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September 26, 2013 - 3 Night Bahamian Cruise

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by swade95, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. swade95

    swade95 New Member

    Calling all dream cruisers! My wife and I are booked to cruise the Bahamas on the dream September 26th. Anyone else cruising too?
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  3. jilljill

    jilljill <font color=blue>Collects Disney men!<br><font col

    I've moved this thread over to the meets thread forums.
  4. mareeld86

    mareeld86 New Member

    This in not under the meets thread so I i had to search to find it that may be why there isnt alot of us here!

    Anyways my name is Lauren and I will be cruising with my boyfriend Ricky and my Mum Chris.

    I just swapped from the September 28 Caribbean cant wait to cruise!! :)

    Cant wait to meet everyone and I am happy to organise the fish exchange too if anyone else want to join :)
  5. mcdow

    mcdow New Member

    Yay!! Great to see our cruise date come up on this! This will be our first ever disney cruise following 10 nights in disneyworld so excited! My name is kirsty I'm going with my boyfriend Stephen we are from Scotland in desperate need of better weather....! Great to hear other couples going too
  6. mareeld86

    mareeld86 New Member

    I have asked for this thread to be added to the dream list so people can find it :)
  7. IrishCowboy

    IrishCowboy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :)

    Have a great cruise!
  8. mdwoodman

    mdwoodman Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

    We're with you!

    Staying on board after this cruise for the DVC Members' Cruise, as well.

    These will be our 8th and 9th Disney cruises (but our first on the Dream). If anyone has DCL questions, ask away!
  9. hazelandannie

    hazelandannie Magic here we come

    We will be on this cruise :cheer2:

    This will be our fourth Disney Cruise.

    Hazel and I will be up for the Fish Extender group :)

  10. mcdow

    mcdow New Member

    Fantastic! Looking forward to hearing about the FE and how it works have a rough idea from other threads! We are both so excited!
  11. mareeld86

    mareeld86 New Member

  12. mdwoodman

    mdwoodman Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

    There aren't a lot of us yet but I put together a list of names and locations below. I can update the list as more people join in. :dance3:

    mareeld86 - Lauren, Ricky (BF), and Chris (Mum) - Brighton, Tasmania and Tecoma, Victoria, Australia
    mcdow - Kirsty and Stephen (BF) - Scotland, UK
    mdwoodman - Michael and Michele - Orlando, FL
    stephcantrell - Steph, Chris, and DS Caleb (5) - New Orleans, LA
    sugashaene - Shante and Shaene
    Friendofpluto - Susan and Martin - IL
    disneyduo1001 - Kelly and Glen - Stafford, CT
    alhj - me, my husband, DD (10), and DS (8 at time of trip)
    BibiSmart - Rebecca, Hector, Savannah, and Jahred - Orlando, FL
    Hook326 - ?
    Sunnysmom - Natalie, Steven, and Sunny - GA
    perdy1234 - Curt and Mel
    addlantan - Kim, Allan, Danica (10), Alexa (3) - GA
    meggybear17 - Meghan, Dean, and Chase
    morean1 - Amy and Nick
    Miz Diz - ?
    adunn001 - Amy, Jason, Maggie (5), Logan (8) - Trevor, WI
    MelT723 - ?
    rounderjd - ? - Vancouver, Canada
    Rita Martin - Rita and Rachael - GA
    JahawkFans - ?
    JnDRader - ?, DW, DD Jordan(11), DS Jaret(8), DSisIL, DBroIL, DN Ansleigh(2), 2 DF's, their DS Zach(7), DS Zander(3), and DD Zoe(1) - Atlanta, GA
    alanasmommy - Sara, Alana, Anne, and Steve - Boston, MA
    Phillyfans - ?
    CantrellsCJJJ - Chris, Judy, DS Justin (6), DS Jordan (7) - Albuquerque, NM
    knorth0207 - Katy, Marc, Mikey (4) - Pewaukee, WI
    Swade95 - Wade, Heather, DD Baylee (3) - Columbus, OH
    nakedpooh - Brian and Stephen - Sarasota, FL
    SensationalMama - ?, Michael, two DDs 4 and 6
    familypadua - Kelly, DH, Raven (8), Talon (6), and Jet (2)
    TickledPinkRabbit - Justin and Eileen
    TRUN -
    Microbe1936 -
    ndwest04 - myself, my DW, and 2 kids (ages 11 and 8)
    sorul82? - ? and Sirius.Lee.Askew
    thesmallwoods - Denise, Jared, Stella (8), and Mason (2) - Nashville, TN
    CalesFamily - Mike, Alicia, Aiden (11), Makenna (6), and Anderson (10.5 months at time of cruise) - Redmond, WA
    disneyrunner5 - Germany
    Plselv -
    crusescott - Ken, Shantrice, and Kennedy (5)
  13. mareeld86

    mareeld86 New Member

    Hi mwoodman, Ricky and I are from Brighton Tasmania and my mum Chris who is tecoma girl on here is from tecoma Victoria both in Australia :)
    I need to update my profile :)
  14. stephcantrell

    stephcantrell New Member

    Hi, my husband, Chris, son, Caleb (5yrs), and I will be cruising! This will be our first cruise. We live in New Orleans, LA. Let us know about the fish extender exchange. We would be interested!
  15. mdwoodman

    mdwoodman Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

    Welcome Steph, Chris, and Caleb! (I assume you go by Steph since that's your login name.)

    Since this will be your first cruise, you probably have tons of questions. Feel free to ask away!
  16. sugashaene

    sugashaene DCL Character Hunter

    My wife (Shante) & I (Shaene) will be on this cruise. This will be our 9th DCL cruise (5th on the Dream). We are in stateroom 9603 and want to be included in the Fish Extender exchange. Let the fun begin :cool1:
  17. mdwoodman

    mdwoodman Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

    You're also doing B2B with the Members' Cruise, aren't you?
  18. mdwoodman

    mdwoodman Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

    Finally made it to page 2!
  19. sugashaene

    sugashaene DCL Character Hunter

    Yep B2B but unfortunately different staterooms on each cruise. Tough life lol
  20. mdwoodman

    mdwoodman Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

    We were lucky; we get to stay in the same cabin for both!
  21. sugashaene

    sugashaene DCL Character Hunter

    I got to do that on the Member cruise we just got off of and cruise after

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