
    9/22 MK
    9/23 AK
    9/24 HS
    9/25 Epcot
    9/26 MK
    9/27 Epcot
    9/28 MK
    9/29 HS
  7. 10_Kyle_10

    10_Kyle_10 Active Member

    9/7 - HS
    9/8 - MK
    9/9 - EP
    9/10 - AK
    9/11 - HS
    9/12 - MK
    9/13 - EP
    9/14 - ?

    We love meeting other Dis'ers!
  8. Mikeypro

    Mikeypro Member

    9/4 MK - Ohana
    9/5 Epcot - Biergarten
    9/6 AK - Boma
    9/7 MK - Trails End
    9/8 HS - Cape May Clam Bake
    9/9 Epcot - Chefs de France
    9/10 MK - MNSSHP - Crystal Palace
    9/11 HS/Epcot - Rose and Crown
    9/12 AK - Ragland Road
    9/13 MK/Epcot - Biergarten

    Also going to Universal on the 9/1 and 9/2 - this is my 60th Birthday celebration, and I'm going solo. Love to meet up with some other fun loving Dis'ers - but I do like to drink, will no doubt drink around the world a couple of time, and am going solo cause I'm a commando type park guy...rope drop to close unless dinner/drinks get in the way
  9. Sylkie31

    Sylkie31 Veteran 'Mouse'-r

    Staying at POR from Thursday, Sep 12 - Sat, Sep 21.
    9/12 - just chillin' around the resort after check in
    9/13 - AK (Rainforest cafe for lunch)
    9/14 - MK (CRT for lunch)
    9/15 - relax day - Boatwright's for dinner
    9/16 - BOG for dinner
    9/17 - MNSSHP (MK)
    9/18 - ?
    9/19 - Mickey's Backyard BBQ for dinner
    9/20 - Garden Grill for dinner
    9/21 - Chef Mickey's for farewell breakfast

    Would love to do a Dis meet if anyone will be there then.
  10. bxccah

    bxccah Ch-Ch-Ch-ChipnDale!

    So many of you will be there too!! Awesome! As stated I'm solo so it'll be nice to have some company. I'm pretty much into everything- character meet n greets, rides, parades, dining, exploring resorts, downtown disney, shopping (duh!) :D

    9/4- arrival
    9/5- MK, Chef Mickeys
    9/6- Epcot, Garden Grill
    9/7- AK, Tusker
    9/8- MK
    9/9- Hollywood Studios
    9/10- AK
    9/11- Epcot, Garden Grill & MK for Wishes

    That's off the top of my head but I'm still prob going to end up switching some meals. On the DDP so I need to be having one table service a day!

    I'm in WDW from 4th Sep til 25th Sep, haven't booked up MNSSHP yet though...

    PM me if you fancy meeting!
  11. bxccah

    bxccah Ch-Ch-Ch-ChipnDale!

    We're gonna be there at similar dates. I'm going for my 18th birthday so I'm quite a bit younger, though!
  12. bxccah

    bxccah Ch-Ch-Ch-ChipnDale!

    I'll be there!! :D
  13. bxccah

    bxccah Ch-Ch-Ch-ChipnDale!

    Will prob be doing DHA and Epcot on the same days as you.
  14. bxccah

    bxccah Ch-Ch-Ch-ChipnDale!

    Me too! I leave on the 25th but 22nd-23rd!
  15. mssong85

    mssong85 Member

    If any of you venture to AsMo I will have some dis Mickey vinyls up for grabs.
  16. Tara1988

    Tara1988 Member

    Me, DH, and DS(2 1/2yrs) will be at MNSSHP 9/24 and MK 9/25
  17. Tara1988

    Tara1988 Member

    Me(25), DH(30), & DS(2 1/2) will be staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort Sunday 9/22- check in. Half day at Epcot. Dinner at Garden Grill
    Monday 9/23- Hollywood Studios. Breakfast at Hollywood & Vine. Lunch at Mama Melrose
    Tuesday 9/24- Animal Kingdom. Breakfast at Tusker House. Early Dinner at Rainforest Cafe. MNSSHP that night
    Wednesday 9/25- Magic Kingdom. Breakfast at Crystal Palace. Lunch at Tony's Town Square. Dinner at Be Our Guest. (May switch lunch & dinner)
    Thursday 9/26- Resort day. Breakfast at Cape May. Dinner at Chef Mickey's. MK in evening for Electrical Parade
    Friday 9/27- Check out. Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare. Lunch at T-Rex Cafe.

    September can't get here fast enough! Would love to find other families with kids around my son's age! :yay:
  18. goofydad2

    goofydad2 Earning My Ears

    My wife and I are going down sept 13 to 28.first week is at beach club with family and our second week is at bay lake .my son will be 2 and my daughter is 4.
  19. want2bminnie

    want2bminnie Member

    45 more days for me!!! :woohoo:
  20. Dreamport

    Dreamport Pan-the-Man's Godmother

    DSis (22) and I (also in my 20s) will also be at MNSSHP on the 24th! If you see a female Dreamfinder then give a shout (this also goes for the OP) or maybe we could meet up somewhere, just as long as I can get DSis in line to meet Jack and Sally. We've never gone to a party before so we want to do as much as possible.
  21. katt789

    katt789 DIS Veteran

    Me (24) and my Mom & her friend have this schedule: (staying at POFQ)

    9/11: arrive, chef mickeys!
    9/12: mk w/bog
    9/13: AK, me solo at MNSSHP
    9/15: AK/ HDDR
    9/17: MK/ MNSSHP
    9/18: KTTKT/ Epcot/ end at MK
    9/19: departure

    Anyone feel free to PM me if you want to meet up!! :)

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